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Name India Giuliano, a Tribute to Prthu Garet
AKA Indie
Birth 05/26/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationWas in Thailand, now I am finally back home.Did I mention I love florida wheather?!!!

since when does a profile turn into a book - 02/17/2006 (Ananda Manjari / Avalon)  
Damn indie bo bindie the big fat gindie (also indie indie 2 by 4 couldn't get through the bathroom door) okay everyone who doesn't know who I am may think I am being very rude against the way india looks......i am not...and if I were, I'd have a right, I her big sister, and like no matter how old she gets, I will always tease her. It's my birth right.........

Anyway, damn india........write left me over here on the other side of the world.....the least you could do is write.....damn hommie, when you were with me you were the man hommie.

(I feel very poetic today, can't you tell by my last line)

I love you dude, update me..........and great you are doing school work.


indra :D - 01/24/2006 (kallaॐ♥ N' indra♥ॐ)  
hey india!!
it was really fun hanging out with you in tampa...hope qe can do something together again!
i luv ya
Hare Krshna - 12/10/2005 (Ariel)  
My bad, I was just making a suggestion, quit
trippin... Any wayz did u here about Giri, i dont
want the worl ta know from me, but i went to see
him at the hospital this morn, at like 4:30, 5:00
they wouldn't let me in... i was so upset, but
they said i could come back tonight.
anyway if you dont know u could ask me through email, or just get in touch with someone close to
him down here.
well I'm missin ya girl, come to alachua temple
and se me some time...
Hare Krsna
sup Indie - 11/30/2005 (Ariel)  
Where am I ????

what do ya mean, I am where i always am...
The temple in A-town, all day every day- You know
how to get in touch.
I give ya ma knew cell later... i will try to write
ya... sry i havn't been in touch, I have been busy
serving KrshnA.
Well shout me out some time girl, i'm missin ya...
you should spend more time at the temple.

Hare Krshna

your's truely
Damn Indie! - 11/07/2005 (Ananda Manjari / Avalon)  
Damn Indie, this your big sis talking. Take that damn pic down. Man keep it up whatever, but I do not look like that anymore...hahaha. Wow time has gone so fast. It was like yesterday when Nrsimha, you, and myself were all rolling on Silom road, during that Hindu festival. And we stood there scared out of our minds when we saw that little girl fall from that tower. And when you went into a back alley and banged your head against a brick wall repeatedly saying, "this feels good" and the next morning we all recovering from the night before in the breeze next to Bann Chao Praya's pool.

Hey hey! - 09/25/2005 (Anubhava*~*~)  
Hey India!
Thanks for the message! I miss youuuuuuu!
Good luck with everything and I hope everything is going well!

Take Care!

hello - 09/09/2005 (Gundica Day)  
hey india, its been cool seeing you around alachua again, hope it becomes a regular thing! see you around.
Add a note - 09/09/2005 (India Giuliano, a Tribute to Prthu Garet)  
Hey Everybody,

Why don't all of you write a little something in my guestbook. Love to hear from you all. Alright everybody.



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