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Name kRiShNaShiSh ( fReE sPiRiT )
AKA haShish.... AsH ... AsHy ....,.....& so on
Birth 01/21/1984 (34 yrs old)
Gender Male
LocationGoloka Vrindavan

make your FireFox browser to wear RADHA KRISHNA LILAS persona - 04/16/2009 (IIKSIIॐ)  
High for realization? - 01/21/2007 ()  
hey, p.s. so where's this lecture about srila prabupada saying drugs and spirituality mix? I always thought the 4 regs were pretty straight intoxication ;)
haaaaaaaaaaaaa - 01/21/2007 ()  
hahahahahaha, you sound cool, we should kick it, you, me, your wifey-poo meeri jaan, and my boy.....keep in touch...should be in vrndavan march 16th-ish or so. Radhe! Radhe!
hmmmmmmmmm - 11/26/2006 ()  
hare krishna,
kya bhai , koi reply nahi diya, kya hum itne bure hain ki reply ke bhi layak nahi .....
hare krishna
tats - 09/22/2006 (kRiShNaShiSh ( fReE sPiRiT ))  
hey yasoda
hmmm cool i'll send one to u cause i got few close ups of my tats but thats not for all the ppl to c but ne wayz ur sis of devaki so u'll b sended one and i'll send u one of viria too thats more better than my one...
newayz nice to hear from u..
radhe shyam
hare krsna. - 09/15/2006 (yashoda sakhi)  
hey.. ashish.. how are you..
i know you, but may b you knw me..
well.. i am writng to you for the first time. but wanted to tell you that the tattoo.. looks great.. a request.. the next time you put a pic.. try putting a close up of your tattoo.. wanted to have a clear look.. if you dont mind..

take care.. regards to viria tooooo..
hope to meet you in ujjain some day.. soonn..

radhe radhe..
yashoda sakhi..
hey there dunkie - 07/31/2006 ()  
hey aasshhh....
long time yaa..make a propah guest bk na..this isnt that cool...come online wanna talk..been long ..miss ya...see u arnd...hugs n lol..kunja;-)
Drugs with spiritualism - 06/29/2006 (kRiShNaShiSh ( fReE sPiRiT ))  
its right that some drugs do make u high and make ur thinking a bit more wide but thats just for the time being ur intaking it after that ur the same person u were before...So u can b also the person wat u become after smokin and stuff just by meditation on the harinam its said by Prabhupad and if u think he's wrong then get the hell out of this place.....
chao..and yes i'm in Ujjain..
radhe radhe..
keep smiling
hey just thought i'd say... - 06/12/2006 (LiLa (vrindavan))  
i really like this conversation with prabhupad about great...good to see a change in can do amazing things....hope all is well an du guys r happy.....radhe shyam!!!!

p.s. are you guys in vrin or ujain still????
Radhey Shyam!!! - 12/04/2005 ()  
umm...i dunno you...but have a happy married life!!!!!
hashhheeeesh - 09/04/2005 ()  
hey hash wats that? okok asheeeeeesh, hope u doin good.. shinin bright... n flyin high..(not too high) oye nice to see some changes in u... u don look like the jungli that i saw in vrndavan last year... insaan bangaye ho.. shabash! lol take care, might see u again this year. chow
sweety sweety! - 09/03/2005 (Virya--->Krsna Vallabha)  
ey baby.....always copying me!:P.....u know that i love u! and we will be soon together, so take care....and i will see if u had beeing a good boy or not!:P.....i will be with my love in my dreams place! Love u jaan....Thanks Krishna for giving me this stupid, naughty, wild...., but always mine, Ash....Kisses everywhere! Radhe Shyam!
dost hain anmol(Frnds r Precious) - 09/03/2005 (kRiShNaShiSh ( fReE sPiRiT ))  
okie every 1...startin off this new guest boook keep commenting on this......
peace out all ya beautiful ppl..except my baby who's themost gorgeous 1...
love ya..jaan....

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