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Name Aniruddha
AKA Ani, Aniyu, Andy, Anini(ninini), Arnee
Birth 04/27/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other ContactsMSN:
LocationVancouver Canada

heyy! - 08/29/2008 (Jalangi <3)  
heyy ani, hows it going ??
yep - 02/15/2008 (R'desh cooooooolies :))  
yep there r kulis in Radhadesh! unimaginable!
u must know what i m talking about...
we missed each other... came on the wrong year!
pray 4 us ;-)
yay - 09/15/2007 (Anjali (nz))  
u commented back WOOHOO! and i have a number now thats awesome :D okies well i'll call u tomorrow hopefully.. and i hope ur not busy :P
love annie oxoxox
ANNIIII - 09/10/2007 (Anjali (nz))  
OMG i haven't talked u in like YEARS!!!!!! u MUST give me some kind of phone number so i can call u!!! are u still in Radhadesh palance? is thats what its called??? well i know it's in Belgium anyways :P
anywho ani PLEASSEE email me or something!!!
love ur white twin
annie xooxox
appointment, eh? - 01/04/2007 (Bhakti lata)  
WOW. i'm a bit stunned. it's kind of a relief to know that somebody just KNOWS how crummily i keep in contact through email... and all this time I've been semi-denying my deep-rooted issue... my boy, you know me better than myself.

in any case, be this true? you'll be hopping on our bus?? WOO-HOO!! (even if I somehow don't make it, I'm still on the committee, planning and working on stuff)

well, then, keep in touch... or rather, make an appointment?

bus tour - 01/02/2007 (Bhakti lata)  
whatever happened to e-mail? ;)

as for the bus tour, yep yep, stay tuned ma boy! our rocking tour will be 7 weeks versus 10 weeks this summer...

are you still going to do your i'm-entrenched-in-university-there's-no-way-i'm-doing-any-travelling-for-the-next-five-years thing? or are you going to jump on our big yellow bus?? heaven knows we all need better hindus.

brother - 12/07/2006 ()  
Hey man
Where is the party arrr???!!!!!

Hope ur time in radhadesh is not wasted :p

Long live the brits
hey...! - 11/04/2006 (Sitarani (san diego))  
hey, im becoming more indian too :)
definatly man.. what happened? how
come were going someplace to LEARN
about our own culture. the world is a
screwy place. COME TO MAYAPUR!!!
revenge! - 09/07/2006 (Bhakti lata)  
Aho, Ani, my revenge finally came!!! [evil laughter]... you THOUGHT I actually WOULDN'T be leaving in LA but I did.

Gurudev would be satisfied with the moral arrangement of karma and justice.

;) ;)
he he he - 08/19/2006 (Aniruddha)  

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