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Name Jaggy Priya (A-town)
AKA jaggy, jp
Birth 10/07/1988 (29 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts
LocationA-Town (Alachua)

makin u feel special:P - 07/27/2006 (Vrishni)  
JAGGY! i only got to kno u this year... ur coool mannnggg ... i thought u were a snobb b4 haha. ill see you next year my friend, hopfully.

take care, hariiiibol...

did i make you feel special??? :P
woah - 03/25/2006 (vraja)  
i havn't seen you in 5 years, but my friends tried to get me to dance with you at the dance in 4th grade, kinda sorry i didn't now. my name was vrajalila. blonde hair. mail me my profile is vraja
i know you. - 11/15/2005 (Kumari)  
Hi, gotta say you look ghetto in that picture? Are you from like south america or something? opps.
hahaaa...nah whats up yo.
Happy Birthday! - 10/20/2005 (Kalindi (Chicago))  
Hey Jaggy, man i had no idea it was your bday you gettin old boy haha, i hope you had a great day an ill see you soon, much love
happy belated bday! - 10/09/2005 (Visnu Priya (LA))  
wadup jaggy? i hope you had a great bday and many more to come.. :D ttyl
happy birthday!

Visnu P
happy birthday - 10/07/2005 (Sita Bhakti ॐ)  
i know you dont know me but im just saying happy birthday : )
dude - 10/06/2005 ()  
ur freakin hawt
still playin soccer?
Haribol Prabhuji^_^ - 09/16/2005 (Pritha)  
hey jaggy!
hows it goin? i like ur pictur w/ ur brother, its cute^_^. well anyways, ttu sometime..:)
P.S. sign my guest book!
hola - 09/08/2005 ()  
How is life treating you Jaganatha Priya?
Enjoying school I hope.Awwww look at Govin and oh so beautiful Quitty....ahhhhh
hey! - 09/07/2005 (Braja*~(NC))  
hey! whats up jaggy?
me...nothin know how it is. anyways i miss all you guys down there...and my moms goin down there this weekend but i cant go cuz theres no room in the car and i have freakin school..uhg. o well i still hope to go see everybody in december..but yeeeah well see bout
anyways...juss wanted to say hey.
hi - 09/07/2005 ()  
i decided to write since nobody else did.... :) ummm i know we barely know eachother i think i talked to u a couple times when u were here in LA...well anyways hope ur life is good...okie dokie go write in my guestbook now :)
WRITE IN THIS PLZ!!!! - 09/07/2005 (Jaggy Priya (A-town))  

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