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Name Radhika (uk)
AKA radhi, rad
Birth 03/13/1991 (27 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contacts
LocationEngland, London

hey! - 01/04/2008 (KuNti D. (Cali))  
Hey Radhika! yea I missed u guys when I came to London on layover, I saw Jaggi but no one else was there because it was a week day. But I plan on coming this summer so I hope to see you then ;)
wow - 10/10/2007 (Gandharvika \ Ganga (FR))  
very nice pic!
miss u girls!
hey hey hey - 05/10/2007 ()  
hey beautiful!!! looking good as usual madhva looks pretty too an mani looks gorge xxxx see you soon xxxxxx
kaj - 03/13/2007 (Kaajal)  
hI radhika! its me, Kaajal from mauritius! Wish you a Happy Happy Birthday. Enjoy this very special day to the most in your own ways.....

Miss u
hey! - 12/16/2006 (Gandharvika \ Ganga (FR))  
sutch nice pic! u look soo beautyfull!
miss u girls a lot here!
thanks so much 4 all the wonderfull moments
u brought in my life!
hope to see you soon!
love u!!!!!
heyyy - 11/07/2006 (Sachi UK)  
well i cud say the same to you hehehe!!! well number.. one illl seee ya sooon
radhe radhe , govinda govinda - 09/01/2006 (Mallika)  
i think u dont remember me, but thats ok, i dont mind ^^, im that french gurl, frien of ganga and didi, anyway, just wanna say that it was good to know u, and all of the others, ive spent lot of good time with u, it was fun.^^
i hope ill see u again, maybe next summer ill come to london, who knows ^^
ur very funny all of u guys, even if i dont know u much, i miss ur joyfull personnality!
im sorry for my english im doing a lot of mistakes but ive to practice!!! ^^
ok jay radhe
BoNjOuR from FrAnCe !!! - 08/31/2006 (Kalindi * France)  
Miss UK so much !
Thanks for everything ! You should come back in france next summer for Balaram if you don't go to the Bus tour of course!!!!!
We keep in touch ! Hope to see you soon !!!!!

Love, Thank u again

PS : sorry for my bad english ! lol
with alll mi luv - 08/14/2006 (Narayani Coyle)  
well what can i say...your fun to be with and ill always be there for you. you make me smile and thats the main thing i need.

love you always


p.s i wake up to your stench evey morning
Hey - 08/14/2006 (Radhika (uk))  
hope to see some of you bums keep in touch x

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