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Name Krsna das
AKA Bleechka, Blota, Belosnejka, Dason, KED, Slow Motion, Chinese model...
Birth 11/01/1987 (30 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other ContactsICQ: 405502
LocationPresent location: Moscow (Russia)

we all miss you... - 06/14/2008 (Radhika Dasi)  
How lucky you are to be with Krishna now! I am sure you're enjoying the pastimes there. Only a fortunate soul like you could have left the world in the holy waters of Ganga... We often think about you and everyone misses you in Russia. Please offer my humble obeisances to the Lord and ask Him to bestow His mercy upon me one day.
BLOTA!!! - 01/20/2008 (Vaisnav)  
ey, that pic is hillarious dude.
dlya menya tozhe tokovo tipa sdelayesh?
Gopal Krishan from Los Angeles - 01/02/2008 (A a m i ~@V@~)  
Krishna Das, Happy New Year!!!

Wow it's so nice to see the video clip that you have edited. Chaitany Mahaprabhu's blessings are with you. Keep up the Good job. I was very much moved with such wonderful devotions of all the devotees in Rasia, dedicating their lives to Srila Prabhupada. I am sincerely thanking you from bottom of my heart for your good work here.

Thank you.
Keep in touch..I have something more to say..its important.****
radhey shyam! - 12/24/2007 ()  
yo man !! how you guys?;/ is evevry thing okay?? wrtire me !! and kd also send me some cool pics!! call me tonight at mahas num>!! radhey shyam! misss yea bro!!
Radhe Radhe - 12/23/2007 (Kalindi * France)  
Hey thats a cooool picture !!!!
keep in touch and come to france one day...
Jai ho... - 12/19/2007 (Radhika Dasi)  
Oh... Nice black and white picture. Now, that looks like a real professional photo shot of you! I'll be visiting Moscow sometime soon. When is the next Kulimela in Russia? Keep me updated. U know my e-mail. Take care, Radhika.
balle balle - 09/18/2007 (Visvambhar)  
oi mafioso,

how was the russian festival? keeping all the ladies happy? don't eat too much pizda or you'll get sick. tell gundi also.
happy radhastami!
radhe shyam,
hk - 09/18/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!)  
hare krishna
how r u?
do u have any id from where you chat
hey ruski - 09/13/2007 (Joshi, Rupa)  
yo nigga what the?? kya kar raha he write something on my profile dodo.
Krsna - 06/28/2007 (Joshi, Rupa)  
I'm always t h e r e for you!
bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - 06/01/2007 (Joshi, Rupa)  
Dude whats up!!. How was kuli mela. man i wish i knew how to use a computer and all. hope all is good DOnt write to me ......bye
hk - 05/10/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!)  
hare krishna, how r u? put up a new pic man. wen u cmng to mumbai?
hare krishna - 04/14/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!)  
hey krsna das how r u man?whats up?so finally we got lan in moscow im happy.all the best for the new project.when u vstg bombay/ lemme know .take care.c u.
hey - 09/14/2006 (LILA - Back with Krsna (video links) - kunal)  
hey dason
thanx a lo for your support...all of here really appreciate your concern thanx again....take care
hare krsna
What the hell! - 08/02/2006 (Uddhava Gita)  
What the hell is that funny link, lol?!!!
Well, I have to say...I burst into laughter!
Hey - 05/08/2006 (Anjali (nz))  
Hey, your like, gnarly man lol
Are you a model?
Hey there sexy - 08/09/2005 ()  
you look really sexy and cool........

Just write whatever you want friends... - 08/04/2005 (Krsna das)  
Yo! This is my guest book, and whatever you want to write, just feel free... I'm not too much into all this Guest Book stuff... but here we are at last I have one and I have nothing more to say!

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