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Name Bhakti lata
AKA pocahantas, Carrrrrmen
Birth 03/22/1987 (31 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Locationaway from home.

hello dear one - 02/08/2009 (Lila-manjari)  
Wow you have never failed to inspire me! From the day we met on the 04 bus tour to this very day you are still the one of the most amazing vaisnavies I have met!
Ps- love the blog!
Radhe! - 11/12/2008 (Abhaya)  
Congradulations on getting into UF! Looking forward to it? More college adventures, lol.
Re: Webcam - 09/08/2008 ()  
Hey non Indian Indian. It hasn't been quite two years, but I finally got your message :) Wow, I can't believe the webcam has been set up since way back then! It feels a lot more recent than that. Happy bhajan-ing to you to!
Lila - 08/28/2008 (Lilarani Devi dasi ॐ)  
Haribol! how are you doing? miss you and your smile!
dance... - 07/06/2008 (Sanatani)  
that was beautiful!!! loved ur writing ...i am glad u enjoyed the class...r u still continuing?? its always physically hard..even for me after all this years! but the joy of achievement that u get after the class and the innner peace that u get during dancing is immesurable!!!hope to meet u one day ...Raheee
hari!! - 07/05/2008 (Sanatani)  
hey.. no i didnt make it! had oo many performances in europe and also lack of funds....hehehe...the idea sounds great... i still have to ave a proper conversation with her as i wenever i see her just for few minutes!!
ta-ta :D - 05/06/2008 (Abhaya)  
OMG that little geco thing is sooooo cute!
poetry - 04/29/2008 (Sitarani (san diego))  
I love the poem you wrote (Your Shore)
Its beautiful !
Awww - 12/31/2007 (Madhurya Lila)  
tell dhanya lila loves her please!!!


s niec to see gurukulis who are chanting and aspiring...All glories to HH Radhanath Swami!
haribol - 10/24/2007 (Sitarani (san diego))  
H. H. Radhanatha Swami, ki JAI!
Bolo! - 04/18/2007 (Abhaya)  
That is a wonderful picture of H.H. Indradyumna Swami. Where ever did you find it?
I guess I'll see you in Orlando for Rath!

This is Bhakti lata... - 04/11/2007 (Bhakti lata)  
This is Bhakti lata, also known as Carmen, please leave a message. [BEEP]

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