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Name Radhika Dasi
AKA Yuliya
Birth 02/02/1986 (32 yrs old)
Gender Female
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here krishna - 02/05/2011 (sachin)  
hi dear how r u? r u in india............
hii - 09/25/2009 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
nice flower as you...
got ur comment very late ..sorry ..

any way tale care ..hare krishna
Hari Hari - 09/23/2009 (Sri Rama G.)  
Haribol Radhika,

I had written you the day after we met up. I send an email to the address you have on this website, but you have not responded. I don't know how else to get ahold of you, as I don't have facebook. Here's what I had written:

I hope you are well, and fully recovered from the festival. I slept in the next day, I was quite exhausted. Thank you so much for blessing us with your beautiful singing voice, and for sitting through the whole evening of kirtan so dedicatedly. It was a true pleasure meeting you [even though I had breifly met you before] and it was nice hanging out with you. I hope our paths cross again soon, and that all goes well with you slaving away at the bank :p I hope it doesn't occupy you too much, that it takes away from you being able to go to the temple.

Take care!

--Sri Rama
jay - 07/12/2009 (I....GAURKIRTAN(M festival 2010 )+919564381737)  
radhey shyam ..

wooow u gooot such a fresh rose send some for Sri Radhamadhava ...

cooooollll - 03/13/2009 (Girish)

Radhey Radhey

Hey lookging cool with a big big smile
grrr >:-( - 03/10/2009 (Samyama Das)  
The rotten perv demons ! They disabled me again ! They wana hide the truth !! grrr ! >:-(
hey - 03/09/2009 (Gopal)  
hi radhika.......
u look so words to describe u.............
Howdy ??? - 03/08/2009 (Samyama Das)  
Hello shiny smile am back hehehe !
hi - 02/17/2009 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
its good be a money minded person ..
but y r u showing that ..

chant hare krishna .....

and never forget to make strong 2 ur "Atama" by the :dhyan:(meditation) of shri krishna .
jay jagannath - 02/11/2009 (I....GAURKIRTAN(M festival 2010 )+919564381737)  
hi whats up >?? hope ur well and healthy and kc .. wish u all the best in life and successs ..

im goood by lord blessing s just arrived in puri some festival .. any take care , so im sure u coming to maypaur its one of the best festival ,,,

jay jagannath

Hi - 02/02/2009 (Sam Das)  
hey u look so cute,by the way background is look amazing, where is that place??
Am a brattie boy lol ! - 01/25/2009 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Sorry in advance am a brat LOL ! Phone is modern yea but Mobile phones ondes are bad for health hahaha, ah my god i always find something to critisize what a brat boy i am LOL ! Buuuuut!! Smile definiltly always looks great hahahah ! Take care sunny smile girl hehe !
Hey there ! - 01/18/2009 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hey Radhika ! The phone style looks prehistoric but you still look great as always lol ! Take care happy new year !
Story repeats... - 01/10/2009 (Mr.Simon G.)  
STORY REPEATS, A.C. Srila Prabhupad warned his brohters... Now his disciples are doing the same only to eat the fruit of material pleasure and get the adoration for themselves instead to continue the work of the authorized (by the Lord) guide... They cheat every people to be served as if they were God and were even able to master all the knowledge of the a REAL SPIRITUAL MASTER. This is all simply disgusting and pitiful... Here are extracts of what A.C. Srila Prabhupad told to his own master Bhaktisidanta:

From Vyasa-puja offering by Srila Prabhupada to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, 1961:

If everyone sat down together and carefully considered, Then what nice preaching there could be. After all, that is Prabhupada's command—for all to join together To do this preaching work, merged in your instructions. If you simply imitate, there will be the opposite result, For as long as you try like that, there will be failure. Oh shame! Brother, aren't you at all embarrassed Behaving like businessmen to increase your followers? Our master has said to preach; Let the neophytes go in the temples to do nothing but ring bells. You have become renouncers, my brothers, so renounce everything. But if you renounce the instruction of the spiritual master, what kind of renunciation is that? One who renounces the bona-fide spiritual master, or one who tries to enjoy at the expense of his spiritual master, are both useless. First become the servant of your spiritual master, then you will be able to understand these conclusions. Because there is only one God, if his wealth increases, A saintly person renounces all such material desires for profit, adoration and prestige. Your gold, my brother, is the source of sense enjoyment. Prabhupada has made this meaningful statement. Give up your riches for preaching: Sit down together and make some special consideration. The Supreme Lord says Himself that, "Everything is Mine along". Prabhupada gave this final instruction. Take care: do this in all respects, completely. Otherwise all your efforts will simply go to waste. Oh saintly ones, beware: afterwards you will repent. A two-paisa thread tied around his neck and a man says he is a brahmana Just wearing saffron cloth, and a man calls himself a sannyasi The householders beg from the sannyasis, and the sannyasis Have tens of millions of rupees in the bank. Every day the influence of Kali-yuga increases, And the poor souls, being oppressed by the age of Kali, cry in agony. Everyone has become a witch by the influence of the age. Everyone is unhappy due to the absence of the (added by me the word:"TRUE!!!!!"... before "devotees") devotees' mercy.
Haribol ! - 01/10/2009 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hey ! Sweet smile like a sunray as always ! Hehe! Happy nutz year 2009 lol !
Hay radhika your profile looks good - 12/18/2008 (Acharya das Hargreaves)  
Haribol radhika. you have 80 entries in your guest book. thats a big number. :) so how are things going? did you work things out with that link?

let me know. Haribol

Acharya das
Hari boll - 12/15/2008 (gurudayal das)  
Hare krishna mataji ? do u chenge your pictur its also good so nich where are from acctully ?
HARE KRISHNA - 11/14/2008 (gurudayal das)  
Hare krishna radhika please do not mine I am sorry
i dont no we all rady get merat i am so sorry
Take care bye..
Gurudayal das
your servant hari hari jay sri radhe syame ?
hare krishna - 11/10/2008 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  

intresting ...

a beutifull face can make crazy to anyone..

....hareeee krishnaaa.
Hare krishna - 11/06/2008 (gurudayal das)  
hari bol Radhika I am Gurudayl from sydney ?
I dont no where ar u from ? but i cam see your porfile?
your porflie pictuer is so beutiful picruer? I am very intaressting to your pictuer? if you dont maint can u pasible send repply by email me please ? I love you so much ?
to you ? ys I wanto need your kolus frent ? what u
Think kinly please send Repply me? ys your humble servant
Gurudayal das ?
ok tak caer so by by.............
Hare krishna - 11/06/2008 (gurudayal das)  
hari bol Radhika I am Gurudayl from sydney ?
I dont no where ar u from ? but i cam see your porfile?
your porflie pictuer is so beutiful picruer? I am very intaressting to your pictuer? if you dont maint can u pasible send repply by email me please ? I love you so much ?
to you ? ys I wanto need your kolus frent ? what u
Think kinly please send Repply me? ys your humble servant
Gurudayal das ?
ok tak caer so by by.............
Radhika dasi - 11/06/2008 (gurudayal das)  
hari bol radhika your porfile picruer is so sowit
Hi ! :-D - 08/12/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hi pretty woman ! Swwweeet Smile ! Heh !
hare krishna - 07/09/2008 ()  
how are you?
i am very sorry.i did't reply about gopidress.
because i was very sick in last month.
12 of july i am going to vrindavan thna i tell you about gopidress.
for give me.
take care.
Cute ! LOL ! - 06/10/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Owww here da cutest pic of you i have ever seen LOL !! Just kiddin hahaha! Nice draw ! Hey beautiful lady please next time you write on my profile take care to do in my linked guestbook cuz if not, it disturbes my profile organisation ! Take care always! Haribol !
hare krishna. - 06/03/2008 ()  
how are you.
i can buy gopidress for you ok.
you send your size.
also your home address and your cellnumber.
but your send in my mail.
i saw your new look's beauitful.

tkae care.

Hey gopi face lol ! - 06/02/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hi there Radhika! Wonderful pic here as always ! U have a beautiful face on this one ! I'm not surprised hehe ! Take good care! Sendin u some love and bast wishes my friend ! ;-)
hare krishna - 05/29/2008 ()  
dear radhika hare krishna

how are u ? hope you are in good health and all ways smiling , you are the best devotee in girls i ever met in my life so when you are coming to India .

Hope when ever you come to India please let me know i am all ways thinking to serve you in better way

thanking you
your's ever well wisher

visvambhara deva das

all ways chant and be happy + remember me
l :-( kangurus jump high but always come back on the ground. :-( - 05/12/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hey Radhika, i'm not happy to know you have been initiated again, this means u're now involved in guru business to me :-( i'm sad to hear about this. No one has to pretend to be guru, no one has even to pretend to be vaishnava in the pure sens of it too. All those who says they are are liars and gurus are all cheaters cuz the only true guide is Prabhupad...
hare krishna. - 05/11/2008 ()  
how are you.
i am fine here.
narayan send me mail but i d'not reply him.because i am in my hometwon.
may be reply on monday.

chant properly and read prabhupad book's.

take care.

hare krishna. - 05/02/2008 ()  
how are you.
what is your new name given by your gurumaharaj?

chant nice.
may krishna bless you to serve you guru.

take care.
hare krishna. - 04/11/2008 ()  
how are you.
i was in mayapur for last month.
how is your life goingon.
your are not come to mayapur.

keepin touch.

take care.

droping some lines... - 03/28/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hey sweet girl, i was just checkin out my pro and guestbook there and i've read again what you wrote in my guest book. Well for sure i do not trust gurus for the reasons you know and because Prabhupad is the only true one. But here i'm just droping some lines like you asked me to do in my guest book. At the time i'm writing this i recieved your last answer about the little informations i gave you. I wonder if you can imagine how great i feel to see someone seems to understand me and it is you. I just love you so much my sweet friend and i hope this frienship will go on for still long. Take very good care of you, i love you my friend.
Sweet smile! - 02/20/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
What a sweeeeet smile as always my dear friend !!
sorry - 02/17/2008 (Sitarani (NC))  
sorry for the double posting, my comp has been acting up lately and doing very strange things. talk to soon! haribol
haribol! - 02/17/2008 (Sitarani (NC))  
how are you? i hope everything is going well! I just got a myspace and i was wondering if you want to be freinds there. look me up ok? haribol! -Sitarani
haribol! - 02/17/2008 (Sitarani (NC))  
how are you? i hope everything is going well! I just got a myspace and i was wondering if you want to be freinds there. look me up ok? haribol! -Sitarani
hare krishna. - 02/01/2008 ()  
How are you?
Happy krishna conscious brithday.
May krishna bless you for your future.

Take care.
Happy Birthday - 02/01/2008 (Shradha Saburi)  
Hare Krishna

May Lord Krishna bless u with long life and happiness.

Chant hare krishna and be happy.
Radhe Radhe
Happy birthday !!! :-D - 01/31/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hey ! Just saw your birthdate here! Haaaapppy birtday to you !! Hehe! Hope you will have a great one ! Take care sweet ya !
I'm back ! <3----------<{ - 01/30/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hi there my sweet friend it's $@M, i'm back here i deleted my profile not long before but shhh !! Keep it secret i want to stay unknown! Much love take care of you !
hare krishna. - 01/26/2008 ()  
how are you?
where are you and what are you doing.
you are coming to mayapur.

how is naryana?

take care.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH - 12/22/2007 (Christie Bolton)  
I love you tons!! I miss you.
LOVE ! <3------------<{ - 12/20/2007 ()  
hi there back about ur comment ;-) - 11/16/2007 ()  
Thanks for ur comment on my gurukuli, hope all is great for ya. Things are quiet bad for me on these times i hope all will soon get better, u look really beautiful as always hehe! Hope to have a few news from you soon take good care of you! Haribol.
hare krishna - 10/18/2007 ()  
how are you.
I was in Chandigarh, sorry for being late in replying you.
What 's up over there.Where are you.
Will you be coming to India for Kartika.
Thanks for writing to me.

Take care

beautiful - 10/18/2007 ()  
That's such a beautiful scenery..almost looks like you're standing in front of a backdrop. (:
waves* - 10/17/2007 ()  
Thanks! :)

I'd say it was pretty cold but I didn't try :) The picture was actually taken when we stopped by the sea somewhere between LA to San Francisco - it wasn't really a swimming stop.

Does it look inviting? :P
Deities - 10/02/2007 (Sita-Rama)  
Wow! where are those Deities residing behind you and Shyam?
Just curious,
Big Hug - 09/20/2007 (Lilarani Devi dasi ॐ)  
Wow! what a beautiful, huge, Lord jagannatha! I'm amazed! you've a big talent for painting! I'm so sorry Radhika ...i never answered to your mail because i'm always busy...but i promise you that i'll write it soon. Kiss and hug! i miss our dance to much, here in Italy nobody is like you in dance. Jay Jagannatha, Jay Baladev, jay Subadra!
hare krishna - 09/16/2007 ()  
how are you?
what's up.

hare krishna - 09/01/2007 ()  
how are you?
you are comeing in kartik month.

take care.
hare krishna - 08/16/2007 ()  
how are you.
after very long time you change your pic.
look's very beautiful in this pic.

whare are you.

how is your health and how is your parents.

take care .

hari bol. - 07/24/2007 ()  
how are you.
what's up.

take care.

radhey - 07/17/2007 (P@nk@j...~~~~`)  
radhey shyam!

hey, I NEED nice background.
tc. radhey shyam
hari bol. - 07/16/2007 ()  
how are you.
if you going to L.A rath yatra than please give homble obiances to jagarnath,baidev and subhadra.

take care.

hare krishna. - 07/12/2007 ()  
how are you.
you are not quite similar you are totely similar.

your are after radhyarani.

may radhyarani plees you to maintain this beauty.

how is your parents.

take care.


radhe - 07/12/2007 (P@nk@j...~~~~`)  
radhey shyam!

nice thinking(work).Looking gr8 wow........
Cindererella ;) - 07/06/2007 (Lilarani Devi dasi ॐ)  
Thank you so much!I was really happy in the photo!
You are always cute and blessed by Krishna happiness! I saw your profile in "myspace". It's really beautiful. Nice picture of you. And the Deeties too! Specially the Salagram Sila...What a complicated decoration. Lot of kiss! I miss you and our kirtan dance!
hari bol - 07/06/2007 (Amit Arora)  
hari bol....

hari bol... - 07/06/2007 ()  
how are you.

what's going on.everything is fine.

i am darbun doing same house proggram.

where are you?
hari bol - 06/30/2007 ()  
how are you.
what's up.
i am going to drbun for a house proggram.
give some pleesing ?

hiii - 06/23/2007 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
nothing to say ...realy beutifullll
hareeeeeee krishnaaaaaaa
hari bol. - 06/22/2007 ()  
nice picture.

what's up dear.

how is your studies going on.
may krishna bless you.

take care.

your ever-wellwisher.

hari bol. - 06/16/2007 ()  
how are you radhe.
hope you are doing good.

i was in vrndvan yestwerday playing mrdanga with Ainder was really amazing. you should have been in vrndvan too.

Are you coming for kartika ?

I hope this meets you well.

Radhe radhe.

take care.

From your hubbie! - 06/14/2007 ()  

I wish to thank you for the care and love you have given to me in the last weeks, and all of it without asking for anything in exchange.

There is a calming force that you bring into my life... the simplest way to put it: You make it all so easy!

You are my greatest asset and analyst. Thank you... for giving me your unparalleled perspective that broadens my horizons continuously.

Lastly I have to tell you that you look fabulous in that picture I took of you in Old San Juan.
We should make it a point to visit Escanbrón Beach more often! Each time we take the time it's more special.

Devi, I remain your servant,

Narayan dasa
hi. - 06/08/2007 ()  
how are you..
how you is your chanting & reading ext.

give my respect to your parents.

take care
see you later.hari bol for the timeing.

yuor servant.

hari bol... - 06/07/2007 ()  
hi radhika,what's up?
how are you.
hi. - 06/06/2007 ()  
how are you.
hi - 06/05/2007 (Gandharvika \ Ganga (FR))  
thanks 4 ur lil comment,
u too look beautiful, sweet smile
radhe radhe!
Haribol - 06/03/2007 ()  
Hey Thank you for the sweet words about Radharani. That Radharani is my home deity and the Shyamasundar that is Her companion is just as sweet. I can send you pictures if you like. Rade Shyam!
hare krishna. - 05/22/2007 ()  

thank's for reply.

may be i am coming in new york rathyatra if get the visa.

take care.

Wow! - 05/22/2007 (Lilarani Devi dasi ॐ)  
My dear you're always beutiful! Charming smile ;)
Hope to see you at Italy reunion.
Hug and kiss
hari bol - 05/21/2007 ()  
how are you.....

you looking beautiful in black and white picture.

you are really Gandharvika and came from golok vrindavan.

how is your health.
take care.

your friend.

hi - 05/17/2007 ()  
how are you.

this picture look's very great.just like narayan andlaxhami devi.

take care.

haribol - 05/11/2007 (Madan Mohan* [:-)])  
hey haribol Radhika....

im really glad to receive your comment on the beautiful picture.Thank You very much. well its truely amazing work of art. actually i didnt make it but surely edited some of it.

its really good to know that u love to paint cause even i have a passion for art that is drawing and painting n im lookin forward to learn in detail. so did u learn from somewhere or by urself... n i would surely like to have a look at some of ur work if u dont mind.

hi - 05/11/2007 ()  
hare krishna...

how are you....

have fun in new york city
Hi - 05/05/2007 ()  
Hari bol..........

thank's for replying..........

may krishna bless you.
Radhe Radhe - 05/02/2007 ()  
I'm sure you get a lot of comments like that, but still I'l say it... You look like a gopi! Extatic! Spasibo za commentariy :)!
hiii - 03/24/2007 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
wht a smile radhika...keep it..
god bless u , hare krishna
Hare krsna - 03/14/2007 ()  
How are you..................

you looking very very beautiful like krsna's gopi.

you friend

heyy - 02/18/2007 (Jalangi <3)  
i have a sister named radhika.she has a profile!
Haribol! - 02/18/2007 ( - SAY NO TO BULLFIGHTS)  
thank you for the comment. it's really nice to have the blessings of such a nice devotee :)
ys, Mini-sol :P
hmmmm me - 01/16/2007 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
hare krishna...........radhe radhe
Hey. - 01/10/2007 (Ramani Shiromani)  
What a beautiful Radhe!
hare krishna - 01/08/2007 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
thanx 4 ur comment , keep in touch ......
Thank you for sharing - 01/05/2007 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  
That was a real nice thing to do - posting the link for the gallery, I was stuck for sooo long looking at all these amazing creations!
Truely beautiful dieties with most creative devotees serving Them.

hii - 01/03/2007 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
realy nice pic....keep it up , hare krishna
prety - 01/03/2007 (Karttikeya © कर्ट्टिकí)  
that is a pretty pix of radha.. i love the little birdly on her shoulder.
Radharani - 01/02/2007 (Abhaya)  
Your picture of Radharani in Hungary is beautiful. :)
flaca - 12/27/2006 (Krsnaa Fitch)  
You look like a beautiful flamanco dancer about to boogy ;)
beaitful - 10/31/2006 (Karttikeya © कर्ट्टिकí)  
your tilak is perfect...
hi - 10/01/2006 ()  
I just wanted to say that you are an amazing artist!!!
wow! - 09/30/2006 (Usha)  
I first saw that drawing and it took my breath away! You are an amazing artist!! I wish I could draw like that. lol. So much detail and dang, look at thoes eyes!! Anyway, just wanted to comment on that. Really really good...! Nice work...
Postings - 08/07/2006 (Abhaya)  
Wow, love your sayings.
Russian Diva - 07/18/2006 (Radhika Dasi)  
Write whatever you wish. I'll be happy to answer you back. Have fun! :)

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