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Name Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur)
AKA Nis, Nissy, Nishi, Christine and "Mamma!"
Birth 01/26/1979 (39 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other ContactsIndian mobile : Has gone to its grave
Swedish mobile: +46(O)704 928 938
LocationStockholm, Sweden

Hare krishna - 11/06/2008 (gurudayal das)  
Thinking of you... - 08/09/2008 ()  
Hey! Life has been absolutley insane for me lately, but finally I logged onto and I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you that I am thinking about you and I hope everything is going well!

Love, Krishna
Haribol - 07/10/2008 (Ganga Das Pandit Das)  

I don't know you, and you don't know me. I'll introduce myself, I'm Gangadas's mom, Yamuna. I love reading all the inspiring profiles. I love the youth , who grew up devotees.

Nischaitanya, you are such a sweet lady! Your heart is so soft, and I'm sorry that you've gone through this test. I hope you find a great teaching job in Sweden, and stabilize your life for you and your girls.

I live in Alachua, and I know senior ladies who taught at ISKCON schools for like 25 years- and had to semi- retire. It's been like hell for so many teachers and parents who've tried to run schools. I hope in your lifetime you'll see a shift, whereby, qualified teachers like you can "make a difference" in ISKCON schools. I always hear that the politics in ISKCON India are bad. It's not that intense, here at New Raman Reti in Alachua, Fl. That said, running a functional school has been challenging to those doing it here in Alachua, I commend them with all my heart. I hope you recuperate, revitalize, and have fun with your daughters. Good luck, sweet soul!
hari bol - 07/04/2008 ()  
Sorry to hear about ur hard time in mayapur! Now u know the way ppl are here! its takes a while.... first its all pink, but after a while the real colous start to unveil!.... You should always look at the bright side of things... you got to see ur grandparents!!!

Hari bol!
grattis på födelsedagen - 01/26/2008 ()  
hej tjejen! Hur mås det? Grattis på födelsedagen! kramis
Wow, what an adventure! - 10/13/2007 (Nitya devi dasi)  
Sounds like you and the girls having a ball there. How long are you planning on staying? Please keep up your diary. It is really sweet to know what daily life is like for you there. Hope to meet up sometime in the future.


Nitya dd (aka Nama Pracarini)
i remember you... :) - 10/13/2007 (Sitarani (san diego))  
I was just living above you a few months ago :) but now im back in sandiego with my family. I really enjoyed reading through your flood passages! I can relate to the phone problems too..what a pain! :S

the experience is unforgettable. probably will see you in the future!
Hare Krishna!
i ) - 04/16/2007 ()  
yourkids are beautiful
GP - 04/09/2007 (Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan))  
Man I hope to make it to Gaura Purnima next year!!! I havent been back to the states in a while and India in a Year so... Im debating on August which place to the back of my mind I still havent done woodstock and kind of want to do it! I hope you all had good Easter weekend!!!
Adorably cute - 03/02/2007 (Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan))  
So cute! Your old soul personality shines through in such a charismatic way!
too cute - 02/28/2007 ()  
ahhh you look so cute in this picture! smiley little girl!
No snow... - 01/10/2007 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  

I guess that is the curse of the kulis... Always having everybody so scattered around the globe.
Sweden... I wish it was colder, last year there was so much glittering snow and now nothing...
I hope the music turns out, when and where will we get to hear it?

happy new year - 01/05/2007 (Caitanya Gabric)  
Radhe Syam

i am glad u remeber me...i am in Europe seens june better to say in Bosnia..i am recording some music here and doing lot of other stuff...its cool here,people re nice and warm..only thing i am missing my friends and family and of course missing Vrindavan so,sooooooooooo bad...ow re u doing there..must be cold there in Sweden...

with respect Chay
Hey Caitanya! - 12/30/2006 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  
I remember you clearly! You spared me at holi, how could I forget?!

Sweden is good, nice to have a few days off over the holidays.
What have you been up to since Gaura Purnim?

Radhe Syam - 12/29/2006 (Caitanya Gabric)  
i donno if u remerber me but i will write u anyway..we meet last Gour Purnim in was by some Gurukul renunion..ow re u doing..ow is in Sweden...

with respect

Noticed your guest book - 11/28/2006 (Evelyn Neubacher (Sweden))  
Nice to see you got a guest book too. Wow, what a nice picture.

Hope to see you on sunday, if Tilda is better.

Wish us luck.
Haribol! - 11/26/2006 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  
I hope you have the time to send me a thought that can give me the strenght I need to find the best solution.

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