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Name LiLa (vrindavan)
AKA lili pili.....lili....bubby..vrinda ;-) lily of the pily variety..
Birth 07/17/1990 (28 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Locationthe coolest place in vrindavan dham PEPSI BUILDING .......

radhey shyam - 07/16/2009 (vinod)  
happy brith day too u
radhey - 07/15/2008 (P@nk@j...~~~~`)  
radhey shyam!

lila where ever u r in GOLOK OR in VRINDAVAN I M THE 1st frnd f urs who wish u very very happy birthday.
u r very fast u r celebrating urs b-day wid RADHA SHYAMSUNDAR & PRABHUPAD........anyways lila v all r missing u badly & u always in my mind.

Braj ki Lila - 04/01/2008 (Kishori Joshi)  
I can't believe I won't be walking down the parikram path towards the pepsi building with you again, enjoying the company of a little gopi- so soft spoken and sweet.
Lila you were an inspiration to the youth around you; getting everyone to go to mangal aarti and spontaneously go on parikram! Always excited about bhajan and kirtan; bringing ppl closer to bankebihari laal. Yet I now feel more inspired than ever by your passing in vrajdham; I have no doubt that you are with srila prabhupad again. Maybe the passing is meant to be a wake up call to fellow vaisnavas and that's what you left for me. Thank you for being such an inspiration, while here and back home.
Will always be fondly thinking of you and RadheShyam at 4'30 am :)

A huge hug to BHishi, Veena and family. Xxx

hey lila radhey shyam - 02/11/2008 (vinod)  
hey were ever u r in goloka vrindvan i gues they have internet there so plz reply i will be waiting
miss u so much u were vrindavan ki lila
lila is with krsna now - 02/07/2008 (Visvambhar)  
dearest lila,
you have left this world to be in a better place. you didn't belong here but you stayed with us for some time to give us your association. you taught us how to leave our body, in vrndavan, with kirtan, remembering krsna. you were always preaching by your example and helping many people in their lives.
krsna is always watching you because you are his devotee and He promises that "My devotee never perishes."
you were always encouraging and caring. even though you were just a young girl, your soul was very ancient and full of wisdom. i experienced this at various times when you would give me good advice. thank you for those great memories.
please put in a good word to krsna for us down here so that one day we can join you in dancing with krsna.

-my deepest condolences to Lila's family. She was like my little sister and we will miss her intensely.

jai sri radhe,
Your prayer can save her. - 02/02/2008 (  
Whoever is reading this profile, PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. She is in very critical condition right now.
hey.. - 01/31/2008 (hanu)  
hey lila...
wuts been up?? im thinkin of moving to delhi to study.. i donno for sure yet but lets see... yall still got the same fone numbers?? hey you know this girl radhika from LA?? shes sposed to be in india... if u know her can u get me her number or email...? well greet bhasar and the chicken dancer crew or whatever theyre called n all the rest of the chutiyas... :) much love n see u guys soon!
hmmmm - 11/14/2007 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
so u alive hmmmmmmm
hare krishna...happy diwali
miss u - 11/11/2007 (KuNti D. (Cali))  
hey grl. it was so great to meet u, u r such a sweet girl. I totally missed out on Diwali but I hope sometime soon we will run into each other again. Keep in touch.
love, Kunti
radhey shyam - 10/16/2007 (vinod)  
thanx for that sms lila ji
realy means sothing any way how r u
radhey radhey
welcome! - 08/29/2007 (LiLa (vrindavan))  
drop a line if ya like.. :-D

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