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Name Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan)
AKA Narada Muni, kshakti, giggles(;o*) brujita, kama-chan, bom bom
Birth 05/06/1978 (40 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other,, (cant receive msgs from hotmail accounts on cell phone)
LocationIchihara, Japan/Lansing Michigan

blessing............ - 04/22/2008 (Sam Das)  
hey,krishna sakti do you remember me? iam narada. i meet you in vrindaban in 2004 you were with adigopi devi dasi from the way how is going on your spiritual life? i saw on gurukuli profiles your pic with guru maharaja finally getting very great....LoL... you can see my profiles on gurukull,profiles name is-sam das(australia)
miss you too - 09/13/2007 (Palaka)  
Man oh Man you talk about fashion I'm working right next to gucci, dolce, armani, etc all within 2 blocks! craziness...I wish i could only desire to wear a dhoti :(
Birthday girl! - 05/07/2007 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  
Happy Birthday - better late than never.
I hope you had a great day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! - 05/06/2007 (N i y a t i ~ * ~)  
yay!! i still had time to give u a birthday shout on kuli before its too late!!! (even tho its no longer your bday in still have two more hours left here in NY!!!! ;-) soooo...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! miss youuu!!
Happy birthday to you girl - 05/06/2007 ()  
Hey haribol, how are you doing? Thats a nice pic..? What are you doing under all those flowers?? ;) :P :P better don;t ask huh? :D
Happy birthday to you girl. make sure you have somuch fun in your birthday huh> haribol
loveeelyyy!!! - 05/02/2007 (N i y a t i ~ * ~)  
you look soooo beautiful in that pic!!!! its so sweet and peaceful!!
You should! - 04/15/2007 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  
Mayapura again! That would be so great! You'd get to see my kids this time around... Not that they look like me one bit, but I guess you would still see that they are my little cuties. See you there! Nis.
hey hey - 03/06/2007 (Saraswati Richardson)  
I remember when I first met you and Palaka - it was not too long after this picture was taken! Miss you. xoxo.
throwback - 03/04/2007 (Keith Moving to NYC in 2011)  
hahhaha that's not on granna's wall lolz.. who is that next to yall
The archieves! - 03/04/2007 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  
Haribol! We had a dig in the archieves - you are so cute! No doubt you were headed for adventures with that twinkle in your eye, did you already know then that you'd go all over the world?
Do you think you'll be in Mayapur next Gourpurnim?
Radhee Syam - 12/16/2006 (Caitanya Gabric)  
ey Shaktiji,long time didnt talk to u...missing u so much...i know u become Japanese,but please dont be such a Japenese,my heart will not handle that..take care girl...
hi - 12/05/2006 ()  
thanx krishna, god bless u , keep in touch
hare krishna
maa kali ki jay - 11/30/2006 ()  
hey.... everytime you change your pics you are always smiling.... what medication are you taking for that? :P;)just kidding...nice pic.. how are you doing? do you live in the temple?
aaa :D :D - 11/25/2006 ()  
yea... hello turkey day to you too... how many turkeys did you eat on that day...? i think the poor birds had aweful of a NIGHTMARE about you that night!! how many jumped out of the plate? ;) :P
i try to be friendly... ;)
wwwoooo - 11/22/2006 ()  
look at you in that pic... hahahaha you look good on that pic...!!! so you are planing to move to here....nice idea... what you are thinking of doiing in here? i am actually finishing my college here... thats about it.. it will be nice if you come... (more dance practice)just kidding!!!
hari..................bol - 11/21/2006 ()  
god... what have you done to your hair...? ;) just kidding...!! so you are still in Japan... what you been doing these days...? oooh ofcourse those days ... god... i will ever gotget those trying to teach me dance and those choriographs... hehehehe... but atleast you got me through!!!hahahaha
talk to you latter.. let me know how you doing..
hii - 11/20/2006 (SaCi Da MaTaJi)  
Hari bolo, Yes at least Palaka hasnt left gurukuli. lol Hope to see you soon HARi bolo
hello - 09/20/2006 ()  
whatzup? how you doing? where are you now and what have you been doing? by the way thats a nice pic.... i wish i was there.. i missed it :( :(!! take care bye
Konichiwa! ;-) - 09/15/2006 (N i y a t i ~ * ~)  
heyyy chica! lookin stunning as always! how are u?? i havent spoken to u in soooo long! drop me a line sometime and let me know how ur doin! missin ya :-)
Hola - 09/05/2006 (Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan)) new at this but drop me a line if you have time;o) xoxoxo

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