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Name Sitarani (san diego)
AKA Sita, SR, sitaroni, seets, cheesecake
Birth 03/31/1990 (28 yrs old)
Gender Female
Email [ hidden ]
Other ContactsVrndavana das
LocationSun Diego

make your FireFox browser wear RADHA KRISHNA LILAS persona - 04/16/2009 (IIKSIIॐ)  
Sitarani!! - 01/15/2009 ()  
Hey sweetie!

How are you? I'm starting to hate myspace, so I wanted to reply to you here...ya I'll be in India until May, I hope you come to Mayapur! I'm pretty sure my school will let me get away...Love your pic too, you guys are sooo cute! What kunda is that? Take care, xoxo
HARE KRISHNA - 11/17/2008 (gurudayal das)  
hey haayy i cant lie - 05/21/2008 ()  
Actually i think you both just look really short. hah!
comment - 05/18/2008 (Bhakti lata)  
thank you for the comment on the poem I wrote. the poem is very deep for me and I appreciate your feedback.
haribol!! - 05/05/2008 ()  
wow, u look sooo skinny here!!
hey :P - 04/16/2008 (Vaisnav)  
That pic is from Canela's gallery....its it out.
and i am not dorky!!! :P
hey - 04/16/2008 (Vaisnav)  
lol thanx for changing it :P....can you send me all the pics please?
I might come to the fest, why?..missing me already? :P
HEY :P - 04/05/2008 (Vaisnav)  
hey Sitar...change that pic...i look like a total dork there :P
heyyyyyy! - 03/28/2008 (Radhapriya S.)  
omg i have that picture too! that was a nice day :) miss u, see u soon ♥
oohhh the reality - 12/10/2007 ()  
dead cow floats by........................................






..........................................then dead dog .....

HP-14 ;) - 10/15/2007 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))  
Hey Sitarani,
If you used to live in the "top suite" of our apartment building, I must be keeping my butter and milk in "your" fridge :)

Greet Chintomani for me if you get a chance!
How do you know nirina? - 09/04/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
where did you guys meet?

were you guys in vrindavana last year?
hare krishna - 08/29/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!)  
hare krishna
thank you vey much for going thru ma profile
by the way what do u do and where are yo from?
do reply
take care
hari bol
Hare Krishna - 07/07/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
How are you doing?
Sitaaaa! - 06/18/2007 (Komala Kumari)  
i see that im not in the ashram group... have you really forgotten about me that easily?? we were roomies and everything. hehe jk... i know that deep inside your heart you love me and you miss me very much. Will you be in mayapur for Gaur purnima? if so ill see you there! I love and miss you lots.
hey - 06/08/2007 (gopipriya (LA))  
hey i dont remember if you remember me but im a best buddy of radha and gita...anyways so i heard ur gonna be their sister in law ey? srry see ya later
hey - 06/08/2007 (gopipriya (LA))  
hey i dont remember if you remember me but im a best buddy of radha and gita...anyways so i heard ur gonna be their sister in law ey? srry see ya later
A OK ? - 04/12/2007 (Rupee)  
HEyy, hows everything .. its been awhile since we've been able to talk.. just wanted to see how u were doin. WHat are ur plans for the summer.. I only have 3 more weeks of classes then its finally vacation time. u comin to the Festival of INspiration.. its goin to be a nice festival = ] It would be nice to see u n ur family again...maybe even go to the mall again well i hope everything is running smooth for u where ever u are these days, till next time .. hari bolo
i jove ou - 04/04/2007 ()  
aw you guys havent forgotten me :)
haha thats awsome nitai cut his hair.. he always cuts it shorter and shorter and now its shhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaved
well hope things are too boring over there loljk

oh god my arms are so sore from jumping jacks..
RadheRadhe!! - 03/31/2007 (Kalindi Yamuna)  
Happy Birthday!
how r ya?
..long time no how's india been?
radhey shyam! - 03/30/2007 (P@nk@j...~~~~`)  
radhey shyam!
hey, wass up?????
i just saw ur pro. & i found ur b-day.
so, wish u a very happy b-day..
may radha shyamsunder bless u.
& fullfill all ur dreams........
tc. radhey shyam.
misssyyyooouuuu - 02/12/2007 ()  
haha aww i miss you too!
hows india?! haha ya i member starbucks
its was wicked lol and mohini walked bare foot the
whole way...
neways i gtg cause im at school
seyaaa <3
heyy havnt talked in awwhiilleeeee - 02/03/2007 ()  
hey sita
im not sure if you member me..
but its anna frmo vancouver =)
haha just wanted to sayy heyy
since the last time we talked
was in the summer..its was fun
chillin with you on rath you guys
made it ALOT better <3 hope to see
you soon and would love to keap in touch.

p.s i lovee your picture
im soo jelious =P
yelllowwwwwww!! - 01/22/2007 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
heyyyyyyyyy vrindavan......jaya radheee....jaya krsnnaaaa...jaya.......hahahhahah
so so so so so what is up sitarani of mayapur!!?
eh eh eh?
haribol sita:) - 01/01/2007 (Gitanjali)  
hey happy new years girly!! ill c u wen u get here n well have soooo much fun next summer!!!!!!!!
happy new year..... - 01/01/2007 (P@nk@j...~~~~`)  
radhe shyam!
wass up Sita?rem. v met u saw me in vrin....??
anyways u r such a nice gal.

A New Year is a Reminder to Celebrate...
All the things that are Good in ur World..
The People u Luv..
The Places u r a part of..
The Memories u hold on to..
& Those Unforgettable moments...When u Close ur Eyes & Breathe in Life with a Smile..
May ur heart b filled with lots of little reasons..
to celebrate at the New Year & Always..

tc radhey shyam
hi sita - 11/28/2006 (sanjoy roy)  
i know u dont know me but anywase when i sow u i could not recognize you but heard 4rom friend u laxmis sis so hi its cool to see u in mayapur. have fun gtg bye
hi sita - 11/28/2006 (sanjoy roy)  
i know u dont know me but anywase when i sow u i could not recognize you but heard 4rom friend u laxmis sis so hi its cool to see u in mayapur. have fun gtg bye
when am i going really? - 11/27/2006 ()  
i dont know im in the ashram...the "new silly little girl" yup its my title lol
well...if my plans go as expected ill be there next year beginning sometime...but ill see
now how are you honeybunches?
k tace care...radheshyam!!!
yay - 10/11/2006 ()  
you two are SO cute
and your hair is so long!!!!!

I miss you loads :) have fun in INDIA♥

i miss ya sooo much - 09/22/2006 (Gitanjali)  
dude "u n some one i no" hehelol get it? anyways HE *wink wink* says that ur pic is cute and he likes the 2 of us in it together n he wanted me to tell u that and he says not to change it
hey - 09/13/2006 (Radhapriya S.)  
those r my sistas!!!!!!!!
man i luv u guys. that pic is HOTT! holla :p
Hey!! - 09/07/2006 (Rupee)  
Wbats happening?!? hoes everything miss india... im so wanna go to india, but im stuck in class =[
im soo jealous of yeww ... lol but i am happy for u at the same time..hehehe
omg i luv u - 09/07/2006 (Gitanjali)  
awwwwwwwwwwww ur da best sitarani now i miss ya even more cant wait to chill out again
hey - 08/14/2006 ()  
hey sita,

its annfrom van heh even tough he bus tour is gone your still here =o)i added you kays

peace out
i wanna talk to u! - 07/28/2006 (Sitaaa)  
Cisa!!..last night i called lalita and i talked to her for a lil and right after that i trayed calling you and it was ALWAYS busy..who were talking to?..I trayed for like 2 hrs..and then i gave up cuz it was 2 am here and i was tired. But i'l try again in today or tommorow. Ok..well i have to go now..i wove you!..Bye
Fo' Sho' - 07/13/2006 ()  
Hey Miss rani baby-girl,

Definitely I'll see you in LA....we'll have to go out on the town...tear it up yo....Hare Krishna style ;)

bolo, Revati
hmph - 07/12/2006 ()  
i'm a cali bum too!!! gosh just because i moved doesn't mean you can forget me you girl...
photos - 06/08/2006 (Sathya)  
dude you need to upload those to photobucket and then give me the url for those pics, all of them asap! i wanna photoshop them.
wasssuuppp!!!!!!!!! - 06/05/2006 (Tulsi (L.A.))  
hey sitawani, haribol I miss u so much already I just cant wait till u get your but down here 2 l.a. hope 2 c u soon....lots of luv
p.s.....waahh, waahhh
Hare Krishna - 06/04/2006 ()  
Hey cuz, what's up, Thank you for the Gongrats, and well I hope to see you also, I can't make it tho this years Raths unfortunately, I have some college stuff to get ready for like shots!!!!!!!!!! lol don't like them, anyway I'm planning on going to Florida Internation Un, for two yrs, then I'm off to University of Miami.
Hi - 05/27/2006 ()  
Well Aunt seema, told me about this, and I said why not do it, so I may say hello, to my cousins, well this is Madhavi, ummm just saying hello, and hari krishna to you and the family.
Hey - 04/15/2006 (Shara)  
hey fellow LOONEY TOON! - 04/02/2006 (Komala Kumari)  
happy birthday!!!!! im soooo sad i didnt get to talk to you...i timed it all perfectly and everything so that i know i would be able to talk to you...i got up at 7 in the morning saturday cuz it was friday night for you but i fAILLED! boohhoo....i talked to mataji she was all pissed cuz i woke her up.....anyways...i miss you!!! im going to try calling you again...right now its really early morning for ill try later I MISS YOU!!!
Happy birthday! - 04/01/2006 ()  
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Sweet Sixteen Girl!!!
Iloveyou! Iloveyou! Iloveyou!
TWO MORE DAYS TILL... - 03/28/2006 ()  
I know SITA it's ALMOST your BIRTHDAY!!!!!
sweet 6-teen - 03/28/2006 ()  
/its almost your birthday!!!!

ps: youre the last one on
"the birthday proflies" section too ;p

feel special♥
Aww Sita... - 03/19/2006 ()  
Aww Sita I have'nt talked to you in for ever! I miss you sooo much! Guess what I'm going to be living in Mayapur for two years!! I'm not joking. I bet your so sad about leaving the ashram! Where are you going to be going for school? Your sister said somthing about charter? Anyways I have a great idea! You come to Mayapur and go to the ashram here and then on the weekends you come to my house! You would love it here!! I'm serious!
I am coming back to America in May for like a month so I guess I will see you then!
I love you sooooooooo much!!! iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou!
Wahhhhhhhhh - 02/19/2006 (Ananda Priya)  
Sita what ami going to dowith u all the way over therre im gonna die!!!!!! wahhhhhhh u have to come hhome very soon balasundari loves u lol
and i love u 2 heehee
Hey :) - 01/26/2006 ()  
Hey sitarani!
did ya see the message I posted on your other GB?
Anyways I saw the one you wrote. Yeah my hair is longer! I can't wait till it grows even more.. I've forgotten what I look like with really long hair. Last time I had it like that was when I was probably eight. :P
Aww I miss you! Okay well good, you will be there when I get there! I miss you sooo much.

yooooooo homie! - 01/14/2006 (lalita (dallas))  
hey sita!
It was gr8 talkin 2 ya. Thank you so much! I feel a lot better now. You the shrink! not xh! I swear I will lighten up on that....and I mean it this time! Cross my heart, hope to die...yada yada. Email me and keep me updated. And even though you're not gonna be crazy...we're gonna do crazy things....even if I have to force you! Muahhahahhaaaaa! Can't wait to see you!

Luv and miss ya like crazeeeeeeeee girl!
Luv alwayz,
my shmougly - 01/03/2006 (Narayani Coyle)  
oi oi savaloy

miss you soo much, keep intouch tell me what you've been up to. having a blast over here in london

luv you

hello hello - 12/29/2005 ()  
Hey Sitarani!!!
Well you *still* havn't called me back yet, or written me a reply. :( oh well :P
anyways.. what do you mean by you dont think I have the guts to be ur blood sister? I already am.
You weirdo, lol.

I miss you so much! can't wait till you call me!
Verizon wireless forever!
much luv,
HEY Sitawani - 12/06/2005 (Shara)  
hey love...jk:P wassup...? well im signin in ur gb cos i have nothing else to do!! did ya miss me..??? i sure did...ima see you soon!!! like tomorrow bye bye love ya!!!
oh yeah, annd - 12/03/2005 ()  
i made mani get a kuli profile!
..but she made me take like 86 pictures of her
and we ended up only using 11. haha ha.
zoiwqhdh =D - 12/03/2005 ()  
i cant wait till you get back!
haha, youre proby really different..
OMG!!!!!! I JUST REMEMBERED!!!!!!!!!!!
i had this dream about you today that
you were back and i saw you and you
had your normal pretty face BUT!
your whole body was all FAT, like 200lbs Fat!

and then i guess you called me
but i was sleeping so i missed it.
well call me sometime tomarrow then
but before 8-12am.. i have sat. school..

PS:i know youre not fat, it was just a dream^_^

sheep looking for peep - 11/15/2005 (Narayani Coyle)  
hey sita....rani...luv you

where is little bo peeep her little sheeps hair need to be brushed... dont ask
hey - 11/14/2005 (lalita (dallas))  
ahhh......I look so weird there.....cya 2morrrow
leave as you please... - 11/14/2005 (Sitarani (san diego))  

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