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Name Mathura Rico
Birth 01/16/1990 (28 yrs old)
Gender Male
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Locationalachua fl

hi - 01/16/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!)  
hare krishna mathura,how r u?
no replies i hope evryding is fine..
do lemme kno wen u vstg india
sup man - 01/13/2006 (Nila)  
i hate you soo much. lol you are the biggest a-hole ever and your are a waste of my life.
You need to stop getting kicked out of soccer games.
hahaha - 11/15/2005 (Kumari)  
That picture is killing me! Anyways look look i found you on here too! Yea! now i will come on cause i have friends.
ok bye.
SAYIN HELLO - 09/24/2005 ()  
hola, ya i dont even know u but ur probaly kool so ill seya round or w/e i probaly saw u on da but tour
cuz i know alot of ppl there u guy visited us for like 5 hours i already knew pretty much all the ppl there so i probaly saw u..... any ways im talkin to much so ill seya!

yo - 09/12/2005 (Gundica Day)  
you know what? i busted my butt the day we went to that clif jumping place...and damnit it still hurts!...haha...anyways, hello my little latino friend, stay cool, and stay safe! you hurt yourself too much..see ya around
crazy - 09/12/2005 (Krsna-Jivani)  
hey - 09/08/2005 (Nila Guzman {alachua})  
anways i for got to say something que tal hombre lol insde joke i see nila lol
hey bradda - 09/08/2005 (Nila Guzman {alachua})  
hey mo2ra wat up anways wnated to say that youo like my brother man and cant wait till i have a car so we can cruse and go chill places anways kepp it fresh bra and cya
HOwz it my Columbian BOy? - 09/01/2005 ()  
Hola. That's the extent of my spanish. I know u havin fun wit everybody out there in Alachua. yah, and that's a great pichure of u in the green Hawaii shorts. Represent! ass right! SO, um, yah, guess you have to come visit me in HI yah? nah, you can't make it even though u so rich ah? so, talk to ya laterz. Hugs, kisses, and Aloha
hey! - 08/28/2005 (Braja*~(NC))  
whats up Mathura!
havent talked to you ina while. hope evryones doin good:)
miss you guys...
take care
hi - 08/28/2005 ()  
ummm ur hott...
write something - 08/28/2005 (Mathura Rico)  
sup people

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