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Name Keith Moving to NYC in 2011
AKA The Banker
Birth 06/17/1985 (34 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contactscell # 918-520-0552
office # 918 430 2006

Locationbroken arrow, Oklahoma

Hare Krishna - 07/03/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
How are you doing?
Happy Birthday CUZZ - 06/18/2007 (Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan))  
Just wanna wish you a happy birthday cause I couldnt write you yesterday!!!!!!! I think I sent a early note wishing you a blessed day but in case I didnt enjoy your birthday week!! Its was my spiritual bday yesterday too...7 years...ahhh;o)
sup? - 05/24/2007 (AZitiZ (as it is))  
Hey kieth Long time dawg.. hope things are poping off well..peace
Yup similiar to Grannas wall - 04/09/2007 (Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan))  
Man heck yeah hahaha ole school for real!!! Dang yo we need to have a cousin reunion for real man its been a while!!! Condo?!!!!!!! You go boy!
wot up? - 11/30/2006 ()  
Hey Keith how's it going? I promise I will get those sweets to you soon I have been so mad busy and I haven't had a chance to get them from the temple but son't worry I haven't forgotten!
hey hey - 07/17/2006 (N i y a t i ~ * ~)  
what up keith! just wanted to say hari bol! hope all's well..radhe radhe :-)
ma boy keith - 06/11/2006 (Rishikesh)  
whattup keeeeith.. I know its been a long time, I just got back from out of town, when r you going to d-town??
let me guess - 05/23/2006 (Palaka)  
What is that cabinet filled with behind you?! aw, and I both know what's in that cabinet...damn!, it just never ends with you, does it?!
luck is the residue of design so leave your debris - 10/19/2005 (Keith Moving to NYC in 2011)  
thank you for stopping by and letting me know what you think!!

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