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Name Janardan (puri)
AKA jana, janardan, sai, johnathon
Birth 04/22/1980 (38 yrs old)
Gender Male
LocationLouts Feet of Jagannathji,Purusottam Dham, Mera Bharat Mahan So ma Se Asi Baiman.

Happy birthday bro - 04/27/2008 (Caitanya Gabric)  
my dear brother i wish u from deep of my heart that Radharani shows her mercy upon u and that she is always present in ur heart...all the best my bro..

with love

jai jagannath - 07/19/2007 (Visvambhar)  
arre bhai,

you are so fortunate to be living in puri. i bless you that you never are able to leave...even if you want to. there is nothing else in the world. the lord of the universe is there, so why go anywhere else?
i'm sure you had a great rathayatra festival. please tell me about it. i pray that some day in this lifetime i am able to witness rathayatra and make my life successful.
take care,
nava? - 04/26/2006 (Kalindi (Chicago))  
hey is that nava behind ande? boy is lookin crazy! ;)
hey... - 11/23/2005 ()  
wow...dat's a pic of da parikrama!!kool!i was there was so much fun right??
hey bro - 10/16/2005 (Tulasi Ananda)  
hey my man hows it goen
good here
what u been up to
how is puri
talk to u later
its nice talken to u
Jay Jagannath - 09/03/2005 ()  
Radhe Radhe Janardhan

Thank you very much for the book(italian), a big haribol to your mom and a big kiss to noughty Govinda.
Jay Sri Radheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Shyam

well. .... are you like to tell me some think ???? then plz........ - 09/02/2005 (Janardan (puri))  
i think very few friend know me here in ....Gurukuli so ...hope to make some more friends ..... jay Jagannath

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