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Name RaMmjii
AKA Ram, plastic smile, haoslse, Prom(moron can't say ram)
Birth 07/07/1987 (31 yrs old)
Gender Male
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yooo - 09/25/2007 (vinod)  
hey man u frin*n remamber me or not if u dont then think again and try. to rember me any waz lots of news i am getin whats is this man any way stay cool keep in touch
vinod vrindavan
hey - 07/04/2006 (Kushal DC)  
hey was up ram haha. i herd you got kicked out of the DC rath whatt happened? cause my mom saw it and i was wondering? let me know what is up. hey also there is a program at B-more on thursday so ttyl oka pce out radhe radhe
Hmmm - 08/25/2005 (Parijata (NC))  
Thats ok. You can be the Ramajata flower. :)
Take care and stay sweet.
your in india! - 08/22/2005 ()  
ahhh how are you..hows krishna?..the brasilian is lookin pretty two better bring me back somethin pretty.. :) i miss you guys soo i didnt think i would miss you all as much as i do..the temple just aint the same. haha duude ram i hope you have sooo much fun...come home soooonnn..oh and i hope krishna is havin fun too..i hope it doesnt suck too much. ;)
<33 Priyanka
Rammji!! - 08/22/2005 ()  
wassssuppp SON, india turnin out what u expected it to be? cause if not, im gonna rub it in your face when u get back, speakin of which, u and krishna, need to speed up on seeing as how yesterday was one of the most boringest sunday feasts the temples had since like when no one came even when they were here. i need my quarterback back. wait a minute, my fellow reciever too. all u bamas have mad fun while ur there. oh yeah, hows krishna holdin up, haha has he gotten mugged yet? tell that kid i said haribol. much love from the crew to the three of yous.
Sup bra - 08/13/2005 (Asraya DC/LA)  
Watup Rammmmmji, jus droppin one of my ppls a line..have a bomb time in india yo..keep it real bra.
From a DC/LA respectable haha - Asraya
hi - 08/07/2005 (SaCi Da MaTaJi)  
Hari bol Ram dasi,
I don't forget to bring me back a sari.
HEY!! - 08/06/2005 ()  
hey ram have a fun time in india tell me all about it when you get back be safe!!
hari bol - 08/06/2005 (RaMmjii)  
if you know me, show me

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