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Name Virya--->Krsna Vallabha
AKA virashy, viri, xunga
Birth 07/24/1987 (31 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationAspiring to live at Srila Prabhupada's Lotus feet! In Sri Vrindavan Dham!

Bella - 07/25/2006 (Yogesvari*=*)  
Viria tu sei dell'altro mondo.
Te echamos de menos! - 04/05/2006 (Madhava (Barcelona))  
A ver si es verdad i se animan todos a ponerse por aqui! Espero que nos veamos pronto, y que todo te vaya muy bien por ahi! muaaa! cuidate peke!
not in a bad way - 01/16/2006 (Virya--->Krsna Vallabha)  
Prema Bhakti, i don;t say it as a bad way, me and my jaan (husband) we call like this to Shyamasundar, is a lovely and friendly way to call him, i would never ssay something like that to any african first of all and less to my Shyamsuundar...whom i love so much...its not unrespectfull first of judging know! Radhey Shyam! Peace!
sigh* - 12/29/2005 ()  
umm.. don't really know u.. ran into ur profile looking for someone else... CONGRATS!! on the wedding and all.. beutiful pic! u guys really seem like u love each other :).. *such a sweet occasion i had to leave a message*
Uh... - 12/16/2005 ()  
Wow, all I can say is that it's offensive enough to refer to African-Americans as "niggars", but referring as Sri Shyamasundar with that kind of language? Man...
LoVe's is eternal - 09/03/2005 (kRiShNaShiSh ( fReE sPiRiT ))  
Mi corazon, mi amor...
noow how shud i describe how much happy i'm yes 19 days ...oh my god... i better not be dreamin feels like a dream. Every morning i wake up with one thing in my mind whn will i c my baby....i think about her all the time...its nice wh i'm sad i get u and things r fine ,whn i'm weak u give me strength...u just fil up the empty space in my life...
i hope we go along like this our whole to each other giving each other love and support...
love princesss...
urs...4 ever...
Tiger....grrrrrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrr he's wild he's mad he's uncontrolled...
Thanks! - 09/03/2005 (Virya--->Krsna Vallabha)  
Muchas Gracias Yogesvari, bueno pues pronto nos conoceremos, nos llevaremos muy bien seguro! Espero que me enseņes alguno de esos muchos sitios tan fantasticos de los que siempre he soņado! Radhe Shyam! Nos vemos pronto!
Welcome to Vrindavan - 09/03/2005 ()  
Querida Viria
soooooooooooooo happy you come to Vrindavan, I'm living here and its so nice to know that its your dream.
Tengo ganas de conocerte.
Un besito!!!!!!!!!!

Heya! - 09/03/2005 (I Jatayu I PL)  
Hey sweety kitty :P Nice to know you. I like you very much, you are very clever, nice and pretty girl! I hope we gonna meet each other asap. That would be cool. Wish you all the best in your life. Let the force be always with you. Ave. Jatayu ;)
Vrindavan! - 09/03/2005 (Virya--->Krsna Vallabha)  
Wow, so happy, vrindavan im going! Gandarvilla if u read this i really want to see u, we will be together soon! Goranga, we will have avery nice time! Thank u all....for making my dream true!!Radhe Shyam!

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