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Name Vaisnav
AKA Vaish, Shnava , Bhes, Vishnu, Vishnya......
Birth 05/07/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Male
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LocationSan Jose, CA

Happy Burthday Man! - 05/07/2008 (Shyam Das)  
Hey Vaishnav... jus remembering ya maan. hope and pray every year is better than the last.. nothing could be better than vrindavan eh? well mery christmas man.
lol self realized..sure - 05/05/2008 (Radhapriya S.)  
YOU BUTTHEAD! U DONT FOOL ME! LOL BE HUMBLE!! LOL JK I LOVE THAT PIC THO..VERY CUTE...LOL (u still dont fool me shugga gangsta..heheh) :o
haha you ARE a dork - 04/25/2008 ()  
loving the new brotherly pic:)
Vrn completes it perfectly!!
what the hell... - 04/16/2008 (Sitarani (san diego))  
Haaaa ha. that pic shocked me like alot.. lol!
krishna balaram? hahahaa where did u get it?
my pics from before the beach got deleted..
missing u? no just miss laughing at your
dorky self :P
Hah - 04/14/2008 (Sitarani (san diego))  
Ok ok ok for your sake i changed it... but that was a cool day.. not my fault ur a dork :P Goin to be in LA for the prabhupada festival?
yooo! - 03/24/2008 (Radhapriya S.)  
hey shugga!! lol. that is such a great pic!! that's whats up! gotta show love for sd ;) we miss u down here. talk 2 u soon ♥
hi ruski - 12/29/2007 (vinod)  
hi man how in life take care
hey kach kach. - 09/03/2007 (Joshi, Rupa)  
Whats up man looks like you're having a blast...peace and hare krsna
haribol - 06/21/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
YARR,TRY FOR ME ALSO,TUM UNHA PAR HO TO DEKHO KOI SEVA YA KOI JAV MIL JAYE TO,now you are a great personality,assistant to GBC,and in future lagta hai use utha ke tum baith jaoge.........,IS GURU ke liye bhi socho.....aur aane ke irada hai ki nahin
haribl - 06/08/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
Hariol,i am fine and doing well,nowadas it is too ot there in delhi and VRIDAVAN therefore i am spending my time in Hill Station,rightnow i am in KULLU,weather is coll and beautifull.......
haribol haribol - 05/27/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
so Mr Handsome,how are u?looking cool,aur ye chidiya achhi hai,lage raho......kya chal raha hai tumara aur gopal kya khavar hai?
you and my dad... - 05/11/2007 ()  
haha nice pic
earthday was fun!
Haribo haribol - 01/21/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
so Mr Vaisnav zinda ho tum,hey could you give me your cellphone number,hey mr looking cool,lagta hai koi maal mil gayi hai?
haribol haribol - 01/08/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
so mr vaisnav wher r you?could you recognize me?
My Guestbook - 09/01/2006 (Vaisnav)  

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