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Name Prahlad
Birth 07/16/1991 (27 yrs old)
Gender Male
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now in mayapur!!

hello - 12/01/2007 (KSANA + KALINDI)  
whats news?
just thoguht i'd say hi xox kalindi
hello - 12/01/2007 (KSANA + KALINDI)  
whats news?
just thoguht i'd say hi xox kalindi
hola - 07/21/2007 (Balaram_R)  
happy late birthday!
man thats a nice bike - 04/10/2007 (INila Madhava (-:)  
man thats a nice bike do you want to sell it to me I am willing to buy it for RS.7 think about it and give me a call I think it is a price you can not refuse hurry though because my offer runs out in 24 hour from the time you see this message you are a smart kid and I am sure you will make the right choice and if you don't well I do not have to tell you whats going to happen lol
hey smelly! - 04/08/2007 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
yo yo yo
i am old woman ....a grandma...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
yah i partied feeet hurt bad after....too much dancing!!
wahts up?
im dying with my art exams...ackack!
be good smelly
see u soon....:D
dude whats up - 04/04/2007 (INila Madhava (-:)  
dude whats up you do not come on line any more when are you coming to my place i hope some time this lifetime see ya call me some time haha just kidding!
did ya go on safari? - 03/15/2007 (Chandra aka Tulasi Seva)  
Hey pad,
The poor girl just wanted to know what Mayapur looked like!
You could have at least sent her a photo! lol!
Did you end up going on safari?

Nice pic lol! I wanted a shot with those rusty guns!

(see me rollin' they hate it. . . . always tryin catch me ridin dirty' . . . . ) lol!

yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoo!! - 03/11/2007 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
hey smellyyyyyyyyyyfartt
yes yes i had funnn...
tom is pj day...hahahha...
ill put up a pic so u can take ur gods darshaann....i wouldnt want to deprive u...
omg...stop farting!!!!!!!!
ur god!
wasup? - 03/08/2007 (Jalangi <3)  
heyy do u live in muyapure....i want to know because i might move to muyapure and i want to c how it looks there =)

Hey dude! - 02/27/2007 (Gauravani (Gita Nagari))  
Yeah, I'm coming, I just need to wrap some things up and I'll come back!

tommorooowww!!! - 02/13/2007 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
doooooooooooooooo it
doooooooooooooooooo it
doooooooooooooooooooooooo it....
and then u will thank me for life and shower me with moral: doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it!!!
hahahhahah...seriously monkey dont be a a monkey...;D
monkeyyyyyyyy - 02/12/2007 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
hey arth thou....
can u tell the kalasour to write me...shes like become anti net and checking her mail i think!!!
be good...:D
wow - 02/11/2007 (Jalangi <3)  
wow!!!NICE BACKROUND!!!!my brother rode a moder cycle befor..........with someone.i got my bakcround from myspace do u make your words like that???and put that wasup thing there.gtg c ya
hiya!! - 01/17/2007 (Gauravani (Gita Nagari))  
Hey man, what's hanggin'? I'm coming back soon dude, don't worry. Are you you guys really not doing dramas? That sucks! Drama and basketball are a way of life!!!

heyyy looser - 01/15/2007 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
hahha....cause they WERE going to surprise me..till i figured it all out thanks to urm urm urm...YOU...hahahhah....!!
ill tell veds the salad wasss was the pasta feast without her majesty's lovely presence..psshhh...hahah
be good...
hahahaha!! - 01/13/2007 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
hahhaa...i figured it all out...thanks to u..about kala and veds comming here...hahah...and a wee bit help from my they both are waiting to see u and ..urmm..kill you..hahahha..
be good
HOODIBABA!! - 01/10/2007 (Gauravani (Gita Nagari))  
HAA! ....Loser.....
hey - 12/14/2006 ()  
OMIGOSHH! that is an awesome car!!!!!!!!!!!! what is it anyway? ooohhh
madhavi - 11/27/2006 (IMadhavi oh yeah!)  
dude like what happened to yr cool ass motorcycle???
ok i supose so - 11/13/2006 (Prahlad)  
ok i supose we have to resort to the"A" video
wat to do any way
i will edit the good language first no problem
but i thnk i will still use the shotgun!!!!!!!!!! hahaha lol
sorry that i cant come - 11/13/2006 ()  
i guess that u have to return the rocket launchers, tanks, fighter jets, and shot guns because my dad just made me gerenal maneger so if i come there i will lose my job n if i lose my job i wont be able to buy the tanks fighter jets n rocket launchers.. so i guess u are going to have to make the movie... send it as soon as possible... hahaha... n rated PG-13.because i dont think there will be much violence.. ps have nandu beep out all the good languages.... see ya...ahhahaha

hey - 11/03/2006 ()  
now you actually look normal! nice
Take a look - 11/02/2006 (Prahlad)  

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