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Name Kamille Devika R.
AKA Raptor,Sport,Devi,Devik,Dave,Vike,K,Kamillion,Kamillelilly,Lilly,Diamond,Baby
Birth 04/18/1991 (27 yrs old)
Gender Female
LocationQueens, New York

make your FireFox browser to wear RADHA KRISHNA LILAS persona - 04/16/2009 (IIKSIIॐ)  
yea - 11/09/2006 (Rianna)  
yea everything is so f***ed up...idk why...but i miss talking to you about everything...well bye love re...hari bol
hallowee night - 11/07/2006 (SaCi Da MaTaJi)  
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Thats me but u know you were there feeling the sting of my bit. muahahhahahahah
hey - 08/29/2006 (Rianna)  
wats up kamille?this is ur closest cuz,and i miss you.well we and alot of fun in florida didnt we...well except for that day you know wat...i dont have to tell you:-)
hey - 08/14/2006 (Alexis (NYC))  
hola camomille wats up heard u in florida gettin a tan playin volley ball. u need 2 come 2 da beach wit us 2 chill b4 i leave. C u soon. Luv ya :P
hari hari - 07/17/2006 (Kamille Devika R.)  
haribol everybody...

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