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Name Abhaya
AKA Abhay, Abhi, 'bhaya.......
Birth 08/17/1987 (31 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Other Contacts MSN, myspace, connect.gurukuli, the real world maybe?
LocationNew Raman Reti dham
The home is where the heart is. . .

Fairy tree - 01/10/2009 ()  
Yeah, it's the view across the field from my parent's house back in late October. It's beautiful at that time of year - well there's something there in all seasons - in winter it has a sort of rugged soggy charm.

It's funny how often you only start to appreciate things from a distance :)
Laks - 12/29/2008 ()  
haha thanks:)
Haribo! - 10/14/2008 (Pamela Denis)  
Hey thx for leavin a mess. I met Krishna through a friend from school who brought me to temple. And thats how it all started. It was a 3 year development but im glad. hihi
hey! - 01/23/2008 (Acyuta Gopi)  
Hey it was great to see you this weekend even though we didn't get to talk so much. Hope to see you again soon.

Hari hari!
Haribol!! - 12/03/2007 (Jamuna SA)  
Hey Abhaya,

Just droping a shout out since I'm
Keep well.

Jai Radhe Syama!!!!!!

Dats, Jamuna.
Haribol!! - 10/21/2007 (Jamuna SA)  
Hey Abhaya,
I think it's so cool how you get deep into the the effects of the transcandental sound vibration. One line that pops into my mind is madhura mridanga baje, parama rasala!
Take care!
Haribol - 10/10/2007 (Pranaya Keli)  
Hay, beautiful Gopi. Love what you's very inspiring.
~Pranaya Keli
Hey! - 03/19/2007 (Vishakha & Balarama)  
Haribol:) Thanks for your comment.See ya in IM sometime!
hey - 03/19/2007 (IMadhavi oh yeah!)  
hey abhaya i lost my pasword to my msn so here is my new id

see ya
hare krsna - 02/15/2007 ()  
Hey girl - 02/13/2007 (Sandhya)  
You got a guestbook, get you. I'm just writing you an email. I'm in a science lesson so I better run.
Feel free to write in here, although please try to be nice. :D - 02/12/2007 (Abhaya)  
Radhe Radhe

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