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Name Caitanya Gabric
AKA Chay,Chayti,Pagal Baba
Birth 01/31/1977 (41 yrs old)
Gender Male
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Locationalways Vrindavan,momentaly somewhere in Europe

Hari Hari - 03/18/2009 (Radhika Dasi)  
That's a really nice photo. I like your scarf.
giriraj maharaja ki jaya :) - 03/14/2008 (R'desh cooooooolies :))  
ej tarana, haribolo! ma ovdje je sve ok...sad nam je uskrsni raspust, tak da ja idem samo u zagreb na 6 dana i onda se moram vratiti..imamo puuuuno obaveza... stvar je u tome sto sam trebala doci prije kuci, ali sam propustila avion, hehe, bad luck! tak da nemam vremena doci u sarajevo ovaj put :( tak mi je bilo super vidjeti sve bhakte u zagrebu na VP i sad mi je malo bed sto nemogu doci u et..dr put..nadam se da ste vi svi dobro...i da se ludo provodite u centru :) pozdravi sve bhakte puno od mene! hugggs iz kisne belgije
Haribol! - 03/12/2008 (Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan))  
Ka ko si!!! Awesome Kirtan bro!!! It looks like you are doing wonderfully great and blissed out in Krsnas service!!!!!!!! Jayaho!Im heading to India it wont be the same without you!!! But maybe ill get to see you and god family this summer.... i ve no clue of my plans...i guess it should be easier to surrender that way!! Love and light maybe the last time from the land of the rising sun!!!!!!! Jaya Radhe Radheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
radhe radhe!! - 02/29/2008 (lalita priya)  
how are you!!? has been long!! I'm back in france, not for long ! keep in touch! what are your projects now wanna know ok!! will i see you this summer? hope so you better come around here!! haribol to all the wonderful bosnian devotees!!
cool pic - 02/11/2008 (R'desh cooooooolies :))  
ej Tarana...heheh...super vam je pic...vidim da se super provodite... c ya sooon! Syama
one day earlyer... - 01/30/2008 (Gandharvika \ Ganga (FR))  
Happy b day ! wish u all the best
today...cause tomorrow i ll probably 4get.
see u for Satccinandana s vyasapuja!
jai jagannath - 11/18/2007 (damodar gumi)  
Dear chaitanya , u think i will 4 get u , neva hahaah .

thankx 4 the comment and iam in puri at the moment.

hope are u well , and hoping that u are comin to india soon radhe radhe jai jagannath
hi - 10/15/2007 (vinod)  
i guess the world is on that state that ppl r for gating each other the time they spent to gather and the yamuna they croressed right i guess the time has come any way say somthing man how r u n were r u wene u coming miss
Jai Jagannath - 10/15/2007 ()  
i'll be waiting johnny baba.

Jai Jagannath
Guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/06/2007 ()  
chaitanya prabhu...kaisa ho baisab. so nice to see ur smiling face man, exhilerating. how r u man? u coming for kartika? miss u man immensely...and i'm not the only one. it's not the same without chaitanya prabhu.. the master blaster. drop a line, let me know hoes things. hope to see u sometime in the near future. love and respect..o great temple president =p.

radhey - 10/05/2007 (vinod)  
i guess the world is on that state that ppl r for gating each other the time they spent to gather and the yamuna they croressed right i guess the time has come any way say somthing man how r u n were r u wene u coming miss
HEy! - 11/13/2006 (Komala Kumari)  
how are you Bhaiya! so your still in Vrndavan? Man i miss india soo much. please pray to Radha Syamsundar for me to come soon. I miss you.. i hope your doing well.
radhey syaamm!!! - 10/01/2006 (Aradhya)  
hey that pic is words man hahahaha

well i didnt had a profile in here n just 2day i remebered u told me about it i am!!!

miss u soooo much!!!


ur sis,...
hey!!!!!! - 09/23/2006 (lalita priya)  
nice pic!!!
i tell you again you're a really cool friend and i feel free to talk to you so tahnk you!!!!
hope to see you soon !!! take care luv lalita
haribolos - 09/22/2006 (JALA....!!!!!yesyesyess!)  
nice hearing from u!
hope u r fine....
have a fun kartik...
wasss up gabrich prabhu!! - 09/16/2006 ()  
radhey shyam dude DONT !
wasss you up to? , when yu comming?/
get ur asss back here !!
bolo radheeee - 08/24/2006 (N i y a t i ~ * ~)  
hari hari! looking forward to our dance competition in vrindavan this kartik haha :-)
hey - 06/05/2006 ()  
hey man wass up brother !!

how you doing man !! write to me some time and hope you taking good care of giriraj maharaj!!

miss ya bro !!

yo nigger wasss up so johny baba how is giriraj say hi to him and miss ya lots write or call nava
yo mamma - 05/25/2006 (Gangi)  
hey chai! miss you soso much.
we will see you very soon right?
luv the little putchka girl
Das em some adittude - 04/28/2006 (Komala Kumari)  
hey how are you doing!!
i miss all of our mayapur crew so much
haha great pic
hope to see you soon!
Yooooooo ma brother from anotha motha!!!! haha - 04/26/2006 ()  
yoo chaiti maaan! hows u doin!? i didnt even know u got a profile up here. cool cool. yoo so was da plan u cumin here or no???

ur sista, jaaaahnuuu

p.s that pic is real good maaan! TRIPPPPPPER!!!!! hahaha.
yo brother - 02/21/2006 ()  
yo tripper .........hehe
man u are cool..........
radhey - 02/10/2006 (S$onu({{(new pic}}}})  
whatever - 02/08/2006 (Caitanya Gabric)  
people what evr u feel to write to me...just
write...Radhe Syam

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