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Name Kalindi Yamuna
AKA lindi; yamuna river; kally; champak; maharani; doni; honey muffin; kay
Birth 08/15/1992 (26 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Other,,- I usally use this one the most.,
facebook: Kalindi Beals

LocationEscondido, CA

awww - 10/24/2007 ()  
hey gurli!
how are u doin chica?
i finally go to see the bday cake
that u made me!!!
ur cho cho chweet!!!
i luvs u and misses u mucho!
Hey diddi! lol thats what daddy calls it hah!! - 10/03/2007 (Radhika Chandra)  
I have not left a comment for so long! lol.
Anyways I am bored!
Love u ~Radhika Chandra dd~
hey - 08/29/2007 (Sitarani (san diego))  
this is such a cute pic of you.. how are you these days?
radhe syam!
hey... - 07/12/2007 ()  
i'll tell u all da things another i g2g...
did u see my pic??..
Reply to my Dear Radha! - 07/11/2007 (Kalindi Yamuna)  
ugh..i tried to do a reply to you but it comes up with a wierd error saying that i cantnot post a comment...anyways...
I cant beleive you actually wrote me!!!
I thought u were ignoring me. and i couldnt figure out why? but its ok. But u are going to have to explain to me wtf happened to you?? me.,,kk.
I ♥♥♥♥ you sweetie!!
tell me how are you doing..hows everything??

Haribol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07/11/2007 ()  
hey gurl!! r u??'s life huh??....
i'm very sorry that i'm writing you just now...
but there were so many problems....i'll tell one day..
r u still angry with me??...SORRY :(

plz answer...
luv ya..
Haribol - 07/11/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
Hare!KRISHNA! How are u doing?
hey :) - 06/15/2007 ()  
call me!!!! u.s. number is the same...(im bak from india) i didnt get to fill u in...srry!!!...i left with kind of a short notice...

luvs ya chica

radhe radhe
hare krshna.. - 05/28/2007 ()  
how are you.

soory for my message.

take care.

hare krshna... - 05/23/2007 ()  
how are you..

can you do one thing.

your friend radhika is very beauitful just like radhya rani.......

please give me his email add.....

take care..

hey - 01/15/2007 (Ananda:.♥)  
r u da 1 who emailed me?? im ananada ....if it was u ... well just makin sure ...
n.e ways ...
love lots -ananda
finally!!! - 01/12/2007 ()  
hey chica!!!

wassup??..miss u like crazy gurl...
well i finally got a new phone and i
jus heard ur message..unfortunetly none of
my numbers were saved to th sim so i cant call
practically anyone whos number i didnt memorize...
so call me when u get the chance!!! :)

luvs n hugs!!!

ur atl sister - 12/29/2006 ()  
Kalindiiii! Yeah..I wish you could have been there to see the whole thing... but copy this link to see the other pics:

And sooo.. you're cooming back... ;)... hopefully you can stay till June...
Luv ya, miss ya, n stay beautiful girl!
haha - 11/12/2006 ()  
omg omg omg!!! pic!!! its da pic!!! ok...its not as bad as i thot it was...i miss u chica!!!...u gotta come see us SOOON!!!

luvs n huggs!!!

thanx :) - 10/18/2006 ()  
aawww...thanx for da happy bday!!!....and im so glad u guys get to come for govardhan puja...the more pplz the i guess ill see u this weekend!!!

bolo bolo!
so.. - 08/28/2006 (Champakalata)  
erm.. so this is the only way to chat right? do u like the pik? its the cover of that book i told u about^^ anyway ill call u later, im not supose to b on for very long so ya... leme c if i can find ur # then ill call^^
O.o....o.O... - 08/24/2006 (Champakalata)  
im sooo freegin confused... how do u get 1 of these coment thingies on ur pro? can u hav friends? can u send pm's?? WHAT IS UP WITH THE NAVIGATION!?!
HeLp Me!!! *dies*

ps-the pik i hav on my pro isnt o me.. so u no... O.o.... yeah... gona change it as soon as i get my lapto bak... heh.. ttyl, bi^^
hey!! - 06/24/2006 ()  
thanx a lot!! nice talking 2 u yesterday..
u r soo sweet..thanx man!!

u also r veeeery cute..we can talk more when u have time..i'll wait 4 u...haribol!! ;p

Hi! - 05/22/2006 ()  
Hey, sweetie! Sorry it's taken me forever to send you a message back. Thanks for the birthday wish. It's great to be 18! I hope you're doing well in Ocala!
hey girl - 04/27/2006 (Radhika Chandra)  
wazz up? i don't remember leaveing u a message so i am
going too leave u a message...

well i fell bored anywayz,
i love u so so so so much.
hey!hey1 - 04/10/2006 (Radhika(orlando)101)  
hey whatz up sory if i made any spelling mistakes i am talking to yoi on the phone with you wrtie know anywayz watz ^ how ya doin howe is everyone so i miss you siososo much well you sed to make it vey long so well here you go i miss you soasoso much!!!!!!i miss you sososo much!!!!!!i miss you sososo!!!imisss u imisss u missu i miss you i miss u oh my god i hate my life i just failed a pop quiz at school besides who in the world eva made school it is so damin boring.hey you should get a new pic i like this one and all but i think you should get one fore youself u are so opretty ya need one for ya.well gtg soon about 10.30.oh yehi am so happy i have my o9wn room oh my god.well i left a message on ariels thing like you told me to never replied so i have no idea.i miss you so much girl.i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u imiss u anywayzv pleaze lave me a message oh yeh remember at the old temple hall march 25 it waz so embarrising when yiur brother and them were singing happy bday to me oh my god.well ur bday is agust 13 right if not tell me the correct date i am goin to give you a special present i alrady got it is so special u arev goin to love.yoday i qwas at the store and i was shoping for lip gloss and eyeliner well i almost took 15 minutes lokig for onr set of luip gloss my dad was about to freak it was sososososo funny whan i went home my dad told my mom that he is never ever goin shopping with me so you better go with me.well i think this is long enough well send me a reply message hare krsna luv ya

Hey sis - 04/08/2006 (Radhika(orlando)101)  
hey kalindi waz up its radhika u now your waz up not much goin on overhere.well i miss you sosososo much i keep on thinking about you well im goin to confirm my password
leave me a message on my guestbook


luv ya
Haribol! - 03/29/2006 ()  
Hi! We don't know one another, but I have seen your profile on here a few times. I could've sworn that I saw you on Saturday in Orlando at the Hindu Temple there (well, the Temple hall). I went with my boyfriend's family, and my future guru (Indradyumna Swami) because he was invited for a program there. I know that sounds incredibly weird, but the person I saw looked extremely familiar. By chance -- was that you? :)
hey - 03/11/2006 (Ambika)  
kalindi! hey girl, what's up?
Are you coming for gaurapurnima here? it's nice to see ya around sometime, so tell me when you'll be coming!
agh... my foot hurts haha.. i ran like three miles with the wrong shoes so now they're sore. anyways!
i'll ttyl.. peace out girl!

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