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Name Dhananjaya
AKA Jaya
Birth 01/29/1993 (25 yrs old)
Gender Male
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Hello - 05/08/2006 (Vrindavan~ ॐ*)  
Hey Jaya hows it going?
are you sure you werent the one
writing in Ambika's guestbook? You know what
just forget about it,
i dont care about that anymore.
See you around
hey!! - 04/14/2006 (Gouri krshna *)  
i just want to say hi ...........well cya saturday.
Talk to me : ) - 04/13/2006 ()  
Hay Jaya. That kid on the bus told me that you wanted to fight me. Whuzz up with that? I mean if you want to then you should of said something. But lisen man I dont wont to have to fight you. If you really feel like swingin with me then im down. But think about it befor you try to run up on me. Because if you hit me then im
going to knock you out.

- O.B.1.
to me - 04/03/2006 (Dhananjaya)  
ya sri havent talked in a while.whatsup.
HEY Kid! - 04/03/2006 ()  
Hey Jaya
What's up man. I haven't talked with you in a while. Hope that all's well.
Hey - 04/01/2006 (Vrindavan~ ॐ*)  
Hehe Tallahassee was fun
Hey you should DD to get a profile
I'll see you around
My Guestbook - 04/01/2006 (Dhananjaya)  
Shut up Shut up no Shut Up Shut uuuuuuuuuuup

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