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Name Surata Rangini
AKA surata
Birth 10/22/1993 (24 yrs old)
Gender Female
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aim: surata1022

LocationDallas, Texas

hari - 08/28/2007 (Krishnadas Kaviraj)  
LALITA!?! - 12/21/2006 (Champakalata)  
omg.. is that lalita from nc in that pik??? sry if it isnt.. but i havnt talked to her in forever! if it is plz tell me, i'd like to talk to her^^ im kinda an old friend
Twilight - 12/21/2006 (Champakalata)  
hay sorry this is SOO late! i created this account but never realy used it, then i decided to log on today. anyways its a realy good book by stephanie meyer, its one of.. 4 i believe but the 3rd and 4th arent out and there is another coming out wich is the fist book in edward's point of view. basicaly the book is about bella, and how she moves to forks washington were she hates it to live with her father and she meets edward, who is a vampire (but not like a steriotipical dracula type, these ones are awesome lol) but she only finds out he is one later in the book. he is thankfuly vediterian lol so to speek, he doesnt kill humans just animals. then a rival tribe or groupe comes and tries to kill bella, 'corse i wont tell you the rest cus thats the end of the book lol. the next book in the series is New Moon, then comes Eclips and finaly Breaking Down. Then there is Midnight Sun that is all of Twilight in Edward's point of view. they are also thinking of making a movie for twilight but it inst official yet. um.. this is geting long lol so if u want more info go to
thats the authers website.
yay - 09/17/2006 (Savitri (Dallas))  
i got my nose pierced!
hola - 08/26/2006 (Savitri (Dallas))  
yo! hehe see you tomorrow...SUNDAYYYY FEASTTT
background - 08/09/2006 (Savitri (Dallas))  
the wayyyy to change the background..I think you asked yesterday at the Feast. Did I tell you?♥

hehe - 08/07/2006 (Savitri (Dallas))  
hehe thank you for showing meh!♥
tomorrow is the appearence day of Lord Balaram
hey again - 08/06/2006 (Savitri (Dallas))  
hey. how did you get this on here [[the comment thing]].

and im not comming to the temple today [[sunday]]
heyyyyy - 08/05/2006 (Savitri (Dallas))  
hehe. man you're a funny girl! lol.
I think i can work something out...(WHAT WHAT).hah.♥

get a myspace! hehe. ♥
see you tomorrow...
A Texas greeting to you - Howdy y'all!! - 07/31/2006 (Surata Rangini)  
Hare krsna!!
Tell me something interesting before I DIE of boredom!! Suratarangini dasi

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