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Name Champakalata
AKA Champi
Birth 12/05/1992 (25 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Neopets (OMG SHE GOES ON NEOPETS!! jees..)- Shadowchild139

gaiaonline- ~Twilight - Dreams~
LocationOrlando, Florida, USA

radhe radhe.. - 10/01/2007 (Kalindi Yamuna)  
yeah... so mmaybe come on here like every 2 months.. whatcha think?
Haribol - 07/11/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
Hare!KRISHNA! How u doing? I jus read ur hole profile and wat u said reminded me of my sister.... So how is playstation 3? Ha ha so much spirituality lol
heyyy - 06/17/2007 (lalita (dallas))  

dude i haven't talked to you in ages!!!!
email me sometime:
or add me on msn:

loveee you and miss you!
where do you live now??
Hari Bol!! - 01/03/2007 (Radhika Chandra)  
well i just saw your profil so i thought i would sey something.

so how r u doin. i'm good.
well i g2g... so bye
-Radhika dd
haribol =] - 12/30/2006 (Surata Rangini)  
hey, thanks for the info on that book. i read twilight, and now im like toatlly in <3<3<3 with that book!! lol anyways, that actually is lalita. her myspace is im sure she'll be glad to hear from you. anyways, thanks again! haribol, surata
Hari Bol! - 12/23/2006 (Kalindi Yamuna)  
wata b-e-a-u-ti-ful picture. :)
also i'm coming home tomorrow!!!!!
i'll call you in a few mins.
haribol!! - 08/29/2006 (Surata Rangini)  
hey, i'm surata. just wanted to ask a question. i love reading books and so i was wonderin if you could tell me about the book in the pic on your profile. =] surata dasi
bolo.... - 08/25/2006 (Kalindi Yamuna)  
yea, hey.. Champi! well u figured it out gurl!! hehe..

i can't wait till you come over here, we'll have fun.. n.e.wayz, i'll call u sumtime.. hari bol!
HI^^ - 08/24/2006 (Champakalata)  
nvm kalindi, i found out how to do this thing.. heh... well watevs.

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