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Name Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me "
AKA vivek sharma
Birth 01/06/1982 (36 yrs old)
Gender Unknown
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Other,, , ..
+919424397785 ....?
and u can find me in hi5 , bebo , krishnafrds, yahoo 360 , myspace etc.,
actully i m evry where but no where
Locationujjain (m.p)and any where in m.p

hari bol - 02/25/2009 (Radhika Dasi)  
There is nothing wrong with making money for Krsna and your family and sharing business ideas with other gurukulis and friends. It's more worse to keep those ideas to yourself and not share with anyone. I am proud of what I am doing and thank Krsna every day for the opportunity He gave to me. And by the way, besides work, I also chant my rounds, sing bhajans and worship the Deities as much as I can. But thanks for your advice anyways. Take care.
hari hari - 11/30/2006 (Karttikeya © कर्ट्टिकí)  
i love that pix of shiva...
i love u yaar - 09/20/2006 ()  
ok ,ab to khus ho na , par apna promisse yaad rakhna, nahi to hum bhi bhul jayenge, hahahaha
gadha kahin ka,,,,
see it - 09/20/2006 (Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me ")  
only hindi is allow here

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