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Name Nina♥
AKA Nina
Birth 06/28/1991 (27 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationWith Krishna

haribol - 02/10/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
Thank you so much for your reply,if anytime you come to india or need my help then please let me know,i will be your friend and well wisher forever
haribol - 02/07/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
it is ok,so u want to keep urself secret ha ha,do you know meaning gopi?there are so many meaning of Gopi,one of them is those who keep there dovotion in hidden is called Gopi,in sanskrit gopi means hidden,i think u r deserve to call Gooooooopi,reply me how is my explanation of Gopi
haribol - 02/04/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
Thanks for ur reply,hey why dnt you write me email,by the way when are you coming to india?
hari haribol - 02/01/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
hey Nina wher are you,i am waiting for your reply?reply me dear.
where are you? - 01/30/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
it means you are in vrindavan,or Mayapur?
Haribol Ms secret ha ha ha ha - 01/25/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
Haribol how r u?hey did not listen from you since long time,you told me last time that you will be secret for me,but i will be infront of you,in fact i was infront of you and spoke to you but you could not recognise me,anyway we will meet again than i will disclose your secret ha ha ha,thank you
Hari Bol - 01/25/2007 ()  
This is visvambharaDevaDas from delhi tempel.If i am not wronge you are same girl whom i met in the delhi tempel on 26/12/2006 and you stayed here in tempel gusthouse.

please reply

hare krsna :) - 01/23/2007 ()  
all glories to srila prabhuapada ,,,, hari boolllll !!!!!!!!!

hey ....
how are you??
n howz life ??
hope having great time there ?????

well i have sent a gift for you through your friend who was there with you please do collect it from her ....


take care
visvambhara deva dasa
ISKCON new delhi
haribol haribol - 01/16/2007 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
haribol Nina,i am sorry for delay,it is been long time ,i could not reply you because i was very busy with my service.hope you are fine and doing well,eager to listen from you.Radhe radhe
write me email - 12/26/2006 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
it is my hobby to know secret,and your identity is stil secret to me,if there is no problem then please let me know,by your profile i can guess you are very advance in devotion like prahlad maharaj,if possible write me through my email
jai narsingdev - 12/16/2006 (UPENDRA(from vrindavan))  
may narsing protect you all the time and may krishna bless you love of godhead.
Type It - 09/26/2006 (Nina♥)  
Hello ^^ leave what you want go all out if ya want just dont be offensive, no cursing. ~.~ Thanks

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