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Name Narayana Cabral (LA)
AKA Ninja
Birth 06/01/1985 (33 yrs old)
Gender Male
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HAY!!! - 05/28/2008 ()  
Haha, HE said nice physique, cuz that's how we roll in India...hahaha.

Narayan! It's you birthday soon, Happy Happy Birthday, to you! poo poo pshh, poo poo shh, well you know its ur birth--daay an I'm here to say, wicha wicha wa wa, birthdaaay yaaaa wooo oooh! Happy Birthday! Love you guys, miss you bunches n' oats. peace.
hi - 01/16/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!)  
good physique
So fine.... - 01/14/2007 (Srimati Neo(NC))  
Hey babe!
Missin' you a ton! Lookin' ever so fine....hehe:)
Love, sri XoxOoXx
from NC's - 01/13/2007 (Parijata (NC))  
Wassup my nigga! Haha your mad cool and I guess I'll be seeing you soon! Peace~
Feel free to leave me a note - 01/12/2007 (Narayana Cabral (LA))  
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