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Name Nimai Sundarananda Das
AKA Master Nimai(got that 4rm my Guru Maharaj), Nims,
Birth 02/28/1991 (27 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts
LocationISKCON Bloemfontein, South Africa

haha - 03/23/2010 (Anjali (nz))  
whatever bro!!
Hari Hari! - 12/03/2007 (Jamuna SA)  
Hey Godbrother,

Just droping a shout out to my dear godbrother:-).
Thanks for making it easy for me to try and render some service to Guru Maharaj. I'm dying from separation already man!
Neways, pass my regards to Sarada and Mata Syama.

Keep well.

Jay Jay Sri Radhe Syama!

Dats, Jamuna
hribol - 11/07/2007 (Rasarani)  
hare krsna,
hw are you>>>
(ive made it easier fr u to find my profile =) )
we'll tlk smetime.

radhe shyam!
Gouranga - 09/07/2007 (Purush Das ( South Africa))  
hare krsna bhakta nimai. i didnt know u got its amazn to chek u all over the internet.....wonder wer u getin the time to preach in bloem....hey,i hope u doing well and that your family doing good. durban is really doing well and we are making wonderful progress with our preaching here.

i hope that you spend more time physically preaching and less time cyber sure ur eyes must be getting strained after all dat time on mxit and playing on the internet.

just joking with you bru, take care...dnt get mul wid us now, we jus playing wid u guzzy... c u on sunday...


the devotees frm ISKCON DURBAN
ya - 09/04/2007 (Sitarani (san diego))  
we met in vrindavan kartika last year...
do you know if shes comming again.. are you?
happy Janmastami!
hey - 09/01/2007 ()  
dude u neeeed a new pic!!!!!!
radhe - 08/25/2007 (Sitarani (san diego))  
ya im doing well... your friends with nerina?! please tell her haribol for me..! :)
BCAS - 08/02/2007 (Yamuna)  
Hare Krishna! i could expect it, he is one of first gurus who i met, he was visiting Estonia quite often before.
Krishna Krishna! - 07/31/2007 (Yamuna)  
thank you, i am doing good and you?
Haribol - 07/30/2007 (Purush Das ( South Africa))  
Haribol Im Back??????????????
Wats Crackin? - 07/24/2007 (Purush Das ( South Africa))  
Myspace Graphics - Whats Crackin?
hsdfgh - 07/23/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
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