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Name Jalangi <3
AKA lungi,monkey,crazy girl XD cutie pie
Birth 01/23/1998 (20 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Locationburnaby BC , canada

Hare krishna - 11/17/2008 (gurudayal das)  
Hey surti how are you to day ? you pictuer is loooks good where ar u form ?
hari bol - 05/01/2007 (Amit Arora)  
pls help :( - 03/23/2007 (vamsidhari)  
hey jalangi you wrote that someone said something bad to some maharaj through my user id......
can you please tell me what was the statement and to which maharaj......
pls save me from vaisnava aparadha
pls pls pls
DUHHHHHHHH i was there!! - 03/20/2007 (shridom das)  
hi jlungi oh its me sterling man i know you HELPED ME WITH MY BACK GROUND!!well tnx anyway and i will get chaya a guest book

see ya

hare hare
dont realy know - 03/11/2007 (Prahlad)  
sorry i only moved here a few months ago u should ask someone else.
thanx - 03/08/2007 (Chandra aka Tulasi Seva)  
hey, yes those deities are really cool. I get to see Them every day! Come to Mayapur and They are even better in real life! :D
Imaginative profile! :D

Haribol! - 03/01/2007 (Vishakha & Balarama)  
Hey, Thanks for your are sweet:)
Hare Krsna
smiles* - 02/27/2007 ()  
thanks. i think she's cute too! the cutest in fact! thanks for the comment, you profile is nicely pimped might i add :)
hey... - 02/27/2007 (Radhapria *~*)  
hey sweety...thank u for ur sweet comments in my guestbook...u look like quite a lil angel urself...:-)
radhe shyam
Who are you person? - 02/22/2007 ()  
O ok now your nice to me? You never told me who U are though.
WHAT ???? - 02/12/2007 (vamsidhari)  
what did u say ????
didnt got ???
which maharaj n what to say ????
haribol - 02/11/2007 ()  
my name is laksmikantha/ laksmi.. i saw you during one of the kirtans,, you were dancing with the gurukulis..:)
Thanks:o) - 02/07/2007 ()  
Hey cute gopi! Thanks for your cute comment. The elmo thing i got it from and the gator, I went to this gator farm here in florida and it was fun. I see that part of you is also from Philippnes, i'm from there too but right now i'm living in florida. See you around and keep smiling:o)
hare krsna - 02/07/2007 ()  
hi,, i saw you here a few months ago (dallas) same as your mom,, i'm a filipino.

anyways, the falls is located in New York (uptown) near albany, i went there last august to visit my in-laws... yes i was really pretty and there was also a very nice lake that is connected to the falls.

haribol,, and take care
my guestbook - 02/06/2007 (Jalangi <3)  
leave me a comment XD

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