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Name R'desh cooooooolies :)
AKA Syama, Jala, Ganga
Birth 09/15/2007 (11 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationBC, R'desh castle, between the field, the woods and the goshala, in the enchanted forest where horses think that they're cows...

por jala - 07/03/2008 (Gandharvika \ Ganga (FR))  
ok im one day late im sorry...
miss u soo much!
sending u love and love and love and more love!
ur gangi
hare bol! - 04/13/2008 (Sabri)  
i want to go to holland!!!
Missing a sweet girl... - 03/28/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  
Hey Ganga, what's up there ? Missing you, would be cool to meet one day, if Krsna allows it... Ya know where to find me and i'm always open to get interesting things from you cuz u don't look only beautiful but you seem to be really intelligent also... Bye, miss you lovely.
Radheee Syam - 03/13/2008 (Caitanya Gabric)  
pa gdje si Syamasaki,zao mi je sto se nismo vidjeli u Zagrebu,ali ja na zalost nisam moga doc..kako si mi ti,kako je gore cila ekipa?selam iz Sarajeva..
thats my pic! - 03/06/2008 (Rishab -narahari-)  
i dont even get a mention? boohoo! im devastated : (
yes - 02/16/2008 (Aniruddha)  
yes most unimaginable. i also hear you guys are a rebellious bunch! haha..don't give them too much grief..they arent use to young students. I was actually pretty mellow...
coolies? - 02/12/2008 (Aniruddha)  
wow..i leave radhadesh and all of a sudden theres kulis?
Is it us you r looking for...?! - 02/11/2008 (R'desh cooooooolies :))  
We know what you did last summer...! Watch out ;)

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