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Name come jam with Ramai swami thi sunday 14th sep in surfers paradise(bhisma)
AKA paapi, nich, gadhera, aparadha
Birth 08/18/1988 (30 yrs old)
Gender Male
LocationMayapura, Vrndavan and Jagannath Puri.

Happy Birthday! - 08/18/2008 ()  
Happyyyy Birthday to you!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday dear bhisiiiiii...Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey i hope you have a wondeful day!!!!
Wish you lots of love and happiness :)

oops - 08/15/2008 (Gaurangi devi dasi)  
i found it. all i will say is it's not terribly clear how to sign it... this might be why others haven't done so.
i'll send it to all of my friends. good luck. this is very important work you're doing. i haven't been to vrindavan for years and have been afraid to go for some time.. especially because now i have daughters. since lila was murdered i felt i had very good instincts... however, this is OUR place, prabhupada left it to us to take care of.. what
s going on that we are no longer welcome in the holy dham?
we must fight to get it back from the hands of bullies, thieves and murderers in order we may come and become enlivened by radhe syam's pastimes.
where can i find it? - 08/15/2008 (Gaurangi devi dasi)  
sorry to be thick, but where is the petition? i would like to sign it but i don't know where it is.
love, gdd
radhe radhe bolo aur safe vrndavan mai dolo .. - 08/12/2008 (damodar gumi)  
aur malik how are u and the others ? i have signed , if there is anything else i may be of use plz use me ...

so are u in aussie land and where is our bhabhi ji ... anyways for now iam fine by the mercy of jagannath and others

jay jagannath
Radhe SHyam - 08/06/2008 (come jam with Ramai swami thi sunday 14th sep in surfers paradise(bhisma))  
RADHE SHYAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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