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deepotsav - 07/13/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!) edit | delete
[lamp festival at radhagopinath,chowpatty]
lamp festival during kartik celebrated at radhagopinath,chowpatty,mumbai last year Modified: 07/13/2007
radhanath maharaj performing yagna - 07/13/2007 (AnKiT kHiMsUriA---b@c In BoMbAy!!!!) edit | delete
[radhanath swami]
radhanath swami performing initiation yagna Modified: 07/13/2007
radha - 08/19/2006 (ManiLatest Caricatures.) edit | delete
i like this one the best of my photoshop work Modified: 08/19/2006
kurukshetra battle - 08/19/2006 (ManiLatest Caricatures.) edit | delete
a combination of two famous krishna art pics Modified: 08/19/2006
Radha Krishna swing haze - 08/19/2006 (ManiLatest Caricatures.) edit | delete
Something i did in photoshop looks cool Modified: 08/19/2006
Lord Nityananda's Lotus Feet - 02/09/2006 (Radha Madhava dasa) edit | delete
Happy Nityananda's Appearance day! Here are the two most gorgeous lotus feet of the most merciful Lord Nityananda. May He eternally bless all of us with humility and implicit faith in the Holy Names. Modified: 02/09/2006
Lord Nrisimha from mayapur - 11/03/2005 (ManiLatest Caricatures.) edit | delete
[mayapur nrisimha wallpaper.jpg]
i did this in photoshop and paint shop... a mix of both. hope you like it. its 1024x768. I'm only a beginner so tell me if ya like it.
write in my guest book on my profile if you do.
its here I'll be putting up more of my work soon. hari bol. thanks for taking a look.
Modified: 01/30/2006
Srila Prabhupada with gurukulis in LA - 07/09/2005 () edit | delete
Srila Prabhupada with gurukulis in LA Modified: 07/10/2005
LA Reunion 98 - 07/09/2005 () edit | delete
LA Reunion 98 Modified: 07/10/2005
Merciful Eyes of Jagannathji - 06/14/2005 (Janardan (puri)) edit | delete
this is pic of jagannathji when just come out from puri temple toeords Car Modified: 06/14/2005
Aussie youth camp photo - 05/31/2005 () edit | delete
All the aussie youth getting together for a group photo! Ahhh the good times... Modified: 05/31/2005
GBC Resolutions - 2005 - 05/30/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
GBC Resolutions for 2005. Thanks to Radha McAlpine for this file. Modified: 05/30/2005
Jaya Jagannatha - 05/27/2005 (Sanatan Das (uk)) edit | delete
[Jaya Jagannatha]
Jaya Jagannatha in London Modified: 05/27/2005
Hanuman - 05/27/2005 (Sanatan Das (uk)) edit | delete
Hanuman Modified: 05/27/2005
Radha Gokulanandana - 05/27/2005 (Sanatan Das (uk)) edit | delete
[Radha Gokulanandana]
Radha Gokulanandana Modified: 05/27/2005
Radha Londonisvara - 05/27/2005 (Sanatan Das (uk)) edit | delete
[Radha Londonisvara]
Super nice pic Modified: 05/27/2005
ram nomi in Vrindavan - 05/08/2005 () edit | delete
this of ram nomi 2005 Modified: 05/11/2005
Auzzie Youth Ministry pictures - 07/29/2004 (Nitya Nadia Bihari) edit | delete
Rock climbing Modified: 04/27/2005
Nitai Pada Kamala - 02/21/2005 (Radha Madhava dasa) edit | delete
Meaning of the Auspicious Marks on the Lotus Feet of Sri Nityananda Prabhu compiled and translated by His Grace Dasaratha-suta dasa. Formatted to be printed and handed out in leaflet form to as many people as possible! Please distribute! Jaya Nityananda Rama! Modified: 02/21/2005
Krsna Our Best Friend - 02/08/2005 (Radha Madhava dasa) edit | delete
This is a composition I did for inspiration. Krsna's our best friend, the source of everything that be. We only have to turn to Him to again be in the spiritual world. Modified: 02/08/2005
nice wallpaper - 11/07/2004 () edit | delete
u can use it as a wallpaper. i made it in photoshop and also took the pic with a digital cam. Modified: 01/16/2005
program for kartick 2004 in vrindavan - 10/26/2004 (baby shyam) edit | delete
microsoftword Modified: 11/03/2004
Alachua Gurukuli Reunion 04 - 07/15/2004 () edit | delete
Haribol! Hands in the air for the "action shot." Modified: 07/15/2004
Alachua Gurukuli Reunion 04 - 07/15/2004 () edit | delete
Second photo. Can you find yourself here? Modified: 07/15/2004
Alachua Gurukuli Reunion 04 - 07/15/2004 () edit | delete
The main photo. Most people looking forward at attention. Modified: 07/15/2004
Invitation - 02/07/2004 (Madhava UK) edit | delete
[TLC Experience]
Dynamic healing event Glastonbury U.K. in July for gurukulies and immediate family exclusively. Modified: 02/07/2004
Srila Prabhupada with gurukula boys - 09/02/2003 () edit | delete
I found this photo in the archives here at BBT and decided to post it so other people could see it too. Maybe someone will recognize themselves. Modified: 09/02/2003
Prayers to Lord Nrisimhadeva - 04/25/2003 () edit | delete
Prayers to Lord Nrisimhadeva. Modified: 04/27/2003
TKG Disappearance Memories - 03/02/2003 (Ananda Tirtha Das (vivaha announcement)) edit | delete
[TKG Disappearance Memories]
Something I wrote about HH Tamal Krishna Maharaja's disappearance in Mayapur last year. Modified: 03/04/2003
Lotus - 11/07/2002 (Sean O'Neil \ (AUS)) edit | delete
Spinning Lotus Modified: 11/07/2002
Gurukuli Dictionary - 07/12/2002 () edit | delete
written by the one and only Maddy Modified: 07/12/2002
The Gurukuli Throb - 05/28/2002 (Ananda Tirtha Das (vivaha announcement)) edit | delete
[The Gurukuli Throb]
Here's a little something I wrote after hearing that a friend of mine put on white. I got some good responses from it. If anyone wants to write some more issues of the "Throb" it would be fun! Modified: 05/28/2002
My Most Beloved Dieties - 04/16/2002 () edit | delete
HareKrishna to all the Kulis All Glories To Srila Prabhupada All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga All Glories to you all the Vaisnavas Please accept my humble obesiances I am Jeevan from India. You all devotees of Krishna are really wonderful because you have dedicated your lives and taken to, this wonderful movement of Krishna Conciousness. A movement of Srila Prabhupada and, Lord Caitanya. Association of devotees in this in age of kali is very rare, but by the grace of Srila Prabhupada and NitaiGaurChandra we have plenty and plenty of beautiful wonderful devotees all over the world. So please give your valuable, association to this conditioned soul, so that i will also try to become servant of the servant of Lord one day. Please feel free to write anything and at anytime and share your KC realisations. I hope you have really liked the Pic of Sri Sri RadhaGopinath, why not they are the most beautiful Lord in the whole creation.
I have lots and lots of Picture of RadhaGopinath and other dieties too, so if any one of you want them then please write to me and i will surely get back to you with the photos.
In the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga Your Servant Jeevan.
Modified: 04/16/2002
So you keep yourself in Krsna consciousness. Kali will not be able to touch you - 12/11/2001 (Radha Madhava dasa) edit | delete
When I read this passage about how devotees cannot be influenced by Kali Yuga, it gave me a great sense of peace and great hope: "So you keep yourself in Krsna consciousness. Kali will not be able to touch you." (From a lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam 15.34 in Los Angeles, on 14 Dec73). (Mukunda Goswami wrote this, and being inspired I made the picture to go with it.) Modified: 12/11/2001
Radha Kunjabihari (FATE) - 10/29/2001 (Radha Madhava dasa) edit | delete
Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari in Their FATE forms. They stay in the FATE museum in the Detroit temple. (1280x1024) You may need to resize in your fav. img. editing. program. (: Jai! Modified: 11/14/2001
More devotional backgrounds - 09/30/2001 () edit | delete
Beautiful pics of the Mayapur deities including Lord Nrsngadeva! They seem to be 1024 x 768 Modified: 10/07/2001
Jvala Nrsimha - 10/05/2001 (Radha Madhava dasa) edit | delete
Same as the other one, just inverted (: Modified: 10/05/2001
108 Names of Nrsimhadev - 10/05/2001 (Radha Madhava dasa) edit | delete
This is Lord Nrsimhadev from Hampi. Below Him are listed 108 names of Nrsimhadeva.
Here at Avatar Studios He's our Presiding Icon Deity. ehe (this was from a website concept I was working on...) It's a bit large, you may have to resize in your favorite image editing program to use as a desktop background.
Modified: 10/05/2001
Italy 2000 - 07/07/2001 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
a quick edit of the full video Modified: 07/07/2001
Govinda - 07/07/2001 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
up in the German mountains Modified: 07/07/2001
UK Reunion 98 - 07/07/2001 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
Kalindi the football commentator Modified: 07/07/2001
NEVY Reunion 98 - 07/07/2001 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
kirtana in the temple room and harinama Modified: 07/07/2001
NEVY Reunion 98 - 07/07/2001 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
prasadam at the lake Modified: 07/07/2001
Radha and Krsna - 07/07/2001 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
a beautiful picture Modified: 07/07/2001
Mayapura Reunion 1996 - 07/07/2001 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) edit | delete
a nice picture Modified: 07/07/2001