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Young Families Welcome at Prabhupada Village, NC, USA - 10/12/2009 (Manu)
by Madhuha dasa

17 year old established rural community in North Carolina has space available for a few families. We're looking for young families, or families with young children, that want to be part of a growing community.

Prabhupada Village--home of Festival Of India, in Sandy Ridge, North Carolina is looking for families who want to settle in a rural environment. We're looking for devotees who are team players, favorably inclined towards agricultural self sufficiency, and want to work towards further developing Varnashram Dharma. Although we do not have an open school now, we do have a few classrooms where our school was a few years ago (and many teaching supplies as well). Our school was approved and authorized by the State of North Carolina Department of Non-public education.

Prabhupada Village is an open community, wherein there are devotees from many different backgrounds, and nationalities. If you're looking for a place to raise your family in the association of about 20 devotee families, please come and visit.

There is a regular morning program 7 days a week and a Sunday feast program. We have nice festivals on most of the Vaisnava Calendar holidays listed on the BBT calendar.

There is local preaching available (within an hour) in Greensboro on a few different University campuses, as well as many small towns where we have done Harinam over the years.

Affordable rental housing is available, as well as a few homes that are for sale. There is also undeveloped land available if you want to clear land and build from the ground up.

Right now the "Barnashram" is available to rent. It is a 3 or 4 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath home with two attached rooms that were previously used for a day-school. There is also a large workshop that could also be used for an agricultural bldg. The building sits on about 18 acres of improved/fenced pasture with a water system. This is an ideal place to live if you are interested in having a big garden, or if you want to get into taking care of cows or horses etc. and/or developing any kind of agricultural program.

There are devotees here who are maintaining their families simply by growing and selling organic produce. Yes, it is possible to fully maintain your family off the land. Hare Krishna!

Unlike big devotional communities, Prabhupada Village is a small village environment where everyone really does count--you can/will make a difference. You won't have to wait in line to lead a kirtan, give a class or cook a preparation for the Sunday feast, everyone is encouraged to participate. Your service will be appreciated from the start. Hare Krishna!

For more information on visiting or moving to Prabhupada Village, please contact Madhuha dasa at
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Scholarship to Bhaktivedanta College, Radhadesh - 05/24/2010 (Manu)
Hare Krishna. I am writing to announce a wonderful opportunity. By the efforts of Romapada Maharaja (who has arranged the donor / funding) we can offer a 90% three year scholarship to Bhaktivedanta College at Radhadesh. (The 90% is so that the candidate has to make a little effort on their own---this will help us narrow the field of candidates to those with the most drive and competency). The donor wants the candidate to serve in a USA. (Sorry about that Canada. We will try to expand the program in the future).

I have attached the application form text below. Please take a minute or two to look it over. We are looking for candidates who, after they graduate from BV College will then join a 4-to-6 month mentorship program. After that, they promise to offer two years volunteer service in a USA temple (to be selected by the mutual consent of the candidate and the NA GBC). The donor wants the candidate to serve in a USA temple.

Now we need your help. Please think of who you know who might be interested in this program and then get this application form into their hands. Any questions, let me know.

Your servant,
Badrinarayan dasa

Here is the application form:


Tuition Sponsorship
Bhaktivedanta College-Radhadesh

Application Questionnaire

• Scholarship Opportunity

The North American GBC is looking for future leaders. We are looking for intelligent and devotionally-inclined young men and women who would like serve Lord Chaitanya’s sankirtan movement by making a career of full time service in ISKCON North America. We want to provide training in the devotional arts and academic studies as well as management skills to help assure that the future management of ISKCON USA is on a premier level, primed for growth and quality.

To help fulfill this aim, the North American GBC is offering a three-year scholarship to Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesa, Belgium. The NA GBC will pay 90% of the tuition (approximately $5,000 per year / $15,000 for three years). Tuition includes room and board. The student receiving this grant will be required to pay the remaining 10% of the tuition fees as well as airfare to and from Belgium, passport fees, and his or her personal living expenses.

After completing the three-year course, the student / graduate will then have the opportunity to serve in various ISKCON temples in the USA for four to six months, with senior devotee experts mentoring the student. This period will provide hands-on training in management, festival coordination, congregational development, finances and accounts, etc. to both develop the skills learned at Bhaktivedanta College and to also give the candidate the opportunity to sample the various leadership roles available in ISKCON USA. The aim is to find out which of these service areas the candidate likes the most and excels in.

After this four-to-six month period, the candidate must promise to then serve for two years in a temple in the USA to further the above training and service experience. The design of this scholarship grant is similar in structure to government programs that pay a student’s college tuition in exchange for a period of service to the nation after graduation. The GBC hopes that the candidate will find the experience rewarding and will thus be inspired to continue to serve in a management / leadership role in ISKCON USA even after the two-years required service.

• Conditions for receiving this grant

1. Must agree to stay for the full course (3 years) at Bhaktivedanta College.

2. As mentioned above, the scholarship grant is for 90% of the tuition. The student receiving this grant will take personal responsibility for 10% of the school fees as well as airfare to and from Belgium, passport fees, and his or her personal living expenses.

3. Must promise to complete the four to six month mentorship program and then to serve as a volunteer for two more years serving in an ISKCON USA management position. That service position will be determined by mutual agreement between the candidate and the NA GBC.

4. Must be a US citizen or a green card holder, fluent in English, and with no serious health conditions.

5. Must be between 19 and 28 years old.

6. Strong daily sadhana.

7. Initiated or performing sadhana to the standard of one who is aspiring for initiation.

8. High school degree (or gurukula education equivalent) with a 3.5 or better grade point average. Having some time in college or having graduated with a degree is an additional positive credential.

9. At least three letters of recommendation along with contact information from ISKCON leaders, managers, and/or senior devotees in good standing.

• Essay Question

Between 500 and 1,000 words

“Why do you want to participate in this program? Why do you want to go to Bhaktivedanta College and then serve in the ISKCON mentorship program?”

• Contact Information

For questions or to submit your application and essay, please contact:

Damodara Priya dd:
Badrinarayan dasa:

• For curriculum and more information on Bhaktivedanta College
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Bus Tour Across the USA and Canada - 04/21/2010 (Manu)

Join us this summer on our 15,000 mile journey across the United States and Canada. Along the way we will celebrate dozens of festivals and Ratha-yatras, explore beautiful national parks, and fill our days with chanting, dancing, camping, swimming, rafting, and feasting with Krishna conscious youth from around the world.

We are now accepting applications from ISKCON youth ages 16 - 25. Older youth may apply as counselors.

Where will you be this summer? For application forms, tour schedule, itinerary, photos, videos, see our website:

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Kulimela France summer 2010 - 05/01/2010 (candra devi (France))
The french Kuli Mela team is happy to announce the dates of our festival :

4th august arrival and settling
5th-8th the Mela
9th august departure

Balarama's appearance is every year a great festival in France , it is on the 24th of august , for those who wish to stay a couple more weeks .

The event will take place in New Mayapura, a huge property in the center of France, two hours south of Paris (by train) nearby the"Loire valley ", with a beautiful castle , bigs gardens of organic vegetables and fruits , and a immense forest.

Their will be great workshops ,evening entertainments, jam sessions , as well as ecstatic kirtans , sports and activities...
We also have a renown chef that will prepare full organic meals with mainly garden veggies!

According to what Srila Prabhupada wished for New Mayapura, such as self-sufficient life, Earth connection, cow protection, simplicity...
The theme for the French Mela will then be: ECOLOGY
We want to emphasis the importance of being as Eco friendly and self sufficient as we can , and also value our rural Farm communities and give them a hand by creating some energy so that they don't disappear.

You can purchase your E-ticket at

And check our facebook page at:

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Open Vyasa-puja Book - 04/21/2010 (Manu)
Dear Gurukulis, sons and daughters of Srila Prabhupada's disciples. Please could you pass this important message along to your parents.

Ys, Md.


As a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, you're warmly welcome to write an offering to him and have it published in a new Vyasa-puja book.

The book is open to all of Srila Prabhupada's initiated disciples, without exception.

Every disciple who sends an offering will receive, at no charge, a printed copy of the book.

As Ranchor Prabhu put it, "This will not be for any institution -- it will be each of us offering an expression of our personal relationship with Srila Prabhupada. A record of where we all are 33 years on."

The deadline for sending an offering is May 15. The place to send it is

This should be a pleasing way for all of us to glorify His Divine Grace.

For further details, please see

Please spread the word! (Pass this invitation on.)

The Senior Publishing Committee
(Ranchor Dasa, Satyaraja Dasa, Jayadvaita Swami)
"The Open Vyasa-Puja Book"
Expires: 05/22/2010

Modified: 04/21/2010
Mayapur Gurukuli Harish Passes away.. - 03/23/2009 (lDasa-)
Dear Devotees,

It is with sadness and heavy hearts that we bring this horrible news that our dear friend Hari Kirtan aka Harish, age 24, is no long with us on this planet. Harish is from Mayapur gurukula and a disciple of his Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami.

Harish was working at a store in Atlanta, Ga USA and as the sun was setting at 8:01 pm March 22, 2009, he was robbed and shot, which instantly took his life. The emergency medical unit was contacted, but it was too late. The shot took his life instantly. The police and investigating detectives are looking for the men connected with the incident.

We have contacted his cousin brother in Mayapur and requested him to convey the new to his family. He leaves behind his elderly mother, and a younger brother. He had been the sole bread winner for his family. Being the eldest son in the family, he took a job to support his mother, and his brother’s education.

Harish was brought to Mayapur gurukula by his cousin brother in 1996, where he was accepted as a student and continued his studies until 2002. He served in Mayapur mentoring the youth and being a perfect role model. He is fondly remembered for his humility and his contagious smile. He came to the US in April of 2005 for the passing away of his Spiritual Master, and stayed on to render service in different temples in the US. He served in the Alachua temple as a pujari and a cook, then moved to California to continue with his studies, and finally moved to Atlanta, which became his home.

Harish never failed to keep Krsna in the center of his life. He always attended temple programs, and enjoyed being part of the kirtans and bhajans. He always kept his friends close and always reminding them of their spiritual life.

We will all miss him dearly.

We ask for your prayers for Harish, that he is gone to the Spiritual World, where the elements of this material world will not longer affect him.
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Kirtan Yoga Festival Tour of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala - 10/18/2009 (Manu)
Manu, Jaya Radhe and the volunteers at ISKCON Youth Ministry are preparing for the fifth annual Kirtan Yoga Festival Tour of Mexico - this time including Belize and Guatemala. If you're between the ages of 16 and 25, or young at heart, consider joining the festival tour for three weeks from December 11, 2009 through January 4, 2010 to bring Sri Krishna's Holy Name, kirtan, books and prasadam to fortunate souls at exotic beaches, Mayan pyramids, volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles, remote mountain villages and yoga studios along the way, all in the good company of other devotee youth traveling together on the
Garuda festival tour bus. Make friends for life.

Bus tour

Tentative Schedule (subject to change)


11 FRI Leave Alachua, Florida.
12 SAT Houston, Texas (with brief stop in New Talavan, MS)


13 SUN Monterrey. Sunday matinee kirtan program and feast.
14 MON Tampico. Beach. Evening kirtan program at the university.
15 TUE Veracruz. Beach. Evening kirtan program at Radha's restaurant.
16 WED Agua Azul cascades (in the jungle). Swimming.
17 THU Palenque. Ancient mayan city, pyramids, and ruins.
18 FRI Izamal. Evening kirtan festival in the town square.
19 SAT Cancun. Beach. Airport pickups for 2-week trip.
20 SUN Tulum. Beach. Caribbean. Evening kirtan program.


21 MON Caye Caulker island.
Evening kirtan program in Belize City.
22 TUE Placencia Village. Glover's Reef Atoll snorkeling. Swimming. Caribbean beach. Evening kirtan program.


23 WED Tikal. Ancient Mayan city in the jungle.
24 THU El Paraiso. Hot springs waterfall.
25 FRI Antigua. Afternoon kirtan program.
Sunset hike up Pacaya volcano.
26 SAT Lake Atitlan, Panajachel. Market. Swimming.
Evening kirtan program at yoga reatreat.
27 SUN Xela. Colonial city. Day exploring the city,
Evening kirtan program at Yoga House.


28 MON Tuxtla Gutierrez. Evening kirtan program.
29 TUE Pacific Ocean beach near Mirador. Swimming.
30 WED Zipolite beach. Pacific Ocean. Swimming.
Evening kirtan program at Shambhala yoga center.
31 THU Drive through mountain villages.
Evening in Mexico City. Visit Sri Sri Radha Madan-Gopal at
ISKCON Mexico City temple. New Year's Eve Harinama downtown.

January 2010

1 FRI Leon. Colonial city.
Evening kirtan program at Radharani's restaurant.
2 SAT Driving. Cross border to USA.
3 SUN Houston. Sunday Feast.
4 MON New Talavan, MS (morning), Alachua, FL (evening)

bus tour

US $690 per person, 3 weeks, Dec. 11 - Jan. 4.
US $490 per person, 2 weeks, Dec. 19 - Jan. 4.
Optional adventure activities (snorkeling, volcano hike) cost extra.

This festival tour is organized by volunteers at ISKCON Youth Ministry to train, engage, inspire and empower youth in Krishna consciousness to their full potential. Be all you can be. Be on the bus tour :-) We have limited space on the bus and use an application process to select participants. If you're full of enthusiasm to come, please apply. We
want to hear from you. Let us know.


If you can't come, but are like "Whoa! This is awesome! I'd love to help!" then ask about volunteering for the festival tour. There's so much you can do from home with a computer and Internet connection. Plus, consider sponsoring a kirtan leader, musician, dancer, book distributor or cook to come on the festival tour. Sponsor Bhagavad-gitas for distribution. Sponsor groceries towards the prasadam feasts we serve at each festival. Contribute a donation towards our new festival tour bus. (We're getting there. Almost two thirds of the funds have been pledged.) See our website for details:

bus tour

Others who applied and attended a festival bus tour say things like...

"I went on six bus tours, and they were the best summers ever." -Chintamoni, California

"[The tour] was AMAZING...what more could you ask for then doing kirtan on beautiful beaches with other sweet devotee youth, eating incredibly delicious prasadam, going site seeing, and the best part spreading Krsna's Holy name and having SO much fun simultaneously :-)" -Kalindi, Chicago

"It was the most amazing experience of my life. It was not easy, but the best things never are." :-) -Cristie, Chicago

"I was fortunate to be able to go on the tour. I truly feel this project is one of the most important projects ISKCON has to offer. It's totally ecstatic and significant in it's preaching value, and gives our youth (and those not so young) opportunities not to found elsewhere." -Purusartha, Florida

"I loved it so much! I hope to be able to go again sometime." -Krsna Chandra, Toronto

"You bring people together. We are one big family and we get the opportunity to associate this way. So thank you! Having not been raised around devotees it was really nice to connect with others my age who had grown up in similar situations. There was no explaining, watering down by beliefs, asking if the food was vegetarian. It was a simply refreshing experience on that level and I swear the people I
met I already knew from another lifetime and we got to finally see each other again." -Radha-Prema, Montreal

"I was on the bus tour 2008 for the first half of the summer and I have to say that my only concern was...why hadn't I gone before?! It was such an amazing and special experience getting to bond with other devotees that I thought I already knew. I made so many close friends and we all got a chance to inspire each other. Being a part of the stage performance was one thing that I absolutely loved. Getting to spread Krsna to so many people who otherwise would have had no clue is such a wonderful privilege that [the organizers] gave me that summer.
I was overwhelmed by the response that we got everywhere that we went. We brought a constant party with us and I loved getting to do kirtan any time of the day or night with all the people that I love." -Acyuta Gopi, New York

"Best time of my life :) summer of 2008!!!" -Braja, North Carolina

bus tour
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Bus Tour North America 2009 - 04/14/2009 (Manu)
Travel 18,000 miles across the USA and Canada, visit all the Ratha-yatras, chant, dance, feast, swim, hike, whitewater raft, meet and make friends with 50 other devotee youth, two months on the road in two buses with bunk beds, showers, kitchen... the ultimate roadtrip adventure.

Starting with 24-hour Kirtan in New Vrindavan, and including Los Angeles Kulimela.

Take a look at the videos and photos of previous tours, see the action-packed schedule, and find out more information at our new website:

Expires: 07/18/2009

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The International Bhakti Tirtha Sri Vyasa-Puja Black Lotus Affair. - 10/09/2008 (Chaitanya Lila)
The International Bhakti Tirtha Sri Vyasa-Puja Black Lotus Affair.
A weekend of Remembrance.
Family Reunion Friday May 22nd thru Sunday May 24th 2009(Memorial Day Weekend)

Camp Forbes
25440 Harvard Rd.
Highland Hills, Ohio 44122

A weekend of Camping, Sight Seeing Kirtan, Bhajan, Japa Trails,games and lots of prasadam!!!!

FOR 3 days & 2 nights of joy!!!
All meals and lodging are included for only 108USD per adult guest and children under 17 are FREE!!!

For more info contact:
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VY Forum moved to googlegroups - 03/04/2009 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
I've been meaning to add web based capability to the forums but haven't had time to do so. Instead, I've moved the VY conference to googlegroups.

Just a heads up. All existing members have been moved over.
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Remembering a Kuli. - 12/04/2008 (Jagannatha Puri)
In memory of my brother Dasa.
Dec 11th will be the 10th anniversary of his death.
He was a New Vrin Kuli.
Please view this video on you tube.
Expires: 01/31/2009

Modified: 12/04/2008
Secret Lives of Women - TV show featuring Saraswati - 09/22/2008 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

The tv show Secret Lives of Women did a documentary about Saraswati and her life as a Hare Krishna devotee. It was aired on the WE Network cable channel.

See it on youtube.

More about the show:

Expires: 01/30/2009

Modified: 09/22/2008
Hawaii Ratha Yatra - January 19, 2009 - 12/18/2008 (Balarama Fergusson)
On behalf of the New Navadwip community, I want to to invite everyone especially Kuli's to our annual Rathayatra on January 19, 2009.

Lord Jaganatha's Rath will be part of the Martin Luther King JR's day parade, and Their Lordships will be giving Their blessings to people from all over the worldwho come to Waikiki.

The parade starts at the Magic Island(where Srila Prabhupada took his walks) and then we proceed to Kapiolani park thru Waikiki where we will have booths, kirtan and prasadam.

This year will be the first year for our brand new cart, made by devotees and thru their donations.The cart will be traditionally hand pulled by devotees.
Come join us and experience Lord Jaganatha's rathayatra by the ocean in the beauty of Hawaii.

Srila Prabhupada said "Hawaii is like a heavenly planet" and their Lordships make it Vaikuntha.
Devotees from the neighboring islands and everywhere else are invited to please come and lets make it a wonderful festival.

For more information about accomodations and ground transportation please contact Vishakha at 808-840-0268 or email at Hare Krsna!
Expires: 01/18/2009

Modified: 12/18/2008
Krishna Culture Festival Tour through Mexico - 09/15/2008 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

Manu and Jaya Radhe of ISKCON Youth Ministry are now accepting applications from youth and young adults for the Krishna Culture Festival Tour through Mexico, December 19, 2008 - January 4, 2009. Meet up with the tour in Alachua, Florida, or in Houston, Texas, and come on a two and a half week journey to immerse yourself in chanting, dancing, feasting and spreading the Holy Name across towns, cities, jungles and beaches of Mexico. Lots of adventures along the way. See photos and videos of our previous Mexico tours at our website links below.

Please help us spread the word. If you or anyone you know is interested, email or visit our website:

You can also visit the youth ministry website at:
We look forward to hearing from you,

Manu dasa & Jaya Radhe devi dasi
volunteers at ISKCON Youth Ministry

PS: If you would like to help with ISKCON Youth Ministry in your area, please contact us.

Expires: 01/04/2009

Modified: 09/15/2008
PETITION TO MAKE VRNDAVAN SAFER - 08/03/2008 (come jam with Ramai swami thi sunday 14th sep in surfers paradise(bhisma))
On Feb 5th this year my sister Ananda Lila Salter left her body in Vrindavan after being shot by a stalker who had raped and then shot her three times in the head before killing himself. She could have been any of your sisters of daughters or wives. In fact I can say that she was a very chaste and well behaved girl and many of our girls as you know have had bad experiences in Vrindavan but we have always been to scared or complacant to do anything about it.

This petition is dedicated to her and is for the safety of all the pilgrims,devotees and all the future generations of Srila Prabhupada's followers. I lived in Vrndavan since the age of 6 and I've watched the decline over the years. I'm begging all of you to kindly sign the petition online and leave a comment letting the world know how u feel. This will be presented to the government of India, and hopefully it'll be taken seriously, and Vrndavan will be given the respect and status it deserves. Vrndavan is non-different from Bhagwan Sri Krsna and therefore it should not be treated as an ordinary mundane place in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Since we are the grandchildren of Srila Prabhupada and Vrndavan is his home, and since we are followers of Srimati Radharani and Sriman Krsna and Vrndavan is Their home, it is our duty to protect our eternal family home. Our home should be clean, safe and hospitable, and bad elements be kept out to the fullest extent possible, as with any home. Please take this seriously and understand that Krsna used Lila so his devotees would be forced to act and do their duty of the service of spreading the glories of Vrndavan all over the world and restoring It to It's rightful position in society. This is a great opportunity for the Gurukuli's to unite in this great service to the Lord. The petition is only the first step, we are trying to arrange a rally this Kartika month in New Delhi, to awaken the awareness of people all over India as to how fortunate they are to live in a country that has Vrndavan dham the birthplace of Sri Krsna the supreme personality of Godhead, so that in future Vrndavan will be valued as it should be, and more and more people from all over the world will desire to visit the Holy Dham and attain the mercy and benediction of this Great, most holiest of places......with no anxiety. Please all try to come in kartika and participate for the sake of your children and your childrens children. we Kuli's have been so fortunate that by our birth right, we have been able to come and go to Vrndavan freely...enjoying all the benefits, now is our chance to give something back, instead of just taking from Vrndavan. ALL GLORIES TO SRI VRNDAVAN DHAM, ALL GLORIES TO PANCH TATTVA AND THE PARAMPARA, AND ALL THE DEEVOTEES WORLDWIDE.

Your fallen servant bhisma das, brother of Lila Sakhi.

once again I am begging u to please visit this site : and sign.

our demands are :

1. URGENTLY recognise Vrindavan as a major national and international tourist destination and pilgrimage site before 2010.

2. Clean up illegal weapons and have a crackdown on all weapons in this area of Utar Pradesh.

3. Provide strict law enforcement so that Vrindavan can be a peaceful and safe place for visitors.

4. Ensure the presence of a tourist friendly police force for the safety of all national and international tourists and pilgrims as per your directives.

Jai Jagannath
Expires: 01/01/2009

Modified: 08/03/2008
Gurukuli Heroine Jahnavi Passes Away - 08/14/2008 (Krsnaa Fitch)
---Reposted from

In Memoriam - Jahnavi Jennifer Haggard
by Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner, Minister of Communication, Former Chairperson, Children of Krishna

Posted August 11, 2008

(May 27, 1972-August 9, 2008)

Religious movements are historical, sociological, philosophical, and hopefully, divine phenomenon. They are also the sum total of the contributions, influence and sacrifices of many men and women, both big and small.

In the history yet to be written of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, (ISKCON) many persons will be noted for their contributions, both positive and negative, to this great social enterprise. Many persons may be forgotten. I would like to offer a few words of appreciation for one young woman whose contribution should not be lost in the pages of time. She is the stuff great societies are made of.

Jahnavi Haggard died Saturday at her home in Alachua, Florida, at 36. Born on May 24, 1972, this daughter of young American spiritual seekers, was transported into the culture of Krishna Consciousness at the age of 4, when her parents became Krishna devotees in Los Angeles, California.

Raised as a Hare Krishna, Jahnavi was educated in the Los Angeles "gurukula," or day school, until she and her mother moved to the Krishna community in Northern California, called Bhaktivedanta Village (BV). Bhaktivedanta Village's raison d'etre was its parochial school, which offered a country experience for its resident families, their children and Krishna kids from up and down the American west coast. However, when she was 14, BV closed and Jahnavi transferred to public schools where she remained while completing high school.

When she was only 12, Jahnavi was diagnosed with diabetes, a disease that would haunt her with increasing severity throughout her life. Though married twice, she died as a single mother of Abhimanyu, her 14-year old son from her first marriage with Bengali-borne Rasaprakash das.

Jahnavi's calling in life surfaced during improbable times, such as in Alachua, in 1996. It was there that she was one of 10 former gurukula students who spoke before seventy-five North American ISKCON leaders. One by one, in an exchange that lasted four hours, nine of the ten young Krishnas ranging in age from late-teens to early 30's described in tormenting detail their personal histories of neglect, mistreatment, and physical and sexual abuse as students in the Krishna schools.

That now famous meeting was the catalyst that would, eighteen months later, generate ISKCON's Central Office of Child Protection (CPO). Building on previous pioneering efforts against abuse, the CPO, through its investigative, adjudicative and educational efforts purged the society of any abusers, or abusive policies, still lingering in the shadows of doubt as to whether, and how badly, Krishna children had been abused.

While the CPO was to be the formal institutional response that continues today to prevent abuse, another organization took birth that exact same day. It was through Children of Krishna (CKI) that Jahnavi would leave her mark on her generation, and the ISKCON society of her time.

At the conclusion of the Alachua meetings, Jahnavi became a founding member of Children of Krishna, an organization conceived to provide support, counseling and financial grants for second-generation Krishna youth, especially those who had been abused. In CKI's ten years of service to the Krishna society, she was its longest serving Executive Director.

Jahnavi was a tireless fund-raiser, friend raiser, organizer and promoter of Children of Krishna. More than one-quarter million dollars would be provided in grants to Krishna youth by CKI, much of it raised by her.

Yet, Jahnavi's greatest contribution was her work to help heal the wounds of abuse that had occurred in the 1970's and 1980's in ISKCON schools in the US, India, and other countries. As a fellow Board member, she reported to me the countless days and late nights she spent counseling, and listening to angry and disturbed youth who questioned their faith, their family, their God, and their own self worth.

Jahnavi served as Executive Director of CKI, in the days leading up to and during, what became a $10 million dollar international legal settlement involving more than 400 Krishna youth who had suffered mistreatment and abuse.

Throughout that ordeal, Jahnavi strived to assure the movement's response to past abuse was ongoing, and proactive. She helped many young people find their voice, and she helped countless others keep their faith in Krishna and the ISKCON society, despite the trauma many of them had undergone.

Jahnavi was known and trusted by the youth, as well as by elders in ISKCON leadership. She used that integrity and genuine concern to serve both, and thus helped to build bridges during a time of great tension within the society.

The only one Jahnavi loved more in the world than Children of Krishna, was her own son, Abhimanyu, who is now 14. Jahnavi was acutely aware of the childhood crises that many of her peers endured, and she wished to provide the best and most loving environment for her son. I pray that while her time with him was cut short, he will find solace knowing that his mother loved him most dearly, and that certainly she will continue to offer that love to him in his years to come.

All members of ISKCON owe Jahnavi our deepest thanks. Despite tremendous physical challenges, she served and gave her full heart to her youthful peers, while never losing faith in her flawed, yet sincere, parental generation-and the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Those of us fortunate enough to have known and loved her, will keenly miss her presence.

I pray that Lord Krishna may kindly continue to look after her, and all those she looked after in His name.

Anuttama Dasa
ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner
Minister of Communication
Former Chairperson, Children of Krishna
Expires: 12/14/2008

Modified: 08/14/2008
World Wide Invitation to Work with Worlds-Within - 05/08/2008 (Nila madhava Raisz)
Worlds-Within World-Wide Invitation

This letter beckons young, energetic men and women who have a passion for guiding children and a unique love for India. Worlds-Within is looking for recruits to help out with their new organization, as an Instructor, Guidance Counsellor, Presenter, and/or Marketing Representative. Since we train you on the job, all we need is your time and enthusiasm. You will have the opportunity to travel around India, give presentations to school children, gain experience in a professional setting and work with devotees. If you stay for longer with us, you will get to travel the world on our Life Skills International Workshops. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here’s more information:

Our Company
Worlds-Within aims to provide children with new experiences in personal enrichment with instructors from around the world. You can look us up on We want to empower children with important life skills that will help them excel in whichever field they choose. We do this by conducting workshops in various schools as well as taking students on vacation tours. Our tours combine vacation with education, so kids have fun while they learn important Life Skills. We conduct tours in historical and scenic places around India, as well as International tours in countries like Singapore and Australia.

Our Mission
At a time when all countries of the world are modernizing and globalizing, India strives to play an important role in the global competition. Indians are looking abroad for new culture, modernity, education, and new ways to live life. At a crucial time where India grows as a global power, Worlds-Within has realized the importance of the Indian youth and children as the leaders of a future leading country. As India looks abroad, some Indians get bedazzled by modernity and forget their own culture and values. Value education has become more important as young people juggle tradition with modernity. Worlds-Within uses a unique approach of inviting International Instructors to re-introduce India’s own cultural values through interactive presentations and workshops. As India grows more and more curious about the outside world, Worlds-Within provides an experience wherein students can interact with International Instructors and soak up valuable knowledge about principal values for a successful life.

Our Curriculum
The International Instructors at Worlds-Within compile all of our curriculum. We do not borrow or use any outside materials, except for inspiration. All our workshops remain unique through their one-of-a-kind approach, with many workshops composed specifically for that audience. We concentrate on subjects relevant to the age group, which is usually a class of kids between 8-18. We usually present our material with the help of colourful PowerPoint Presentations, and encourage interactive discussion about all subjects to ensure students’ understanding.

Our subjects include:
• Cooperation vs. Enjoying at the Expense of Others
• Discipline
• Principal Values of Indian and Western Cultures
• Punctuality
• Selfishness and Self-Respect
• Intercultural Communication
• WATER-(Will power, Action, Teamwork, Enthusiasm and Responsibility)

Our workshops
We present our workshops to kids in four steps:

Free Education
At Worlds-Within, we believe that every child regardless of their situation and background should have the opportunity to receive valuable Life Skills education. We visit various schools to conduct our Free Education presentations, wherein International Instructors speak on a particular Life Skills subject, such as Punctuality, Self Confidence, Will Power etc. In our Free Education presentations, we include an introduction to our company and our other workshops, to give students the opportunity to continue their Life Skills education with us.

In-House Workshops
During our In-House Workshops, we conduct a 10 hour workshop on a particular subject or group of subjects at the school requesting the workshop. We visit the school as per their schedule, for example, if the school wants a 2 day workshop, we conduct a workshop for 5 hours each day, and if they want a 5 day workshop, we will come during the work week for 2 hours daily.

Domestic Workshops
During our Domestic Workshops, students get a chance to leave the familiarity of their own homes and join us for an expedition where we combine fun activities with learning new Life Skills. We travel to places around India where students will have peace and have fun, away from the hubbub of city life. We incorporate games, yoga, healthy eating and relationship development to introduce students to new life style habits that can help them in their lives.

International Workshops
During our international Workshops, students gain a global perspective first-hand by exploring outside their country. International Instructors guide the students to a new outlook to deeply understand what it means to be a “global citizen”. During our International Workshops, Worlds-Within takes students to have fun at all the main tourist attractions as well as visit key places where they can better understand the country from an inside perspective. For example, students visit local schools in the new country to better understand what it means to be a student in that new country.

Our Team:

Nayan Patel
Nayan Patel, the company CEO, started formulating plans for Worlds-Within a few years ago, with the mission to help kids become the future heroes. He officially started Worlds-Within last year, in May of 2007, and since then, has provided Free Education and other workshops for thousands of students. While he is proud to be a pure Gujarati, he also spent time in New Jersey, USA, where he administered a Computer Training company for 13 years. During his stay in the US, Nayan Patel found a haven with at the Hare Krishna temple, where his strong love and dedication to serving Krishna flourished. This inspired him to give back to Krishna’s devotees around the world by giving them an opportunity to travel to India to inspire Indian kids as well as gain their own inspiration from Indian holy places.

Ian Jagannath Cassidy
Famous around the world for his unique and involving ability to retell the Mahabharata, Jagannath now uses his presentation and communication skills to empower students in personal growth. He works with the company full time, compiling the core curriculum as well as giving presentations for the In-House, Domestic and International Workshops.

Kashyap Desai
A life long friend of Nayan Patel, Kashyap Desai configures all Graphic Designing and Layout Presentation for Worlds-Within. With a strong work ethic, Kashyap works tirelessly to perfect our pamphlet and brochure layout presentation. For an example of his handiwork, see the web pages he designed on

Nila Madhava Raisz
Nila Raisz, compiler of this invitation (hey there!), currently studies Religion and Sanskrit at the University of Florida. She helps Worlds-Within by compiling and presenting the Life Skills curriculum as well as recruiting new Instructors around the world to help with all levels of Worlds-Within workshops.

Yes, you can join our team as well! As an International Instructor, Marketing Representative, or any other field you find we need, you can sign on long term or just for a short stay, depending on your plans. Below, you can read the kind of job description that you will have working with us, although you may contact us if you need to change some of the details.

Job Description
Worlds-Within needs your help expanding its horizons to new schools. Along with members of our team, you will meet with school administrators to explain about our company and arrange Free Education Presentations. You will also get to present Free Education sessions along with our instructor, Jagannath Cassidy, where both of you will speak for approximately 20 minutes each on a particular life skill. Most of the time, you will present with the help of Microsoft Power Point. You may compile your own presentation, but if you feel more comfortable, you may present something compiled by us. We always advise you to compile your own material as that will help you to speak more smoothly and passionately.

Our company is based in Mumbai, but we travel frequently to Gujarat to different cities and towns, so be prepared to travel with us whenever necessary.

If you are planning to stay with us longer, you may get a chance to help us present our In-House, Domestic, and International Workshops. For that, be prepared to help us compile the curriculum and to be a guidance counsellor for students.

Our Exchange:
In exchange for your talents,Worlds-Within will pay full air fare to India. While you work with Worlds-Within, we will provide you with shared accommodation in a spacious two bedroom apartment with our Instructor Jagannath Cassidy. (He happens to be a really good cook, and jovial interesting person to spend time with—and of course you may gain significant Mahabharata knowledge with his storytelling). During your stay, you will get free lunch and dinner, and all travel expenses with the company will be fully paid by us. For example, if we travel to Ahmedabad in Gujarat, your hotel, trains, and food expenses will be taken care of by us throughout. If there are people who want to spend more than two months working with the company, especially during our In-House and Domestic Workshops, we will work out a payment plan. We are also open to people who want to join our company full time, although we can only finalize a person to join our team after he or she works with us for a two month period.
If you want to come to India to travel to tourist and religious attractions around India, Worlds-Within will help you arrange your itinerary, although you would need to pay for your travel expenses.

The following table explains the work exchange:

One month = One-way ticket and Visa
Two months = Round-trip ticket and Visa
More than two months = Round-trip ticket, Visa, and Salary arranged

If you need to make a custom work plan, you can arrange with us accordingly.

Skills Required
• Public Speaking
• Enthusiasm to work with children (ages 8-18)
• Maturity to give presentations to professional adults
• Strong Work Ethic
• Energy for travel
• Ability to work in a team
• Reliability
• A sense of adventure
• Basic Professional presentation (we’ll help you)
• Basic understanding of personal development and life skills.
• Positive attitude (at least for the time period you work with us—it won’t be hard)
• Basic tolerance for living in India, although we have a pretty nice place for you to stay.

Experience that will help you but is not required:
• Previous travel to India
• Life Skills training
• Working in a professional setting
• Giving and/or compiling PowerPoint presentations
• Argumentative writing ability (this is not the kind of writing where you have an argument, but where you convince someone of something)

How do you start:
Please email Nila Raisz at to inform us of when you would like to join us. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. Worlds-Within, as an educational program firmly believes that there are no questions that are irrelevant for learning.

Miscellaneous questions you may have:

What if I am planning to come to India with other people?
You may come with as many people as you like, but Worlds-Within can only hire two people at a time. If more are interested in working with us, they may do so on a purely volunteer basis.

How long can I stay in India?
You can stay as long as you like, although it is up to you to find a visa that will allow prolonged stay. Right now the 6 month tourist visa is the easiest visa to get, and there is another multiple-entry 10-year tourist visa but requires you to travel outside India every 6 months. Also, if you are looking for a round-trip ticket, they usually need to contain a time period within 1 year.

Do I need to bring professional clothes?
Worlds-Within maintains a highly professional image, especially while Marketing to new schools and providing Free Education Presentations. We require that you bring with you a suit and with a few professional shirts.

How strict are you with the time period I will have to work? Can I travel in between work times?
We would like you to work with us for at least two months (8 weeks) in exchange for your air ticket. We can coordinate for you to take a week off to travel on your own in between working with us, but you would have to accept a schedule coordinated by us. We need some one we can rely on since our organization depends on keeping commitments and punctuality. We will try to be as flexible as possible and arrange dates most convenient for both of us.

Expires: 12/08/2008

Modified: 05/08/2008
Please pray for His Holiness Jayapataka Swami - 10/23/2008 (Manu)
---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Text PAMHO:16367383 (71 lines)
From: AD
Date: 23-Oct-08 07:01 -0400
Subject: GBC Update On HH Jayapataka SwamiT
Update on the Condition of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami

The ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC), which is currently meeting for
five days at ISKCON's Juhu Beach Temple in Mumbai, was shocked this morning
at the news that His Holiness Jayapataka Swami, our dear god-brother and GBC
colleague, was rushed to the hospital at approximately 4 AM Mumbai time.

Aniruddha dasa, GBC Deputy, has sent three reports about Maharaja's
condition. We would like to update ISKCON devotees worldwide about Maharaja
and beg for your prayers on his behalf. We ask devotees around the world to
pray to Lord Krishna and Lord Nrsimhadeva for Jayapataka Swami's protection.

Maharaja was rushed to the hospital this morning in an ambulance after his
assistants found him in bed around 3:30 AM unable to move and calling for
help in a semi-conscious state. He was taken the Hinduja Hospital, not far
from the Juhu ISKCON temple. He was unconscious when he arrived at the
hospital. There several tests were conducted and it was concluded that there
was no problem with his heart, as first suspected.

Maharaja's blood pressure was dangerously high, but more importantly it was
determined that he had suffered two brain hemorrhages (internal bleeding).
One was located in the brain stem, a very sensitive area at the base of the
brain where surgery is not possible.

Several expert physicians were called in, including devotee doctors from the
Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai. Specialists included neurologists and a

Jayapataka Swami is in the intensive care unit. As the hospital will not
allow many visitors in the unit, GBC members Sivarama Swami, Bir Krishna
Goswami, Bhakti Caru Swami, and Radhanatha Swami who had rushed to the
hospital in the morning to be with Jayapataka Swami, returned to the temple
around noon. Upon return, Radhanatha Swami immediately updated the GBC about
Maharaja's condition.

Radhanatha Swami reported that Jayapataka Swami remains in critical
condition. His condition is extremely delicate. One positive report he
shared with the GBC, was that, although not apparently conscious, when
Jayapataka Swami was asked to squeeze his left hand, he did so.

As surgery is not an option at this time, doctors are monitoring Maharaja's
condition very carefully, and administering medication as appropriate.

Jayapataka Swami is one of ISKCON's most senior devotees. He is a dear
disciple of Srila Prabhupada. He pioneered preaching in India as well as
congregational outreach programs. He has been a faithful and important
member of the GBC for decades.

We fervently pray to Lord Krishna for His protection. He has sacrificed his
life in service, and we pray the Lord will give him full strength. We also
offer our prayers and full support to the disciples of our dear god-brother
in this most difficult time.

We request that devotees of ISKCON worldwide offer prayers to their Deities
and to Srila Prabhupada that this great leader among us may regain his
health and remain with us to serve the ISKCON mission for many more years.

We value, respect and love Jayapataka Maharaja. We admire his deep love for
Prabhupada, for the ISKCON society, and for suffering humanity. May Lord
Krishna be pleased to allow us all many more years of service to, and
association with, His Holiness Jayapataka Swami.

Your servants,

The Members of the ISKCON
Governing Body Commission
Ramai Swami, Chairperson
ISKCON Radha Rasabihari Temple
Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India
October 23, 2008
4:30 PM
(Text PAMHO:16367383) --------------------------------------

------- End of Forwarded Message ------
Expires: 11/23/2008

Modified: 10/23/2008
Rami (Ramananda) Rothstein Stars in Short Film. Potential to Become Feature. - 09/30/2008 (Rami (NC))
After a couple of years of training, looking for auditions, and networking, I finally landed the lead role in the short film, Banks of the Vltava.

Is is online now ready for people to watch it and vote for it. If it wins the competition, it will be seen by producers who will likely put in the money for it to be made into a full length feature film.

I will post updates regularly primarily via myspace bulletins and some through facebook notes.

You can add me as a friend on myspace here:

And on facebook here:

Here is the official newscast:


Walk in the Park Pictures' short film "Banks of the Vltava" is now available for audience voting in Project Breakout's Master of the Macabre competition!

Audiences can view and vote for the film at:

War is a monster.

Set in 1944 Prague, a group of Jewish refugees seeks a way to survive. Perhaps the Rabbi can unearth an answer.

After being chosen as a finalist in Round 1 of the competition for their film "Cadence," (winner of the 2008 Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project), the filmmakers immersed themselves in the creation of a new production. "Banks of the Vltava" was shot entirely in Greensboro, NC, at Bur-Mil Park and Artistika Nightclub. The filmmakers are proud to represent Greensboro and the Carolinas in this national competition.

Audiences can see the film exclusively online as part of the Master of the Macabre film competition at Project Breakout's website. Audience members can cast 15 votes each day, simply by registering at the website. The cast and crew of "Banks of the Vltava" invite you to vote for their film as you enjoy the many fine shorts at Project Breakout.

With 25% of scoring derived from audience voting, the filmmakers hope that viewers will log on to the site and help this North Carolina team be first in the nation. The winning film will be premiered at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on October 31st.

*All films featured are horror films, and some may not be suitable for children.

For more information on "Banks of the Vltava," "Cadence," or Walk in the Park Pictures, LLC, please visit:

View and vote for the film at Project Breakout's Master of the Macabre competition:
Expires: 10/13/2008

Modified: 09/30/2008
Krishna Camp @ Burning Man 2008: Adventure a'Plenty in Explosive Ecstasy - 06/19/2008 (Rasikananda Dasa)
Krishna Camp Burning Man 2008
Click Image for Larger View

Krishna Camp is a collective of inspired individuals who want to make Krsna Consciousness their life and soul and bring that into the world in amazing and wonderful ways. The Lord seems to think it's a good idea and so has been arranging some very nice facilities for Krishna Camp at this year's Burning Man festival We'll be camping with Entheon Village and cooking tons of super-yummy organic vegan Prasadam for all the most inspired spiritualistic souls at this 50,000 person event. We're looking to see you there for wild kirtans, exotic fire sacrifices, impromptu discussions on essential reality, and lots of fun in the sun in this oasis of hope in the black rock desert. August 25th - September 1st Contact Nitai at 347-409-3897 or email us at if you're game.
Expires: 09/20/2008

Modified: 07/01/2008
Bus Tour 2008 Schedule & Cost - 03/03/2008 (Manu)
2008 Krishna Culture Festival Tour Schedule
revision: June 4, 2008

3 spots left on the boy's bus
5 spots left on the girl's bus

Email for information.


20 - FRI, One bus leaves Alachua for New Vrindavan early AM, for 24-hour kirtan festival. (Returns to Atlanta by Monday morning.)
21 - SAT, Airport pickup in Jacksonville, Florida, by 6 p.m.
22 - SUN, Alachua. Loading the bus. Sunday Feast. Bus leaves after the feast.
23 - MON, Atlanta. Morning program. 24-hour kirtan crew returns from New Vrindavan and meets up with us. Intros & orientation. Performance Auditions. Rehearsals begin.
24 - TUE, Atlanta. Morning program. Performance rehearsals (kirtan, dance, drama, sound, lighting, make-up, stage props, stage hands... something for everyone.) Orientation continued, and group "getting to know you" games.
25 - WED, Prabhupada Village. Morning program. Rehearsals. Sports. Group games.
26 - THU, Prabhupada Village. Morning program. Rehearsals. Sports. Swimming.
27 - FRI, Prabhupada Village. Morning program. Drama rehearsals.
Evening premiere performance in Winston-Salem.
28 - SAT, Detroit Ratha-yatra.
29 - SUN, Cleveland - Theater Performance - OR Chicago Ratha-yatra (date not confirmed yet.)
30 - MON, New Vrindavana. Morning program. Rehearsals. Prabhupada's Palace of Gold and Organic Gardens tour.


01 - TUE, Gita Nagari. Temple Makeover.
02 - WED, Gita Nagari. Temple Makeover.
03 - THU, Gita Nagari. Gundica Marjana.
04 - FRI, Washington D.C. Ratha-yatra.
05 - SAT, New York City. 26 2nd Ave & Tompkins Square Park.
Evening theater program at Edison, NJ.
06 - SUN, New York City. Brooklyn Radha Govinda Temple,
shopping and sight-seeing.
Evening theater program at Towaco, NJ.
07 - MON, Maine. Adventure Bound. Whitewater Rafting.
Ropes Course. Rock Climbing.
08 - TUE, St. Andrews, NB, Canada. Whalewatching, sail ship. Alternate (for those not whalewatching): day trip to Prince Edward Island, home of "Anne of Green Gables." Plenty of time to relax, chant, read...
09 - WED, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Performance at Neptune Theatre.
10 - THU, Drive to Montreal. Swimming pool in Quebec city.
11 - FRI, Montreal. Ratha-yatra preparations. Evening Harinama.
12 - SAT, Montreal Ratha-yatra parade and festival.
13 - SUN, Montreal Ratha-yatra. Day two of festival.
14 - MON, Montreal. Maha clean-up Dhama Seva. Olympic Pool Swimming.
15 - TUE, Ottawa. Bungee jumping / zip lining (see Evening theater performance in Ottawa.
16 - WED, Toronto. Evening outdoor festival program at Yonge & Dundas square, downtown Toronto.
17 - THU, Niagara Falls - Maid of the Mist boat ride up to the water falls.
18 - FRI, Toronto. Ratha-yatra preparations. Evening Harinama.
19 - SAT, Toronto Ratha-yatra parade and festival.
20 - SUN, Toronto Ratha-yatra festival, day two.
21 - MON, Serpent River, Ontario. Swimming, rest and relaxation.
22 - TUE, Thunder Bay, Ontario. Performance at Lakehead University.
23 - WED, Drive across the Midwest to the Rocky Mountains.
Stop along the way for rest and recreation, sports...
24 - THU, Royal Gorge, Colorado. Whitewater Rafting.
Late afternoon at Great Sand Dunes National Park.
25 - FRI, Spanish Fork, Utah. Evening program at temple.
26 - SAT, San Francisco. Ratha-yatra preparations.
Harinama in Chinatown.
27 - SUN, San Francisco Ratha-yatra in Golden Gate Park.

End of first half of the bus tour.

28 - MON, if you're leaving us after the first half, book your flight home on Monday from SFO, San Francisco airport.

Beginning of second half of the bus tour:

26 - SAT, fly into San Francisco airport by 6 p.m. We will
arrange one airport pickup at 6:30 p.m. from SFO.
(We'll help you with airport pick-ups. Just email
us your flight details.)
27 - SUN, San Francisco Ratha-yatra parade and festival at
Golden Gate Park.
28 - MON, San Diego, California.
Evening kirtana and dance program at the temple.
29 - TUE, Alisitos, Mexico. Bhajan & Kirtan retreat. Beach camping, swimming, Pacific Ocean.
30 - WED, Alisitos, Mexico. Bhajan & Kirtan retreat. Beach camping, swimming, Pacific Ocean.
31 - THU, Alisitos, Mexico. Bhajan & Kirtan retreat. Afternoon: Harinama in Ensenada. Souvenir shopping.


01 - FRI, Los Angeles. Ratha-yatra preparations.
02 - SAT, Los Angeles. Vaishnava Youth & Gurukuli Reunion.
Evening Harinama with 300+ devotees, Santa Monica
03 - SUN, Los Angeles Ratha-yatra.
04 - MON, Yosemite National Park. Camping, hiking to waterfalls.
05 - TUE, Yosemite Nat'l Park. Campfire bhajans. Hiking. Swimming.
06 - WED, Leave for San Francisco mid morning.
Pickup Kulimela attendees at SFO airport by 7:00 p.m.
Overnight drive to Boise, Idaho.
07 - THU, Boise, Idaho. Performance at Boise State University.
08 - FRI, Seattle, Washington. Evening performance at the newly built
(2008) ISKCON Vedic Cultural Center in Sammamish.
09 - SAT, Vancouver Ratha-yatra.
10 - SUN, Vancouver Ratha-yatra.
11 - 15, MON - FRI, Sharanagati Farm. Japa Retreat. Japa workshops and seminars in the morning and evening, activities in the afternoon. There will be a 64-rounds "mauna" vrata day, where we take a vow of silence except for chanting the Holy Names.
16 - SAT, Morning: Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains. Evening program for Lord Balarama's appearance day at the Edmonton temple.
17 - SUN, Calgary. Late afternoon performance at
University of Calgary.
18 - MON, Regina, SK. Performance at
Royal Saskatchewan Museum Auditorium.
19 - TUE, Winnipeg. Evening theatre performance at Gas Station Theatre in Winnipeg.
20 - WED, St. Paul - Minneapolis. Theatre performance at University of Minnesota.
21 - THU, Atlanta. Six Flags Adventure Theme Park
(roller coasters, rides, etc.)
22 - FRI, Evening performance at University of Florida, Gainesville.
23 - SAT, Alachua. Ichetucknee River Float trip.
24 - SUN, Alachua, FL. Sri Krishna Janmashtami.
25 - MON, Alachua, FL. Srila Prabhupada's Appearance Day.
26 - TUE, Airport drop-off in Jacksonville (JAX) by 9:00
a.m. Book your flights to leave after 11:00 a.m.


The entire tour will cost us about $96,000 this year, with
the price of fuel rising and rising. We will be traveling
over 16,000 miles across the USA and Canada for 9 weeks,
on the adventure of a lifetime, the ultimate road trip.

Divided among participants, that averages out to the below
costs per person.

To make the tour more affordable, we've separated the
elective add-on adventure activities from the base cost.

BASE COST, per person:

$1699 whole tour, 9 weeks, June 21 - August 26

$999 First half of the bus tour, 5 weeks,
June 21 - July 27, Alachua to San Francisco.

$799 Second half of the bus tour, 4 weeks,
July 26 - August 26, San Francisco to Alachua.

$499 Last 3 weeks of the bus tour, August 6 - August 26,
San Francisco to Alachua (not to confuse you, this
is our second visit to San Fran to pick-up returning
Kulimela attendees, after our camping trip to Mexico,
LA Ratha-yatra, and camping at Yosemite National Park.)

$199 1.5 weeks: Mexico / Los Angeles Ratha-yatra / Yosemite.
Camping with the bus tour July 28 - August 6
(Round-trip, San Fran to San Fran, with visit to
San Diego temple, camping in Baja California, Mexico
on the beach for two days, shopping and Harinama in
Ensenada, Mexico, LA Ratha-yatra weekend, including
the LA Vaishnava Youth and Gurukuli reunion, and camping
at Yosemite National park for two days. See the
schedule above for details.)

To apply to come on the tour, email:

ELECTIVE ADD-ON ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES: (not included in base cost)

Please note: this year you get to choose which adventure
activities you want to participate in / pay for. This
reduces the overall bus tour costs for everyone and makes
the tour more affordable.

Here they are, listed by date on the schedule.


07 - MON, Maine. Adventure Bound.

Choose one of these three (you'll only have time
for one activity)
__ Whitewater Rafting (high-water) - $72
__ Rock Climbing (all-day) - $72
__ Ropes Course (all-day) $72
Ropes Course (half-day) $37

08 - TUE, St. Andrews, NB, Canada. Whalewatching aboard
a real sail ship (the "tall ship" Cory)
$35 per person, group discount rate.

15 - TUE, Ottawa. Bungee jumping / zip lining ("rip ride")

__ bungee jump plus zip line (aka "rip ride"): $82
__ bungee jump - $57
__ zip line / "rip ride" - $30

24 - THU, Royal Gorge, Colorado. Whitewater Rafting.

$58 for the "Royal Gorge" half-day trip on class
III, IV, and V rapids (if you're in good
physical shape and you've rafted before.)

$45 for the "Bighorn Special" intermediate trip
for beginner or intermediate rafters.


21 - THU, Atlanta. Six Flags over Georgia Adventure Park
- $29 (lots of roller coasters, rides, etc.)

23 - SAT, Alachua, FL. Ichetucknee River float trip.

$5 entrance fee. $4 tube rental (share a tube with
two or three buddies if you want.)

To apply to come on the tour, email:
Expires: 08/26/2008

Modified: 06/04/2008
A few good men - North American Festival of India Crew 2008 - 02/11/2008 (Manu)
Now accepting applications for the 2008 spring, summer and fall tour. Festival Of India is looking for a few young men that would like to participate in major festivals all over North America. Please visit to see our 2008 Tour schedule.

Some Services Available

  • Setting up festival sites--tents; exhibits; stages and sound systems.

  • Setting up and operating Sound systems.

  • Overnight security at some of the festival sites.

  • Driving small vehicles; tour buses; and Tractor trailers.

  • Acting in dramas at festivals.

  • Preaching at book booths at festivals.

  • Cooking and distributing massive quantities of prasadam.

  • Developing your practical relationship skills, learning to work towards a common goal with many other devotees (LA, NY, Toronto and many other Ratha-yatras.)

  • Photographing festivals and keeping a photo journal of the tour.

If any of these services sound inspiring to you, Festival Of India is where you can get as much of all of them as you desire! Hare Krishna!

Please write to for more information.

Your servant
Madhuha dasa
Expires: 08/13/2008

Modified: 02/11/2008
Why you need to be in Toronto on July 19th - 07/04/2008 (Madhavi - Canada) experience unbelievable rocking kirtan at the Toronto Tunnel.

Check out why Agent Bhakti Marga Swami believes that this is THE place to be !!!!\tunnel
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COME TO RADHADESH KULIMELA 2008 - 01/30/2008 (Radha Priya)

Dated: 28th January 2008

Dates and Location for Kulimela 2008

Officially Announced

Make Your Plans - Spread the Word

The Radhadesh Kulimela Organisation Team is excited to officially announce the dates and location for the first mega European Kulimela. Commencing from Thursday 31st July 2008 until Sunday 3rd August 2008, Kulimela 2008 will be hosted at the historic Radhadesh castle in the beautiful Ardennes region of the Belgian countryside.

Kulimela 2008 will bring together the largest ever gathering of European second and third generation Gurukuli and Vaishnava related individuals, families and communities for a four day festival of conferences, seminars, networking, feasting, theatre, music, dancing and sports. In this mood of inspiration and discovery we shall explore the ties that bind us together and how these can be of use in helping us to achieve both our material and spiritual goals in a practical context.

“This festival has the power to unite people with different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences from all over the world and to inspire us all with new ideas and opportunities for being successful in our own lives” stated Bala Keilman, lead organizer for Kulimela 2008. “We have a strong and experienced organization team representing all the major European countries as well as North America, which combined with the fantastic facilities and wonderful atmosphere of Radhadesh will make this one of the largest and most exciting and enjoyable festivals ever seen.”

Kulimela 2008 Radhadesh follows the hugely successful Kulimela 2006 in New Vrindavan, USA, in which over 700 people attended in what was a truly groundbreaking event. This was followed up by local Kulimela themed festivals in Alachua and Moscow this last Summer, all of which attracted hundreds of attendees and were by all accounts tremendously successful.

For more information on how to participate, please visit our website to register your interest to attend, sign-up to or suggest a workshop/presentation or to volunteer your help in the organization of the festival. You will also be able to find more details on the festival fee, accommodation and travel information. Alternatively, you can contact the organization team and local promoters directly (their contact details are below).

Who are Kulis?

Originally the term ‘Kuli’ related to those youth who attended a school called ‘Gurukula’ that was part of a traditional Indian Vaishnava movement started by Srila Prabhupada in Western countries. Over the years this term has grown to cover any second and third generation youth related to Srila Prabhupada’s movement although its meaning has grown somewhat ambiguous and unclear. Most of the traditional Gurukula schools have disappeared so younger Kulis don’t have the Gurukula background, whilst many of those ‘original’ Kulis are no longer ‘youth’.

To some extent, this ambiguity has also reflected the uncertainty many Kulis have felt in their relationship with each other and perhaps to a greater extent, the spiritual movement that is behind it all. The Kulimela concept is at heart therefore, an attempt to discover who Kulis are and what we stand for (if anything at all).

In the first Kulimela event held in New Vrindavan, it was proposed that Kuli refers to ‘servant’, following its literal Hindi meaning but in the mood of service and support for one another closer to the Vaishnava tradition. In the Alachua Kulimela, the term Kuli expanded to become an acronym for some of the ideals and goals that might tie us together:

Krishna (Consciousness)


(Balanced) Lifestyle


Whilst embracing the ideas of both New Vrindavan and Alachua, the exploration continues with the Radhadesh Kulimela, which has a strong emphasis on the inclusion of friends, family and other persons that are related, feel connected or somehow attracted to the Kuli community. The Kuli community must be inclusive, not exclusive. This exploration already began with Moscow Kulimela in 2007, which as well as strongly involving the support and participation of the wider Nama Hatta Vaishnava communities has also created a closer link between Eastern Europe/Russia and the Western Kuli groups.

Los Angeles, Kulimela, on the other hand, which is set for the summer of 2009, intends to explore the roots of Kuli history, the founders of the first Kuli reunions and original Kuli pioneers by celebrating 20 years since the first official Kuli reunion, which was held in LA in 1989.

Our hope is to find a unified purpose, which can respect and promote diversity within unity; one that crosses all political, sectarian and religious divisions, being based on principles of love, service and the search for inner spiritual understanding; and exemplified in our lives through practical and positive actions which benefit our families, friends, communities and society at large. Our strength and thus our success lies in our ability to work with and serve each other, whilst respecting our individual choices and paths.

What is it?

Kulimela 2008 will be 4 day festival of conferences, seminars, networking, feasting, theatre, music, dancing and sport. We want you to tell us what you would like to see, what you can present or instruct, and what you would like to learn.

We are looking for actors, musicians, dancers, artists, yoga practitioners, doctors, lawyers, producers, temple management, bhaktas, mothers, psychologists, researchers, businessmen, to name just a few. We want to know what you are doing, and how we can help one another.

We have focused the seminar conferences on 4 areas:

* Business & Career

* Arts & Entertainment

* Medicine & Health

* Spiritual & Community development

You can attend for purely material reasons, or purely spiritual reasons or some balance in between.

Who should come?

Everyone should attend who is or was a youth in Srila Prabhupada’s movement, whether they are religious, ritvik, Iskcon, Narayan Maharaj disciples, or completely uninterested in religion. And they should bring their friends and family too.

This is an international invitation to all Second/Third Generation Kulis, Gurukulis, Vaishnava Youth, Alumni, Childhood friends, Partners, Friends, the connected, and the disconnected to attend a grand festival of inspiration and renewal.

We want to meet with youth (and the former youth) from Russia, India, Canada, Thailand, England, Germany, USA, and every other nation in between and forge a bond that allows us to feel part of a thriving international community of friends who can help and inspire one another.

Why are we doing it?

Our incentive comes from knowing that somehow, most of us differentiate ourselves from the wider population. We may look and talk and act like the society around us (or some few of us may not), but still, we know with certainty that we are different.

For some of us that difference comes from pain and abuse, and we want to connect here as friends and encourage one another emotionally but materially and spiritually as well.

For some of us that difference comes from having knowledge of Krishna, or however we see God, and that knowledge changes how we look at ourselves and those around us.

Whatever the reason, we want to share that experience and help identify ourselves with more than our difference, but also by our success. Kulimela is about looking to the future.

We want to know what inspires you. We want to know how you have balanced the material and spiritual aspects of your life. We want to know about your success, and your attempted success. And we want to share all of that with each other.

We are asking you to share with us your example and experience, and in exchange we will give you our example. Between all of us we strongly believe we will find a level of excitement at what we can achieve.

We Are Looking for your Participation and Help!

We need representatives to help spread the word, organize travel, answer questions and give us support, particularly in those countries that are not already represented (see below). We also need entertainers who are interested in performing as singers, actors, dancers, and whatever else your specialty might be. We need workshop hosts who have some knowledge to share. We need sponsors willing to help support our endeavour. We need delegates to attend.

Please register now at or contact one of our organization team (see contact details below) so that we can make solid plans that lead to the best event possible.

What do you need to do?

Register - Relay - Rejoice

Register: Let us know you are interested, and how you would like to attend, as reps, delegates, workshop hosts, or artists.

Relay: Tell as many others about this as you can. Help us make it a truly global and truly astonishing event. This is not about religion, this is about us. Get the word out, especially to your disconnected and old friends and see if we can all help inspire one another.

Rejoice: start making your plans now, so you are certain you can make it.

Again the website is :

Thank you,

The Radhadesh Kulimela Team
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Jhulan Yatra! Mayapur 2008 - 06/30/2008 (Pradip Marek (Aust))
Dear friends,
Guess what! Our big annual festival is here!
It’s the famous Jhulan Yatra! Every year, it becomes possible by the effort of a handful of Mayapur ex-Gurukulis. This festival is well known in Bengal. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees get together to swing their Lordships and get their blessings every evening.
Every day over 5000 plates of Prasadam is distributed amidst blissful kirtans and stage programs performed for the pleasure of their Lordships
We cordially invite you to assist us in this five day festival and in so doing receive the blessings of their Lordships.

As Gurukulis you might be wondering how you can help make this festival more grand.
Here is how:

Get us some sponsors, or you can grab all the mercy by sponsoring yourself

1. Pandals Rs 34,000 $850.00
2. Decorations Rs 30,000 $750.00
3. Daily prasadam distribution Rs 15,000 $375.00
4. Daily flowers and garlands Rs 7,000 $175.00
5. Daily generator, and electricity Rs 4,000 $100.00
6. Daily lamp offering Rs 3,000 $ 75.00
7. Daily offerings for the Deities Rs 1,800 $ 50.00
8. Any amount you desire (the sky is the limit)…
All donation should be sent to:

Name of account: ISKCON Gaura-purnima Festival Fund Account no.: 237010100071336 Bank: AXIS Bank Ltd., 12 MM Ghosh Street, 1st Floor, Krishnanagar, District Nadia, West Bengal, INDIA 741101 Swiftcode: UTIBINBB005 Please send a confirmation email with transfer details to:

The Vaishnava Youth greatly appreciate your initiative and can never thank you enough.
May the blessings of Sri Sri Radha Madhava be bestowed upon you.
Your humble servants,
Mayapur Vaisnava Youth
Jhulan festival committee.

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Gurukuli Krishna Das unexpected departure - 03/27/2008 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
There is a very nice article on the Mayapur Katha blog about Krishna das. I highly recommend reading it.

Click -> Gurukuli Krishna Das unexpected departure
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GBC Resolutions Pertaining to Gurukulis (2007) - 04/17/2007 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

The GBC Resolutions were recently distributed. Two items were pertinent to gurukulis. Specifically an apology to gurukulis that were abused and an apology to Dhanudhar Swami. I've included both below.

Kapila noted that I missed the part about how Dhanudhar Swami is not allowed to initiate due to being restricted from serving in "positions of leadership." Thanks for pointing that out!

You can find the full GBC resolutions at

Part B. Clarification of the Term "Positions of Leadership"



Whenever the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection rules that an offense is such as to restrict a person from serving in ISKCON in "positions of leadership" (including but not limited to offices of GBC, minister, zonal secretary or temple officer), the restriction must include the position of initiating guru. This restriction shall apply to all previous and future decisions of the Central Office of Child Protection.

Part C. Apology to Dhanurdhara Swami


Dear Dhanurdhara Maharaja,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We hope that this letter finds you in good health.

The GBC Body is aware that in the course of its ecclesiastical dealings concerning past child abuse in the society, sometimes the procedures we followed were awkward and took a long time to complete. This was particularly true in your case, and we unfortunately did not always keep you abreast of the ongoing progress of those procedures.

The GBC Body is sorry for the difficulties you and your disciples, followers, and friends must have experienced because of these long and cumbersome procedures. We could have done much better, and we sincerely apologize.

We support the decision of the Office of Child Protection in your case, but our procedures should not have added to your burden.

Additionally, we remain committed to promoting healing and reconciliation for our youth, parents, and all others affected by abuse. We hope that you will continue to reach out personally to former students. We appreciate the efforts you have made in this regard, and we encourage you to continue. We are willing to work with you where appropriate.

In conclusion, we never wanted you to leave the ISKCON society. We humbly request you again to remain an active member in ISKCON. Not only are we sure that this would be the desire of Srila Prabhupada, but also that it would be the best course of action for you, your disciples, and your followers.

Your servants,

Part D. Reconciliation Initiative

[Action Order]

The ICOCP and ISKCON Resolve will develop an international plan, in consultation with a broad representation of ISKCON devotees, to address lingering issues concerning past child abuse, including failure of administrative oversight in child protection. The goal will be to promote reconciliation and healing while insuring fairness and integrity in ISKCON’s response to these issues. The plan will be ready for presentation to the GBC Body at the June meetings for ratification.

313. Apology Letter to Recipients of Compensation from the ISKCON Youth Fund


Resolved: That the following letter of apology, which is being sent to recipients of compensation from the ISKCON Youth Fund on GBC letterhead stationary, be entered into the GBC minutes book as a matter of record:

Dear [Claimant's name]:

As Chairman of the ISKCON Governing Body Commission, I have been officially requested to personally communicate to you the GBC's most sincere apology for the abuse and the neglect you suffered while in Gurukula.

You were a pioneer in ISKCON's fledgling attempts to establish a Gurukula system to train our children in Krishna Consciousness. Unfortunately, you were also subjected to serious mistreatment and abuse as a result of our failure to properly implement that vision. For this we are very sorry, and we ask you to please accept our deepest and most heartfelt apology.

As members of the Governing Body Commission, past and present, we want you to know that we take full responsibility for the wrongdoings committed in the early years of the ISKCON movement. As leaders, the GBC members were entrusted with properly providing for your care. And during the time that terrible abuses were committed, the leadership of the Society failed in its responsibility to vigilantly provide for your welfare and protect you from all forms of harm and abuse. We are also aware of our failure to provide the quality of care and education that Srila Prabhupada wanted for you, and that you deserved.

We truly wish we could turn back the clock and remove the pain you underwent; but as you know, we cannot do that. We are, however, fully committed to making amends for past transgressions, and implementing safeguards against future abuse. And we will continue to improve opportunities for Krishna Conscious children today. We humbly request that you help us assure that others do not suffer the way you did by sharing your insights and invaluable experience with us.

Although this personal apology is long overdue (and in many ways inadequate) we pray that you will find it in your heart to forgive us. We offer you acknowledgment, support and friendship. We understand that we are all connected with one another, and that we cannot move forward as a Movement without you. We will do whatever is within our capacity to assist you, so please let us know how we can help.

Bhanu Swami
GBC Chairman

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Bus to Festival of Inspiration: Alachua to New Vrindavan - 04/14/2008 (Bhakti lata)
Attention all Alachuanians (or Atlantians): We will be taking the big yellow bus up for the Festival of Inspiration, leaving (from the temple) on May 8th (Thursday) at noon and returning may 12th (Monday) at noon.

$100 roundtrip.

Consider this:

- Lodging is sold out for the festival. Taking the bus provides bunk beds for all (we will bring tents for those braving the chilly nights).

- Cheaper than flying, taking your own car, a Greyhound (god forbid) or any other kind of transportation you can think of.

- Comfortable. You can use the bathroom (even take a shower), sleep on the bunks, walk around, gather around for cool conversations, and sing bhajans.

Manu has also negotiated with Malati dasi (one of the main organizers of Festival of Inspiration) for those second-generation who take the bus to receive a discount for the festival fees: $75 versus $150, and $65 for under 18. This includes prasadam and seminars.

$175 (or $165) for the entire experience. This is the first advertising effort we’ve made and we already have around 25 people confirmed. 15 seats left. First come, first served.

We are opening this up first and foremost to the second generation to inspire them to attend the festival but also because we know quite well many of us are in that stage of life where we're low on cash and resources. We will open up this opportunity to the general public beginning next week, though.

Contact me at: or if you know any of the other co-organizer’s e-mails, check out Abhay Khurana, Amala Darling, or Rupa Tandoory.

Get inspired. I’ll be hearing from you soon.

Bhakti lata

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Gurukuli Connect - New Site - 02/18/2008 (Krishna Kirtan)
Haribol Gurukuli,

Just dropping a line to share with you something I put together for the Gurukuli online community.

A couple years ago I had attempted to put a social networking site (like facebook) together for Gurukulis, but the system had too many problems and even the server eventually crashed. This time I decided to do something completely new from the ground up, unique and different.

This new solid platform has lot of great features and the interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to use. Unique gurukuli custom profile fields, instantly view everyone by a certain criteria (click on Alachua, and you get all gurukulis in Alachua), create groups, internal messaging system, write your own blogs, upload photo albums for your profile or for your group, lots of privacy settings (you can choose who can see your profile and more), comment on profiles, and more. Pretty much like Facebook social networking, but specially custom made and unique to Gurukulis.

One special feature that I personally like is the Events feature with RSVP. You can create your own event and community members can RSVP to your event. You can set different privacy options for the event as well. This feature would be of tremendous help for organizers of Gurukuli reunions, parties, weddings, baby showers, festivals, birthdays, or any special event. With RSVP you'd know who is coming to the event, who maybe coming, and who is not coming. I remember wanting something like this for the baby shower of my son Ramai.

So there is no confusion with the known Profiles site, I should mention that Gurukuli Connect is VERY different than the Profiles. Gurukuli Connect is a true "Social Networking" interface meant for more interactivity amongst members directly within the site, while the existing Profiles is mostly a regular profiles site. The Social Networking idea was barely around when Gurukuli Profiles was designed years ago; the recent social networking models are more modern and popular ways to connect friends and communities.

Please feel free to give any feedback if you'd like.

Go ahead and create your account on Gurukuli Connect, invite your friends, and have fun with it. I hope you like it.

All the best!

Warm regards,
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In memories of LILA - 02/06/2008 (kRiShNaShiSh ( fReE sPiRiT ))
dear lord
u took away a wonderful person from us.I'm not going to ask why because u must be having a good reason to take her and you gave her a chance to leave the body in Vrindavan,hearing and chanting the name of Hari and in the association of devotees.
How fortunate is such a young age you deliverd a soul who was learning to know life, experiencing new things but u realized that her destination is not in this planet...we with our material eyes cannot understand this fact and might b in dillema but as u say we'r not this body cause the body is still lying there on the bed and she is the same person but now we'r crying and lamenting saying she is gone..yes real eternal immortal her is gone she is not dead she will stay with us forever till we leave this planet, she will stay within our heart cause she was a good person..and in todays world the amount of good person r just handful so i pray where ever she may b she be in ur shelter my lord...
We'r indeed heartbroken and soul shaken with this incident but life tells us to move and it makes us realize death is close to us its like our shadow and we forget this during of engagements in this material world but how can we forget the reality...

I got a big shock same like all of you and for the past 2 days lila's thoughts r all over my mind its hard whn a person whom you know for so long just leaves u one day when you least expected something like this can ever happen...Give us Strength oh mighty lord so that we can understand this mayajal the web of maya and come out without any trouble and give us strength so that we can fight the followers of kali...
Thinking of Lila i realized she is such a strong girl even though shot at twice she didn't give up she was hoping for some survival and while in coma she could feel the energy's of people who were so concerned about her.Lila your are a brave person because ur alive through your memories withing our minds and heart.You always wanted to b in vrindavan and now you will reside in Goloka Vrindavan.

i just have to say within my heart a sweet adorable person will reside and she will realize that how much every one loved her so much this will surely bring some joy to her...

thank you very much...
in your service
krsna ashish das
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Latest on Lila Salter - 02/04/2008 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Update: Please read Kunal's profile for a description of her arrival in Vrndavan and passing and hopeful return to Krishna.

Kunal's Profile


Here is the latest forwarded by Kadambari.

From The Sydney Morning Herald: She'll Return to God, says mother.

Other articles:,22049,23154346-5001021,00.html

I'll do my best to keep this news article up-to-date as I receive more information.

Our prayers are with you Lila!
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News about Lila Salter (vrindavan) - 02/03/2008 ()
Aussie teen in India shot by stalker
By MATT WADE AND PAUL BIBBY - SMH | Monday, 04 February 2008

The Indian gunman had been stalking Lila for years. Several days ago, her mother says, he sexually assaulted the 17-year-old Australian at gunpoint in the family home in the Hindu pilgrimage town of Vrindavan in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

He returned in the early hours of Saturday and threatened family members with his pistol. Then he confronted Anandalila "Lila" Salter and shot her three times before shooting himself dead.

Lila's brother, Zardi Manning, 28, who was in the house with her when she was shot, said the stalker had come to the door and Lila had agreed to talk to him. The pair entered a room in the house and spoke for some time. Mr Manning said he had been at the door, asking the man to come out, and shortly afterwards heard gunshots.

Mr Manning said Lila was brain dead and on life support. Doctors had told him they could not operate until she started breathing unassisted. She has a bullet lodged in the brain.

The family was deciding whether Lila should be taken by ambulance on the 200-kilometre journey to Vrindavan today.

Last night Lila's mother, Susan Manning, was preparing for the worst. "It's not looking very hopeful and we are trying to accept that," she told the Herald from her daughter's bedside.

"The guy was a psychopath and a stalker," she said. Police named him as 28-year-old Saurav, nephew of an influential Uttar Pradesh politician.

Lila is one of six children and her family, involved with the Hare Krishna movement and with charity work in India, has moved between India and Australia over the past 20 years. Lila was living in Vrindavan with Zardi and another brother at the time of the attack.

Ms Manning said the gunman had been stalking her daughter for years. The family had complained to police about the man's behaviour but nothing was done. "If the police had more control this might never have happened," she said.

She fears Lila will not survive. "If they say that there is no hope then we will take her back to our place in the holy town [of Vrindavan] and do ceremonies for her there."

When the family is not in India they live on the Gold Coast. Lila was planning to return to Australia soon to complete year 12 at TAFE.

On her MySpace page, Lila tells of leaving India at the age of four and her excitement at the family's latest visit. "I am Australian but I have basically grown up in India," she says. "It has been 13 years now since I have been here. I stay in a small holy town called Vrindavan which is somewhere in between Agra and New Delhi. I love India and have travelled the world to find no place like it. I have recently come to Australia to finish my studies and then hope to move to my favourite city MUMBAI!! ... well pls keep in touch ... radhe shyam!!!"

On the site - filled with pictures of her friends and sisters - Lila says she would like to meet "nice people with some culture maybe??? funny people and just people that arent mad!!"

One of Lila's closest friends, Tarani Looker, described her as "quiet but funny".

"She's just a really sweet, bright, normal girl who loved being a Krishna," Ms Looker, 23, said from her Gold Coast home last night. "They owned a Govinda's restaurant on the Gold Coast and I worked together with her there. The family owns a few businesses, clothing and imports on the Gold Coast."

Lila had been educated at the Hare Krishna school at Murwillumbah and spent half her time in India with members of her family. "They went over there all the time ... They had their own house and maybe a business as well. I'm not sure."

The news had shaken the southern Queensland Hare Krishna community. "Everyone pretty well knows everyone else in the community - we're all really upset," Ms Looker said.

"I don't think her sisters are coping too well - two of them are still over here. The others are with the family in India. We were a really close group of friends."

After the shooting, Lila was taken to a local hospital then transferred to Apollo Hospital in Delhi. Doctors warned the family to prepare for the worst.

Ms Manning said Lila spoke and wrote fluently in the local language, Hindi. The second youngest of her six children, she was outgoing and had many friends in India.

"We want every person in Australia, regardless of their religious beliefs, to please pray for her," Ms Manning said. "That's my heartfelt desire."
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Pray for Jahnavi Dasi - 01/29/2008 (Krsnaa Fitch)
***Reprinted from Chakra*******

Jahnavi (Jennifer Haggard) of Alachua, daughter of Pavitra dd (ACBSP) and former director of Children of Krishna, has been in Shands Hospital in Gainesville since January 14th.

We are asking for the prayers and support from all her friends and well-wishers.

In the past couple of months Jahnavi has experienced several burns due to severe neuropathy, a symptom of her diabetes. Because of the neuropathy she has very little or no feeling in most of her extremities and it is therefore easily possible to get hurt without knowing. She had been in the hospital about two months earlier for an operation on one such burn and during that time the wound got infected with MRSA, a medication-resistant bacterium that is getting increasingly more common. The antibiotics administered to battle this MRSA worked and she spent Christmas and New Year at home. However, because of her weak immunity system the medication eventually lead to kidney failure. She would have left her body if it wasn't for an emergency kidney dialysis at the ICU of Shands.

The doctors are now keeping her in the hospital because her kidneys aren't responding and it looks like she will be on permanent dialysis from now on. She has many complicated health issues, including an upcoming likely amputation of her toes, that over all cause her situation to go from weak to precarious.

Jahnavi is very aware that her heart can fail and that her life is completely in Krishna's hands. She is mentally as sharp as ever. It would be fantastic if devotees could write her realizations, prayers, or encouraging words. You can send these as comments on this article or email them to and we will read them to her. If you live in the Alachua-Gainesville area and would like to visit her, please call Shands Hospital (352-265-0111) and ask for Jennifer Haggard. She can't always answer the phone, but if you're willing to just stop by anyway, that would be even better. Just be aware that sometimes she may be in the middle of a procedure and you may have to wait for ten minutes or so.

Please also keep her mother, Pavitra dd, and her son, Abhimanyu, in your prayers.

Your servants,
Varnadi das and Yamuna dd
(Willem and Jennifer Vandenberg)
Expires: 02/29/2008

Modified: 01/29/2008
Rolling the Dice Drama - Toronto, Canada - 12/04/2007 ()

The Mahabharata has been compared to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Spartacus, and Gladiator on a Vedic level. This production will have Shakespeare on his toes. Yet again, within 5 months of it's first very successful offering of YOGA OF LOVE'S "DEVOTION" at Meadowvale Theatre in the Greater Toronto Area, the Hare Krsna Centre of TORONTO/BRAMPTON has another presentation..."ROLLING THE DICE".

"ROLLING THE DICE" is an excerpt from Mahabharata depicting the famous high stakes duel between cousins, Pandavas and Kauravas, that eventually lead to the battle of Kurukshetra. His Holiness Bhaktimarga Swami, who needs no introduction in the Hare Krsna World and dramatics society, has very kindly consented to direct the drama and play a pivotal part as well. Very ably co-directed by Durwood Allen from the Toronto Theatre, the experienced & professional cast of the drama, including actors from Guyana, South Africa, India, Cuba and other parts of the world, will, based on the great reviews of a previous performance in South Africa, keep you riveted, enthralled and wholly entertained at the Meadowvale Theatre on Saturday December the 15th for the people of the Greater Toronto Area.

The evening presentation opens with a stellar performance of Odissi Dance form by the famous Laya Bhava Dance Troupe. After spectacular performances across North America Laya Bhava Dance Troupe is going to dazzle the audiences at the Meadowvale Theatre with their artistic narration.

With a very favourable response from the pre-promotions of "ROLLING THE DICE", we promise that the evening will offer memorable family entertainment for years to come.

Proceeds will be used for a very worthy cause- to build a new temple in the Brampton/ Mississuaga area for the general public to which peoples of all nations are invited, as well as a retirement home for seniors in the local area.

Contact:416-829-6358 /905-790-9972 / 905-826-1290 / 905-483-7935 for tickets. Hurry and Buy, tickets are selling out.

Tickets: $22 Upper Bowl & $44 Lower Bowl

Pass it On!
Expires: 01/04/2008

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Mexico Guatemala Bus Tour - 10/31/2007 (Manu)
mexico bus tour

Click here to view photos of our previous Mexico bus tour.

Four short Google videos of our previous Mexico bus tour: Mexico City to Palenque | Cozumel to Chichen Itza | Playa Ventura (near Acapulco) | Volcanos and Tepozlan

For the past twelve years, Jaya Radhe and Manu have been volunteering with a team of wonderful people to organize Krishna Culture Festival Tours for youth and young adults throughout North and Central America. If you're into yoga, spirituality, vegetarianism, eastern traditions, looking for peace of mind, read on.

Our tours are organized entirely by volunteers. We divide our costs among the participants, kind of like a communal road-trip among friends. All drivers, organizers, team leaders, cooks, etc. are volunteers. For the duration of the tour we follow the lifestyle of a yogi, abstaining from meat, intoxication, sex, and gambling. We live simply, sleeping on bunk beds in our bus, and cook healthy vegetarian meals. (Our bus has a bathroom with flush toilet and shower.)

We're interested in a genuine spiritual experience and exchange of love between tour participants, between everyone we meet on the tour, as well as on a divine level, with the Supreme Reservoir of Pleasure, who is known as Krishna in our tradition.

Amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery in North and Central America, our main activities include mantra meditation and Kirtan, chanting and singing the pure sound vibrations of ancient spiritual mantras that purify our hearts, calm our minds, and instill joy and contentment.

Our upcoming Mexico & Guatemala winter tour is scheduled December 14 through January 5. Be there (where else?) Meet us at our starting location in Gainesville, Florida, or anywhere along the way. Take a look at hundreds of photos from previous tours in the "Pics" section above.


  • Kirtan Retreat on the bus to Mexico.
  • Mexico City Krishna Culture Festival.
  • Kirtana & sight-seeing in Oaxaca.
  • Japa Retreat on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
  • Shopping at the indigenous Mayan arts and crafts market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.
  • Hot-spring waterfalls at Lake Izabal, Guatemala.
  • Mayan ruins at Tikal, Guatemala.
  • Carribbean ocean beach and swimming at Tulum, Mexico.
  • Snorkeling the coral reef off Cozumel Island, Mexico.
  • Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza and Palenque, Mexico.
  • Swimming at Agua Azul cascading waterfalls deep in the jungles of central Mexico.
  • New Year's Eve Harinama in downtown Mexico City.
  • Aztec pyramid city at Teotihuacan, Mexico.
  • Kirtan and authentic Mexican vegetarian prasadam feast with devotees at Tulancingo and Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Exploring Grutas de Garcia caves, Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Sharing of realizations on the bus ride home.

23 days (three weeks), $750 minimum donation. ($699 if you skip the snorkeling.) Only 4 spots remaining. Let us know if you're thinking about coming.

Email Manu or Jaya Radhe at:

Click here to view photos of our previous Mexico bus tour.

Mexico bus tour Carribean Sea beach
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First Annual BBT Art Seminar 2007 - 03/14/2007 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

**** FREE for the 15 most qualified applicants ****

TENTATIVE DATES: October 20, 2007 to November 10, 2007

What you will gain by attending:

  • Associate with senior artists trained in the standards taught by Prabhupada
  • Learn new techniques
  • Further imbibe the devotional mood of painting spiritual subjects
  • Learn Srila Prabhupada’s instructions about painting
  • Experience learning from spiritual artists in a group setting
  • Learn procedures for completing your work gleaned from the BBT art department
  • Unique once in a lifetime opportunity to paint Krishna in Sri Vrndavana-dhama

Deadline for applications: April 30, 2007

Prequalification Process:

This seminar is free to the 15 most qualified applicants. You will be expected to arrange for your own travel, accommodations and meals during your stay in Vrndavana. All supplies for the seminar will be provided free of charge. We suggest you bring your own brushes and paints.

Submit an electronic portfolio. If you currently have any published paintings, submit and state where they were published.

Submit electronically three simple sketches (one or two figure-type scene) with photographic reference to use, and any other reference you would like to use for the painting you would like to work on during the seminar.

Write a statement about how you see your career in devotional art, a paragraph about yourself and your devotional interests/career. Write a short paragraph explaining why you should be chosen for this seminar.

Contact: Caitanya dasi:

If you are chosen to attend this seminar, you will be contacted by May 15, 2007 and will receive an outline of the curriculum.

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Devotees can now register at and network with the New Raman Reti community members. Additionally, you can create blogs, forums, polls and post classified ads. Please send us your suggestions and feedback at
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The 2nd Annual North American Child Protection Conference (Sept 28-30) - 07/25/2007 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

The 2nd Annual North American Child Protection Conference

September 28-30, 2007 - Hillsborough, NC

Join us for a weekend of uniting with other devotees to create safer communities in which to live and grow. This conference is for everyone, whether you work directly with children and families or not. There will be speakers from in and outside of ISKCON on varieties of topics that include – tapping into local resources, identifying abuse, responding to a disclosure, vicarious trauma, internet safety, screening for your temple- how and why. We are excited to announce that Dr. Michael Teague, a nationally renowned expert of 25 years in the field of perpetrator psychology, will be one of the weekend presenters.

The goals of this conference –

  • To develop active child protection teams in every community
  • To create and sustain a thriving network of devotees involved in child protection
  • To increase education of abuse prevention
  • To bring about awareness of the short and long term effects of child abuse

“These children are given to us by Krishna, they are Vaisnavas and we must be very careful to protect them. These are not ordinary children, they are Vaikuntha children, and we are very fortunate we can give them chance to advance further in Krishna Consciousness. That is very great responsibility, do not neglect it or be confused.”
Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami - letter to Arundhati Amsterdam 30 July, 1972

For more information you can contact Lilasuka dasi at 919-644-8261 or e-mail

Registration applications are available for download from the CPO website at

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Kulimela Moscow the story - 08/25/2007 (Kapila M)
Radhadesh Kulimela will take place July 31st to August 3rd 2008
La Reunion & Mela will take place before LA Rathayatra 2009

45 minute video journal of the Moscow event

Official websites

Photos journey of the event

The story of Kuli Mela

In April of 2006 a friend of mine, Udara Kirti, was returning to Russia to visit family and friends. I tagged along as it had always been a dream of mine to visit St. Petersburg (especially Greek Street where Dostoyevsky lived), and of course Moscow.

At the time of my original visit I was also deeply engaged in planning and arranging the first Kulimela which was to take place in New Vrindavan in June of that year. I was eager to connect with any Russian Kuli's to discover where they were, and to see if any would like to attend.

It was always well understood that the Russian community of devotees had first undergone tremendous difficulties, and then, as in many areas of the former Soviet Union, there had been a huge flourishing of the Hare Krsna movement. It had been long enough that there must be many hundreds of kuli's, or so I imagined.

Udara Kirti used her connection with Bhakti Vigyana Goswami to arrange for a youth meeting to which I would attend and speak when I arrived in Moscow.

I was slightly un-prepared for the very organized nature of the meeting. I was used to the rather anarchic and haphazard style of kuli's in America, and instead it was a much more official and focused gathering of youth. It was still great to go around the room and ask questions about lifestyle, circumstances, and goals and ambitions. I was impressed to discover how many were going to college and university, and at the sincerity they held for the spiritual path.

There were about 30 youth gathered, and Krsna Das (Russian KD, Bleechka, and Das amongst his many names) was quite certain there were many more in Moscow. But Moscow is a difficult city to gather in, especially without a full temple property and the resources to draw on.

The rest of that trip was an adventure for another day, but I came away with two great contacts, Krsna Das and Ananda, and a happy respect and appreciation for the many others who I had met. I was keen that they should attend Kulimela, but in the event it proved difficult. Krsna Das was unable to get a visa, and Ananda was busy.

However, Krsna Das was eager to try to establish a great event in Moscow... $50,000 dollars and a kulimela to be proud of. It's great to think big before beginning anything.

They had never even organized a full reunion, so I was both wary, and excited. I really believed that if Ananda and Krsna Das could work together, that they would have success. I felt that Ananda could bring determination and practicality where Krsna Das could bring excitement and connections. He seemed to know everyone, and she seemed to be very capable.

Between them they began to gather and connect with a larger group of inspired individuals and soon there was a website set up, and different divisions of tasks... but no location.

And no location.

And no location.

It was a consistent tune. They were scouring Moscow and the immediate vicinity. There were some opportunities for locations that were days away, and of course with a lot of money there were plenty of places in Moscow.

The vision of the event was also under stress. The Russian devotee community is still very rigid in many ways, with a form of strictness that was a hallmark of the rest of ISKCON 10 years ago. We were looking to leapfrog into the present with an attitude, and mood, that was very much more a modern generational style with dance and entertainment mixed into the traditional lectures and bhajans.

Of course, the location was only the first obstacle, raising finance, finding the right individuals, and coordinating the entire event were still major endeavours for a team that had never done such organizing.

By now Kulimela in New Vrindavan had been a great success and we had produced a fantastic DVD of the event, which, with the help of Krsna Das, included Russian subtitles, and in the end he also had it dubbed for Russia. He used this as well as his own enthusiasm to make presentations in the major event in Russia, the Black Sea festival where they organized a youth forum to promote the idea.

Bhakti Vigyana Goswami was both encouraging and active in helping Krsna Das and Ananda. He pledged donations, and gave a commitment to attend wherever and whenever.

Of course, neither of these were yet known...

As the months ticked by and 2006 disappeared I was desperate for them to have good news about a location. Without the location they could not raise the money, set the dates, and really begin the process.

Finally, I got the news, with only 4 months to go before their chosen dates of July 12-16, they had found a nice location at the right price.

ISKCON UK made a donation of £1,000 and there was some remaining laxsmi from the NV kulimela DVD sales and so I was able to raise a first donation of $4,000 dollars to get the ball rolling.

And that was the last I heard of it for many months. I had already shared the video, the budget, the program chart, and the volunteer tasks from NV, so they were armed with a list of previous experience, but now it was for real. And they just worked away, finding the right connections and finding the people they could rely on.

I myself was uncertain whether I would be able to attend, although I promoted knowledge of the event in the hope that at least some westerners would attend. It is helpful to feel connected to a larger world of Kuli's, and I expected Moscow would be beautiful in the summer. Fortunately, I did attend.

I arrived on Thursday, mid-day, July 12th. The first day of the event which was openning with an evening snack and some evening events.

I had arrived into a 30 degree hot summer day, and I was met by Alex, holding a small sign that read, Kapila. He spoke English of course, as do a greater number of Russians than one would imagine.

He had a great little souped up Japanese car (with the steering wheel on the wrong side for Russia), and I could feel the noise and power, and was also aware of his driving ability, except the permanent grid lock of the Moscow roads meant it was little use.

After two and a half hours (the flight was only 4 hours), we made the 80 kilometre journey to a small remote pioneer camp.

On the way it was suddenly revealed to me that the location had only been found two weeks before the event...

The original location had been cancelled, and they had frantically rushed to find a new location. Ananda was told many times to give up, the cost, difficulty, and challenge was too much. But she was determined and in desperation she asked her own Nam Hata leader to ask his Guru, Mukunda Goswami to pray. He had. And the next day she had finally found this old, nearly abandoned Pioneer camp that was the right price.

Except it would only have cold water.

And there were no locks on the doors.

And everything was covered in rust.

So it was, as she kept telling me, ascetic.

Only, the story wasn't over. Alex informed me that only a week before, the crew had arrived to clean the place, cut the grass, screw in locks, and make things presentable, only to have the manager of the place throw them out in a fit of anger and ego. The temple president who had signed the agreement had not arrived, and so the Stalinistic manager had thrown the lot out and cancelled the agreement. The logistical manager nearly throttled him, but the situation was calmed down and the organizers picked up the phone for the Russian tradition of finding a contact who knew a contact who could apply some pressure to another contact to make things happen.

In the event, they discovered that the owner of the place was a friend to the devotees. From one story I heard he was married to a devotee, in another story he had had some ayurvedic treatment. In either event, he reversed the decision, and with three days to go they finally had a location.

I was surprised, and strangely impressed. They had kept all this from me, and I knew in particular that Ananda must have been heavy with stress, but I could understand why she had kept it to herself.

We drove off the main road, circled around and onto a small dirt road full of pot holes, then over a bridge and arrived at Kulimela Moscow!

The registration booth was serving a smattering of individuals, and I was told that two bus loads of people had arrived, with more expected the next day, with many more on Saturday.

I spotted Ananda in full organizational mode... something she would not be able to put off until two days after the event. This mode included the blue tooth mobile connection in one ear, a walkie talkie in the left hand, one of her two cell phones in the other, and her giant hand bag out of which she was always pulling one thing or another.

I was attending as a "VIP" being both a foreign delegate and a friend to the organizers. So I was simply handed a badge and told I would get one of the rooms...

A few people were putting up some last minute purple ribbons and balloons, I recognized Druva as one of them and said hello, as Krsna Das arrived to take me under his wing.

The russian manager of the location was sitting with his old crew watching everything with what I projected at him as disdain or aloofness. But things seemed to be in order.

The location itself consisted of five giant buildings and a number of fields. The VIP building was the old hospital and treatment area, and upstairs six or seven rooms had beds and locks put in place with two shared toilets and a shared shower. The pipes were rusty, and there were old photos of soviet children and flowers and bugs... a real children's camp only twenty years out of place.

Two other buildings made up the main living quarters and then one large building hosted a temple (constructed with beautiful hanging cloths), a downstairs hall with full music set up, a mid level concert hall with three hundred seats and a beautifully decorated stage, and an upstairs with kitchen and room to seat a thousand people on the floor.

Outside they had erected a large green tarpaulin tent, and a basic stage. They were busy putting up the delicacies tent, and a few more were scheduled for the next day.

I dropped off my bag in my room, grabbed my camera, and we wandered down, past the children's' nursery area, and to the main outdoors area.

Krsna Das then introduced me to some of the friendly and energetic friends from Vrindavan... Akrura, Madhu, and the only other foreign Kuli, the notorious Gundi. Gundi and Madhu were planning an opening fire yajna.

In the meanwhile Gopal Krsna Goswami arrived. Gopal Krsna Goswami had originally set up the first Bhaktivedanta Gurukula in Moscow and he had a long association with a number of the Kuli's, especially Krsna Das. He had not originally been expected, but he had changed his plans to encourage the event and the youth.

Following a brief dance (by some performers, not by Gopal Krsna Goswami), he made a kind introduction to the event, discussing the need to balance the material and spiritual, and how it is possible to be very successful and pursue a spiritual life. He also made reference to the fact that the majority of the youth at the event were not Kuli's in any of the traditional sense.

I spoke briefly about the intention of such an event, and then it was late and dark enough for the fire yajna.

After the yajna a very eastern sounding band performed mellow bhajans

late into the evening and I felt that the event had begun auspiciously and with good form. There was food, there were toilets, there were people, and the organizers were not yet collapsed.

The next morning the program was opened with Gopal Krsna Goswami leading a kirtan. By now I was realising that there was a little of the past still present in Moscow. The giant vyasa sana which was carted back and forth, and the line up of devotees to great the swami's were all traditions I had become accustomed to not seeing. But the events have to speak for the local culture, as well as representing a formula of freedom, balance, and Krsna consciousness.

The day followed the typical pattern of lectures on various topics (such as community, bhajans etc) with meals and a few smatterings of sporting activity. The main seminar was on the theme of the event, society and balance, and included speeches by Gopal Krsna Goswami, Bhakti Vigyana Goswami, Purnachandra Prabhu, and myself. We began speaking on the floor, and moved to some plastic chairs, but fortunately the vyasa san was left out of the equation.

During the speeches a storm began to brew, and the heavy wind pulled at the tent and finally pulled away the back end. A number of the delegates held the tent in place and the discussion continued till the end. But that was it for the tent. The wind was increasing and news came in of huge rain fall in Moscow headed our way.

The organizers and delegates scurried around to pull everything apart and we moved the location in doors. And then the power cut out.

When the power cuts out the first hope is that it will come back right away. When that doesn't happen, it seems that maybe inside a half hour it should be ok. After that, the questions and tension begins.

The organizers discovered there had been a major accident on the grid, and something might happen in the middle of the night... or not at all.

Although it did not get dark until 10:00 or 11:00 in the high north of Moscow, the tension, the rain, and the storm all meant that no electricity was a big deal. At least 200 or so delegates had arrived, and Saturday, the big day, was to see another two bus loads dropping off more than 100 delegates. It was the potential for a fiasco.

Not only was there no light, the rain was soaking the tents, the kitchen couldn't be used (it was electric stoves), and the toilets wouldn't flush... and there was no water due to the need for pumps.

After some discussion a plan was formulated. We were not in America where a 24 hour Wall Mart could provide generators, drinking water, and candles for all. A man was sent to find any and all candles that he could find in a 30 mile radius, and the evenings entertainment was rescheduled for upstairs in the prasadam hall... in an intimate environment. Bhajans were begun right away to give everyone a focus, and it was discovered that there was a spring nearby with drinking water (and water for the toilets).

I soon found out that the Russian people are resilient, independent, and in some ways indifferent. Only one man decided to go home and ask for a refund. The rest simply made do, without complaint, and without question.

The candles arrived setting a beautiful scene of acoustics with the accompaniment of the battery powered speakers. A well was discovered and delegates were simply taking care of things with 5 buckets appearing upstairs with drinking water.

Cold milk and bananas (all the organizers had that didn't need cooking) were provided and the evening was a success... of sorts.

If only the electricity would come back on... Ananda was deflated, but still persevering. If the event was cancelled the financial burden would have been overwhelming on her, but she was still glad she had tried.

For myself, I was excited. It was these kind of crazy occasions that bonded people, and made a deeper lasting memory than any "success". We tend to forget the simple pleasures, but the obstacles overcome remain embedded in our memories. And the intimate bhajans of the evening had all the hallmarks of pulling together. There was even some rap done by MD&C Pavlov, and then a fire show where two men leapt and did gymnastics with fire balls and staves.

The next morning Ananda and I sought out the spring... a few resources had been discovered. Some were bathing in a spring, we had found a small tap, a well was found on the property, and the huge rainfall had collected deep water in the swimming pool that was perfect for the toilets.

Another cold water bucket bath was now a minor tribulation. There was still no electricity, and where would the prasadam come from!

Calls were made, a van organized to take bhoga to the temple an hour and a half away. Any trip to Moscow was 3 hours cut out. And then the news came in... the temple had anticipated the problem, and they had already cooked a breakfast, and they were sending big open fire cooking pots.

The schedule, with all the difficulties of keeping on time, would at least continue. I had by now found out just how important two nam hata programs were to the entire event. Mitya and Dasha and their nam hata team were organizing many of the programmes, and they had also taken on cooking for the Saturday. And Ananda was completely reliant on the dedication and diligence of her nam hata group.

Of course, it was all off kilter. Many speakers had to share time, and the large varied programme kept getting cut and adapted, but the important part was people were together, sharing, and discussing. But people were smiling, they were associating, and the service mentality was building.

Where in the beginning few would answer a request to help with the cooking, now ten people would stand at a time.

The business panel was another hallmark of old ISKCON, but even here it was making progress speaking about making money. Although it was hosted by an ayurvedic doctor, a psychologist, a devotee selling paintings, and another doing Sun Ryder, as well as myself, it was still an important and successful discussion.

I should note that I was always well provided with translators, both when I was speaking and listening. I had found that maybe as many as 10% of the youth I met could speak and understand english quite well, but at least 30% could understand some of it.

That evenings entertainment was fantastic. The musicians all had excellent voices, and the dancers were short, sharp, and entertaining. Ananda sang one of her songs, a kuli named Tulsi did an irreverent rap song about gurukuli life, and there were some beautiful moments of chanting. The whole slate was followed by one of the most fantastic shows I've ever seen, a completely professional fire show done by a man and woman wielding a variety of flaming weapons, leading up to a very immediate fire works show that had sparks flying on top of everyone.

This led up to a very elegant fashion show (with designs made specifically for the event.) Krsna Das shocked everyone by appearing in a Sari… an unforgettable moment, and then when the show was complete we tuned into a dance hall, with dance beats interspersed with devotional sounds and mixes.

Unfortunately the collection Krsna Das had assembled (some of which Krsna infused dance songs had been played in Alachua) was cancelled before the night could end.

The next day had the familiar feeling of a final day but it was still a fully scheduled day and the delegates had to shake off tiredness as well as the knowledge that it would all soon be over.

The morning class was inspirational. Without knowing it, the final main day fell on Gundica Marjana. Bhakti Vigyana Goswami discussed both the cleansing of the temple and the cleansing of the soul through the chanting of the holy name. I felt especially attracted to the message since, although the purpose of the Kulimelas is to balance and live Krsna Consciousness, in finding that open space of freedom in which to be attracted to Krsna, it was also making certain sacrifices. And here Lord Chaitanya was reminding us all that the cleansing of the soul through the chanting of the holy name was the only message that truly matters.

For me this is a truth that is only resplendent and experienced when set in a positive environment of freedom, association, service, and love. All the ideals our parents had experienced in the presence of Srila Prabhupada.

In our own way we were discovering some of those pleasures in serving one another through the trials and tribulations of the event.

Putting aside the questions of abuse of devotees and children, of the politics, of the style of Swami worship, we were finding the mood of service and the attraction of Krsna... just a taste, but an important taste.

The day was another successful day of association, service, prasadam. A tribute was made for the Gurukuli's who were in attendance as well as their former teachers. It was a sweet moment full of laughter and it was an important moment to acknowledge all those who had gathered, the movement does continue in the children, as well as the new members. But there is something particular about the mood of children brought up in the movement. The connection to Krsna is something that has to be rejected to be forgotten, rather than discovered.

For anyone who wonders how to engage the youth, and especially the Kulis born into the movement, I can say, after being to the last three Kuli Mela's, give us Bhajans, give us the ability to serve each other in freedom, be personal, talk to us face to face and know our names, and provide a fun, healthy environment where people can be engaged at all times, both in service and in pleasure, and everyone begins to flourish, and the smiles and the bhajans become more and more potent.

The evening was one of thanks, with the organizers thanking the many sponsors... the event cost $26,000 in the end, as well as the many helpers, and it was followed on by a huge band of nearly all the gathered talent singing along with Purnachandra Prabhu.

Still, I felt awkward.

I had not yet experienced the maha bhajans that must be taste to wash away any of the other desires.

Many people were leaving, and the stage is no place for Maha old school Kirtan/Bhajans. The kind I remembered as a child, when Bahudaka would get the entire Vancouver temple to sink a few more inches as people flew in complete happiness and danced around to the beat.

I found Ananda and I shocked her with my disappointment. We were so close I felt, but we had not yet inspired the Kuli's to give that energy that just erases any other memory of pleasure.

I couldn't feel content having had a dance night, which, no matter how much it included some sounds of Krsna, was always going to be about the dancers... (and not wrongly... when we lose the taste for such things then it is not even an issue, but while it is attractive it should be done safely so that no one is abused, and everyone can still remember Krsna), but I felt strongly needed to be contrasted with the power and sheer joy of dancing for Krsna.

We decided then and there to give it a shot, and we ran into the temple and began some simple bhajans. Soon the room began to fill, and of course the jimbe was there to give that extra kuli dash of dancability amongst the kartals, mrdunga's and harmonium.

I noticed the giant vyasa san was in the way and cleared it impatiently from the temple room.. somehow it was blocking things and it was such a relief to see it gone... luckly without me resorting to any form of destruction.

We were now in the company of devotees, kuli's, young aspiring seekers of the highest knowledge, and Gaura-Nitai were there and the music built up until finally Ananda just rocked it. We all rose up and danced and I remembered how it was as a child, and how it was at the best Kuli kirtans and everyone could feel the mood and the hundred or so left packed into the small temple got that taste that we are all begging Radha and Krsna for.

After a number of hours we settled down with the Nsringadev Prayers, and then it was July 16th... my birthday, and Ananda and a few others arranged a fantastic cake that we shared out to the hundred or so guests. It was a beautiful way to savour the evening and then a few of us did light bhajans until 3 in the morning.

The next day was all about buses leaving, tearing down the decorations, and trying to clean the place up. The organizers were there until well past midnight.

The angry Stalinist Manager was given one last boon. He got so angry at having to wait past midnight that, in disgust, he shouted that they could keep their damn money... and so he broke the oral contract whereby he was to receive 4 thousand dollars. They had paid half up-front, and in his anger, he had given them back the final two thousand.

Every delegate I spoke with, from the far reaches of Siberia, to Moscow, or the south, Kuli, Gurukuli, adult, or new devotee, were all happy with the mood. The organizers, exhausted, were still ready to do it again.

That evening I spent some time just hanging out with the kuli's at a pizza express in Moscow, just something chosen at random. And to our great delight and surprise, there were pictures of Radha and Krsna in the toilets... our delight wasn't at the location, how should Karmi's know, it was at discovering them and feeling that they were remembering us as we were remembering them. I left the next day with much sadness, but excited at the thought that

some of the organizers might make it to the Belgian Radhadesh Kulimela in 2008 and share more bhajans, prasadam, service, and inspiration.

Thank you Ananda and Krsna Das and all the other fantastic Kuli's and others who I met in Moscow like Radha Seva, Druva, Madhu, Gaura, Akrura, Natasha, Yulia, Sergio, Mitya, Dasha, Premanandi, Sophia, Alex, Chitra, and so many more. It was a sincere pleasure, honour, and inspiration. By Kuli I really do mean anyone in the mood of Krsna consciousness, Unity, Balanced Lifestyle, and Inspiration... forming a bond that we were lucky enough to share from our youth... and finding ways to share that with others.

Kapila Kuli....
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Modified: 08/25/2007
Sign up for the 2007 Krishna Culture Festival Bus Tour, North America - 03/29/2007 (Manu)
Bus Tour Hall Performance Kirtan

We are now accepting applications from youth ages 16-25 for the 2007 Krishna Culture Festival Bus Tour through North America. From June 24 through August 22, fifty youth will travel in two buses around the USA, Canada, and Mexico to inspire each other in Krishna consciousness by performing kirtanas, dramas, and dances at Krishna Culture festivals in halls, at auditoriums, and at Ratha-yatras. Along the way we’ll have morning and evening programs with swamis and senior devotees. We’ll visit temples, camp at national parks, go hiking, swimming, whitewater rafting, and build friendships with other devotee youth.

We are looking for youth who would like to come on the tour.

We are also looking for volunteers to help promote the hall programs along our travel route, for experienced bus drivers to drive the buses, and for well-wishers and previous tour participants to sponsor exceptional youth who cannot afford the tour fees.

The tour costs $1,995 per person ($81,000 total cost). Each youth pays their share of the costs to travel and perform devotional service throughout the summer. (Yes, these young people are amazing.) Some youth with exceptional talents and abilities would like to travel with the festival tour but cannot afford it. They need your help. Please sponsor a portion of their tour fees so they can come on the tour. (Contact us for a list of names.)

Perhaps you know a young person who may get inspired by coming on this festival tour, and who, in turn, would inspire others in your community? Encourage them to come on the tour. Help them raise the funds.

The Krishna Culture Festival Bus Tour is organized by volunteers at ISKCON Youth Ministry as an offering of love for Srila Prabhupada and for the young Vaishnavas. Get involved. Volunteer. Come on the tour. Encourage others to come. Help drive one of the buses. Help promote the hall programs. Sponsor a youth. Find sponsors for exceptional youth. Find out more information at our website. Send us an email and get in touch.



Photo Gallery of last year’s tour:

Tour video:

Testimonials from the 2006 and 2005 tours:

“Words seem inadequate to express exactly how grateful I am but I’m going to try my best. Maybe the easiest way to tell you is to quote something I wrote in my diary when I had just gotten home from the bus tour. “I feel a new sense of confidence, of identity and purpose – a new sense of hope for the future; a greater sense of gratitude for all I have and all I am receiving; a newfound appreciation for service and Krishna consciousness, a new faith in the goodness and kindness of others, a greater sense of humility, a new sense of adventure, a new outlook on my ability to be surrounded by others and to adapt to new situations and surroundings and the wonderful feeling of having fifty new friends from around the world!” - That was just what I wrote before I had settled back into life here, but now that I’ve been back for over a month, not a day goes by when I don’t think about the bus tour or realize some new skill or confidence that it has given me. I am honestly stunned at what an impact it has had on me …” - Jahnavi, age 19, England

“I have had the opportunity to spend three awesome summers with the bus tour. I can’t thank you enough for the time, energy and everything you sacrifice every summer to create the best opportunity for any gurukuli! We all have a chance to get to know the kulis in the area as well as the kulis from around the world. I feel like I have a big family of brothers and sisters that just keeps growing. The bus tour is a great way to see the potential and encourage the youth to use their talents in devotional service. Soon there will be bus tours all over the world! Again, I am so glad to have this great opportunity and hope I spend my future summers on the tour! I will always be thankful! Had an awesome summer!” – Priya, age 20, Alachua, Florida

“I am having so much fun on the tour and for that I have you to thank. I know you guys won’t be doing this forever but while it lasts I am going to be on every tour I can. So I hope you will let me back on the tour next year, I’m planning on it already. Once again, thank you for making my summer so awesome!” – Kalindi, age 16, Chicago, Illinois

“I have had the most amazing time in the most amazing places. This has been by far the best vacation I have ever been on. I now can say that I have been all across North America. You have opened my doors to traveling. And to think that you have been doing this for 11 years. So many kids have benefited from your dedication to Krishna and the youth that follow His teachings. If I hadn’t gone on this tour, I would not be able to say that I would be a devotee for the rest of my life. I hope you continue to organize the bus tour for years to come. I know I would love to come again and that there are many others who would also.” – Rama, age 18, Lake Orion, Michigan

“It has been my third time already on the bus tour. The first time I joined the bus tour it was so great and life changing that I couldn’t believe that bus tours would always be as good again. Well, then the 2nd time I joined I experienced that it was as good as the first time. So I thought this must be coincidence, that two bus tours in a row make me have a great time. So now I have been on my 3rd time and I realized that there is a reason why bus tours with the Hare Krishna Youth Ministry happen to be so good. If it wasn’t for the excellent organizers who put so much effort, time, love and joy into this tight plus adventurous schedule of the bus tours, then bus tours would not happen to turn out so well. I want to thank you for having had me on the bus tour for a third time. You inspired me to keep on going in Krishna consciousness and thank you for showing me what a bliss bug is. Please continue with your bus tours and let everyone participate at your wonderful mission of bringing Krishna consciousness closer to a gurukuli’s life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.” - Madhusudana, age 21, Hamburg, Germany

“This bus tour is such an amazing experience. The first time I came on the tour, I was so surprised there was so many other devotee kids my age. Where I live, there aren’t that many and I had no idea what was out there. Now, I have so many devotee friends from all across the world that I would never have if it wasn’t for the bus tour. Not only that, but it has made me so much more Krishna conscious than I was at home. I have experienced so many other temples other than the one at New Vrindavan and got to go to so many Ratha-yatras. Now I am on for a second time and it is just as fun and exciting as the first. I think this bus tour is the best thing out there for us devotee kids growing up. I am very thankful for you guys for doing this for all of us. Thank you.” Padma, age 19, New Vrndavan, West Virginia

“This is one of the best experiences I have had in this life time. The service you are doing is amazing! .. Krsna consciousness, fun, excitement, austerity, work, service, beautiful deities and temples and so much more. I had so much fun, the tour is definitely the best summer I have ever had!! I hope I can come again but I don’t think I will be able to next year because as soon as I get home I have to work and pay [my parents back] for half the tour. Hopefully I will have money and time at least in 2008. I will be 18 then so I could have more responsibility and most probably be 10 times more mature. I hope that when I’m older and settled I will be able to help this program a lot because us youth and the future youth really need this, it is the best thing for us. Thank you so much for letting me come on the tour. I had a great time!!” – Sumukhi, age 16, Los Angeles, California

“This is my best experience ever. When I started the bus tour I thought would be sucks, but then I been thinking about how can I make this bus tour better and I did simply things as giving service and I feel it’s a beautiful experience. Always you are trying to give us the best opportunity, knowledge about Krsna consciousness and this is really amazing… ISKCON, so many devotees, temples, deities… I want to say thanks so much, this is the best service than you can give to Krsna, more bus tours.” – Narahari, age 16, Orlando, Florida.

“I was very glad I was part of the core group that was able to start the tour. The bus tour has been a life changing event for myself and I never expected to have so much fun. In fact, this bus tour was my graduation gift to myself and I haven’t regretted one moment of it. As I look back on all the amazing times I’ve had, it nearly brings tears to my eyes knowing in 2 days it will all be over for me. What you do for the youth can’t be expressed in words. All I know is the feelings and memories I have gained from being on the tour, and they are some of the most profound in my entire life. This tour has been a link for myself and the rest of ISKCON communities. It has made my faith and enthusiasm for Krsna and His devotees increase on a level I never imagined. You have my sincerest thanks I can offer. Thanks again.” – Bhaktin Sarah, age 22, Houston, Texas

“After two days on the tour, I had so much fun that I wouldn’t have spent my summer any other way. I had never been to a Ratha-yatra before… only heard of them and dreamt of being at one. Because of school, I was never able to go to the N.Y. Ratha-yatra. Now I have gone to 4 Ratha-yatras, and at San Francisco I was even asked to help out on Balaram’s chariot arranging bhoga for the oldest deity of Balaram in the western world – I never EVER dreamed of receiving such mercy … if it wasn’t for the bus tour I never would have visited so many temples, met so many interesting and diverse devotees, eating prasadam in the wilderness and… of course … ‘showering’ in natural bodies of water! .. I’m so glad I could spend an exciting summer on the bus tour.” – Shree Krishna Akilesh, age 20, Boston, Massachussets

“You guys are awesome! Not only do you organize this amazing bus tour every year, but you make it so much fun! And you also have fun doing it (sometimes) which makes it more fun for us! This bus tour has been the most amazing experience for me and I hope to come on the bus tour again in the future!” – Pritha, age 16, New Vrindavan, West Virginia

“A short time before the bus tour began, Indradyumna Maharaj visited Alachua, and he regularly had programs at different local devotee’s houses. For the last one of these such programs, there was an inspiring lecture followed by a rocking kirtan where me and a handful of my peers danced and sang like mad. It was at this time I decided that I wanted to go on the tour. I was having so much fun in Krsna’s name, and the idea of doing this same thing all summer long was irresistible. I got exactly what I had hoped for, and more, from coming on this tour. This has by far been the best experience of my life. I am completely amazed at your wonderful service. You sacrifice your time and money to put on this tour, and you always go out of your way to make sure we are all happy and comfortable. I will always be so thankful to you. You have changed my life and the way I see the world. THANK YOU so, so, so much!” – Gundica, age 17, Alachua, Florida

“With a lot of arranging, I finally got on the famous youth bus tour. It’s been one of the most exciting adventure-full summers yet. Wow. I’m going to go to my new high school with only thoughts of my wonderful summer and anticipations of the next summer. Hopefully C U next year.” – Niladri, age 16, Vancouver, Canada

“What can I say but Thank You! When I look around at all of my friends here, most of the time I am just having fun Krsna-consciously. But when I stop to think about it I realize what a big step it is to bring together these people from all over the world and bus us around the country, train us to perform plays, set up and take down the festivals, all the while feeding us and taking care of us through a cyclone of different circumstances. .. I can’t get enough of the tour! I come back every year, and I’m planning on next year as well! (I’m going to start working right away to pay for it!) I don’t know how you do it, but I hope you keep doing it each year! Thank you so very, very, very much.” – Pandita, age 18, Tallahassee, Florida

“Two years ago when I went on the bus tour with my brother, even though it was only for one week, it was a life-changing experience. I had so much fun, I had to go back next year. It was the same. Awesome kirtans, the best association, fun. This year I knew I had to go for the whole summer. It has been one of the best summers of my life. I don’t know how you do it: managing 50 teenagers for 10 weeks. I can’t imagine the stress. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!” – Ramananda, age 16, Prabhupada Village, North Carolina

“Throughout my eight weeks on the bus tour I have never ceased to be amazed. .. Despite your busy schedules you still made sure that everyone had fun. This whole summer has been a very positive experience for me. I’ve seen so much, met so many people, made lots of new friends, grown as a person, and repeatedly stretched my comfort zone. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had so far in Krsna consciousness. Thank you so much for everything and I hope to come back in the future!” – Deva, age 18, Dublin, Ireland

“Thank you for the sunsets & waterfall showers & beach bhajans & inner-city harinams. I wanted to come on the bus tour so that I could see all the temples & see America but never imagined how amazing this tour is. This is the perfect tour for maximum fun. So much to do, friends all around, all the time, traveling to beautiful places & always reminders of Krishna. That’s what makes it perfect. I realized on the tour that that is the best bliss & never gets boring. The kirtans & the temples make it exciting and unforgettable. Thank you for giving us the bliss boost for the rest of the year.” – Nila Madhava, age 19, Alachua, Florida

“I don’t know any other way to get the most out of my summer. Not only is it fun, it’s like a spiritual awakening. Every year I’ve gone it’s been a new leap into Krsna consciousness. It changes who I am and makes me think in a whole new light. I’m always going to remember my summers on the bus tour.” – Syami, age 17, Alachua, Florida

“I just don’t know how to express my gratitude toward you. This has been so helpful for me and my devotional life. I hope you guys invite me back.” – Prabhupada Charan, age 24, New Talavan, Mississippi.

“A simple thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for all you have done for me, and for all you have done for each Vaishnava youth who is lucky enough to come on the tour. It is obvious to me how much you love each one of us and want us to have great memories and experiences in Krishna consciousness.” – Krsna Chandra, age 21, Toronto, Canada

“Thanks for organizing such a wonderful summer tour. I had such a blast and can’t wait to come on another tour… It’s a pity it’s taken me so long to join your regular bus gang… I can’t say how much I admire everything you give to this tour and your dedication to ensuring everyone has a wonderful, safe, happy, K.C. time… I hope the tours can go on and on for years to come. Thank you so much.” – Ananda Bhakti, age 26, Auckland, New Zealand

“I first heard about the bus tour when it began in ’95, and since then I’ve been wishing I could go, but somehow it never worked out. Usually when something is built up for a long time it falls short of expectation, but this far exceeded my wildest hopes. I’ve never before had so much fun or such a boost to my spiritual life. Whenever I heard about youth leading ISKCON in the future, I had my doubts that we could do it, but after being on the bus tour I knew it could be a reality. I hope I can help you more next year on the bus tour, now that I have a good idea of how things go.” – Madhava, age 20, Dublin, Ireland

“You have changed my life in ways you don’t even know. I chant 3 rounds a day now! I’m starting out steady. I now am going to the temple more often and have gotten over fears and many challenges. I am forever thankful and will never forget the best summer of my life. I never thought you could do so much in one summer!” – Caranamrita, age 16, Alachua, Florida

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to travel with the best youth in North America. I had an awesome time when I was with you. Some of the funnest times were in the last week of the tour. Visiting the Grand Canyon, the cacti in Arizona, and the awesome springs just out of Alachua. Another of my favorite parts of the summer was taking the part of “anger” in the Age of Kali play. Thank you!” – Nitai, age 19, Prabhupada Village, North Carolina

“I found that I have learned so much more than any other period in my life. The bus tour has proved itself to be a beacon of realizations and light on a very dark and depressing material world. With my own eyes I have seen teenagers who, before, wouldn’t have even considered Krsna as an answer to anything, pick up bead bags, close their eyes, and let the vibrations of the Maha-Mantra penetrate the recesses of their minds. I have witnessed people who would never have led kirtan, never set foot to a stage, or never would have opened up about their lives, who have done these things and have proven themselves to be shining super stars. For me, I have been able to find strength to fight against the dangers of this age of Kali and I have found a taste for devotional life. For the first time in my life I have found the desire to be a true devotee. It didn’t happen at first. It took patience, bhajans, and a lot of chanting. It’s like seeing the world through totally different eyes. When I see the deities, they aren’t just brass or marble to me anymore. Chanting japa, which hardly ever happened before, now happens more often, and with as much sincerity as I can muster. It’s been a rough road and as the years go by I expect it to just get rougher but at least I have with me the memories and skills I have learned on the bus tour. You have changed my life in so many ways. .. You said once that if you find one person that has changed for the better the sweat and endeavor would be worth it. You don’t have to look far to see these people you search for. They are everyone who gets on the magic Vaisnava school bus with you .. with lots of love and inspiration to go around. Thank you so much.” - Sarasvati, age 20, Chicago, Illinois

“I’ve just had the best summer of my life… again! After coming on the bus tour last year I suppose I had expectations for this year, based on the experiences of last time. .. This summer flew by so, so quickly and I can’t believe I have to go back home already. I genuinely had an amazing time and am really going to miss everyone! It was great coming back for a second time and meeting up with old friends everywhere we went. I would love to come back again and maybe even take more responsibility to help. The bus tour helps me realize just how much happier I am associating with other youth devotees and I wish I could have a similar environment at home. I guess I’m inspired to get more involved in Ireland, with Deva and co. Basically all I have to say is a big, massive “Thank you” for everything!” – Subhadra, age 18, Belfast, Ireland

“Thank you so much for making this tour happen every year. I can’t describe the positive impact these tours have had on my life, or show my gratitude (although my coming back every year is directly related to that). This tour just enhances the joy of being a devotee. Every year I come home just charged… and ambitious. I spend weeks with amazing devotees and hard workers who really make a difference in people’s lives, like yourselves, Madhuha Prabhu, and all the temple presidents and other leaders who we meet on the way. They run temples and programs on such low resources, and are still so grateful for devotee association that they treat us like family. It just inspires me and encourages me to start working harder, become a better devotee, treat others in a very heartfelt special way. .. This program has made such a change in my life, it has introduced me to so many amazing devotees. And I have seen this indescribable change in so many of my peers. Thank you so much.” – Shanti, age 19, Alachua, Florida

“Wow. What can I say? It’s been my 4th bus tour and it was a blast!” – Sri Rama, age 21, Alachua, Florida

“This year was another AWESOME bus tour! Hard for you at some times but I also think you had fun.” – Uddhava, age 21, Montreal, Canada

“Thank you for allowing me to come year after year. You have encouraged and inspired me so much by making Krsna consciousness so much fun. From the make-over in Atlanta to the drum circles [at] the Rainbow [Gathering], and the walks down the beach in Mexico, you’ve brought Krsna to so [many] places and closer to so many gurukulis’ hearts. It has been inspiring to see them catch the “bliss bug,” which helps each tour to be a rejuvenating and new experience.” – Jaya, age 20, Alachua, Florida

“Thank you very much for allowing me to come on this year’s bus tour. Traveling with the Festival of India for 3 years prior, I always envied how the youth on your tour showed up at the festivals with stories of how fun their week had been. Not only do you pack in so much fun but you also raise the consciousness of all the participants. After arriving back .. I found myself longing for good kirtans and devotee association.” – Rasacarya, age 23, Washington, D.C.

Get involved.

Email us:
Expires: 08/29/2007

Modified: 03/29/2007
Mayapur Jhulan - 07/26/2007 (IKṛṣṇa Das)

Jhulan Yatra is an important Vaishnava festival. It is one of the eternal Astaka lila pastimes that Radha Madhava and Their associates perform daily in Goloka Vrindaban. As recommended by Parasara muni in the Parasara Samhita, one should observe this festival every day, or at least from the day of ekadasi to Balaram purnima. This Jhulan festival gives everyone the rare opportunity to serve Their Lordships personally.

Srila Prabhupada instructed us to observe Jhulan Yatra:

"Regarding Jhulan yatra Ceremony, during these five days the Deities' clothing should be changed everyday, and there should be nice Prasadam distribution and Sankirtana as far as possible. If you are able to do it, a nice throne may be constructed on which the Deities can be placed. This throne may be swung gently during Kirtana. That will be very good, and surely the Deities will enjoy the function."

letter to H.H. Jayapataka Swami, 1st August 1969.

For the past 20 years the Vaisnava youth have spontaneously arranged a beautiful swing festival, with kirtans, bhajans, dramas, and prasadam distribution. This has become very popular with everyone.The Mayapur mangement were so pleased by our efforts that this year they requested us to personally organize the main Jhulan festival for Sri Sri Radha Madhava. We gladly accepted this opportunity and are arranging the biggest Julan Yatra festival yet. We cordially invite you to assist us and in so doing receive the blessings of Their Lordships.

  • 4:45pm Deities are brought out in a Procession with Kirtan
  • 6:00pm Sandhya Aroti
  • 7:00pm Bhajans
  • 8:00pm Offering
  • 8:15pm Offering of Lamps
  • 8:30pm Deities return to the Main Temple with Kirtan
  • 8:30pm Cultural Programs and Bhajans by Vaishnava Youth


You can sponsor any of the following:

  1. Pandals
  2. Decorations
  3. Daily Prasadam Distribution
  4. Daily Flowers and Garlands
  5. Daily Generator, and Electricity
  6. Daily Lamp Offering
  7. Daily Offerings for the Deities

Please assist us by giving a donation either through Western Union or Bank Transfer.

Western Union Donations should be sent to:
Sudarsan Das, Mayapur, West Bengal, India.
Please e-mail details of the transaction:
MTCN (money transfer code number), amount, your name, and postal address to

Bank Transfer Donations should be sent to:
Gautam Adhikary, UTI Bank, Krishnanagar Branch,
West Bengal, India
Acc. no. 237010100059538
Swift no. UTIBINBB005

Thank you for your generous support. The blessings of Sri Sri Radha Madhava will certainly be bestowed upon you.

Your humble servants,
Mayapur Vaisnava Youth Jhulan Festival Commitee.



Expires: 08/28/2007

Modified: 07/26/2007
Calling the Next Generation of ISKCON Leaders - 07/08/2007 (Aniruddha)
Calling the Next Generation of ISKCON Leaders

Catch the wave of the future! The North American GBC and Spiritual Strategic Planning Initiative are actively seeking qualified second generation men and women to fill an array of important leadership positions within our ISKCON movement.

Years of experience have provided you a unique perspective into our society’s strengths and weaknesses. Now is the time to bring forward those insights, to partner with our current leaders, and to build a more successful future for our movement.
This effort will be funded and there may be grant monies available for devotees wishing to get involved, particularly those who are willing to enter training and mentoring programs. (see below).
We are also dedicated to redefining the classic concept of devotee maintenance by creating a financial care package that will include housing, education, health care & a livable stipend for those devotees willing to take on leadership positions. Devotees who will care for and value the contribution of each individual devotee, who will approach management with a practical and competent mindset, and who are eager to pursue their spiritual lives are strongly encouraged to participate.
To receive a copy of our prospectus or discuss possibilities with us, please contact:

Caitanya Mangala 310 467-2146
Akrura 604 618-7575
Manu 352 283-4181
Expires: 08/08/2007

Modified: 07/08/2007
Youth Retreat in Toronto - July 26 - July 31 - 06/15/2007 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

Unite Retreat

We would like to invite all the youth of Canada and the U.S. for 6 fun-filled days of kirtans, interactive seminars, daily excursions, hiking, kayaking and so much more. Taking place for the first time in the heart of Canada, it promises to be an event like no other!

Who is it For?

It is for any and all young adults from the ages of 16-30. It doesn’t matter if you have been brought up in the movement or if you are new to ISKCON; this event is the perfect place to meet other like- minded devotees around the same age.

When and Where is it Taking Place?

The Unite Retreat is taking place in Toronto, Canada, one of Canada’s biggest cities. Accommodation will be provided at the ISKCON Toronto temple which is located at 243 Avenue Rd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 2J6. The retreat will be taking place from Thursday July 26th, 2007 to Tuesday July 31st 2007.

Activities (Or Why you Should Come?)

This retreat is a great place to connect and meet other Vaishnava Youth from across Canada, and the U.S. Additionally, there will be lots of kirtan, interactive seminars, excursions into the areas around Toronto for hikes and kayaking and a visit to Niagra Falls.

Cost And Registration:

The cost of the retreat will be $250.00 CDN per person. The cost will include prasadam over 6 days, accommodation and all activities. You will have to register through the Retreat Website listed below.

Special Guests

There a few special guests attending the retreat. Those include HH Bhaktimarga Swami, HH Chandramauli Swami, HG Bhuta Bhavana Prabhu and many other senior devotees.

For More Information or To register:

Please visit our website at:

Or Please contact:
Rashi: 416.819.5527
Vraja : 416.830.8923

Expires: 08/05/2007

Modified: 06/15/2007
Moscow Kulimela International Invitation July 12-16th, 2007 - 06/29/2007 (Kapila M)
MOSCOW KULIMELA international application

(Kuli - family, community, or tribe; Mela– gathering)

Please fill in the following if you would like to attend the Moscow Kulimela...

International Kuli Participants

Registration #_______________

- First name _______________________
- Surname _______________________
- Spiritual name ____________________

Tel. No _________________ e-mail___________________ ISQ _________________

Date of birth ___ ___\ ___-___\ ___ ___

Country of birth ____________

Country of residents’ _________________

Date of arrival ____________________

Upon arrival, kindly show identification (eg. Passport, driving license, etc) during payment. Cost of Kuli Mela festival is US $ 20. Payment is to be made upon venue.

Kuli participants traveling with children:

- state name of child and age ________________________
- participants cost is US $ 18 for children below the age of 12 years old

State choice of service in festival (if interest)
- kitchen help________
- making garlands _________
- singing kirtans ________
- maintainence of cleanliness of premises ________
- participate in cultural program (state Details) _______________

- others ____________________________________________________

For those who wish to have transport from the airport to Kulimela venue:

State: - name __________________
- race ______________________
- arrival time ________________
- name of airport______________ (eg. Sheremetyevo 1 \Sheremetyevo 2\
Damodedovo \ Vnukovo )
Cost of transport is US $ 40.

- Tent for 2 peopl is US $ 6\per day\ per person (please bring sleeping bag)
(Bring your own tent, and then it will be free)
- Unfurnished apartment for 6 people is US $ 8\per day\ per person (please bring sleeping bag)
- VIP apartment is US $40\per day\ per person (for 2 people)
To obtain invitation for Russian visa, please fill the form below and send it to

(cost of invitation is US $40) Payment is to be made upon venue.

- name (as stated in passport) ____________________________________
- sex______________________
- nationality _______________
- date of birth______________
- place of birth (country, state, province) ____________________
- date of issue of passport ________________
- date of expiry of passport _______________
- passport №____________________________
- state the country where the Russian invitation
will be taken ____________________________

Waiting for you reply ,
yours Radha Seva d.d.

For More Information please visit:
Background information:

For more information on other melas please visit:,,, , and visit and search for kuli mela.
Expires: 07/30/2007

Modified: 06/29/2007
KULI MELA 2007 (Moscow - Russia) - 06/27/2007 (Krsna das)
KULI MELA in RUSSIA (Moscow) 12th July (Thursday) - 16th July (Monday)

This is the first ever Hare Krishna Youth festival held in Russia. This event will gather the highest number of Gurukulis & ISKCON Youth within the territory of CIS and Russian Federation.

Russian Kuli Mela 2007 will include 4 days of seminars, lectures and master classes, feast, dance, fashion show, art-gallery, music, competitions and theatrical performances.

Goals of Kuli Mela:
- unite youth of ISKCON
- inspire young generation of devotees in Russia to aspire and achieve their goals, both in spiritual and material spheres.
- promote development of person
- setup communications and to help each other

The place where the festival will be held:
Moscow - Russia

Please check out our website:
(for English version please click the English flag)

For more information contact us at:
ICQ: 405502
Skype: bleechka
Mobile: +7 926 5654999

We invite all of you to attend this festival.
Russia is not that far, really! Just get on a plane and come... After the festival I have an idea to organize a little trip around some cities in Russia like St. Petersburg, Nijniy Novgorod and maybe go to the Caucasian Mountains and spend some fun times together.

Yours, Krsna das
Expires: 07/28/2007

Modified: 06/29/2007
Are You on the Cover of BTG? - 03/28/2007 ()
The cover of the May/June issue of Back to Godhead magazine, available from and participating devotee outlets from April 15, is a veritable Where's Wally of gurukulis. This issue gurukuli Madhava Smullen writes up on Kuli Mela, last year's largest gathering of Hare Krishna youth ever! So don't forget to pick up your copy of BTG and check out this colorful thirteen page photo article. We look back on the amazing festival, talk to the organizers about the mission behind it, and let you know when the next Kuli Mela events are coming up.

...And take a careful look at the cover -- you might see your own face grinning back at you!
Back to Godhead on Myspace
Expires: 06/15/2007

Modified: 03/29/2007
PROGRAM Gurukuli ITALY REUNION 2007 in Florence (Villa Vrindavana farm) - 04/14/2007 (Lilarani Devi dasi ॐ)
Enjoy in Krishna Consciousness! come to Gurukuli Italy Reunion in Florence, at the end of May.
For more information:
or write to:


30 Wen:
Arrival and registrations (All morning)
Ore 18.00 Kirtan Temple
19.30 Prasadam
21.00 Introduction of Gurukuli
(PS Late Night Go Kart Tour (22 euro extra) only for 18+)

31 Thu:
Ore 09.00 Breakfast
10.30 Living for the lake (badia)
14.00 Lunch
18.00 back to Villa Vrindavana
19.00 Football (soccer) match (Cerbaia)
21.00 Dinner
22.30 Campfire + Chant + Dance Etc.

01 Fri:
Ore 08.00 Breakfast
09.30 Living to the Sea
14.00 Lunch
19.30 back to Villa Vrindavana
21.00 Dinner
22.30 Campfire + Entertainment

02 Sat:
Ore 09.00 Breakfast
10.00 Lake (Badia)
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Games in Villa
16.30 Living for Harinama in Florence
18.00 Harinama
19.30 back to the Villa
20.00 Arrive at the Villa
20.30 Pizza Party
22.00 living for Florence by Night Tour

03 Sun:
Ore 09.00 breakfast
11.00 team games
14.00 lunch
15.30 Bhajans – Dance – more
18.00 Aratika
19.00 Prasadam
20.00 Kirtan

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Villa Vrindavana, located a few minutes from Florence is a marvelous farm surrounded by an vast farmland, where small and large groves thrive, disseminated with hills, small ponds and peacocks whose singing delights the deities.
If you want some Photo preview (last Italy reunion), go to:


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NEW TALAVAN MARDI GRAS GURUKULI REUNION FEB. 17TH & 18TH 2007 - 12/13/2006 (Kalindi Rose Bradley (Ninny))


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Research Project on 2nd and 3rd gen devotees - 01/03/2007 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Dear devotees, dandavat pranams.

My name is Sudevi dasi, I am a third year student at Bhaktivedanta College and am presently working on a sociological research project which is centered around and involves second and third generation devotees. The aim of the study is to find out reasons of why devotees remain in ISKCON, or keep up/ reassume their krsna conscious practices and it entails personal interviews with as many devotees as possible. The only requirements for participating would be that you are above age 18 and (somewhat consciously) comitted to practicing spiritual life.

The interview will probably be hold on the phone (unless requested otherwise) and takes approximatly 1 hour (depending of course on the eagerness to share!).

Again, I feel that it is important to hear from as many of you as possible since that would contribute tremedously to an in-depth study and thus hopefully help to improve our dealings with future generation devotees. So anyone's participation is highly appreciated and most welcomed.

In case you are willing to participate, please contact me: (I am also available on Skype: sudevi.rns). (preferrably as soon as possible and before 14.1.2007)

Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation.

All the best,

your servant, Sudevi dd

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Back to Godhead's Call to Arms - 09/04/2006 ()
When was the last time you picked up and actually read Back to Godhead magazine? Probably quite a long time ago. Because it hasn't gripped you or excited or inspired you recently.

Well, that's all about to change.

Pick up the last issue of BTG and just scan through it. You'll probably find yourself stopping and saying, "Hey, this looks like an interesting article" or "I didn't realize the magazine is in full color."

And there will be more. The November/December issue carries articles by several new writers, delivers "In Your Own Words," a brand new department wherein our audience have their say with entertaining and inspiring anecdotes, and resurrects The Vedic Observer "A Transcendental Commentary on Issues of the Day" complete with cartoons.

Yes, people, Back to Godhead magazine is taking on a new life. And you can be part of it! We are looking for talented second-generation writers to thrill and enthrall our audience, taking Krishna conscious writing to the next level.

So if you want to write from the heart and help make Srila Prabhupada's magazine amazing, email me at and let me know what you'd like to write about.

The brand new Back to Godhead myspace page is also now available at Use it to post up suggestions for BTG articles, meet others interested in writing for BTG, etc.

-Madhava Smullen


"Realization means you should write. Every one of you. That is what Back to Godhead is for. You write what you have realized about Krishna. That is required." Srila Prabhupada, lecture, Los Angeles, 1970.
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KrishnaNews ( is an independent newssite created to bring the latest news and relevant articles to vaishnava devotees and friends worldwide. KrishnaNews aims to bring unity to all Vaishnavas in the world regardless of affiliation, provided that the news and articles are relevant and valuable, and that it is not offensive.

In the spirit of free and open discussion amongst all devoteee, we publish articles embracing a spectrum of devotional views, although our articles do not necessarily represent the position of the editors. Opinions expressed are those of the author(s), and well-reasoned rebuttals free of personal attack are welcome.

KrishnaNews was designed with both the reader and the author in mind. The KrishnaNews control panel makes it extremely easy for authors to post, monitor, and edit their articles, images, blogs, and personal data. There are several user levels. Authors who are not familiar with the system may simply upload their article file and images using the control panel interface, while more advanced authors have more options for managing their news and articles.

KrishnaNews also wants to bring the news to you as quickly as possible. All breaking news and articles are posted within 24 hours or less of KrishnaNews being notified.

Temples and projects are welcome to join the site and create their own category (IE ISKCON Alachua), where all news pertaining to their category would show there.

KrishnaNews also has an all inclusive calendar of all festivals, conferences, and special events in the world. If you know of an event happening in your area, please email and we will add the event to the calendar. The calendar is updated everyday.

The site was created by myself, a gurukuli; so Gurukulis are more than welcome to post their opinions and news items. I hope that this site can foster positive progress as well as connect all vaishnavas in the world, young and old.

Krishna Kirtan
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First ISKCON North American Child Protection Conference - 10/03/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

1st ISKCON North American Child Protection Conference
November 10-12, 2006
Registration Deadline: October 20, 2006

Conference Overview

This conference is designed to provide Child Protection Team members, devotee parents, educators, and temple managers with tools and resources to take back to your communities. You will have the opportunity to network with other devotees interested in creating safer temples and communities. Our presenters are from the ISKCON Child Protection Office or from professionals in the field.

The conference will take place in a beautiful retreat setting just 15 minutes from New Goloka Mandir in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Develop an active child protection team for your community
  • Network with other devotees interested in a healthy and safe future for our communities
  • Tap into child safety resources in your local area
  • Respond to abuse (as taught by professionals in the field)

Contact person: Lilasuka dasi
Phone: 919.644.8261

Click below for brochure and registration form.)

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About Sujitendriya's family - 10/02/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
From Hauri Sauri Prabhu:

Official announcement regarding the disappearance of Srimati Gauri
dasi, Yamunangi dasi and Sri Hari dasa.

With great regret the Mayapur management wishes to inform the
community of devotees about the disappearance of Srimati Gauri dasi, the
granddaughter of Srila Prabhupada, her three years old daughter Yamunangi,
and her brother-in-law, Sriman Sri Hari dasa.

Gauri dasi leaves behind her husband, Sriman Sujitendriya dasa, a
Mayapur gurukula graduate who has lived in the ISKCON Mayapur community his
whole life, and her youngest daughter, Bhagirathi aged ten months.

These three devotees were tragically drowned in a boating accident
in Sri Mayapur dhama at sometime in the early afternoon on Wednesday 27
September, 2006.

The tragedy occurred on a flooded stretch of road on the way to the
Yoga-pitha, nearby where Sujitendriya and his brother Sri Hari were building
a house.

Because of the floods Gauri had rung her father Sriman Vrindavan
Candra De, and he advised her to come to their family home in Kolkata until
it receded. Thus, Sujitendriya, Gauri and their two daughters, Sri Hari and
several others were waiting for a boat to leave Mayapur. Instead of the boat
they expected, a smaller one came and offered to take them so everyone,
about twelve or fourteen persons, agreed to use it.

Their route followed the flooded road leading to the Yoga-pitha. The
current was running strong at ninety degrees to the road, so about six of
the men got out to push and guide the boat along from the front and back.
Gauri and the two children, along with their maid, were sitting in the boat
with six others, plus the two boatmen.

Due to the powerful current somehow the boat got out of control and
it sank into the water pitching the occupants into the flood. Gauri couldn't
swim and Sujitendriya grabbed her and their daughter Yamunangi, but both
were going under. To save all of them from being swept away Sujitendriya
grabbed hold of a banana tree with one hand. With the other he was hanging
on to his wife Gauri in a desperate attempt to save her. But by this time
she was fully submerged and unconscious.

They were pulled out onto the bank and an Australian devotee, Shanti
Parayana prabhu, attempted to revive Gauri with CPR. After some time
however it was clear the attempt was not successful. Yamunangi had also
expired in the arms of her father.

Sri Hari prabhu went to save the youngest daughter Bhagirathi and
the maid. He succeeded in doing this but in the attempt, although he was a
good swimmer, he was also dragged under and drowned. He died a hero, saving
others while giving his own life.

Out of all the passengers three died; Gauri, Yamunangi and Sri
Hari--Sujitendriya prabhu's wife, daughter and brother.

The bodies were taken in the afternoon to Krsnanagar and offically
declared dead and laid in the morgue to await postmortem. Sujitendriya
prabhu was brought back to Mayapur, almost dead himself from ceaseless
lamentation. I cannot give the details here of the trauma Sujitendriya
prabhu was suffering. It was a very heart rending experience. Every few
moments he would break down and beat his head or chest with his hands and
cry in anguish. Kurma Caitanya, one of our Mayapur pujaris, was a great
help, staying with him the whole night to help comfort him.

The following day, Thursday 28 September, Dayaram prabhu,
Naru-gopala prabhu, Ramadevi dasi, and a team of devotees went with
Sujitendriya prabhu to Krsnanagar by large motorized boat along the Jalangi
since it is the only way out of Mayapur at the moment. It took nearly 21/2
hours to get there.

Because of all the arrangements that needed to be made with the
Krsnanagar morgue for the post-mortem and reception of the bodies for
peforming the cremation, it was not possible to leave Mayapur until about 11
AM. We got there about 1.30 PM.

Gauri's family, Vrindavan Candra De and his wife and son, had
traveled late at night from Kolkata and reached Krsnanagar about midnight.
They were hosted by a local devotee in Krsnanagar but were not informed of
all the details when they arrived. At that point they had only heard that
their daughter was in hospital. We wanted to be personally present when they
heard the full details of the tragic event so that we could help them deal
with the shock and grief.

Myself, Dayaram and Ramadevi had the task of informing Vrindavan
Candra and his wife and son of what had happened. It is without a doubt one
of the most difficult things one has to do in life. Vrindavan Candra was
stunned almost speechless, his wife and son both broke down sobbing and
crying. Meanwhile Sujitendriya had come to another room in the house and
after some time Vrindavan Candra and the son met with him. Needless to say
it was an inconsolable scene as Sujitendriya told them what had happened, in
between repeatedly breaking down himself.

After some time we had to get to the practical business of viewing
and receiving the bodies. It was getting late, the postmortem was only done
in mid-afternoon and we were told we couldn't get the bodies until 3.15 PM.
This being India that meant sometime later.

Thus about 4.00 PM we had to go and pick up the bodies from the
morgue. We only took Vrndavan Candra and family with us to view the bodies.
Initially the mother didn't want to see the bodies but finally decided to
come along.

We thought the viewing of the bodies would be in a private room but
it seems that in rural India, or at least Krsnanagar, such things are an
unobtainable luxury. We had to stand around outside the broken down building
that passes off as the morgue as three cheap wooden beds were set outside.
About twenty people were milling around curious to see the event. Finally
the bodies were brought out and placed on the beds. Thankfully they were at
least wrapped nicely and kept in clean, white, fine muslin bags.

The pathos when Gauri and Yamunangi's bodies were unwrapped for her
parents to see, is undescribable. The mother was fully distraught. The body
of Sujitendriya's brother, Sri Hari prabhu was also lying there and his was
identified by the devotees.

Vrindavan Candra and family then returned directly back to Kolkata.
The thought of coming to Mayapur for the cremation was simply too much for
them to bear.

By this time it was about 4.45 PM and we still had to get the bodies
back to Mayapur for cremation. The flood makes everything difficult. The
Navadvipa crematoriom isn't working right now, the Krsnanagar one is also
temporarily out of service and we were unsure about where to do it on our
land. We considered a spot near the Gauranga Setu, the big bridge running
into Navadvip, but in the end it was settled by Sujitendriya prabhu
informing us that his wife had once made him promise that she would be
cremated in ISKCON Mayapur.

The devotees at the goshalla are expert with organizing this and
they assured us that we could get in by boat from the Jalangi and do the
burning on some higher ground there. From Krsnanagar we were able to drive
to the house of Bhaktivinoda Thakur where there is a small ghat, not far
upstream and opposite from our goshalla. The bodies were sent ahead by truck
while we picked up Sujitendriya prabhu. Our boat was waiting at the ghat for
us and the bodies were loaded onto the deck.

About 20 devotees were on board as we set off downstream in the
failing light to find a suitable spot to breach the flooded banks of the
Jalangi and sail into the goshalla. We achieved that within a few minutes
and started chugging across fields towards the buildings in the near dark.

Suddenly some low-lying telegraph lines were upon us. We had to dive
for cover on the deck as they scrapped over the boat. Devotees sitting on
the roof of the cabin, including Dayaram and Naru-gopala prabhus, were
almost swept off by the wires; one wire snagged across the deck cabin and
snapped, the rest of the wires got caught on the wheel house and the whole
lot ripped out of the pole. Luckily noone was hurt or electrocuted.
Proceeding cautiously the devotees thence expertly brought the boat into the
goshalla area, between the buildings, over fences and the road, to dock
right at the main cow shelter.

Then over the next two hours the bodies were washed, clothed in new
garments and all the Vaisnava pujas were done for the departed souls. They
were then burnt.

Now we have the task to look after Sujitendriya prabhu and his
remaining daughter, 10 months old Bhagirathi. Sujitendriya and Gauri were
also looking after the widows and children of two other of his brothers who
expired in the last couple of years. Now there are three with the widow of
Sri Hari prabhu. It will take a while to help him and them sort their lives
out but we are confident he will get all the support he needs from the
families here in Sri Mayapur dhama. We ask all devotees to please pray for
the well-being of these devotees.

Tragic as it is, at the same time these departed souls have to be
seen as most fortunate. Gauri dasi was Srila Prabhupada's granddaughter.
That in itself would have been enough to gaurantee her liberated status.
However, she was a devotee not just by birth, but by choice also. She was
serious about her spiritual life and loved to live in Mayapur despite not
having very opulent circumstances. She was well liked by all the devotees
here. She was married to a young man who has practically lived his whole
life in Mayapur, going through the whole gurukula and then running a
business in conjunction with the Deity dept. selling beautiful photos and
laminations of the Deities here.

Yamunangi took her birth in the most auspicious place, in the most
auspicious family line, and she left her body in the same holy dhama. Srila
Prabhupada once said that when a devotee child leaves early, it means that
that soul was an advanced devotee in their last life who had some small
residue of material desire or reaction to burn off by taking another birth,
and having done so, they return back to Krsna.

Sri Hari prabhu was the President of ISKCON Chittagoan in
Bangladesh. He joined ISKCON in 1978 and was the senior-most devotee in
Bangladesh. He fully dedicated his life to Srila Prabhupada's preaching
mission. It is said that if one even thinks of living in the holy dhama,
Krsna reserves a place for that person, so Sri Hari prabhu has now by the
mercy of the Lord attained the supreme abode.

While we lament the loss of the association of these devotees, there
can be no inauspiciousness for them. They fulfilled their life's purpose and
left their bodies in the heart of Sri Mayapur dhama in the bosom of Mother
Ganges. Most certainly they all three went home back to Godhead. What more
can one desire?

According to Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Navadvipa-dhama Mahatmya:

"O brother! One who resides in the land of Navadvipa is greatly fortunate,
for he obtains pure love for Krsna. Whosoever goes at any time to visit
Navadvipa becomes freed from all offenses. Whatever a pilgrim obtains by
wandering to all the holy places is obtained simply by remembering Sri
Navadvipa. This all the scriptures sing.

"A person who simply sees Navadvipa gets the great fortune of love for Krsna
birth after birth. Even one who practices karma- or buddhi-yoga never again
takes birth if he goes to Navadvipa.

"If a person wanders in Navadvipa, at every step he obtains the result of
ten million horse sacrifices. That too is stated in all the scriptures.

"If anyone resides there and chants his given mantra, that mantra becomes
Lord Caitanya, and so he is easily delivered.

"What yogis obtain in other holy places after ten years of practice is
obtained in Navadvipa by practicing for only three nights.

"The liberation obtained in other holy places by knowledge of Brahman is
obtained simply by bathing in the Bhagirathi in Sridhama Navadvipa. The five
types of liberation-achieving the same planet as the Lord, getting a form
similar to that of the Lord, obtaining opulence equal to that of the Lord,
getting direct association with the Lord, and merging into the Brahman
effulgence-can be obtained in Navadvipa, even without one's knowledge, by
those who desire such liberation."

We request all the devotees to give their blessings and prayers for
the departed Vaisnavas, and also their support to Sujitendriya prabhu so
that he can overcome his loss, raise his daughter Bhagirathi nicely in Krsna
consciousness, and continue to progress in his devotional life as a resident
of Sri-dhama Mayapur.

On behalf of ISKCON Mayapur,
Your humble servant,
Hari-sauri dasa
Expires: 12/02/2006

Modified: 10/02/2006
Life Skills Personal Transformation Seminar - 09/19/2006 (Citralekha)
Many Gurukulis have taken the Satvatove seminars and derived great benefit. Here is an other opportunity. My mom is always happy to give discount to Kulis.

Satvatove Institute present the
Gainesville, November 10 to 12, 2006

For more information about the seminar please visit
For devotee discount call 386.418.8840
Expires: 11/09/2006

Modified: 09/19/2006
Goura Prema dasi on front page of TIMES OF INDIA - 10/03/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Sri Vrndavana Dhama

Dear Devotees,

Pamho. Agt Srila Prabhupada who has so kindly given us the Vedic Cultural Arts by which he said would "attract the masses!"

Last year, you may remember that Goura Prema dasi was run over by a hit and run car in Delhi, saving her sister's life at the expense of a completely crushed ankle, foot and leg! As a lifelong dancer, this was the worst tragedy for her! It happened the day after her successful audition with the prestigious Sri Ram Bharatiya Kala Kendra in Delhi and one day before her first Katthak classes! She endured two heavy operations, due to the first one not done properly! For two months, she had to just lie in bed taking pain killers;complete agony for a dancer! Then, for another seven long months, she went back to her school to attend physical therapy daily and pulled herself up 3 flights of stairs to her room in the hostel(dorm of school) on her bottom, dragging her cast and crutches!

Many of you sent your prayers, well wishes, and Laksmi to help with the gigantic expenses! We are so grateful for all your love and support. Due to your blessings on her, her recovery has been going well!

This year, she was determined to give it her all! Although her foot is still somewhat tender, she is still doing her yoga and going to therapy. Two months ago, she auditioned for the part of the golden deer in the annual RAMAYANA that her school produces and won the hearts of everyone! The school administration had never cast a girl before for the role, but Goura insisted that she be given a chance....and her faith in Krsna became an incredible victory!

"Wherever there is Krsna.....victory, opulence, extraordinary power and morality."

This Ramlila is famous in Delhi as it is a major 3 hour "Broadway" production, with many colorful costume changes, amazing props, amazing Indian classical music and churning turning dancers! This Ramayana has been performed for the last 50 years at the Kendra! Goura Prema is in 6 other exciting dances, but the part of the golden deer is what caught the eyes of the press!

She appeared in the enclosed FRONT PAGE article of the TIMES OF INDIA(the most influential national paper of India), posted on Tuesday, 9/26/06! The director and administration at the school said this has never happened in the 50 yrs of the school's existence....the Ramlila receiving front page attention! Furthermore, Goura Prema has appeared on live interviews with NDTV, Darshan TV, and several other national TV stations, as well as many other newspapers! One devotee called us from Bhubenesvara (the other side of India) and told us he had just seen Goura dancing on TV and that her interview mentioning Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON, and dancing for Krsna was ecstatic!

The press is intrigued that a foreigner, what to speak of an American, is involved with an all Indian cast of Ramayana. They are surprised that she knows all the Pastimes of Lord Rama but Goura gives all credit to Srila Prabhupada, "who brought Ramayana to the West for all of us." Each article has Hare Krsna in it, as she immediately identifies herself as a Hare Krsna devotee from ISKCON. So all of Delhi and India are chanting Hare Krsna when they read about her performance! Today we just received a call from INDIA TODAY, the national magazine of India (like the TIMES in America), and they want to do a whole bio-spread on Goura Prema dasi! The article will include her life as a Hare Krsna, her accident, how she likes living in Delhi, and dancing for Krsna!

We in Vrndavana ISKCON are so proud of her! We pray for your continued Blessings, as the Blessings of the devotees are mystical, magical and simply wonderful:)! Please send your congrats to Goura at

We pray this finds you healthy and enlivened in your seva. May we all aspire to have each word a song of praise for our Srila Prabhupada in some way and each step a dance for our NitaiGoura,KrsnaBalarama,RadheSyama, Srimati Tulasidevi, Yamunamayi, Sri GiriHari, the Vrajruj and may we always want to serve Krsna's devotees.

Mahadevi dasi (
Goura Prema's mata:)

Expires: 11/03/2006

Modified: 10/03/2006
GBC: Disappearance of Sripad Bhakti Svarupa Damodara Maharaja - 10/02/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
From: "Secretary EC" <>
Sent: Monday, October 02, 2006 5:24 AM
Subject: Disappearance of Sripad Bhakti Svarupa Damodara Maharaja

Dear Devotees,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the disappearance of Sripad
Bhakti Svarupa Damodara Maharaja due to a massive cardiac arrest. He passed
away around 12:15 am today in Calcutta, Srila Prabhupada's place of birth.

We the members and servants of the Governing Body Commission of the
International Society for Krishna Consciousness, express our profound
bereavement on the passing of our dear Godbrother and fellow Governing Body
Commissioner Sri Srimad Bhakti Svarupa Damodara Maharaja, the beloved
disciple of ISKCON Founder/Acarya His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Srila Prabhupada gave special attention to Sripada Maharaja, even up to his
last days in Vrindavana in November of 1977. He would sometimes refer to
Sripada Maharaja affectionately as, "Our Dr. Svarupa Damodara" and "our
scientist, Svarupa Damaodara", and there were hours of conversations between
Prabhupada and Sripada Maharaja.

Sri Srimad Bhakti Svarupa Damodara Maharaja dedicated his life to fulfilling
Srila Prabhupada's order to spread Krishna consciousness throughout the
world especially through the medium of the Bhaktivedanta Institute. Maharaja
tirelessly worked to publish literature, develop relationships with leading
scientists and organize elaborate conferences that brought the scientific
community together to hear the message of Krishna Consciousness in a
language they could appreciate. While doing that, he simultaneously
established Krishna Consciousness in his native State of Manipur. He spread
the glories of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada throughout that
area. He was always a gentle, humble soul who worked tirelessly in Srila
Prabhupada's service. Even at his advanced age, he was traveling the globe
attending conferences, meeting top scientists, preaching at ISKCON temples
and program. In this time of their great grief, we pledge ourselves to the
service of his disciples and followers who are determined to carry on his
great service to the mission of Srila Prabhupada.

Signed (on behalf of the GBC Body),

AC Bhaktivaibhava Swami

Expires: 11/02/2006

Modified: 10/02/2006
Now online: Spirit - Not This Body, the Journal of the Hare Krishna Youth - 02/22/2006 (Manu)
The premiere reincarnation of Spirit - Not This Body, the Journal of the Hare Krishna Youth, is now online at:

In this issue:

* News and Events
* Profile: Varsabhanavi
* Memories of the Winter 2005/2006 Mexico Bus Tour
* From Apologies to Action
* The Kuli-mela Festival With a Twist
* Srila Prabhupada and the Treatment of Children

To subscribe to the Spirit list and be notified of news and updates, email:

Your volunteers for this issue were:

Krsnapriya, Manu, Jaya Radhe, Bhakti, Madhava, Bala, Shara, Praj, Abhay, Varsa, Baladeva

PS: We're already collecting material for the next issue, so send in your photos, artwork, poems, audio files, music files, video files, realizations, anything inspiring you want to share with more than 2000 Hare Krishna youth / young adults / pandava sena / gurukula alumni around the world.

Email submission to:
Expires: 10/25/2006

Modified: 02/22/2006
Aniruddha - 09/11/2006 (Shyam Baldeo)
To all the Youth of the 2006 Bus Tour,

this is a humble request on behalf of the vancouver, calgary, seattle youth to get and see a video recording of the "Ani Song" of our darling young Future GBC member Aniruddha Kansal or simply known as "Ani."

thank you for your cooperation and participation in this most urgent and valuble piece of our history.

please forward all videos, information, and how to get a copy of this wonderful lila to:

shama876 (at)


many many blessings to you and your service...
Expires: 10/11/2006

Modified: 09/11/2006
Calling the Next Generation of ISKCON Leaders - 07/18/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

Catch the wave of the future! The North American GBC and Spiritual Strategic Planning Initiative are actively seeking qualified second generation men and women to fill an array of important leadership positions within our ISKCON movement.

Years of experience have provided you a unique perspective into our society’s strengths and weaknesses. Now is the time to bring forward those insights, to partner with our current leaders, and to build a more successful future for our movement.

This effort will be funded and there may be grant monies available for devotees wishing to get involved, particularly those who are willing to enter training and mentoring programs. (see below).

We are also dedicated to redefining the classic concept of devotee maintenance by creating a financial care package that will include housing, education, health care & a livable stipend for those devotees willing to take on leadership positions. Devotees who will care for and value the contribution of each individual devotee, who will approach management with a practical and competent mindset, and who are eager to pursue their spiritual lives are strongly encouraged to participate.

To receive a copy of our prospectus or discuss possibilities with us, please contact: 352 283-4181
Caitanya Mangalacwalker5@hotmail.com310 467-2146 386 462-2306

Also, Scholarships available for the 2006 – 2007 Radhadesh Leadership Training Session

Five scholarships are available to North American second generation devotees interested to take on leadership positions in ISKCON. This is your opportunity to travel to the beautiful Radhadesh community in the Belgian countryside and participate in a one-year accredited Leadership and Management training program* Applicants 25 and up are encouraged to apply; the application deadline is August 16th. Finalists will be selected on the merit of both recommendations and their written application.

If you are interested please contact:

* Program accredited through the University of Wales @ Lampeter

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Acknowledging the Past/Looking To the Future, Part 2: Los Angeles - 08/14/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

This is mostly a placeholder. If someone attended and would like to give a more complete report, please email me at Thank you.

The meeting between gurukulis and the Executive members of the North American GBC was held in the prasadam hall at the Los Angeles temple the day before the gurukuli reunion.

I arrived about 1 1/2 hrs into the meeting so I missed the presentation made by the GBC members. My understanding was that it started out as an apology from the GBC regarding the injustices done to the gurukulis in the past. It then went into a presentation on how the Child Protection Office works. I hope to receive some sort of summary of the presentation at some point.

When I arrived, the microphone was being passed around the room so that each gurukuli could speak out.

I won't try to summary everything, but a few items stood out in my mind:

  • There were quite a few gurukulis upset with how the management dealt with them in Hawaii. A disput resolution / ombuds system was discussed which exists today. [ anyone remember the website URL for this? ]
  • An child abuser is running an orphanage in India. ISKCON has tried many times to have this person stopped but so far has been unsuccesful. Shakuntala quite strongly suggested that we should not stop trying until the orphanage is shut down.
  • There was a long discussion regarding Danudhar Swami. Both what abuses he did in the past (including a first hand account) as well as his current status within ISKCON. I will not try to summarize, but the discussion was quite intense.

After the meeting concluded, quite a few of us gathered in small groups to talk about the meeting. I spoke at length with Anuttama Prabhu about better communications between the GBC and the youth of ISKCON. As a result, I'll try to funnel appropriate news releases to this site.

I'm sure I missed some important items from the meeting. If you attended, send me you additions. I'd also encourage anyone that can attend the Alachua meeting to attend.

Expires: 09/14/2006

Modified: 08/14/2005
From Apologies to Action from ISKCON Communications - 08/14/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

This is also from Kapila, thank you.


From Apologies to Action:

In New York, GBC and Gurukulis dialogue on mistakes of a painful past and hopes for an uncertain future

by Vyenkata Bhatta das
Posted July 7, 2005

According to Confucius, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. On Sunday June 12th, the day after New York Ratha Yatra, ten senior ISKCON leaders and more than thirty gurukula alumni - popularly known as gurukulis - met at the Brooklyn Hare Krishna temple to attempt that first step together. The meeting, organized by ISKCON Communications, was designed to be a forum for leaders to express their remorse for the abuse suffered by hundreds of young adults who once attended the society's gurukula schools, and for the gurukulis to voice their concerns.

The gathering began with a gurukuli-led kirtan, followed by some words of welcome and brief presentations on legal updates, the on-going work of the Child Protection Office, and the current operation of the Bhaktivedanta Gurukula in Vrindavana. ISKCON leaders Bhaktimarga Swami and Anuttama Dasa then offered apologies, on behalf of the collective leadership of ISKCON, for the society's failure to adequately protect its children from mistreatment and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Almost unanimously, responses from the alumni present stressed that the apologies, while sincere, must not be seen as a substitute for concrete measures to heal the wounds of those whose lives continue to be impacted by the abuse they suffered.

"We appreciate the apologies," responded one gurukuli, now in his mid-thirties and raising his own family, "But we've been doing apologies for ten years- now, let's see an action item list." And so, in the spirit of moving from apologies to action, the group, facilitated by Braja Bihari dasa of ISKCONResolve, spent the next four hours wrestling with the question, "Where do we go from here?" Many gurukulis voiced concern over the lack of education, training, or mentorship opportunities for alumni. "Why are there still so few ISKCON leaders from the second-generation?" queried one gurukuli, while one of his former classmates put it even more bluntly: "What is ISKCON's retirement plan?" Across the board, the gurukulis present expressed a desire to see infrastructure in place that would help empower the second-generation to lead spiritually and materially successful lives within ISKCON.

Is ISKCON a family-friendly organization? Some gurukulis, while appreciating the strides that have been made, felt that the society has farther to go. "ISKCON still seems to value bringing in new people more than it does taking care of its own kids," objected one alumni, carrying her own infant in tow, "Why doesn't every temple have playrooms, or changing tables, or child-safe facilities?" Many gurukulis felt that ISKCON's seriousness about redressing the wrongs of the past is best judged by how it cares for its children today. "What's the point of ISKCON going through all of this," echoed another gurukuli, "if ISKCON will just have to go through it again?"

Several gurukulis pointed out that the victims of the most egregious abuse were not present at the meeting; most of these young adults will not attend a Ratha Yatra or temple function, and want nothing more to do to with ISKCON or Krishna consciousness. If the society's leaders truly want to take proactive steps towards healing, many stated, they will have to reach out to this group, as well. Some gurukulis present were unaware of the positive work that ISKCON has done to protect its children. It was a pleasant surprise, for example, for many to learn that the Vrindavana school now provides students an accredited education through high school, and that the school-while maintaining its spiritual emphasis-lays claim to award-winning teams in debate, swimming and volleyball. Others present did not know that Children of Krishna had granted more than $250,000 to Krishna youth, or that the Child Protection Office, under the direction of Tamohara Prabhu, is there to investigate any allegations of abuse that may arise.

Significantly, when it came to making a plan of action, it was the gurukulis themselves who - armed with markers and flip chart - took the initiative. Their goal: to come up with a list of five practical actions steps that can be taken, and followed up on, quickly. After much discussion, they voted to focus on:

  1. Developing a communications strategy so that gurukulis and ISKCON leadership can work conjointly and can reach out to other gurukulis, especially those who were not present at the meeting;
  2. Solidifying ISKCON's internal system of justice (especially regarding abusers);
  3. Developing a succession plan and mentoring infrastructure within ISKCON;
  4. Helping to ensure that temples are welcoming and safe environments for families and youth; and
  5. Supporting and funding existing efforts, such as Children of Krishna and the Child Protection Office

The gurkulis and ISKCON leaders present committed to follow through on these items, and discussed time frames and deadlines for taking action. In addition, everyone present agreed that similar meetings in different locations should be organized to continue the dialogue and bring in other voices.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the participants - excited but visibly exhausted - formed a circle and attempted to put into a single word, their impression of the gathering. And suddenly, in that sacred space born of the bridging of two worlds, words began to fill the air: "Hopeful." "Inspiring." "Apprehensive." "Educational." Each contribution, an attempt to express the ineffable; each word hanging in a no-man's land somewhere between disillusionment and faith. Perhaps one gurukuli's response captured it best. Looking out at the circle of faces, the young man answered in a voice worthy of Confucius himself: "Start."

Vyenkata Bhatta dasa (Vineet Chander, Esq.)
Associate Director of North American Communications,
International Society for Krishna Consciousness

Expires: 09/14/2006

Modified: 08/14/2005
Acknowledging the Past/Looking To the Future, Part 1: New York - 08/14/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

Kapila Monet sent this to me via email. It is a summary of the meetings between gurukulis and the executive leadership for the North American GBC. The Word versions of this and the apology letter are not posted here.

I heard a lot of good things about the meeting in New York -- especially how the kulis took charge of the meeting and came up with ideas and action plans.


Subsequent to the meeting in NY between the first and second generations, I took on the responsibility of compiling responses to the action plan questions. I am enclosing that summary below and in word document. I am happy to send the 27 page word document with all the un-edited suggestions to anyone who would like it.

44 emails were collected at the meeting and all were sent an email with three questions.

The first question asked the respondent to identify their priorities from the list.

The second asked them for their ideas on what can be done with each of the priorities. The third asked what they could do directly.

Three emails failed. We received 16 responses, 9 from the first generation, and 7 from the second generation.

Of these, 5 first generation and 5 second generation respondents identified their priority list. It is as follows, maximum score is 5.

Average of all totals:  
CKI and CPO3.4
Succession Plan3.3
System of Justice2.4
Temple's welcoming to youth and children2.2
Second Generation average:
CKI and CPO4
Succession Plan3
Temple's welcoming to youth and children2.6
System of Justice2.2
First Generation average:
Succession Plan3.6
CKI and CPO2.8
System of Justice2.6
Temple's welcoming to youth and children1.8

These figures tell us something interesting. For the first generation the most important issues are communication and succession, for the second generation it is continued funding of children of Krishna and the child protection office followed by the top priorities of the first generation. The anomaly of the system of justice ranking is perhaps explained by self-selection, those second generation willing to respond to the email were those most actively willing to engage in the society. It would have been more accurate if we had received a greater response rate to the questions, but for all those who did respond, many thanks.

I will now outline the key suggestions put forth by the respondents in the priority order of all the respondents.


Practical: Setting up a website specifically to address communication between youth and ISKCON and generating a contact database of all youth were the two top practical issues to come out of this discussion. One other proposal which achieved some attention was a desire to continue the meetings along the lines of the NY meeting . A final idea was to create a history and archive of the gurukula experience using materials already gathered, and collecting more.

Some suggestion for the website are: detailing Iskcon's progress; service opportunities; suggestion box; contact emails; a lot of news; run by second generation perhaps; a low volume mailing list; practical and mature design to address jobs, careers, education, and community.

Existing resources: CKO and CPO have websites. ISKCON,,

Some suggestions for the database: Compile a gurukula database with these categories: spiritual name, legal name, which gurukula attended, birthday (or year of birth or approximate current age), current address, email, phone number, names of parents. Post a section on "very hard to find." Ask the Iskcon lawyers for the lawsuit 450. Built a contact tree: ask each person to identify more people. Membership in the database could entitle the person to vote to elect a GBC youth minister, establish a liaison with the CPO, develop it's agenda etc, develop the agenda and purpose of CKI, help in funding etc. Meetings could be held at major reunions. A membership card can also be issued.

Idea: Segmentation of the different waves of youth, this will be easier to do with a full database. There are issues which are particular to each age group.


  • Manu was nominated to head up a department.
  • ISKCONResolve is willing to help with networking and coordination of meetings.
  • Gaura Vani dasi would like to help collect all the names of people from Gita Nagari.
  • Gadadhara can make the list of 99% of italian gurukuli with address too and 50% pictures before and now.
  • Mahamaya dasi has relevant know how from compiling the SP disciple database..

CKI and CPO Funding

Practical: A priority is placed on keeping both of these organizations funded. The importance of these programs should be communicated to all devotees. Youth should have more of a stakehold in both organizations, perhaps by electing a member to each board. A note emphasised that Manu Prabhu's Youth Ministry should also be funded and established firmly.

CKI: CKI is encouraged to broaden its remit officially to help with other areas of development such as business, arts, spiritual activities as well as education.

It should become a fund raising body, not just a dispersal body. It could become an agent between donors and individuals perhaps providing a listing area online for people to identify what they require funding for.

It should be easier to make donations, perhaps through an online paypal system or direct debit. The budget and fund raising obligation should be clearly outlined. One fund raising idea is to have a membership committed to donating a certain amount of money, open up the donation process to all of Iskcon not just the GBC and include the youth etc. Exploring alternative sources of funding - grants, establishing business, Gov. funds. Learn what other groups do with their youth organisations - and how they fund them.

CPO: Child Protection central offices need to be established on all continents.

Temples should have signs saying they follow international child protection laws and provide a contact.

A web site for mothers with young children (0-5) with advice and support (a devotee called Champak in Long Island would like to do this).

Temple CPTs need training. They should also not just respond to incidents, but be watchdogs, and sources of information and guidance for the temple and the congregation. Temple must put funds aside to maintain the CPT office at the temple.

We have a good system in the CPO. What we need help in is more judges. More Child Protection Team involvement on the local basis. More financial support for the CPO, some additional office support for the Alachua office, etc.

The system was also just fine tuned thru its 5 year review. We need to publicise the improvements.


  • Ananda V DD would like to help with the CPO and CKI- to help highlight their importance, enhance their effectiveness, and gain funding for them.
  • Anuttama is in charge of fund raising. 100% comes from GBC donations. He would appreciate help in this area.
  • A devotee named Champak in Long Island would like to help with a website for young mothers.

Succession Plan

Practical: Opportunities should be identified. People with skills must also be identified. We do not know what is needed, or who is able.

Important jobs which require top management also require proper funding, wages and training. A plan for proper training is vital; Bhaktivedanta College is a great start.

Room should be made to involve everyone at every level of spiritual practice whilst also protecting the importance of strict practice. Gurukuli's need to take responsibility for their own proper standard of spiritual activity. Examples of gurukuli's such as Sri Prahlada and Vedasara who are serious about their devotional practice and who have been welcomed into leadership roles in ISKCON could provide valuable examples. A gurukuli membership could also help provide leadership, role-models and a feeling of progression from education to practice.

Example of the BBT: The BBT has a special commitment to training and engaging ISKCON youth in services that pertain to publishing. Every major BBT office in the world has a budget for this purpose, and we actively seek youth involvement.

There are several 2nd-gen devotees working at We're trying to arrange for more. (The present obstacle is a need for more space for them to live and work in. That's something we're actively working on.)

There is an opportunity for anyone in the 2nd generation who'd like to be a BBT trustee.


  • Jayadvaita Swami would especially like to get involved with mentoring and succession in relationship to the BBT.
  • I and other BBT devotees should be able to put together seminars and courses for 2nd-gen devotees on various aspects of publishing. I can personally teach a college-level introductory course on editing. And for those who want to get more into it, we should be able to offer internships.
  • Also, a self-made-millionaire friend of mine teaches an excellent course on the basic secrets for success in entrepreneurship: very practical stuff. I attended it several times, in the course of my BBT work. So--weird as it might seem--that's a course I could give for 2nd-generation devotees. (With other devotees on board who, unlike me, are true business people, and good at it, perhaps we could put together a suite of related seminars. An item for the Kuli Mela?)
  • Romapada Swami would like to volunteer for the succession initiative. He has a keen interest in this very important topic.
  • Anuttama is glad to help in this area. He is on the board of the CKI and Bhaktivedanta College.

System of Justice

Practical: The system of justice needs to be enforceable and balanced. It should include official government bodies, police, courts etc. whenever possible. It requires funds broadly but has barely enough for the CPO judicial system office. Representatives from the second generation should be brought into the CPO, or should have a liaison with the CPO if they have a representation, particularly for the oldest gurukuli's. Some greater supervision of the judges is necessary as they are not always objective or untainted, particularly from a youth perspective.

Continued education of the community and children about the dangers and the strategies of molesters must continue.

Information about the cases already dealt with or in progress is very important: More info needs to go out there, in particular about high-profile people accused of abuse: Was there a CPO case? Was it diligently pursued? What did the CPO decide? What were its reasons? What sanctions did it impose? Have those sanctions been followed? Did the person accused give any money by way of restitution? Did the person offer any apologies? Is the person considered still a threat to children?

Avenues to inform on new cases must be kept clear, obvious, fair, and objective. There should be room for appeal (Tamohara is possibly working on this.)

A) Those who were in charge when abuses happened but did not know about it:

Investigate to see if they should have known and if negligence is found they should be censured. Forgiveness can also happen for them and proper passing over of responsibilities but there is an issue of mistrust. Should they have known? Have they become more competent, have they now been educated about the importance of this subject? Awareness is the main issue. A proper history could help make this issue real to everyone.

B) Those who committed abuse:

The most important aspect was they should be turned over to the civil authorities and tried for their offenses. The CPO is vital. They should have no position in ISKCON, and be kept away from temples and communities. Possibly, after 15 years and a psychological test, they may be allowed under supervision into some areas of the temple. Names should be put on a public list and all temple authorities should be very familiar with who is on the list: those found guilty and those undergoing legal proceedings at the CPO. They must take action when these people pop up, and this should be enforced somehow.

C) Those who allowed abuse to happen but did not directly commit abuse:

They are culpable and because they cannot be trusted completely there should be no position of authority. When it is available they should be tried for their ignoring or fined heavily. Names put on a public list. Has the CPO been informed and investigated the level of their knowledge?

Dhanurdhara is a particularly important case. Information on his case was going to be given out to everyone who attended. The necessity of him meeting properly with his victims is one important stage for closure. There are a few others such as Dayananda (principal of Dallas), and Bhurijana (principal of Gita Nagari) who are also possibly in his position where more needs to be done between victims and perpetrators. Jagadish, although now no longer part of ISKCON, could also be censured in the official history for his position and authority during this time.


  • Gadadhara can give the names of the real people who abused the kulis in Italy (not the soft one the Italian GBC gave).
  • Idea for someone from the second generation to possibly work with Tamohara Prabhu on this. (Someone in Alachua?)- Maybe it can be done as part of a university credit?
  • Braja Bihari Dasa- has written a paper about using Restorative Justice in the process of adjudicating cases. I'd be happy to help incorporate such principles in the CPO process.
  • Yudhistir would like to find some way to publish information on perpetrators, and he is willing to work on doing legal research about US libel laws and the best way for the CPO to publish information or avoid the risk of publishing.

Ensuring Temples Are Welcoming for Youth and Children

Practical: The overwhelming advice was that this is very much a local temple issue. Istagosti's, local teams, and local solutions are all important. However, the need to give guidelines, encourage the topic in local temples, and the need to elaborate on good examples and successes were also emphasised. Perhaps a team can be set up to go to temples to organize a youth and children meeting and find good ways to engage the community. The importance of children to our leaders will help our society recognize that they are truly special and our most important asset.

Alumni and non-devotees go to the temple for the same reasons: association, prasadam, kirtan and spiritual realisation, but instead of preaching they require encouragement and involvement.

The Chowpatty temple model was seen as a good example.

Some suggestions:

  • Soundproof play area/nursery with window and speaker system.
  • Encouraging women to give class and lead kirtans which involves more of the family in the activities of the temple.
  • Encourage youth to lead kirtan and give class.
  • Changing tables in restrooms.
  • Devotees welcoming all with a smile.
  • Having a play area and activities: games, cooking class, painting, puppet shows… having fun.
  • Seating areas, breastfeeding areas, nappies…. Other practical help..
  • serving families with young children first.
  • Free prasadam for life!


  • Pancha Tattva dasi has some very good ideas for her local temple which are also applicable in other ares.
  • Malati Dasi would like to be a: ""crusader" for friendlier environments in ISKCON for our Youth and families." The recent weekend in Atlanta strengthened her feelings on the subject. She saw the wonderful work done by Manu's group. A three day "estreme makeover" beautified the Atlanta temple and grounds! And in return, the kids were honored and appreciated by the temple elders and congregation.

Hare Krishna, and All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I pray that I have done justice to all the wonderful ideas presented to us. I appreciate your opinions and the effort you took to respond. I also have the entire transcript of what was written if anyone would like to make their own summaries.

Kapila Dasa
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KEY | Krishna European Youth | SUMMER IN SPAIN - 05/28/2006 (Deva Sekharah)




The purpose of the following NEWS is to INFORM YOU and all those interested about this summer's youth activities and initiatives at New Vrajamandala. ( Spain )

1.) Bala Gopal Summer Camp will continue this year!!

The camps, organised by Dharma Raja and many more devotees, every summer, are very important for the unity of our boys and girls and their experience of a devotional environment in Krishna Consciousness.

At the following address you can find information about the Bala Gopal Summer Camp which will run from the 7th of August till the 15th of August.

We invite you to participate. !!! (Limited Places).

2.) From the 20th till the 30th of August (After Janmastami, on the 16th) we will be celebrating a great event! This event is the European Youth Festival for Young Devotees. We have christened this event the 'KEY' - Krishna European Youth. 'Key' makes a reference to the importance of our youth in the future of the movement for Krishna Consciousness. (Limited Places)

The youth are the key to the future. Srila Prabhupada repeated this on many occasions.

Anubhava Prabhu, from Italy, is responsible for giving impulse to this initiative in order to carry out this gathering at New Vrajamandala. We are expecting sixty youngsters to visit, as a minimum.

There will be many activities. We will also have a four-day adventure at the National Park of Alto Tajo. All the information is at the following address !!!

We invite you to participate !!! We will need people who could lend a hand. (Kitchen, Transport, Entertainment Etc.)

We need devotees who will pass on this publicity and we will also need assistants, coordinators and volunteers for the events themselves.

Any ideas, suggestions and taking part in the activities will be very well received and very much appreciated by their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Govinda Chandra !!!

Please get in contact with any of the organisers:

telephone 0039 051436863

telephone 0034 685104829

telephone 0034 949280595

telephone 0049 1637351561


telephone 0034 660395392

telephone 00351 916513246

We look forwards to receiving news from you !!!



Expires: 09/01/2006

Modified: 06/30/2006 - 07/31/2006 (Krishna Kirtan) (beta) - the social networking site for devotees. Here you can meet devotees from all over the world and connect with them in a variaty of ways.

Grow your Circle of Friends
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and much more...

Krishna Friends is about friends...making them, sharing with them, and keeping in touch with old ones.

Once you are a member you will have the ability to create your profile, make your list of friends, communicate and make new friends, upload and share photos, participate in group discussions, create your own group, create a blog and more!

This is a place where devotees of Krishna can come together to connect, share ideas, as well as make and connect to new devotee friends.

Join Today. It's Free!
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Krsna on Broadway - 07/30/2006 (Krsnaa Fitch)
The Krsna on Broadway Project now has a website. Please come and read about the project's purpose and goals, and join the discussion.

All are welcome!


~Krsnaa devi dasi
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Ok, we're on a new host with more memory. Performance should be at least as good if not better than it was prior to my move. Let me know if you see any problems please.
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Mayapur Jhulan Yatra 2006 - 07/07/2006 (IKṛṣṇa Das)

Jhulan Yatra 2006

Since 1985, Jhulan Yatra has been organized, by the Vaisnava Youth of Bhaktivedanta Gurukula Village in Sridham Mayapur. This has been one of their main offerings during the year to assist Sri Sri Radha Govinda in Their beautiful Swing Pastime.

Again, this year, 2006, the Vaisnava Youth of Sridham Mayapur are offering this festival for the Lord's pleasure. This five-day festival will be held at the Varnasram Building (Cyber Mansion) from August 5th to 9th.  

Please kindly assist these sincere Youths with your generous donations to make this the biggest and best festival ever! Help them to realize their devotion and make it all possible.

Please drop into your local Western Union office (there's one just near you!) and send your donations to Somen Das at Western Union , Mayapur, West Bengal , India . It's that easy! Western Union will give an MTCN number (Money Transfer Code Number). Please kindly send this along with the amount and your name and country to at the following email address:

For the five-day festival, you can choose to sponsor any of the following:


Cost in Rupees

Cost in USD



235 U$



235 U$

Generator, lights and electricity


350 U$

Music and sound system

Rs. 3.000

70 U$

Fountains and mountains

Rs. 5.000

117 U$

Daily offering for the Deities

Rs. 2.000

47 U$

New sets of Dresses

Rs. 6.000

140 U$

Shoes for the Deities

Rs. 500

12 U$

Videos slide shows

Rs. 2.000

47 U$

Flowers for daily decoration & garlands


350 U$

Daily prasadam distribution

Rs. 7.000

163 U$

Thank you for your time, your kind consideration and your generous help!

May the blessings of Sri Sri Radha Madhava be with you and your family always.

Your humble servants,

Gaura Kirtan das and the Jhulan Yatra Committee of Sridham Mayapur


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Free BBT Art Seminar - 07/05/2006 (Patita Pavana)
Are you an artist? Then this ought to grab your attention.

BBT Special Projects would like to extend a personal invitation to you. BBT is sponsoring a *free* two-week art seminar in Vrndavana, India this October. All equipment, paints--everything you need to paint--will be supplied.

Dhriti dasi and Ramadasa Abhirama dasa are teaching the seminar. Both artists did amazing paintings for the BBT and both have successful professional careers. Their paintings hang in prestigous galleries all over the west coast USA and they are paid serious money for their art.

Most importantly both artists received training by Srila Prabhupada about painting spiritual subject matter: how to capture spiritual personality, emotions and the nature of the spiritual world. You'll learn this and more from these highly qualified painters.

Seats are limited, time is running out.

We'd love to have you join us for the First Annual BBT Art Seminar. Find out more and sign up here.

Hope you can make it. If you have any questions please contact Caitanya dasi.

Regards, Pranada dasi (Patita Pavana's mom)

P.S. Do you know anyone else we should send contact about this seminar? Please let me know. Tell them about this. Thanks!

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Invitation to Kulimela 2006, New Vrindavan, June 14-18 - 06/29/2005 (Radha Madhava dasa)
Invitation to Kulimela 2006, New Vrindavan, June 14-18

Please forward this email to EVERYONE you know, used to know, and
think you should know. Help make this our biggest even of the decade.
In order to accomplish this we need to begin planning now, so please
register and relay.

Who should come to Kulimela?

We hope that you will come, along with everyone you know. This is an
international invitation to all youth, Second Generation, Kulis,
Gurukulis, Vaishnava Youth, Alumni, Childhood friends, Partners,
Friends, the connected, and the disconnected to attend a grand
festival of inspiration and renewal.

Kulimela is for all youth (and former youth) from Russia , India,
Canada, Thailand , England, Germany, USA , and every other nation in
between. Re-establishing old bonds and forging new connections will
unite a thriving international community of friends who can help and
inspire one another.

We welcome anyone who is or was a youth in this movement, whether
religious, ritvik, Iskcon, a Narayan Maharaj disciple, or completely
uninterested in religion. Respect for each other, and the location,
should allow us to be open without being challenging or demanding.

What is Kulimela?

Kulimela 2006 will be 5 days of workshops, seminars, feasting,
dancing, music, games, and theatre. Kulimela will be what we as a
community choose to make of it. Together we can develop this project
into a true representation of who we are and where we are heading. We
want you to tell us what you would like to learn or present.

Many have already have come forward and shown their interest in
presenting a variety of workshops; from parenting and business plan
workshops, to devotional workshops, and community development. What
would you suggest?

We are looking for actors, musicians, yoga practitioners, doctors,
lawyers, producers, temple management, bhaktas, mothers,
psychologists, researchers, businessmen, hospitality providers, men
and women on the pick and any others. We want to know what you are
doing, and how we can help one another.

We have focused the seminar conferences on 4 areas:

  • Spiritual & Community development
  • Business & Career
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Medicine & Health

Attend for purely material reasons, purely spiritual reasons, or a
balance between.

Where and when is Kulimela?

Kulimela will be held in New Vrindavan from the 14-18 of June, 2006.
(the week immediately following NY Rathayatra. We have a good
support structure there and a wonderful facility. Manu's buses will
help in the transportation. We will continue to work on
transportation plans.

What do you need to do for Kulimela?

Register - Relay - Rejoice

Register: Let us know you are interested, and how you would like to
attend, as reps, delegates, workshop hosts, or artists.

Relay: Tell as many others about this as you can. Help us make it a
truly global and truly astonishing event. This is not about
religion, this is about us. Get the word out, especially to your
disconnected and old friends and see if we can all help inspire one

Rejoice: start making your plans now, so you are certain you can make it.

We are looking for your help! We need representatives to help spread
the word, organize travel, answer questions and give us support. We
need entertainers who are interested in performing as singers, actors,
dancers, and whatever else your specialty might be. We need workshop
hosts who have some knowledge to share. We need sponsors willing to
help support our endeavour. We need delegates to attend.

Please register now at or contact one of our key
contacts, so that we can sufficiently organize this event and ensure
it develops to its full potential.

Why are we doing Kulimela?

We want to know what inspires you. We want to know how you have
balanced the material and spiritual aspects of your life. We want to
know about your success, and your attempted success.

Individually we don't have all the answers, but together we can share
our example. We strongly believe that our coming together will help us
to empower one another and assist us in defining and achieving our
dreams and aspirations.

Our incentive comes from knowing that most of us differentiate
ourselves from the wider population in one way or another. We may
look and talk and act like the society around us (or some few of us
may not), yet, for better or for worse, we know with certainty that
some quality distinguishes us.

For some of us that difference comes from pain and abuse, and we want
to connect here as friends and encourage one another.

For others that difference comes from having knowledge of Krishna, or
however we see God, and that knowledge changes how we look at
ourselves and those around us.

Whatever the reason, we want to share that experience and help
identify ourselves with more than our difference. Kulimela is about
looking forward not back.

Who are we?

The vision of an event of this nature has been developing and
circulating among many of us for some time. Bala Keilman and Kapila
Monet have now harnessed this energy and have created the Kulimela
project in order too see this vision progress. They have called on
many of their more experienced friends for guidance and assistance.
Our strongest affiliation is our friendships and we are very grateful
to all the many friends we have not listed, who are providing their
full support.

Although we are grateful for the assistance from members of the ISKCON
community, this is an event by us, for us, and about us.
Key Contacts
Baladeva Keilman - London and Amsterdam, Europe
Kapila Monet - London, UK and Sharanagati , Canada
Bhima Sena - New Vrindavan - USA
Govinda Ghosh - Vancouver, Canada
Executive Members
Gaura Vani, Washington D.C. - USA
Giri Santillan - Alachua, Florida, USA
Govinda Syer - Alachua, Florida, USA
Kar Delaney - Sharanagati, Canada
Krishna Das- San Francisco
Manu - Alachua, Florida , USA

Encouraged and Supported by:
Malati - New Vrindavan, USA
Gopal Bhatta
Radhanath Swami - New Vrindavan, USA

All Glories to:
Srila Prabhupada


Kulimela Executive Committee
Expires: 07/30/2006

Modified: 07/03/2005
Register now for Youth Summer Festival Tour, North America - 03/06/2006 (Manu)
Youth Ratha-yatra Festival Bus Tour North America 2006

Registration is in progress for the 12th annual Krishna Youth Festival Bus Tour across the USA and Canada. From June 7 through August 20, 2006, youth from around the world will meet up and travel in two buses (one for dasas, one for dasis) to set up and perform at Ratha-yatra festivals including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver.

Along the way, we will organize and host Krishna conscious festivals at auditoriums in Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans, visit temples, spread the Holy Names on Harinama Sankirtana, distribute books, renovate Srila Prabhupada’s Palace in New Vrindavan, participate in Gita-study seminars and in Kulimela.

Additional adventure activities include camping, swimming, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and hiking at national parks, rivers, lakes, oceans, and in the Rocky Mountains.

If you, or someone you know, would like to experience a summer full of festivals and adventure in the association of Vaishnava youth from around the world, contact:

Organized by volunteers at ISKCON Youth Ministry, including Krsnapriya, Uddhava, Datta, Bhakti, Jaya, Priya, Shanti, Saras & Kalindi. Sign up now. For schedule, fees, photos, testimonials, tour lifestyle, and online videos, please visit:

Bus Tour
Expires: 07/10/2006

Modified: 03/06/2006
Update to Kulimela 2006, June 14-18 New Vrindavan. Everyone Welcome - 06/28/2005 (Kapila M)
Kulimela 2006 Update. June 14-18

Press Release

May 28th, 2006

(Kuli - family, community, or tribe; Mela – gathering)

New Vrindavana June 14th – 18th

Less than 1 month to go!! Kulimela's contagious energy continues to
attract many talented and wonderful people from around the world ready to
entertain and inspire you.

During the day time we have a full complement of confirmed professionals
and successful business people who will be in attendance including
doctors, psychologists, lawyers, MBA graduates, spiritual and community
leaders, teachers, technology professionals, business owners, etc. who
will be leading a variety of seminars and conferences. Whatever your
interest or area of expertise you will be able to broaden your contact
base and explore new opportunities.

Our full program of evening entertainment including theatre, dance and
music performances as well as some novel themes such as a fashion show
will create a mood of festivity. Artists such as Karnamrita, Gauravani,
Ghosh Brothers, Rajasi, One Way, and Anapayani amongst many others will
help lift our spirits and keep us laughing and dancing for hours on end.

This festival is already well on track to be the biggest and most
successful Kuli festival ever. Confirmed groups who will be attending
include Pandava Sena, Youth Ministry Bus Tour, Brit Crew, NV Crew, Alachua
Crew, Satvatove, BBT, Children of Krishna, Festival of India with many
more groups and individuals from all over the US and the world already
with their ticket and booking.

Our families and children are an extremely important part of our lives.
Kulimela has extensive activities planned so that the children can have
fun, make new friends and learn a little throughout the weekend. More
details can be found on the website:
Just as the momentum for Kulimela continues to build, so does the amount
of reservations at New Vrindavana's lodge. We urge everyone to secure
their lodging arrangements in advance by phone. Please visit for more information. As the Temple lodge
is filling quickly please come prepared to camp or reserve alternate
accommodations at nearby hotels. In addition, please post your flight
arrival and departure information on Kulimela's discussion board to help
with coordinating airport pickups.

Please note that all underage (17 and under) attendees must be accompanied
by a parent, or have a parental permission slip and be accompanied by an
adult guardian. Kulimela is being held on temple property - please help
us to preserve the sanctity of the venue by respecting the temple area's
rules and observances. Thank you for your assistance in creating the right

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Kulimela Organizers
Expires: 07/01/2006

Modified: 05/28/2006
Pandava Sena 2006 Summer Trip - LEGACY - 05/28/2006 (Pragnesh (Caitanyananda Das))

Pandava Sena U.S.A. is proud to present:


June 23th-27th

Sri Gita Nagari Dhama (and beyond)


This year's retreat is a celebration of the life, love, and legacy of His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami, at the place he called home, Gita Nagari.

Join us for a Krishna Conscious adventure including:

Exciting Workshops * Service Projects * Sports Tournaments *Awesome White-Water Rafting Trip

As always, the P-Sena crew will bring you the best in special international guests, killer kirtans, and our (in)famous veggie BBQ... along with a few farmland surprises.

Expect the unexpected.

Special Feature: The retreat will culminate in a celebration honoring the life, legacy, and glorious departure of His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami, a true Spiritual Warrior.

For more information:


Expires: 06/28/2006

Modified: 05/28/2006
BBT International Job Opening for an Executive Secretary - 05/24/2006 (Manu)

BBT International

Long-term, Full-time position

May 20, 2006

BBT International has an opening for an executive secretary. We are looking for someone ready to make a long term commitment. In keeping with our self-assessed mandate to train and facilitate our youth, we encourage second generation youth to apply for this position. We’ll start with a one-year commitment and three-month probation period, but we are looking for someone to take this on as their project.

Job Responsibilities

Interface with ISKCON and non-ISKCON public around the world about the use of BBT copyrighted materials. Process permission’s applications; issue and document licenses, contracts and other necessary legal documents; follow up with licensees on proper use of licenses. Interface closely with BBT Legal Department on all copyright issues. Submit monthly reports to the BBT Directors. Other duties as required.


    Candidates will:
  • Excel in written and verbal communication.
  • Be multi-taskers and fast learners.
  • Have an ability to plan and execute office tasks and possess computer skills.
  • Be detail-oriented, have “street” sense and common sense.
  • Have working knowledge, or ability to quickly learn, the legal dealings specific to this position.
  • Devotionally oriented, and desirous of making the success of the BBT their devotional service.
  • Possess people skills.
  • Be energetic, self-motivated.
  • Possess high standard of professional and business ethics.
  • Capable of project execution and management, ability to balance multiple and diverse projects.


The position is located in Alachua, Florida, USA.


BBT stipend model: maximum allowance $2,000/month.

Note on BBT stipend model

BBT managers acknowledge the need for individuals to financially maintain themselves. BBT has limited capacity to compensate employees at secular/market rates and we encourage and require volunteer participation. BBT positions therefore require a balance of financial needs and volunteer service.

In balancing these two realities, we will work with candidates. Applicants are welcomed to express their financial needs. If a qualified applicant requires less than the maximum allowance listed, then that will be appreciated and will weigh into the hiring process.

To Apply

Respond with cover letter, resume, references and a one paragraph essay why you should be chosen for the position to: Pranada dasi at

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest; however, only those applicants who are being considered for an interview will be contacted.

Application Deadline

June 20, 2006

Expires: 06/24/2006

Modified: 05/24/2006
Kulimela updates - 03/27/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)


Kulimela is now ready for you, are you ready for Kulimela?

After a year of coordination and organization Kulimela is now set and primed to be a fantastic event. We have a great group of people doing presentations in all our zones, with more coming in every day. We have an exceptional line up of entertainment every day including dance, plays, a fashion show, and an incredible line up of musicians. We have a kids camp, and will organize a knockout sporting competition. and of course we have preparations for feasts every day. See for more information.

Now we just need to ensure the greatest possible turnout and that you have all the necessary arrangements made for a comfortable event.

5 Steps:

  1. Lodging: Ensure you have booked your logding at the event. Event booking is done through the lodge at NV. Rooms are available to rent at a rate of $10 per person/per day. Please call 304-843-1600 ext. 111 for reservations or email Additional information is available at If you are camping please let us know by emailing me at . There will be a small charge for camping.

  2. Travel: Ensure you have made your travel arrangements to the event. If you are traveling from NY Rath and wish to travel on the special bus service you must contact the bus tour directly and as soon as possible to arrange a seat. The buses have limited space. Advance reservations are recommended, and seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until buses are full. Email to reserve your spot today. Transportation costs are $65 per person round-trip from NYC to NV and back, or $33 one-way. From Alachua, costs will be $150 per person roundtrip (Alachua, NYC, NV, NYC, Alachua).

  3. Donations: So far the organizers have carried the cost of establishing the event. We have pledged in the region of $10,000. This still leaves us $15,000 short which is essential for our feast program. Any amount of money would be welcome, but for those who wish a little more involvement we have a number of sponsorship spaces available for zones, food, or entertainment.

    All donations are tax deductable and are deposited into a charity account and will only be used for the Kulimela event and any future related activities (hosting a networking website etc). We will show all receipts paid out from this account..

  4. Make a donation via PayPal from the Kulimela website.

    For electronic transfers here are the account and routing numbers.National City Bank (Bridgeville Branch)Acct #983002196Routing #043000122

    If you would like to discuss these opportunities or would like to sponsor as a group, let me know:

  5. Spread the word: We need you and all your friends. We know for certain that the word has not got out far enough or globally enough. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to meet your peers in a positive, active, and empowering environment. This is a rare opportunity so make sure they know and have made the plans to attend.

  6. Register: to ensure you continue to receive information on this event please register at If you are inspired to give your own workshop, seminar, or to create a forum for networking please get in touch with us. If you wish to donate your time and energy then please make sure you get to NV on the Wednesday and look out for the volunteers booth where we will be looking for your help on the day. Some of the speical events such as the fashion show, the art gallery, and the special performing arts workshops require your immediate attention. Visit the website to find out more or go directly to:

Fashion Show:


Or read through the workshop and seminar pages If you are interested, please contact Chaits Walker:

We look forward to meeting you on the 14th (pre-event registration on Wednesday evening) or on the 15th although if you can only attend on the Saturday you would still be welcome and we are certain it will be worth your while.


Kulimela Organization Team

Expires: 06/20/2006

Modified: 06/22/2006
Kazakhstan Update / May 17th - 05/18/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Dear All,

Hare Krishna !!

Since I have returned to Kazakhstan the situation has basically been quiet.

I had a productive meeting with the Indian Ambassador to Kazakhstan. He informed me that his office arranged a meeting with the Hakim of the Karasai Rayon and listened to his points.

The ambassador has suggested some steps by which we can follow up and try establish some working dialogue with the Hakim.

We also met one of our highly placed contacts who mentioned that he has discussed the issue with people on the level of the president's administration. He said that in three instances the feedback that he received was that the pressure was being exerted by a member of the president's family who wants our land.

Thus the basic idea is to try to contact as many influential persons in Kazakhstan as possible who may bring the issue to the Presidents attention.

In the past week:

There was a demonstration at the Kazakh Embassy in Kiev Ukraine on Thursday afternoon.

The team at the Bhaktivedanta Manor have developed a Kazakhstan Campaign Resource Packet. I will be sending that, hopefully tomorrow, that temples and individuals around the world will have an idea on how to conduct a systematic campaign.

Also, Anuttama Prabhu has been in touch with the Kazakh Embassy in Washington trying to get feedback from their side.

President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan is hosting a World Religions Forum in September 2006. It will be the second event like this in Kazakhstan and it brings immense credibility to the nation.

We must make strong endeavours now that the Kazakh government will not allow the situation to sleep until after the September Forum, and at that time bring out their bulldozers to crush us.

Please, dear friends, keep in contact with Kazakh government officials in your nations, plan protests at the Embassies, keep the news coming to Kazakhstan that the community throughout the world is not satisfied in the way their government is dealing with this issue.

Thank you all. Please keep us in your prayers.

With affectionate regards,
BB Govinda Swami
Expires: 06/18/2006

Modified: 05/18/2006
Updates on KKSongs as of 3/14/2006 ( - 01/15/2006 (Krsna Dhenu (
Hare Krishna, devotees!

Please accept my humble obesiances! Srila Prabhupader Jaya!

As of Gaura Purnima (March 14, 2006), KKSongs has grown since the date of release. We have 967 devotional song lyrics of songs in Bengali, Sanskrit, Hindi, Braja Bhasa, as well some language you wouldn't expect like Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Spanish, and English! If you are looking for lyrics for your favorite devotional song, KKSongs is the place for you.

Author biography pages and Krsna Consciousness guides are available for newcomers. Those who are interested in music can listen to the Audio Page containing original recordings of devotional songs, and instrumental music for your listening pleasure.

Soon, a scientific mridanga teaching course will be available online. Please stay tuned to KKSongs. If there are any questions, please contact KKSongs at

Hare Krishna!

your servant,
Krsna Dhenu
Webmaster of
Expires: 06/15/2006

Modified: 03/14/2006
So You Married a "Karmi"... - 04/29/2006 (Maharani dasi)
... But Krsna will always be your first love.

There's a group for that -- Krishna Conscious Spouse is a free Yahoo discussion group for the devotee spouses/partners of non-devotees. We're non-judgemental, friendly, and supportive, and we already have members from around the world, older devotees, new bhaktas, and gurukulis. If this sounds like just what you need, send a blank e-mail with the subject line "Subscribe" to:

See you there!
Expires: 05/30/2006

Modified: 04/29/2006 - 04/09/2006 (Krishna-das Mulder)
I just saw this program on TV and thought I should share a little on it with everyone. It was on MTV and they were talking about vegetarianism. It was quite favorable. Though it was followed by a workshop on how to make sausages, it clearly depicted vegetarianism as the intelligent choice. is a website interested people were referred to. I proceeded to check out the website and haven't been able to sleep since. The website is amazing! There's even an option to have a free vegetarian starter kit mailed to you. It has links to all sorts of information. The videos were so provoking that an hour later I still feel like hurling and kicking the ass of every meet eater out there. I have to hang my head in shame at the leather jacket I bought a few weeks ago. Please take a moment to check it out.

Hearing the very same message told by people that may have never even heard about Lord Krishna hammers it home a bit harder and deeper than it being the same message our parents and the Bhagvatam speaker have been telling us for years. I'm proud to be a devotee. And happy to now have a website I can refer my nondevotee friends to that will explain to them why it's so important to be a vegetarian with out telling them to shave their heads. Hope you like the site.
Expires: 05/10/2006

Modified: 04/09/2006
Server Upgrade - done - 03/10/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
We've (virtually) moved! The server is now hosted in a datacenter in Atlanta with a nice high-speed network connection. As with any major move there are problems to be expected. So, if you run into a problem, let me know. Email me at or click on "report a problem".
Expires: 04/10/2006

Modified: 03/10/2006
Site update - Chat feature - 03/05/2006 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
The chat room has been changed to make it simpler to use. Just login and then click on chat. No need to download a program or run a big java application. You just need to have the flash plugin which is pretty standard across all platforms.

Please let me know if you run into any problems. Just email me or use the report problem link on your profile (no, I will not be hanging out in the chat room all day!).
Expires: 04/05/2006

Modified: 03/05/2006
BBT Job Opportunity: Marketing Coordinator - 02/07/2006 (Manu)
BBT Job Opportunity! The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust has a position open for Marketing Coordinator. Have a look at the job description, and if you qualify please apply.

Expires: 03/10/2006

Modified: 02/07/2006
New Talavan GURUKULI Reunion February 25th & 26th 2006 - 01/03/2006 (Kalindi Rose Bradley (Ninny))

Yup...we are going to have the second New Talavan Gurukuli Reunion!!!!!!!!!!! We weren’t planning on it because of the huge hurricane that hit us, but we were encouraged by everyone to have it again. So we are! Sorry for the short notice, but you are all gurukulis. You can drop whatever you are doing for a weekend, grab a sleeping bag and come to visit with old friends, make new ones, participate in the Fear Factor Games, eat prasadam, sing in the bhajans, relax around the campfire, see the cities that survived the greatest natural disaster in American history, and have a great time! You gotta come!!!! Last year was a great success and this year will be even better. Don’t miss out on this year's NEW TALAVAN MARDI GRAS RATHAYATRA GURUKULI REUNION FEBRUARY 25th & 26th 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then...if you can stay for Mardi Gras Rathayatra on Tuesday February 28th you won’t regret it. Lord Jagannatha left after New Orleans flooded in Hurricane Katrina and is staying at the Dallas temple. But He will be back and ready to ride on his Mardi Gras Rathayatra chariot.

Don’t miss it...New Talavan Gurukuli Reunion and Mardi Gras Rathayatra!!!!!!!!!!

Accomadations will be provided. Bring a sleeping bag. For special accomadations call the # below.

For more information or special accomodations please call KALINDI BRADLEY 601-347-8926(cel) or 601-798-0392(home) or
GOSHI 352-284-0734(cel) or ALAKSYA 360-393-0754(cel).
Expires: 02/27/2006

Modified: 01/05/2006
Vrindavan is Coming to the World through Sight and Sound - 11/02/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

National Public Radio and National Geographic Magazine

November Issue
by Karnamrita Dasi

NPR Morning Edition: October 31st - November 2nd (7am PST)

National Public Radio (NPR) has produced 3 segments scheduled to air for 10 million US listeners. These broadcasts masterfully capture the glories of Vrindavan, Srimati Radharani and Her beloved Sri Krishna. Interviews feature Ranchor Prime, Padmanabh Goswami, Nandan Swami and others. The soundscapes transport listeners to early morning artik at Krishna-Balaram Mandir, bhajans at Radha-Raman Temple by Tarun Krsna Das and Karamrita dasi, darshans in Varshana, Govardhan and the Yamuna River. The sounds and feelings of Braj are expertly intact, so that the listener is drawn into the mystic mood of Braj.

During Kartik of 2003, Alex Chadwick, one of NPR’s correspondents for Radio Expeditions, journeyed to Vrindavan as part of his series “The Geography of Heaven.” After years of hearing about Vrindavan from his friend Chris Murray of Govinda Gallery, Alex decided to venture there to experience for himself the meaning of heaven for Krishna’s devotees. He was accompanied by his wife and NPR producer Carolyn Jensen, as well as sound engineer Flawn Williams. The team was hosted by Ramdas das (Raoul Goff) and Krishna-devata dasi (Kaitlin McComb) of Mandala Publishing who invited Rachor Prime, author and activist, and members of Gopinath Gaudiya Math to assist as guides during their stay in Braj.

Riding on rikshaws through crowded lanes and streets, they spent five days following pilgrimage paths, experiencing temple darshans and artiks, and visiting the Yamuna, Govardhan, and Varshana. Alex and Carolyn had been researching the mysteries of Braj before they arrived, but they concluded that nothing could have prepared them for the wonder of the reality of Vrindavan. They were overwhelmed by Vrindavan’s magic, its bhakti and devotion, expressing that they had never experienced anything like this in all their travels.

Heaven is now accessible through both sight and sound! There was so much excitement from the recordings and sounds of Braj that National Geographic Magazine requested the airing to be postponed so that they could feature an article on Vrindaban. It is being released simultaneously with NPR’s radio broadcast, with the article written by Alex himself and featuring the photography of Shawn Laksmi. It appears in the November issue, now available on stands worldwide.

Come join them on their pilgrimage of sacred sound: an inspiring and moving experience of Sri Vrindavan Dham.

Check local schedules and NPR member stations by visiting If you miss the program, or live outside the USA, you can visit at their archives page to get the program.

Expires: 12/03/2005

Modified: 11/02/2005
CNN on ISKCON child abuse - 08/19/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

I saw this piece on Paula Zahn's CNN show. I thought it was actually pretty decent. Would be nice if there were kulis with a (more) positive spin also represented.

From: badrinarayan dasa <bnarayan@[removed]>
Subject: Re: CNN on ISKCON child abuse
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 09:16:29 -0700

Hare Krishna. Sikhi Mahiti prabhu, our San Diego temple president, pulled the transcript of the segment on us off the CNN website. It does end with something positive from Anuttama prabhu and even Wyndle Turley. Here is the transcript.

Your servant,
Badrinarayan dasa


Aired August 18, 2005 - 20:00 ET


Child abuse in the name of God?

ANYA POURCHOT, VICTIM OF THE HARE KRISHNA MOVEMENT: I just remember walking down a hallway and having this horrible experience of hearing the blood curdling scream of a child.

A lawsuit reveals this secret torment of children raised in the Hare Krishna set.

JOE FOURNIER, VICTIM OF THE HARE KRISHNA MOVEMENT: Fondled, raped, you know, stuff like that, yes, pretty bad.


ZAHN: See what happens when you're in jet that loses cabin pressure. You wont ever ignore the flight attendant's lecture about oxygen masks again.

And a little bit later on, some shocking allegations about what it was like to grow up with a Hare Krishnas and the group's even more surprising response.


ZAHN: All right. Thank you for bringing us some very important information tonight.

Coming up, a CNN investigation that is going to make you absolutely angry. What was it like for the children growing up inside the Hare Krishna religious sect?


WINDLE TURLEY, ATTORNEY: For her punishment, she's locked in a dark closet, told that it's filled with rats, and that the rats will eat her if she whimpers. And she's told to stand on this wooden crate and not cry, and stay there for hours.


ZAHN: Harrowing revelations about the fate of some Hare Krishna children, and the group's eye-opening effort to make amends.


ZAHN: Thanks so much, Erica. Appreciate it. We want to give you a heads up about our next story. Some onetime children of the Hare Krishnas are now going public with allegations that will deeply disturb you.




TURLEY: This is the worst case of abuse in children I've ever seen.


ZAHN: So the question is, how are the Hare Krishnas reacting? Not with denials, but something that's actually braver. Stay with us to find out.


ZAHN: So if you have kids, you probably don't want them to listen to this next report. This story deals with children and sex abuse.

It used to be you couldn't go to any airport without seeing a group of Hare Krishnas, followers in robes chanting and begging. It might not have occurred to you that some of them had children of their own, and sent their children to boarding schools run by the Hare Krishna movement.

Well, now, some of the people who went to those schools are coming forward with frightening stories of abuse. Here's investigative correspondent Drew Griffin.


DREW GRIFFIN, CNN INVESTIGATIVE CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Anya Pourchot says she escaped the Hare Krishnas at 17. It's been 20 years, but she says she still gets physically sick the moment she hears the chanting.

ANYA POURCHOT, VICTIM: I usually have to just run so that I can keep myself together.

GRIFFIN: Joe Fournier, who was brought into the Krishnas at the age of 7, says it's taken years for him to be able to talk about what happened.

JOE FOURNIER, VICTIM: Very painful. Yeah. Gone through years of therapy to come out of it, yeah, to survive.

GRIFFIN: What they and hundreds of other survived were childhoods inside a movement that in the 1960 and '70s attracted thousands of youthful seekers. Followers were expected to devote their lives to pure living, pleasing God and chanting praise. But behind the saffron robes, shaved heads and happy songs, many hare Krishnas were hiding a dark secret -- a secret kept inside the Krishna boarding schools, where the children of devotees were sent for training.

This lawsuit, filed in Texas in 2001, pulled back the veil from Krishna society, and according to the attorney who filed it, exposed a movement plagued by violence, abuse and sexual exploitation of children.

WINDLE TURLEY, ATTORNEY: This is the worst case of abuse of children I have ever seen.

GRIFFIN: Dallas attorney Windle Turley sued the International Society of Krishnas on behalf of 92 people, who complained of years of emotional and physical abuse.

TURLEY: When you took a little 6-year-old girl who has not behaved, and for her punishment she is locked in a dark closet, told that it's filled with rats, and that the rats will eat her if she whimpers. And she's told to stand on this wooden crate and not cry, and stay there for hours, that kind of terrorizing as a way of enforcing discipline is just beyond the thought of anything civil.

POURCHOT: I just remember walking down a hallway, and having this horrible experience of hearing the blood-curling scream of a child. And all the other children shuffling around like it was just -- you know, something that happened every day.

GRIFFIN (on camera): Did it happen every day?

POURCHOT: Oh, yeah.

GRIFFIN: And it happened to you?

POURCHOT: Oh, yeah.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): Anya Pourchot was 4 when her parents joined the movement, whose teachings discouraged family life and parental affection. Anya was sent to a Krishna boarding school. By 16, she found herself promised to a 32-year-old man she didn't know.

(on camera): He raped you?

POURCHOT: Yeah. He convinced -- well, he convinced me to masturbate him. And it was not a very nice experience.

GRIFFIN (voice-over): The lawsuit details the claims made by the Krishna children. Beatings, children forced to live and sleep in filth, to eat garbage. Children denied medical care, and some tied up and placed in trash barrels. And according to Fournier, constant sexual abuse.

FOURNIER: Fondled, raped, you know, stuff like that, yeah. Pretty bad.

GRIFFIN: Fournier was just 9 years old when he was sent to a Krishna boarding school in Dallas. Within a month of his arrival, he says, the nightly visits began.

FOURNIER: You had to pretend you weren't awake or conscious or something, to survive it, you know.

GRIFFIN: The International Society of Krishna Consciousness admits no one was looking out for the children. During the 1970s and '80s, when most of the abuse is alleged, children were sent away to boarding schools so parents could focus on begging and recruiting other converts.

TURLEY: And they were literally asked to give up all parental control over their children. And that -- great efforts were made to sever the parental relationship.

GRIFFIN (on camera): With their parents out of the way or off raising money, the children were sent to boarding schools, like the one run here in Dallas. The victims say this is where some of the worst abuse took place.

(voice-over): In what the organization now admits was a horrible lapse in judgment, the Krishna converts unfit for other duty were the ones assigned to watch the children.

ANUTTAMA DASA, INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS: Too many of them were former hippies and people that were trying to get away from social restraints, and things like that. And were looking for an opportunity to kind of find maybe some easy solutions to some of the problems that they faced.

GRIFFIN: What sets this story apart from so many other lawsuits involving religious organizations and abuse is what the Krishnas decided to do this past spring.

Krishna communications director Anuttama Dasa says the society admits it was wrong, admits the abuse took place in many of its school, and has agreed to pay compensation for the horrible abuse. The society is also begging for forgiveness.

DASA: This is really part of an ongoing healing process. We're organizing meetings around the country, and later in Europe and probably in India, with people in leadership positions within the organization, to meet with the young people, to hear more about what else we need to do to try to help them, to offer our own personal, genuine apologies to them for the suffering that they'd undergone.

GRIFFIN: Fearing the impact of a multi-million-dollar lawsuit, six temples of the Krishnas declared bankruptcy. In the reorganization, nearly $10 million will be set aside for victims. More is being sought from insurance companies, and across the globe, Krishna temples are collecting even more money.

The Krishnas have opened the door to anyone with claims of abuse. Since the original lawsuit, more than 500 former Krishna children have come forward, and, says Windle Turley, the Krishnas have done what no other religious organization charged with sexual abuse has done, at least not to this extent: They Krishnas, he says, have truly apologized.

TURLEY: We were wrong. You were entrusted to our care. We didn't take care of you. We are to blame and we're profoundly sorry. That was a real apology. And to many of these children, that was just as important as the amount of money they're going to recover in this settlement.

GRIFFIN: Joe Fournier says the apology has helped, but insists the true abusers and predators of his childhood have gotten away. Anya Pourchot says no apology will ever be enough. Her childhood is lost forever. Seh struggles to retrieve what she can for a book she is writing. It's titled, "Traded for Cattle." It's a reference to how the Krishnas handed her into an abuser's arms, for the promise of a cow.

POURCHOT: I hope that this never happens to anyone else again.

GRIFFIN: The Hare Krishnas say they have that same hope, and a new vow to make sure it doesn't.


Expires: 11/19/2005

Modified: 08/19/2005
Leadership Course for Gurukula Alumni - 08/28/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

I received this from Anuttama Prabhu at ISKCON Communications.

Dear Rupa, Kapili and Chaits prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I hope you are all well. Something I have been thinking since the NY and LA meetings is to try to facilitate the gurukula alumni's participation in the Leadership and Management Training Course that I teach. It is part of the Vaishnava Training and Education effort.

We got a lot of feedback in both cities that the 2nd generation would like to be more involved in leadership, to be trained, to be mentored, and to be prepared to "take over" Prabupada's society in the future. This is a major opportuntity to move forward in these areas.

The Leadership and Management course is a very professional, high quality course that was designed with the input of some of the best managers and educators in ISKCON using both devotional and professional management sources.

The course is principle based and teaches skills such as communications, public speaking, delegation, team building, time management, strategic planning, writing job descriptions, organizing meetings, assessment and accountability, and more. Its is also fun and very practical.

The course runs for 36 hours. When taught in Europe or India it is a 6 day, 6 hours a day course. In North America we teach a special version of the full course in a 4 day format, with longer days.

The usual (dirt cheap) fee for the course is $100. However, for gurukula alumni the NA leadership in ISKCON would like to provide the course for up to eight gurukula alumni (per course--first come first serve) for just a $20 registration fee. Prasada is included during the 4 day period.

The course is scheduled to be taught in 3 cities over the next two months. Those dates and venues are as follows:

Los AngelesSeptember 16-19 (Friday- Monday)
TorontoOctober 6-10 (Thursday-Sunday)
DallasOctober 14-17 (Friday-Sunday)

I am hoping you can please publicize this and promote it through the kuli resources you have. Any questions please phone me at (removed).

Registration can be through my office at 301- 299-9707, or

Students need to be serious and committed to attend the full 4 days from about 9 am to 8:30 pm. There are several breaks.

Below are some reviews of the course.


Anuttama dasa

P.S. There is much time before Dallas and Toronto, but the LA course is coming up soon. The space is limited for all 3 locations to a maximum of 24 students, so we should try to get those interested to get back to us as soon as possible, as the courses are filling up already through other enrollments.


This is a first-class professional course in knowledge and skills that every effective leader and manager ought to have. It's not a plea for better management, disguised in the form of a seminar. It's not touchy-feely New Age stuff. This is a high-quality professional-level course, full of knowledge, skills and insights that will prove invaluable for any devotee serving as a leader or manager, either in ISKCON or even in the material world. Far more than just lectures, it includes lots of experiential learning--you learn by doing. Even experienced ISKCON managers will find it worthwhile.

Though this course will be valuable for all ISKCON leaders and managers, I recommend it particularly to young devotees, "second generation" either by birth or otherwise. Old dinosaurs like me will have to endure the fact that we spent several decades as managers and leaders without the benefit of the systematic education this course offers. Young devotees can do a whole lot better.

Hare Krsna.

Jayadvaita Swami

As a Senior Manager working for a large international company I have been on programmes of a similar kind and the course that you are presenting is very much in the mould of a mini MBA programme. This kind of programme is very much needed as a general management toolset in our ISKCON temples and Srila Prabhupada must certainly be very pleased.

In my opinion the course has given all temple managers and leaders the necessary tools with which to properly manage ISKCON's temples in South Africa. It is a course that has been needed for a long time. Even though many of the temples had started applying various methods to address their specific needs and requirements, this particular course has now consolidated all the right techniques and strategies into a programme that certainly adds value to ISKCON.

Syamasundara das
ISKCON Pretoria

Senior Divisional Manager: Group Audit Services
DaimlerChrysler- South Africa

If you want to understand your own potential as a leader, learn how to plan successfully, develop the skills needed to build and maintain a positive team spirit, or just get inspiration and individual feedback from others in your field, this is the best investment of time I could honestly recommend. As many participants commented, it's only fault is that we didn't have access to it years ago!"

-Manasi Ganga dasi, Gurukula, Mayapura

I have just now completed my Masters Degree in Marketing from Mumbai University with 67% marks, but what my entire masters could not give was punched inside this VTE course by Anuttama Prabhu.

I studied many management theories and big names of management gurus in the college, but finally what it should boil down to is the practical application of everything we learnt - that was taken care of only by this VTE course. I would like to proudly say that the VTE handbook serves all my strategic purposes all the time and I carry it always with me as an integral part of my computer bag.

Gopinath das
Amol Kulkarni
Share Your Care - Bhaktivedanta Hospital

Expires: 10/30/2005

Modified: 08/28/2005
Courts Confirm Hare Krishna Chapter 11 Reorganization - 05/25/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Religious Society Apologizes to Victims of Child Abuse

For Immediate Release
Date: May 23, 2005
Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Communications +1 (301) 299-9707
Sanford L. Frey, Bankruptcy Counsel +1 (310) 277-7400
David Liberman, General Counsel (310) 277-9288/418-6464
Background and updates:

Los Angeles, CA — The United States Bankruptcy Court of the Central District of California today confirmed a Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan submitted by six Hare Krishna temples and affiliates. The Plan provides 9.5 million dollars in compensation to claimants—primarily former students who were subjected to various forms of abuse or mistreatment while in the society's religious schools—while also protecting Krishna temples and religious communities from potential closure. Today's California Plan confirmation follows closely on the heels of a parallel ISKCON Reorganization Plan which was approved last week by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wheeling, West Virginia .

Those temples and affiliates of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), a monotheistic Vedic, or Hindu tradition, originally filed for Chapter 11 protection in February, 2002. That was two years after a $400 million lawsuit was filed in Texas on behalf of 92 former students, who alleged emotional, physical, and sexual abuse during the 1970s and 1980s in Krishna boarding schools.

“As leaders, it was our responsibility to assure our children's safety,” said Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner and Director of Communications. “We failed them, and for that we are very sorry. It is heartbreaking that many of our children were abused. On behalf of our entire society, I apologize to these young people. I pray that someday they will be able to forgive us. And, I pray that today's agreement will help them heal and move forward in their lives,” Dasa said. MOR E…

The parallel ISKCON Chapter 11 cases were adjudicated in two jurisdictions simultaneously. In the first of the two Plan confirmation hearings, on May 16, 2005, in the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of West Virginia, the Honorable L. Edward Friend II stated in court that he “wholeheartedly” endorsed the Plan: “I find it to be in the best interest of the creditors [former students] and I find the parties have actually worked together to come to a conclusion that really works and really makes sense.”

By seeking Chapter 11 protection, ISKCON was able to open the settlement to hundreds of additional former students who were either unaware of, or chose not to participate in, the original lawsuit. By way of Court approved advertisements in international media, as well as a proactive email campaign, ISKCON identified an additional 450 claimants who will now receive a share of the court approved $9.5 million compensation plan. Above and beyond that amount, the compensation fund stands to increase by several million dollars if ISKCON is successful in ongoing litigation with its insurance carriers.

“There were always two priorities for us in this case,” said David Liberman, attorney for the Krishnas . “We wanted to provide as much money as possible for the young people that were abused, and simultaneously to protect innocent families and Krishna followers from having their temples closed had a jury awarded the original amount sought in the Texas case,” Liberman said.

“If this had gone to trial, it would have exhausted ISKCON's assets through legal costs and left nothing for the tort claimants, the young people who deserve it,” said Sandford L. Frey, lead bankruptcy counsel for ISKCON. “In addition, the Chapter 11 allowed ISKCON to seek additional money from other independent contributors who voluntarily donated to the fund, making this an international settlement which increased the total dollar amount of the compensation fund far beyond the modest assets of the original temples that were sued,” Frey said. MORE….

Distribution of the funds will begin later this year and must be completed by 2011. The amount each individual receives will be based upon the nature of the abuse, its severity, and the time factor. The amount of compensation received by most will range from $2,500 to $50,000, which does not include the amount of insurance funds that may yet be recovered.

This release and other directly related background information available at

Expires: 10/25/2005

Modified: 05/25/2005
DVD of the Panchatattva Abhisheka in Mayapur 2005 - 04/13/2005 (Krsna das)
Hare Krsna !

I have made a DVD of the Abhisheka of the Panchatattva deities this year in Mayapur!!!
If anybody wants to purchase, please contact me:

DVD includes:
- Abhisheka film, including Darshan - 55min
- Abhisheka Slide Show 150 photos - 11min
- Siskshastaka kirtan by Dravida Prabhu - 19min
- Kirtan by Radhanath Swami - 40min
- Kirtan by Ajamila Prabhu - 19min

Price: (US $10) + post services.

Ys, Krsna das
Expires: 10/15/2005

Modified: 08/01/2005
News from New Orleans and New Talavan Temples (devotees and deities safe) - 08/31/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

Another update from Badrinarayan Prabhu on 9/4

Dear Maharajas and Prabhus:

Hare Krishna. I thought you would like to hear the latest news of the devotees in New Orleans. It is quite blissful actually.

The local emergency agencies sent both boats and a helicopter to rescue the devotees but they would not leave without the Deities and the rescue agencies said that they could not carry out "large marble statues". After consultation with Bir Krishna Maharaja (the GBC / regional director of our New Orleans temple) our temple president in Dallas, Nityananda prabhu, sent a truck and a van to try to somehow or other get the devotees and the Deities out of the temple and to safety. Of course, the city is cordoned off and no private citizens are allowed in but the devotees contacted the largest local paper and several radio and TV stations saying that they were coming on a rescue mission for Vaisnava monks who would not leave their temple without their "sacred icons". The reporters liked the story and met the Dallas devotees on the outskirts of the city. Together they made a caravan and headed for the temple. They encountered numerous police barricades but at each point, when they were told they had to turn back, the reporters would challenge the police "Do you want us to report in the news how you abandoned these monks and would not let us rescue them?" Somehow or other (Krishna in the hearts of all living entities and giving them inspiration) it worked. The water in that part of the city has receded enough that the caravan, after a long and perilous journey, made it to walking distance of the temple. The Deities were carried out and reverentially placed in the truck, the devotees piled into the van, and off they drove to Dallas.

The Deities are now on the altar of our temple in Dallas and the New Orleans devotees are safe, showered, rested, and well feed with Krishna prasadam. The Dallas devotees have happily offered to host the devotees and Deities for as long as it takes until we can re-open the New Orleans temple.

To add the final crowning touch, a number of devotees in the South have gathered at our farm in Mississippi where they are organizing a massive relief effort. They have already sent their first caravan to the Mississippi gulf coast with a portable kitchen and cooking supplies. Their aim is to send out multiple teams and serve out thousands of hot prasadam meals daily. All glories to the stalwart Vaisnavas for their dedication to the Deities and compassion for the suffering conditioned souls.

Your servant,
Badrinarayan dasa

Another update from Badrinarayan Prabhu on 9/2.

Hare Krishna. I spoke with Bir Krishna Maharaja last night and he says that now that they know it is going to not days but weeks or more until utilities and public order are re-established, they are going to evacuate the women, children, congregational members, and most of the men, leaving only a few brahmacaryas to care for and protect the Deities. Bir Krishna Maharaja thinks that they can get in supplies every week or so and thus be able to keep these few devotees going until social sanity and services are restored. The temple is on high ground so no water in the building yet but it is flooded all around them. The situation is very fluid (no pun intended) so this plan may change if things get worse. What they really want to do is get the Deities out but their Gaura-Nitai and Radha-Krishna are marble and five feet tall and it is about five miles to the nearest road that is clear or boat landing. How to move Them safely?

Another update from Badrinarayan Prabhu on 8/31.

Dear Maharajas and Prabhus:

Hare Krishna. I have spoken with Bir Krishna Maharaja, the GBC for our temple in New Orleans, and he reports that the situation is deteriorating in the city. The devotees are still safe but now it looks like the city will be flooded and without services for weeks or longer. Given that they cannot hold out that long, the devotees need to be evacuated now. They are already under great hardship and have sent out the message to the devotee community to please send out this signal.

We need you to please call the governor of Louisiana's office at (removed, no longer necessary to call) and let them know that there are people at 2936 Esplanade that want and need to be evacuated. You may well get an answering machine. Go ahead and let them know that there is a church / temple with about 25 people in need of evacuation urgently. It will only take a few minutes and will help get the devotees out of there as soon as possible. On behalf of the New Orleans prabhus, thank you.

Your servant,
Badrinarayan dasa

From Badrinarayan Prabhu ,

Hare Krishna. Here is a quick report on our temple in New Orleans and our farm in New Talavan (Mississippi).

Bir Krishna Maharaja, the local GBC, has spoken with the devotees in both places. Devotees are fine. In New Orleans the building is fine but no power. Many devotees are from Mayapur and used to flooding and cooking with gas via portable stoves. They have a stock of fuel, water, and food. In fact, a number of congregation members have come to the temple for shelter. The only problem is that the batteries in their cell phones are dying and there is no power to re-charge them.

New Talavan lost two buildings and many trees. Devotees are all fine and they have their own wells and generators. They don't expect phone, water, or other utilities for three weeks but they are using a satelite dish for communication.

By Krishna's grace, devotees and Deities are OK.

Your servant,
Badrinarayan dasa

Expires: 10/01/2005

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Goura Dasi Needs Help - 08/29/2005 (Krsnaa Fitch)
From Chakra

A Request for Help
by Hridayananda das Goswami
Posted August 18, 2005

My dear devotees,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

By now you must have heard the shocking news of a terrible accident involving a young devotee, the daughter of Srimati Mahadevi, a faithful disciple of Srila Prabhupada. Mahadevi, Goura Prema, and her older sister, Caitanya all went to India where Goura, a very accomplished dancer, was going to study classical Indian dance. On the streets of New Delhi, in the heroic act of saving her sister's life from an onrushing car, she was herself run over and her legs were severly injured. Unfortunately in this critical situation, Goura, who has undergone unimaginable pain, will not recieve proper medical treatment without payment and her family is virtually penniless. If she does not recieve proper medical care, the consequences will be tragic and lifelong.

It has often been noted in ISKCON, that we tend to leap from the sinful to the transcendental, bypassing the ethical and the humane. Now is a moment when all of us who are able must help Goura. I have personally sent her funds to guarantee a present operation. However, there is much more to be done to ensure full recovery. For all that is good and right, please help her.

You can send funds to the following bank account:

Bank of America, Culver City, California, USA

Goura P. Riggan

Bank account number:0366260341

Routing number:122000661

Please send this letter to any devotee who might be able to help.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration of this request.

Yours in Prabhupada's service,

Hridayananda das Goswami

Expires: 09/29/2005

Modified: 08/29/2005
Site changes (new features!) - 08/01/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

I've made some changes to the site. I won't list the small changes. The two major ones are:

  1. java chat now works. Give it a shot. Click on the chat link above.
  2. Guestbook support has been added. It is still being worked on and enhanced, but basic support is in. Let me know what you like and what you don't. To add a guestbook to your profile, login and click on the "Add guestbook link" on the left of your profile.
Expires: 09/01/2005

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Youth Summer Festival of India Tour 2005, North America - 04/18/2005 (Manu)
The North American youth summer Festival of India
tour to Ratha-yatras and temples across the USA
and Canada is now accepting applications from anyone
who would like to participate.

We plan to have three buses traveling this summer.
One with older devotees. Get involved today!

Adventure activities this year include the Rainbow
Gathering with H.H. Radhanath Swami, walking (padayatra)
with H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami in the Bruce peninsula
(Canada), exploring waterfalls in Yosemite National Park
and glaciers in Jasper National Park (Canada),
whitewater rafting, beach camping in Mexico, and
lots of bhajans, kirtanas and harinamas along the
way. (See schedule on our website, link below.)

Let us know if you would like to come. Youth and
youthful devotees of all ages are welcome to apply.
All participants pay the minimum tour cost donation
to make the tour happen, plus your own airfare
to meet up with us (if applicable.) 

Apply today.



Watch web video of last year's tour: (73MB) (38MB) (65MB)
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Modified: 04/18/2005
Oops, today's changes lost - 08/14/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Oops, I 'messed' up and had to restore the profile database to the morning of the 14th. Sorry if you have to redo your changes. In any case, 'backups are good.'
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Los Angeles REUNION - 07/15/2005 (Laksmi)

We wish to invite everyone to the largest annual youth reunion in Los Angeles
Friday August 5th, Saturday August 6th, and Lord Jaganath's Ratha Yatra on Sunday August 7th.

Gurukuli Day
*All Temple activities lead by Viasnava youth including
*Mangala Arati Kirtan
*Tulasi Arati
*Guru Puja
*Srimad Bhagavatam class
*Evening Arati
*Evening Bajans
*Plus this year we will have a forum for the youth to discuss, with various ISCKON leaders, the future of the movement. Have questions about the court case, suggestions about the future, issues you want to resolve, grievances . . . Please come Friday afternoon from 2-4pm and let your voices be heard.

*11:00 am Meet at Culver park for the Reunion
*Maha Harinam at Third Street Promenade

*Lord Jaganatha's Rathya Yatra in Venice Beach
*Parade starts at 11:00am sharp
*12:00 pm entertainment begins on the main stage
Performances include
*Dances, and more!!!!!!

Come One Come All

Any questions or suggestions contact Jaya Kesava at 310-694-4082 or Laksmi at 310-837-4809

Expires: 08/15/2005

Modified: 07/15/2005
Acknowledging the Past/Looking To the Future - 07/29/2005 (Balarama Das Bosch)
Acknowledging the Past/Looking To the Future

For North American GBC Leaders, Gurukula Alumni, and Parents

A representative panel of North American leaders wish to humbly invite
Gurukula alumni and parents to meet with us in Los Angeles at the New Dwarka
temple on Friday, August 5th from 2 pm until 5 pm. This is the same weekend
as the LA Rathayatra.

The purpose of the meeting is to come together, acknowledge the past,
develop a groundwork for healing, and envision together how to move forward
to build a healthy and supportive Krishna conscious society.

The meeting is the second of several get-togethers to be held in North
America. The first meeting was held in New York City the day after the NY

Present will be representative GBC members to offer their apologies for the
mistreatment and abuse that many of our young people suffered as children in
ISKCON schools and communities. We will continue with a facilitated
discussion and will include short updates about the Chapter 11 Confirmation
and the Child Protection Office.

Please come and share your thoughts, hopes, visions and ideas.
Expires: 08/06/2005

Modified: 07/29/2005
Leaders to Apologize to Gurukula Alumni at New York Rathayatra - 06/06/2005 (Manu)
"Acknowledging the Past/Looking To the Future"-----
For North American GBC Leaders, Gurukula Alumni, and Parents

A representative panel of North American leaders wish to humbly invite
Gurukula alumni (20 and older) and parents to meet with us in New York City
at the Brooklyn temple on Sunday, June 12, from noon until 2 pm. (The day
after the New York Rathayatra.)

The specific purpose of the meeting is to come together, acknowledge the
past, develop a groundwork for healing, and envision together how to move
forward to build a healthy and supportive Krishna conscious society.

Present will be representative GBC members to offer their apologies for the
mistreatment and abuse that many of our young people suffered as children in
ISKCON schools and communities. We will continue with a facilitated
discussion and will include short updates about the Chapter 11 Confirmation
and the Child Protection Office.

We hope to make this the first of several such meetings held in North
America. Please come and share your thoughts, hopes, visions and ideas.


Media Release

Courts Confirm Hare Krishna Chapter 11 Reorganization
Religious Society Apologizes to Victims of Child Abuse

For Immediate Release
Date: May 23, 2005
Contacts: Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Communications (301) 299-9707
Sandford L. Frey, Bankruptcy Counsel (310) 277-7400
David Liberman, General Counsel (310) 277-9288/418-6464


Los Angeles, CA- The United States Bankruptcy Court of the Central District
of California today confirmed a Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan submitted by
six Hare Krishna temples and affiliates. The Plan provides 9.5 million
dollars in compensation to claimants-primarily former students who were
subjected to various forms of abuse or mistreatment while in the society's
religious schools-while also protecting Krishna temples and religious
communities from potential closure. Today's California Plan confirmation
follows closely on the heels of a parallel ISKCON Reorganization Plan which
was approved last week by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wheeling, West

Those temples and affiliates of the International Society for Krishna
Consciousness (ISKCON), a monotheistic Vedic, or Hindu tradition, originally
filed for Chapter 11 protection in February, 2002. That was two years after
a $400 million lawsuit was filed in Texas on behalf of 92 former students,
who alleged emotional, physical, and sexual abuse during the 1970s and 1980s
in Krishna boarding schools.

"As leaders, it was our responsibility to assure our children's safety,"
said Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Governing Body Commissioner and Director of
Communications. "We failed them, and for that we are very sorry. It is
heartbreaking that many of our children were abused. On behalf of our entire
society, I apologize to these young people. I pray that someday they will be
able to forgive us. And, I pray that today's agreement will help them heal
and move forward in their lives," Dasa said.

The parallel ISKCON Chapter 11 cases were adjudicated in two jurisdictions
simultaneously. In the first of the two Plan confirmation hearings, on May
16, 2005, in the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of West
Virginia, the Honorable L. Edward Friend II stated in court that he
"wholeheartedly" endorsed the Plan: "I find it to be in the best interest of
the creditors [former students] and I find the parties have actually worked
together to come to a conclusion that really works and really makes sense."

By seeking Chapter 11 protection, ISKCON was able to open the settlement to
hundreds of additional former students who were either unaware of, or chose
not to participate in, the original lawsuit. By way of Court approved
advertisements in international media, as well as a proactive email
campaign, ISKCON identified an additional 450 claimants who will now receive
a share of the court approved $9.5 million compensation plan. Above and
beyond that amount, the compensation fund stands to increase by several
million dollars if ISKCON is successful in ongoing litigation with its
insurance carriers.

"There were always two priorities for us in this case," said David Liberman,
attorney for the Krishnas. "We wanted to provide as much money as possible
for the young people that were abused, and simultaneously to protect
innocent families and Krishna followers from having their temples closed had
a jury awarded the original amount sought in the Texas case," Liberman said.

"If this had gone to trial, it would have exhausted ISKCON's assets through
legal costs and left nothing for the tort claimants, the young people who
deserve it," said Sandford L. Frey, lead bankruptcy counsel for ISKCON. "In
addition, the Chapter 11 allowed ISKCON to seek additional money from other
independent contributors who voluntarily donated to the fund, making this an
international settlement which increased the total dollar amount of the
compensation fund far beyond the modest assets of the original temples that
were sued," Frey said.

Distribution of the funds will begin later this year and must be completed
by 2011. The amount each individual receives will be based upon the nature
of the abuse, its severity, and the time factor. The amount of compensation
received by most will range from $2,500 to $50,000, which does not include
the amount of insurance funds that may yet be recovered.

This release and other directly related background information available at

# # #

Backgrounder, Hare Krishna Chapter 11 Confirmed

Final Remarks by the Honorable L. Edward Friend II, US Bankruptcy Judge
Northern District of West Virginia (from the court transcript)
May 16, 2005 1:30 PM
Chapter 11 Re: Jaga, Inc., et al. Debtors
BK Nos: 02-51295 to 02-51298, 20-51699 AND 04-02306 (Jointly Administered)

Judge: Right. And knowing litigation costs the way I know litigation costs,
it appeared to me and it still appears to me that these parties are entitled
to money and would be far off richer with this settlement and this plan of
reorganization, than they would if they each brought their lawsuit or joined
together in a lawsuit and proceeded for judgments. The Matrix was a little
hard to understand but it makes sense to me and we do have a procedure that
if somebody does not agree with the analysis on their Matrix, they can
challenge it so that also is for purposes of voting, I think that was fair
and under the circumstances, about as good as you can do with that type of
case. I think, I truly believe that the parties who are affected by this,
the creditors, are going to be substantially better off than they would
without the plan of reorganization and I'm in favor of it, and I think you
all have done an excellent job of putting together what I would call is a
settlement of a hotly disputed - many, many cases - extending over
geographical distances all over the world, and to put this into a general
procedural aspect where each person will be able to receive some result is
just - it's a great idea. I wish you all could figure out some way to do
the asbestos cases and come up with a solution because we haven't been able
to figure out what to do with asbestos. So I'm really, I'm impressed. I am
impressed. It's a really good job. It's a great thing in the bankruptcy
that we can do this. The only thing bad against it, I guess is that there
will be some Plaintiffs' lawyers who won't be getting big fees if they would
happen to win the cases. So you might not be real popular with the
Plaintiffs' bar with this type of settlement, but I think it is much better
for the creditors or the people that are deserving the money rather than
these numerous lawsuits that we have to go through. So I am going to
wholeheartedly endorse the Plan. I find it to be in the best interest of
the creditors and I find that the parties have actually worked together to
come to a conclusion that really and truly makes sense in this day and age
which sometimes they are far and few between. So it is confirmed.
Expires: 07/07/2005

Modified: 06/06/2005
Alachua reunion this weekend - 06/22/2005 (Yadu Rico)
The alachua reunion is this weekend sorry for short notice. ON june 24 and 25 so hope to see some kulis come out.
Expires: 06/30/2005

Modified: 06/30/2005
Disap. of HH Kesava Maharaj FROM WWW.PRABHUPADAVANI.ORG - 06/25/2005 ()
This is a beautiful chance to hear Prabhupada speak about His being forced to enter Sannyasa ashrama through the loving assertions of his Godbrother Kesava Maharaja. FROM: WWW.PRABHUPADAVANI.ORG

"Disap. of HH Kesava Maharaja"

October 21, 1968, Seattle

Prabhupada: One has to accept the renounced order from another person who is in renounced order. So I never thought that I shall accept this renounced order of life. In my family life, when I was in the midst of my wife and children, sometimes I was dreaming my spiritual master, that he's calling me, and I was following him. When my dream was over, I was thinking. I was little horrified. "Oh, Guru Maharaja wants me to become sannyasi. How can I accept sannyasa?" At that time, I was feeling not very satisfaction that I have to give up my family and have to become a mendicant. At that time, it was a horrible feeling. Sometimes I was thinking, "No, I cannot take sannyasa." But again I saw the same dream. So in this way I was fortunate. My Guru Maharaja (Prabhupada begins to cry, choked voice) pulled me out from this material life. I have not lost anything. He was so kind upon me. I have gained. I left three children, I have got now three hundred children. So I am not loser. This is material conception. We think that we shall be loser by accepting Krsna. Nobody is loser. I say from my practical experience. I was thinking that "How can I accept this renounced order of life? I cannot accept so much trouble." So... But I retired from my family life. I was sitting alone in Vrndavana, writing books. So this, my Godbrother, he insisted me, "Bhaktivedanta prabhu..." This title was given in my family life. It was offered to me by the Vaisnava society. So he insisted me. Not he insisted me. Practically my spiritual master insisted me through him, that "You accept." Because without accepting the renounced order of life, nobody can become a preacher. So he wanted me to become a preacher. So he forced me through this Godbrother, "You accept." So unwillingly I accepted. And then I remembered that he wanted me to go to the Western country. So I am feeling now very much obliged to my, this Godbrother, that he carried out the wish of my spiritual master and enforced me to accept this sannyasa order.

So this Godbrother, His Holiness Kesava Maharaja, is no more. He has entered Krsna's abode. So I wish to pass a resolution of bereavement and send them. So... And I have composed one verse also in this connection in Sanskrit. So you all present, you sign this. I shall send it tomorrow. The verse I have composed, it is in Sanskrit. Vairagya-vidya-nija-bhakti-yogam [Cc. Madhya 6.254]. This Krsna consciousness is vairagya-vidya. Vairagya-vidya means to become detestful to this material world. That is called vairagya-vidya. And that is possible simply by this bhakti-yoga. Vairagya-vidya-nija-bhakti-yogam apayayan mam. So this... Just like medicine. The child is afraid of taking medicine. That also I have experienced. In my childhood, when I became ill, I was very stubborn. I won't accept any medicine. So my mother used to force medicine within my mouth with a spoon. I was so obstinate. So anyway, similarly, I did not want to accept this sannyasa order, but this Godbrother forced me. "You must." Apayayan mam, he forcefully made me to drink this medicine. Anabhipsu andham. Why I was unwilling? Anabhipsu means unwilling. Andham, andham means one who is blind, who cannot see his future. The spiritual life is the brightest future, but the materialists cannot see to it. You see? But the Vaisnavas, the spiritual master, they forcefully, "You drink this medicine." You see. Apayayan mam anabhipsu andham sri-kesava-bhakti-prajnana-nama. So this my Godbrother, his name is Kesava, Bhaktiprajnana Kesava. Krpambudhi. So he did this favor upon me because he was ocean of mercy. So we offer our obeisances to Vaisnava, krpambudhi. Vancha-kalpa-tarubhyas ca krpa-sindhubhya eva ca. The Vaisnavas, the representatives of the Lord, they are so kind. They bring the ocean of mercy for distributing to the suffering humanity. Krpambudhir yas tam aham prapadye [Cc. Madhya 6.254]. So I am offering my respectful obeisances unto this His Holiness, because he forcefully made me adopt this sannyasa order. So he is no more in this world. He has entered Krsna's abode. So I am offering my respectful obeisances along with my disciples. On the first day of my sannyasa, I never thought, but I remembered that I'll have to speak in English. So I remember on that sannyasa day, when there was a reception, so I, first of all, I spoke in English. So it is all arrangement of Krsna, higher authority. We are writing like this, "Resolved that we the undersigned members and devotees of International Society for Krishna Consciousness Incorporated, in a condolence meeting under the presidency of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, today the 21st of October, 1968, at our Seattle branch, express our profound bereavement on hearing the passing of His Divine Grace Om Visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktiprajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaja, the sannyasa guru, preceptor of our spiritual master, and on October 6th, 1968, at his headquarter residence in Nabadwip, West Bengal. We offer our respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of Sri Srimad B. P. Kesava Gosvami Maharaja with the following verse composed on this occasion by our spiritual master." This verse I have already explained to you. So I wish that you all sign this and I'll send it tomorrow by air mail. Have you got pencil?

Govinda dasi: Yes. (sound of Prabhupada signing) (end)
Expires: 06/27/2005

Modified: 06/26/2005
ISKCON Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement Approved - 03/19/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
by Gupta das
Posted February 22, 2005

On February 11, 2005, ISKCON's Chapter 11 Disclosure
Statement was formally approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy
Court. The Disclosure Statement contains the legal,
financial and organizational assumptions which are
used to create the Reorganization Plan.

This milestone legal event clears the way for the
Reorganization Plan to be put to a vote by all of the
claimants. Should that vote result in approval and
confirmation of the Plan, disbursement of financial
compensation would then follow.

Voting ballots are scheduled to be mailed out to all
claimants on February 28, 2005. That large packet will
also contain a copy of the Disclosure Statement, the
proposed Reorganization Plan and other documents. If
you are a claimant and you do not receive your packet
by mid-March, be sure to notify the bankruptcy lawyers
(not the Court). You may also send an email to, and be sure to include your
full legal name, Krishna name, current mailing address
and telephone contact number.

Once the voting process is completed, the case should
then move quite swiftly towards Plan confirmation, in
May of 2005. Assuming the Reorganization Plan is
confirmed and approved, initial compensation payments
would then start, perhaps as early as September of

Please keep eye out for further updates. The next
three to four months will be quite active, and your
participation as a claimant is encouraged. Meanwhile,
should any claimant change their mailing address from
that reported on the original Proof of Claim form, the
courts and the lawyers must be notified. Information
and forms to file a change of address notice can be
found by clicking on the PDF Files button found on
Expires: 06/19/2005

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PIC OF THE WEEK (# 58?) rises from the ashes. . . . - 05/17/2005 (Ananda Tirtha Das (vivaha announcement))
Haribol everyone,

Many of you may (hopefully fondly!) remember the popular "Pic of the Week" profile that I was running for about a year and a half. Some of you may be wondering what happened to it. . . well somehow one of our over-zealous moderators erased it by mistake a couple of months back. I was pretty proud of the profile and was pretty annoyed at that, but had to take it as a lesson in humility. Anyway on the lines of the "if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em" principle, they made me a Moderator so I am now free to re-do Pic of the Week here. . . so here's the first one.

This is a picture of Lord Visnu's lotus footprint in Gaya. It was taken on this year's Safari. Here's something from the Caitanya Bhagavat about this temple:

The Lord then entered Cakraveda and quickly went to see the lotus feet of Lord Visnu.

The word cakraveda refers to Gaya-tirtha. This is where the lotus feet of Visnu are situated.

Countless flower garlands were stacked like a temple dome on Lord Visnu's footprints, which were surrounded on all sides by brahmanas.

Unlimited sandalwood paste, flowers, incense, and cloth had been offered at the lotus feet of the Lord.

The brahmanas appeared like divine beings as they described the glories of the Lord's lotus feet.

"Lord Siva accepted these same lotus feet in his heart, and these same lotus feet are constantly served by Laksmi.

"These lotus feet were placed on the head of Bali Maharaja. O fortunate souls, now see those same lotus feet here.

"One who meditates on these lotus feet for even a moment never comes under the jurisdiction of Yamaraja.

"These lotus feet are rarely attained by even the best of yogis. O fortunate souls, now see those same lotus feet here.

"The Ganges emanated from these lotus feet, and the servants of the Lord constantly keep these lotus feet in their hearts.

"These lotus feet are most enchanting on the bed of Ananta. O fortunate souls, now see those same lotus feet here."

Hearing the glories of the Lord's lotus feet from the brahmanas, the Lord became absorbed in ecstatic love.

As the Lord looked at those lotus feet, tears flowed from His lotus eyes, His hairs stood on end, and He began shivering.

Lord Gauracandra then began to manifest ecstatic devotional service for the benefit of the entire world.
Sri Gaurasundara appeared in this world in order to bestow eternal benefit on the universe. So far He had not manifested any sign of awarding loving devotion to the people of this world. But after seeing the lotus feet of the Lord at Gaya, He inaugurated His pastimes of awarding loving devotion to the people of the world. Understanding that these lotus feet of the Lord had appeared in the material world to give pious persons who are free from the clutches of impersonalism an opportunity to serve the Lord's lotus feet, the Lord became overwhelmed with the eight transformations of ecstatic love. Being bereft of Krsna's service, persons who are averse to Krsna in this world maintain the sinful desire of becoming the Lord or the enjoyer of the material world. After destroying the conditioned souls' desire for material enjoyment or liberation, when the lotus feet of the Lord appear in the purified hearts of the living entities, then their propensity for serving the Lord is awakened. In order to exhibit and preach this great truth, the Lord accepted the dress of a devotee and had darsana of the transcendental lotus feet of Gadadhara through His service inclined senses. When living entities bound by gross and subtle chains wander throughout the material sky, they remain averse to the service of the Lord. But when their service propensity is awakened on the strength of mercy received from Hari, Guru, and Vaisnava, then the lotus feet of the worshipable Lord Visnu become the object of those servants' awakened spiritual propensity. Without a service mentality, one cannot become fortunate enough to see the form of the Lord. Without the piety resulting from devotional service, one's faith does not awaken. On the strength of piety born of the devotees' mercy, a living entity receives the opportunity to hear topics of Lord Hari. Sometimes on the strength of piety born from Krsna's mercy a living entity becomes freed from the bondage to material sense objects and thus encounters the worshipable Lord Krsna-this is spiritual vision. When, after full surrender, a living entity hears and glorifies topics of Lord Krsna, the propensity of his consciousness is constantly engaged in the service of Krsna-this is the result of piety born of a devotee's mercy. In spite of being the only worshipable object of all surrendered souls, Sri Gaurasundara considered Himself a servant of the worshipable object and thus began to propagate transcendental love of Krsna by chanting His glories. The eight transformations of ecstatic love manifested in the body of the Lord as a result of seeing the lotus feet of Gadadhara marked the beginning of His propagation of loving devotional service.

The brahmanas were all startled to see tears flow from the Lord's eyes like the unbroken flow of the Ganges.

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The 14th Annual Prabhupada, Memorial Day in Los Angeles - 04/22/2005 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

14th Annual Prabhupada Festival

Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th & 29th

Fourteen years ago, Lokanatha Maharaja came to Los Angeles for a meeting about the Srila Prabhupada Centennial Celebration. He looked into the audience of devotees and asked, “What are you going to do for your spiritual master on this occasion?” In the meeting there were many Srila Prabhupada disciples. We thought, what about having a festival to honor Srila Prabhupada and create an occasion to reunite all of his followers? Little did we know, at that time many other devotees were having the same feeling. Shortly afterwards, we formed a committee and started what is now known as the Prabhupada Festival. In 1991 on Memorial Day weekend, we had our first festival, sweet and small. We thought it appropriate to have the celebration on that weekend, so people would remember to come, since it was a memorial for Srila Prabhupada.

Fourteen years later, it would manifest into a huge festival, and be brought to a new level by the second generation youth, whose enthusiasm and dedication keep the festival going strong. We salute the young devotees who work so hard and we encourage their active participation and leadership in our movement and pray that we all can work together to please Srila Prabhupada. The success of this festival is due to the Los Angeles community, and their efforts to come together to honor our beloved spiritual master. So come celebrate and glorify His Divine Grace on Memorial Day weekend, and with your help we can put on the best festival ever for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada.

Your servants,

Prabhupada Festival Committee
3764 Watseka Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90034


Expires: 05/31/2005

Modified: 05/03/2005
Gurukuli Friends Website - 04/23/2005 ()
Hello there, There is a new site for Gurukulis that I have been working on called Gurukuli Friends.

Click here:

You can connect to other Gurukulis in the world through a social networking type of environment (IE, You can also post jobs, join groups, share blogs, post events, chat, view calendar and much more. I welcome everyone to signup and have fun with it. KK

Expires: 05/24/2005

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Please Pray for Gaurasundar!(Bhuv/Hawaii) - 01/23/2005 (Gaurasundara dasa (Hawaii))
Anyone who reads this please pray for our Dear God brother Gaursundar Brahmacari

Dear Family, friends, and devotees,
As most of you know Our dear Gaursundar Brahmacari was recently in a major accident in India, and broke his neck. As a result he is paralysed at present and
undergoing intensive care at a hospital in Bhubaneswar Orissa India. He cannot be moved, and is still critical. We are asking for any contribution anyone
can make toward his mounting hospital bills. The
contributions in American money go a long way, so the
smallest amount really helps. We are also asking for
the faithful prayers of any and all. Our gratitude
toward all of you is immense. Thank you for your
kindness toward this cause.
send all funds to :
Gaudiya Vedanta Projects re:for gaurasundar 4589
Pacheco blv. Martinez, CA. 94553
UPDATED: An Appeal for the Care of Gaurasundar Prabhu

As most of you know, Gaurasundar prabhu broke his neck in an accident in Jagganath Puri on August 15th. He was transferred to Kalinga Hospital, a large, modern private hospital in the capital of Orissa.

In the days after the accident, his condition was very grave. He required an operation to stabilise the bones in his neck, and he was unable to breathe on his own. He remained on a respirator and in intensive care for two months. He has had several bouts of pneumonia and other complications of his long incapacity.

His mother and sisters, all devotees, have been attending him 24 hours a day since the accident. Some devotees have come down from Mathura to offer their support for days and weeks at a time and their assistance and good wishes have been very gratefully received.

In the past five months his health has slowly recovered to the point the he is no longer in critical condition, and arrangements will be made soon for him to be transported to a hospital in the USA.

Although he remains paralysed from the shoulders down, the doctors are optimistic that he may recover fully from this injury, and Srila Gurudeva has also given his full blessing for this. Gaurasundar prabhu has exhibited exceptional courage and determination through his long hospitalisation.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude for your prayers and for your help with Gaurasundar prabhu's medical expenses.

Due to the high cost of his care we are renewing our request for contributions toward his hospital bills, which since the accident has totaled about Rs 585,000 (US$13,000). Contributions in foreign currency go a long way, so even small amounts really help.

Anyone wishing to send donation(s) to help with Gaurasundara bramacari prabhu's medical care,
please send checks or money orders in US dollars (with notation on the front of check "for Gaurasundar") to:
Gaudiya Vedanta Projects
4589 Pacheco Blvd.
Martinez, CA 94553 USA

For further info on how to send donations write

Radhe! Radhe!
Expires: 05/23/2005

Modified: 01/23/2005
Anti-Women Proposal Rejected by GBC Deputies - 03/16/2005 (Manu)
Excerpts From Notes from 2005 GBC Meetings in Mayapur
by Janaka Mahajana Das
(Assistant GBC Secretariat)
(Reprinted from Chakra)

Reguarding Basu Gosh’s Proposal to Suspend Women’s Rights in ISKCON:

Deputies rejected the proposal aimed at suspending the GBC resolution regarding equal facility for Women in ISKCON. Furthermore, on similar lines, today the first of several meetings took place between devotees serving in ISKCON India and the Women's Ministry. This dialogue, aimed at increasing an understanding amongst these somewhat divergent groups, began by each participant being asked to share his or her realizations on the subject.
Topics included:
• To what extent was the establishing of the details of Vedic Culture regarding women an integral part of Srila Prabhupada's mission vis-à-vis women preaching and serving alongside men in spreading the sankirtana movement?
• Is there a difference between Vedic tradition and Vaisnava tradition?
• How much of what we consider Vedic to be is truly Vedic? How much was influenced by the British in the 19th Century? How much of our viewpoints are influenced by our own conditioning?

Attendees were Ravindra Svarupa Das, Malati Dasi, Bhaktarupa Das, Devakinandana Das, Anuttama Das, Rasaraj Das, and Basu Ghosh Das, Sudharma Devi Dasi & Laxmimoni Dasi (from Alachua).
Expires: 05/16/2005

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Summer Festival of India Tour, North America - 04/08/2005 (Manu)
Summer is just around the corner and so is the 2005 Festival of India Ratha-yatra tour around
North America. Three buses. 14,500 miles. Two and a half months.

This year, 50 youth and dozens of young-at-heart will travel from city to city throughout the
USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico to put on Ratha-yatra festivals, go on harinama sankirtana,
distribute books, camp, hike, swim, raft whitewater, and have Krishna conscious adventures of a lifetime. Check out:

At the above festival tour website you'll find videos from last summer's tour which you can
watch online, tons of photos, and information on this year's tour schedule and how you can get

Volunteer bus and truck drivers needed.  

Contact Krsnapriya dasa at for more information.
Expires: 05/09/2005

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Rest In Peace Nrsringha - 04/03/2005 (indradyumna)
I know your in better place now and my condolences go out to your family. The Lord chose you as my brother and I wish I could,ve told you so. The time we have with one another is precious and we should savior every moment.
Expires: 05/04/2005

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Nyc Ratha hints - 03/28/2005 ()
Hari bol Kuli's
Listen up. Every year at Nyc ratha yatra all the kids want to have bhajans all night, this has become a serious porblem for the devotees that live there and have to wake up early and do service all day long. So Mother Satya and I discussed this issue and she said why start bhajans late in the night when we can start 9am-9pm. Thats 12 whole hours of bhajans. Makes more sense and its more practical for everyone. So for all the bhajan crazed kuli's thrusday ,friday 9am temple room.
As for sleeping arrangements call the bklyn temple ahead of time.
Expires: 04/28/2005

Modified: 03/28/2005
Inspirational words from the " BIG M.A.C." !!!! - 03/03/2005 (Abhai Charan)
Mayapur Gaura Purnima Festival Registration Requirements

Please note that this year we intend to very strictly guard against any
illegal or illicit activity in the Dham, including intoxication and child
abuse. Unfortunately, in the past, a few reckless persons have thus
endangered themselves and others, as well as the whole standing of ISKCON in
India. Therefore, on the registration forms this year, we now have a
section that is intended to help us keep the festival free of these unwanted
and serious disturbances. All festival-goers must carefully read this
section, especially regarding the serious consequences of being caught
engaging in any illegal or illicit activity. You will be asked to sign a
form stating that you are aware of our standard on this matter and that you
understand the consequences of any misdemeanor. Visitors who stay at
private residences on the ISKCON property must also complete these forms.

Parents traveling with children under the age of sixteen will also be asked
to read and discuss with their children an information sheet from the
Mayapur Child Protection Team which covers general child-safety in Mayapur
as well as the specific danger of child abuse. Parents must sign and return
a section from this form at the time of registration. Several presentations
about child and youth safety will be scheduled during the festival and we
urge parents to attend one of these, along with their children. At last
year's festival, one serious case of child molestation occurred, involving a
young, unsupervised visiting child and an adult guest. This shocking and
tragic type of incident must be prevented from happening again at all costs!

The few problems with intoxication that we have experienced at past
festivals have usually involved younger persons under the influence of their
older companions. Therefore, in order to protect our youth, we hereby
notify all festival guests that anyone under eighteen years must be staying
with their parent or other legal adult guardian over the legal adult age of
21 years. Only small children whose parents are under 21 years of age are
exempt from the age restriction on their guardians. In the case that the
festival guardian is not the parent or usual legal guardian, then a
temporary transfer of guardianship must be supplied by the parent. At the
time youth register, these guardians will be asked to sign guarantor forms,
which means taking full responsiblility for the supervision and behaviour of
their wards at all times. This includes sharing the consequences, legal and
otherwise of any illicit activity.

Please do not expect any leniency in this regard. Immigration officials and
embassies may be notified in the case of foreigners. Indian nationals will
be handed over to the local police, and both will be immediately removed
from the property. The local ISKCON centre in the offender's yatra and, in
the case of youth, their family will also be notified. Future registration
for ISKCON guesthouses and festivals in Mayapur and Vrndavan may be barred.

Anyone who became known to security or other departments as a supplier of
intoxication in previous festivals will not be allowed to register this year
and will be asked to leave the ISKCON property immediately. Those who
became known as regular users of intoxication need a clearance from the
Mayapur Security and CPT before registration. The list of such persons is
confidential and is held by the Mayapur Child Protection Team and the
Mayapur Security Department. If you have a doubt about your own status,
information will be released to YOU only, on application, after the date of
February 10th. Contact

We genuinely regret any offense that the vast majority of sober and sincere
festival-goers may feel due to our addressing this matter, but we hope that
all of you, especially the youth, understand that our intention is to
protect innocent persons from being victimized by bad association. We want
to ensure that everyone has a safe, spiritually-enlivening experience!

To save yourself time during registration in Mayapur, please read, print and
fill in the forms attached to this file and bring them with you.


Forms as Attachments

Please read the following Mayapur standards regarding illegal or illicit
activity. Then sign the statement that follows. Youth under eighteen years
of age must have their statement counter-signed by their adult guardian over
21 years.

"In order to protect the sanctity of the Holy Dham, to protect the devotees
from bad association, and to safeguard ISKCON's standing with local
authorities and Immigration, we have a policy of zero tolerance regarding
child abuse, intoxication, and any other illegal or illicit activity.
Offenders will be immediately removed from the property, delivered to the
police in the case of illegality, their local ISKCON yatra notified,
Immigration informed for foreigners, and future registration for festivals
in Vrndavan and Mayapur may barred for all such persons. For youth, the
same may apply to their adult guardians."

I understand the above policy, and agree to refrain from any such illicit or
illegal activity.


Parent or Guardian of youth under 18 years:

I understand the above pllicy and stand as guarantor to the compliance of my



Are you the parent or guardian of any children between the ages of 4 and 12
years? If so, you must read the following information about local safety
issues for youth that has been supplied by the Mayapur Child Protection
Team. It is also available at all guesthouses and wherever this
registration form is filled. There is a section at the bottom of this form
that you must sign and return before you can register. Please discuss the
contents with your child. We also urge you to attend with your child AS
SOON AS POSSIBLE one of the Child Safety presentations scheduled during the
festival. These will be advertised at the morning programme and on posters.

"Child Safety in Mayapur"

1. Child molesters have successfully singled out a very few unsupervised
children. This has happened in the daytime, at the temple! Be
vigilant! Report anything suspicious to security.

2. Drugs are easy to obtain in India. Do not be naive. Your child may
come under pressure to try them. Explain that they are dangerous, illegal,
and forbidden in Mayapur. Users will be removed from the property and may
be handed over to the police!

3. Mother Ganga is full of strong currents and sinking mud. There have been
drownings and collapses of the mud banks onto children. They must not go
there unsupervised!

4. Electricity in India is often unearthed. Shocks are frequent. They
cause severe burns or even death. Avoid cables, generators, strings of
lights, etc, especially near water. Construction sites are also extremely
dangerous. In recent months there has been one severe electrocution and two
near-fatal falls.

5. The Children's Park in the Grhastha Area is not meant for "babysitting"
unsupervised visiting children while parents attend seminars. Any such
young children will be sent to the Security Office to be collected. Local
parents and security guards can not be responsible for them.

6. Poisonous snakes are found in paddy fields and long grass, especially at
night. Wear shoes or, even better, avoid these places altogether.

I understand these safety instructions and have discussed them with my
child. I agree to take full responsibility for my child's safety.




If so, please fill in the following details of the parent or legal adult
guardian over the age of 21 years who must share your accommodation and be
present during your entire stay, including accompanying you on parikram. If
the adult who will be your guardian for the festival is not your parent or
legal guardian, please supply a signed statement from your parent giving
temporary custody to this person.

Legal and initiated name of parent or guardian.............................
Relationship to child..............................
Signature of parent or guardian......................................



If so, please especially note that you must share their accommodation and be
fully responsible for their behaviour and protection at all times, including
on the parikrama. You will be held accountable in case they indulge in any
illicit or illegal activity, on or off the property of ISKCON Mayapur.

I have read and understand the above responsibilities of a guardian and I
undertake to follow all requirements. I especially understand that I am
personally responsible for the supervision and safety of my child/ward at
all times.


Expires: 04/15/2005

Modified: 03/12/2005
Breathwork Workshop - 02/11/2005 (Manjari Smullen)
The Transformational Breathwork Workshop


With Bhakti-lata Dasi and Steve Gooby

Organized by CARE and sponsored by CHILDREN OF KRISHNA

When: Saturday March 5, 2005
Where: The Alachu Massage Center(Florida)
Time: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
Cost: Free (sponsored)

What to bring: A packed lunch, plus a snack and a bottle of water, and a mat with blanket(s) and pillow(s)

Transformational Breathwork is a very dynamic, self-empowering healing technique.

In this unique experimental workshop, you will learn to use the power of your own breath
to bring about great transformations in your life!
You will become more conscious of your breath, learn how to open up restricted breathing patterns, witness a few breath analysis, and personally experience a full breathing session!

Why come? - to have more strength and energy;
-to be fully present and increase your concentration power;
-to experience a deeper connection with yourself, others, and Krishna;
-and to have a clearer sense of your life’s mission!


“Doing Breathwork with Bhakti-lata has been the most effective form of therapy that I have tried. I was able to release or transform negative emotions and literally learn to “breathe in” life. Breathwork has helped me to have faith in my own abilities and good intentions, allowing me to pursue and attain my personal goals.”
-Sri Thakur
Gurukuli alumni
Alachua, Florida

“I experienced eternity.
The breath became a prayer of allowing and trusting the Lord’s plan for me.
Breathwork is a mystical process, deeply working at the cellular level; a process I haven’t experienced before in any other therapy or meditation.
The breath took me to a very deep place where I can be in touch with who the Lord wants me to be. I pray to remember this everyday, with every breath, that the Lord wants the very best for us and with every breath is arranging exactly what we need.
Breathwork is transforming my self, who has been crippled, and is awakening me to my true being.”
-Jahnavi Briant
Alachua, Florida

“When I first heard about Breathwork, I was interested, but did not act immediately. Now, after only two sessions, I have experienced a noticeable improvement in the way I relate to myself and those around me. I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with themselves and others. I only wish I had done this sooner!”
-Alachua, Florida

The Facilitators

For the last ten years, Bhakti-lata has been helping others through the medium of Energy work, Reiki, psychic readings and, since 2003, Transformational Breathwork (TB) She is a certified TB facilitator and co-trainer and has been helping some 80 devotees in individual and group sessions. She has also been facilitating seminars for the Transformational Breath Foundation (TBF) in California and Massachusetts.

In addition to being a certified TB facilitator and co-trainer, Steve Gooby is also a licensed massage therapist, hata-yoga instructor, Reiki master and herbalist. His role as a facilitator for TBF took him to New-England, Europe, and Central America.

Both Bhakti-lata and Steve are very enthusiastic and dedicated to share the breath with others. We are looking forward to share this wonderful experience with you!


We will take participants on a first call first serve basis. To enroll, simply call:

Bhakti-lata at (386) 418-3828

or (386) 418-0578

For more information about TB, please check the TBF website:

To receive Bhakti-lata’s monthly Breathwork magazine, Breathing Life!, please e-mail your request at or dial the above phone numbers. Thanks!
Expires: 03/05/2005

Modified: 02/12/2005
do you have web design skills - 02/01/2005 (Gourangi (ISBY))
I have an idea. There are so many talented gurukulis working jobs they hate or not employed at all and want to serve Krsna.
We should have a for us kulis. Where we can post our resumes and see what is needed in temples around the world, and others can see how they could employ us. There would need to be many categories; arts, music, culinary, education, preaching, deity service, managing, etc.
If anyone has internet web design skills please take this idea into consideration.
We are strong and together we can conquer the world. Let us fulfill the prophecy of Lord Caitanya and Bhaktivinod Thakur, let every town and village know the name of Hari!!!
Expires: 03/04/2005

Modified: 05/01/2005
Valid email address required - 12/11/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
The terms and conditions require that you use a valid email address. I'm now enforcing this rule. You will now be required to verify your email address.

This process will happen when you create a new profile, modify an old profile that has not had it's email verified, or you change your email address.

When one of the above conditions are met you'll receive an email with a link that, once clicked on, will verify your email address. Profiles that are not verified in a reasonable period of time will be disabled and eventually removed.

Please read the terms and conditions and follow them.

Reminder: If you don't want everyone to see your email address you can modify your profile to show your email address only to other registered members or to never show it.

Thank you.
Expires: 03/01/2005

Modified: 12/13/2004
Mandala Publishing looking for editors and proofreaders - 01/25/2004 (Manu)
I saw a recent posting entitled "BBT hiring ISKCON Youth" where you are encouraging people to apply. I thought I'd also mention that Mandala Publishing ( is also looking for experienced proofreaders and editors for specific projects. Anyone interested should send a resume to my attention at the contact information below.

Warm regards, Navadvip Das senior editor

Send resume in body of e-mail or PDF format (preferred) to In the subject line, please write "devotee resume."

Mandala Publishing
17 Paul Drive
San Rafael, Ca 94903
Tel. 415.526.1380, Fax 415.532.3281
Expires: 02/25/2005

Modified: 01/25/2004 - 09/02/2004 ()
My family is trying very hard to go to India for Gaura purnima so, we can put Prthu's ashes in the Ganga. If anyone would like to donate any money to help us out it would be greatly apperciated.
If you would like to donate or If you have any memories you would like to share plz don't keep them, let us know at
Thank you and Hare Krsna!
Expires: 02/24/2005

Modified: 02/20/2005
New feature: full text search of profiles - 12/21/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
This is in 'beta' so try it out but you might run into problems. If you have a problem or a suggestion just use the "report a problem" link off of your own profile and I'll get to it.

This feature means that you can search all the text of a profile, not just the name or email address.
Expires: 01/21/2005

Modified: 12/21/2004
Australian Vaishnava Youth Festival 2005 - 12/17/2004 (Nitya Nadia Bihari)
Haribol Kulis..
the Australia Vaishnava Youth Festival (as advertised on VNN) commences on Monday 27th Decemeber. We welcome your participation. Contact Nitya Nadia ( further info!

Vaishnava Youth Festival 2005: Program
Monday 27th Dec – Saturday 1st Jan

Monday 27th
Day 1

2pm Indigenous Opening Ceremony
Orientation and Introduction
Late Lunch: Pizza swirls, pasta salad and lemon drink
5pm Evening prashadam at temple
Bhajans, relax and aroti
7pm Movie in the temple
Milk and cookies

Tuesday 28th
Day 2

4am Mangalarotik
5.30am Milking the cows
Yoga at the temple
7am Breakfast at the camp sites
7.30am Morning program & prashad
10 am Trip to Byron Bay
11am Harinama/ Fancy dress competition
1.30pm Lunch/Entertainment
4pm Beach activities
6pm Trip to farm with snack bag on bus
7pm Bhajans, relax, milk and cookies

Wednesday 29th
Day 3

4am Mangalarotik
5.30am Milking the cows
Yoga at the temple
7am Breakfast at the camp sites
7.30am Morning program & prashad
10 am Team activity
11 -1pm Bees/drumming workshops
1.15pm Picnic: Chinese stirfry and banana smoothies
2pm River sports
5pm Evening prashad at temple & aroti
7pm Harinama by torchlight, relax, milk and cookies

Thursday 30th
Day 4

4am Mangalarotik
5.30am Milking the cows
Yoga at the temple
7am Breakfast at the camp sites
7.30am Morning program & prashad
10 am Team activity
11 -1pm Ayurveda, Henna tattoos, spinning workshops
1.15pm Picnic: Fancy curd rice and mango lassi
2pm Water slide on the hill
5pm Evening prashad at temple
7pm Radha Govardhandhari boat festival
8pm Jayapataka Swami’s slide show
Milk and cookies

Day 5

4am Mangalarotik
5.30am Milking the cows
Yoga at the temple
7am Breakfast at the camp sites
7.30am Morning program & prashad
10 am Team activity
11 -1pm Games
1.15pm Picnic: Chips with sauce and sourcream, fruit juice.
2pm Farm discovery walk/treasure hunt/swim
5pm Evening prashad at temple
6pm Trip to Byron
8 – 10pm Rathayatra: We will leave for farm by 10 pm

Saturday 1st
Day 6

7am Breakfast at the camp sites
7.30am Morning program & prashad
10.30am Indigenous closing ceremony
11am Pack up and go
Expires: 01/17/2005

Modified: 12/17/2004
Gurukuli court case: missing addresses - 12/08/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

Apparently a few of people on the lawsuit settlement have moved in recent months, and are not getting their latest information. Please take a look at the below list of bad / returned addresses and see if you know anyone on there... and let them know to contact the law offices and update their contact info.

Expires: 01/08/2005

Modified: 12/08/2004
Vrindavana Investigation: CPO Finds BGIS Gurukula has Safe and Effective Child - 12/08/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)

This is the resolution of the independant investigation that was done on the Vrindavan Gurukula abuse case.

Vrindavana Investigation: CPO Finds BGIS Gurukula has Safe and Effective Child Protection Program

In light of recent charges that child abuse cases were improperly handled, the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection, under the Direction of Tamohara das, recently conducted a thorough investigation into the policies and practices at the gurukula. The investigation, headed by Hari Sauri Prabhu, concluded that the school administration and child protection team were not negligent in dealing with any issues of child abuse, and, in fact, have enacted thorough and professional training, policies and procedures pertaining to child abuse. Some very constructive and progressive changes have been made, including an enlarged and more comprehensive Child Protection Team that will have jurisdiction for the entire Vrndavana devotee community. The full Child Protection Office Report follows:

Dear Prabhus,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

On the request of the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (CPO), Hari Sauri Prabhu was engaged in investigating recent allegations of the handling of child abuse incidents at the Vrndavana, India, Gurukula (BGIS). Hari Sauri Prabhu conducted a very thorough investigation involving many days and interviewing several devotees. The Child Protection Office is satisfied with the investigation, and wholeheartedly accepts the conclusions and recommendations of the report.

The specific charges and allegations were:

  1. The school and the school's child protection team (CPT) were slow to act on information of child abuse,
  2. The school and the CPT might have engaged in a "cover-up" of the problems,
  3. Certain staff members had intimidated those speaking out against their actions,
  4. The CPT has an inherent conflict of interest, as it is constituted with a majority of school staff members.

The ICOCP accepts the basic conclusions of the report, namely:

  1. There is no evidence of any attempt to cover up or suppress information of child abuse.
  2. There is no evidence of intimidation. These allegations were found to be unreliable.
  3. The Child Protection Team acted appropriately and timely in dealing with the two cases in question.
  4. Overall, the Vrndavana school administration and the child protection team are to be commended for their dedication to child abuse prevention and training.
  5. It is possible that the CPT might give the perception of not being entirely impartial, given the heavy representation of the gurukula administration. This has already been addressed and rectified, as described below.

Recommendations and concerns addressed by the report and endorsed by the ICOCP:

  1. A more broadly based CPT should be formed. In fact, based on the efforts of Hari Sauri Prabhu, Braja Bihari Prabhu, and the temple leadership, a much larger Child Protection team has been formed that includes a cross section of temple and gurukula devotees, gurukula alumni, etc. This new CPT will handle any issues arising in both the temple and the school. It should be noted that the Vrndavana Gurukula administration welcomes and fully supports this newly-constituted Child Protection Team.
  2. In two cases, staff reporting of child abuse to the administration was somewhat slow.However, the cases were "minor", isolated, incidents and were reported after a month or two. This calls for better training of all personnel, so that any incident, no matter how minor it may appear, is immediately reported to the administration or the CPT.
  3. There was also some reluctance and slowness of students to report the abuse. This is fairly common and not surprising. The school does regularly train students in the "No, Go, Tell" policy of handling abuse, but this simply points out the need to continue and strengthen this training.

Overall, the investigative report and the CPO find that the administration of the BGIS is doing an excellent service, and is clearly dedicated to preventing child abuse and acting on reports of abuse. There is a continual need (as in all temples and schools) to train both school staff and students in the need to immediately report any incident.

One of the most positive results of this investigation was the development of an enlarged, strengthened Child Protection Team that will serve the entire Vrndavana community. This should help reduce in further incidents or accusations.

Finally, the ICOCP would like to again thank Sriman Hari Sauri Prabhu for voluntarily taking much time and great trouble to conduct this investigation, write a thorough report, and present such excellent recommendations. I would like to add my profound appreciation and thanks for this fine service to Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON, Vrndavana gurukula, the CPO, and most importantly, to our children - the future hope.

Your servant,
Tamohara das , Director ICOCP

Expires: 01/08/2005

Modified: 12/08/2004
Sorry for the downtime :( - 12/31/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Arggh, not a good way to spend the new year's day.

First my Uninteruptible Power Supply crashes hard taking the server down with it without doing a proper shutdown. I had made a configuration change to the size of the system disk that was "forgotten" after the hard crash. (dunno why).

So, restore the system disk from tape. Realize that since we've already been down I should update to the latest and greatest kernel -- why not?

Big mistake.

Long story short I got it back up and running about 12hrs later.

Nothing was lost as far as I can tell. All the profiles are intact, no email lost, etc. If you notice something squirrely just drop me an email.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Out of pocket expense was $200 for new 1500KVA UPS which hopefully won't fail anytime soon.
Expires: 01/07/2005

Modified: 12/31/2004
Bhaktivedanta Book Trust needs Youth - 01/19/2004 (Manu)

The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust is looking for devotee youth or gurkulis to volunteer on our "Editorial Development" initiative, and also our "Marketing Initiative." We want to hear from you about fresh, new, creative ideas to publish books and spread Srila Prabhupada's teachings to be relevant and reach a maximum audience.

The purpose of the Editorial Development initiative is: "To develop for the BBT a thoughtfully planned and vigorously active approach to creating new products, in print and in other media. We will devise and implement editorial strategies compelling to the interests and needs of existing and potential customers. We will develop, or evaluate and refine, specific editorial products in accordance with agreed-upon editorial strategies. We will train devotees in editorial standards and skills."

We are looking for team members who can volunteer their time in setting up editorial boards, forming strong editorial strategies, coming up with strong editorial ideas--and, finally, pulling people together to turn out high-quality editorial products.

Devotees who want to get involved should have a strong interest in literary or editorial matters, should have a good grasp of basic KC philosophy, and should have fertile and creative minds. We especially need at least one person who is also strong in executive, administrative abilities--that is, who can pull people together and make things happen--and this may be a compensated position.

The purpose of the Marketing Initiative is: "To develop for the BBT a professional, devotional, branded approach to serving its present and potential customers by making BBT products--both present and future--ubiquitously available, strategically priced, culturally appropriate and attractive, and compellingly relevant to their interests and needs, throughout their lives."

For this initiative, we're looking for volunteer team members who have creativity and drive, directed towards getting books and other BBT products into people's hands. We need to get a strong understanding of various markets--that is, groups of present and potential customers.

We need to study what successful publishers are doing. And we need to come up with and implement winning strategies for distributing books, both through sankirtana and through bookstores and other channels.

Devotees who want to get involved should look forward to the challenge of devising and implementing successful strategies, tactics, and campaigns for distributing BBT publications more and more.

For both teams, we're especially interested in ISKCON Youth

Jayadvaita Swami:
Gopal Bhatta Dasa:
Hare Krsna.

Expires: 12/31/2004

Modified: 04/19/2004
Vaishnava Youth Festival Australia - 11/15/2004 (Nitya Nadia Bihari)

Dearest friends,
If you are one of our devotee youth aged between 12 and 18 years we personally invite you to come and spend 5 exciting nights on picturesque New Govardhan farm from 27th Dec. 2004 - 1st of Jan 2005. Make great friends and participate in daily adventures that will take you into the world of Vrindavan dhama. Discover the art of making honey, milking the cows, mehendi, bamboo, drama, spinning and yantras. Not to mention wrestling competitions, river sports and harinams by torchlight. Enjoy the highlights of this great get-away which include the fabulous Beach festival and New Year’s Eve Rathayatra at Byron Bay.
This fully supervised festival includes accommodation (camp site) and meals at a cost of $125.00 per child (aged 12 – 18 years). For further information contact:

Nitya Nadia for bookings on (07)3379 8749 (mobile: 0422 103 486) or

Joel for workshops on (02) 49291334 (mobile: 0401 929 777) or

Expires: 12/16/2004

Modified: 11/15/2004
BLOGs are here - 10/09/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
I've added "BLOG" support to the profiles. This is an extension of the news section of the site. News items you create will be put into your profile. You can also request that an item be added to the front page of the site.

You can use this feature to easily add a running diary or other items to your profile without having to modify the profile itself.

In order to add a blog entry, first login (link on the left of the screen). You will have a new link at the upper left of your profile screen called "Add blog". You can also look at expired blogs using the "All blogs" link.

This is a new feature so consider it "beta" for now and let me know if you run into any problems using it.
Expires: 12/01/2004

Modified: 10/09/2004
gurukuli program in vrindavan kartick 2004 - 10/26/2004 (baby shyam)
Kartick 2004

1ST November: Varsana and Nandagram
Site seeing, visit of Radharani’s palace and Nanda Maharaj’s palace
Darshan and kirtan at Radharani’s temple
Sports, swimming and prasadam at Pavan Sarovar

4th Bahulastami (Radhakund’ appearance day)
The bus leaves Vrindavan at 5 p.m .We start Goverdan parikrama at Kusum sarovar.
Midnight bath in Radhakund and returning to Vrindavan at 1 a.m.

7th & 8th: Camping at Badrinath (with the Vraj Mandal Parikrama)
Sports such as volley ball, badminton, soccer, wrestling and swimming in Tapasya kund
(the kund has ropes to swing off trees : )
Bhajans and music around a bon-fire in the evening.
We leave Vrindavan at 8 a.m on the 7th and return on the 8th evening.
If you can bring a tent its great, otherwise it will be provided but take warm clothes and a sleeping bag for sure.

10th Kamiavan:
Site seeing, dashan of Vrinda Devi, visit of the Pandava palace and Vyomasura’s cave and other holy places.
Bhajan on the mountain. Swimming, sports and picnic at Vimal Kund



Expires: 11/30/2004

Modified: 10/26/2004
Kuli's in the Los Angeles area for Indo-world beat project! - 10/26/2004 (Sri Kesava)
Hi, I released a new CD this year called "The Avatar Sessions." It was coproduced by Gauravani (Avatar Studios/Kindred Spirits) and it's a mix of chants and bhajans in both tradtional and DJ mixes.

I've started playing out live, mostly in the Los Angeles area and want to reach out and see if there are any talented kuli's who want to join in. I am working with a few people already but it's always nice to have more. Basically it's electronic beats overlayed with organic instrumentation, harmonium, percussion, flute etc. We play out at yoga studios and events, we don't advertize ourselves as "Hare Krishna's," it's about chanting not preaching and it's about getting your spiritual boogie on!

If you want to check out sound bites to get an idea, go to

I'm open to flute, most percussion, violin, sarod, didjeridoo, sitar, tamboura and anything that has an Indo or ethno feel. Hope to hear from you!

Expires: 11/26/2004

Modified: 10/26/2004
Advanced Seminar Experience, Gainesville Fl, Nov 2-7, 2004 - 10/05/2004 ()
Gainesville, Fl – Nov 2-7, 2004
Advanced Seminar Experience

The Advanced Seminar Experience is the second step in realizing your personal power, and mastering the practical application of the skills from the Foundational Life Skills seminar. You will experience immense feelings of emotional release and freedom; and you will deeply explore your own personality. This is an intense six-day workshop with outstanding and lasting results. If you have the desire, this seminar will help you learn to live life to its fullest.

The Foundational Life Skills Seminar is a prerequisite for the Advanced Seminar Experience. For more information, log on to, or write an email to for any questions you may have.

Here are some comments from youth who took part in the Advanced Seminar:

“In a very practical way, I’m taking more control of my life. I am less fearful and stressed. In general, I feel more joyful, more confident and loving. Because I see that there is nothing to fear.”
-Ananta Vrndavana

“My experience in the advanced seminar has changed my life for the better emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have been able to change behavioral patterns that blocked me from tapping into the areas of strength and talent that Sri Krsna has given to me. I highly recommend the seminar for those who want to uncover all their unique potential and to connect with others in a real and heart-felt way.”

“Now I have become fully alive, and because I give myself the permission to really feel every feeling I have, then my feeling of love and appreciation are over-flowing, and for the first time since I was very young, I can actually feel that love for Krsna stirring somewhere deep inside me, waking up and wanted to come out.”

Satvatove Institute receives donations to help the youth participate in these courses. If you are interested in the upcoming course and need financial assistance, please let us know. You may email us at:
Expires: 11/07/2004

Modified: 10/05/2004
Gainesville, Fl, October 15th - 17th - 09/24/2004 ()
Gainesville, Fl, October 15th - 17th
Foundational Life Skills / Personal Transformation Seminar

Take part in a powerful communication training, coming this October 15th to 17th. You will learn techniques to help you in relationships and problem solving, and gain a deeper understanding of your own self. The course also focuses on listening skills, effective communication, assertiveness, and helping you to develop a feeling of empowerment in your life.
This course has had great positive impact on many people, and is continuing to give you the opportunity to gain insight and self-realization. For more information, check out:

“I really like that there were so many opportunities to use the skills, to get a better feel of them, also that there were plenty of examples to work from and staff members to help anyone with problems.”
- Radha Priya

“Dhira Govinda Prabhu and his staff did everything to the fullest of their ability to create a place and give the tools to connect with others, and with oneself. I, fortunately, had the desire to be enveloped by the experience and have come out a cleaner, wiser, more loving person who sees the world with more clarity.”
- Gaura Shakti

“The course was helpful in making me more clear about things in my life. I feel if I took the advanced course it would be transformational.”
- Shravana

Satvatove Institute receives donations to help the youth participate in these courses. If you are interested in the upcoming course and need financial assistance, please let us know. You may email us at:

Expires: 10/15/2004

Modified: 09/24/2004
VYMA update - 09/02/2004 (Nitya Nadia Bihari)

Vaishnava Youth Ministry Australia had our first day out in Brisbane. Raman, ex-kuli and local 'spiderman' took us indoor rockclinmbing. 10 of our youth members went.. t'was great fun.

"Indoor rock climbing was mad. It was great to socialise with all my friends" Gauri (14)

"We went on our first event, which was great fun. Was really cool to be aroung like-minded people my own age"

Check out the out the pictures in under Gurukuli. Special thanks to Raman (you're a champ), Simone, Laxmi and Divya for assisting the event.

End of September we are having bhajans and pizza at Mohini and Arjuna's. Last weekend in October we are going away for camp to Glass house mountains, Coochin Creek and beach at Bribie Island. November bhajans and pizza again at Astha's house and December is the annual lookout..

For more info on the fun...write in at

Love Nitya Nadia VYMA Secretary.

Expires: 10/03/2004

Modified: 09/02/2004
2004 Bus Tour North America (USA, Mexico, Canada) - 03/12/2004 (Manu)

(Start and End dates are Fixed. Some other dates or locations are tentative.*)

NEWS: Please note that as of April 19th, 2004, we already have more than 22 applicants for the tour. This summer will be a blast, and seats are filling up at record speeds.

24 - Leave Alachua (pack at 3:00 PM, leave by 7:00 PM)
25 - Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
26 - Chicago Ratha-yatra
27 - Chicago Harinama
28 - Drive to Shenandoah National Park
29 - Shenandoah National Park
30 - Shenandoah National Park

01 - Shenandoah National Park
02 - Washington D.C. museums and Harinama
03 - Potomac Temple
04 - Washington D.C. Ratha-yatra
05 - Philadelphia Temple
06 - Island Beach State Park, NJ, swimming
07 - New York temples & Harinama
08 - New York - sightseeing & shopping
09 - Drive to Montreal, Canada
10 - Montreal Harinama
11 - Montreal Ratha-yatra
12 - Ottawa River canoeing
13 - Ottawa River hiking & swimming
14 - Wiarton, Georgian Bay, cliff-diving
15 - Sauble Falls Provincial Park, Lake Huron
16 - Sauble Beach, Lake Huron
17 - Toronto Harinama
18 - Toronto Ratha-yatra
19 - Niagara Falls, US side
20 - Gita Nagari
21 - Gita Nagari
22 - Ohiopyle State Park - whitewater rafting
23 - New Vrindavan
24 - Detroit Harinama
25 - Detroit Ratha-yatra

(Half-way Point of the Tour)

26 - Drive to Yellowstone
27 - Yellowstone National Park
28 - Yellowstone National Park
29 - Spanish Fork Temple, Utah (Llama farm)
30 - Salt Lake City - sight seeing & Harinama
31 - Los Angeles - sight seeing & Harinama

01 - Los Angeles Ratha-yatra
02 - Tijuana Temple - Mexico
03 - Mexico (Baja California beaches)
04 - Mexico (Baja California beaches)
05 - Mexico (Baja California)
06 - Laguna Beach Temple - USA
07 - San Francisco Harinama
08 - San Francisco Ratha-yatra
09 - Mount. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
10 - Seattle Temple & sightseeing
11 - Saranagati Farm
12 - Saranagati Farm
13 - Vancouver - Set up, Lynn Canyon, Harinama
14 - Vancouver Ratha-yatra
15 - Vancouver Ratha-yatra, day 2
16 - Whitewater Rafting - Kicking Horse River, Golden, B.C., Canada
17 - Radium Hot Springs, Kootenay National Park, B.C., Canada
18 - Banff National Park & Icefields Parkway (glaciers), hiking. Evening program at Calgary Temple.
19 - Winnipeg Temple, Manitoba, Canada
20 - Kansas City Temple, USA
21 - Atlanta Temple & Six Flags over Georgia Theme Park
22 - New Raman Reti Temple, Alachua, Florida.


For more info, or to sign up for this tour, visit:

To see video clips of last year's tour, go to:

Expires: 09/12/2004

Modified: 04/19/2004
Irish Vaisnava Youth Reunion & Dublin Rathayatra 2004 - 07/06/2004 ()
We would like to cordially invite you to the third annual Irish Vaisnava Youth Reunion, taking place this summer in Dublin. Although all our reunions so far have been on Inis Rath, and probably will continue to be from next year onwards, we thought we'd be adventurous this year and try something slightly different. Irish Vaisnava Youth Reunion 2004 will be based around Jagannatha Rathayatra, the first festival of its kind in Dublin for many years, and doubtlessly the biggest so far!

Saturday August 14th:

10:00am - All youth and Gurukulis meet outside City Hall in Dublin City Centre. We will be helping to prepare the Rathayatra cart and hall for the parade and evening festival. This will involve putting up flags and huge banners, decorating the cart, setting up the stalls, etc. It'll be good fun and will also give us a chance to get acquainted or re-acquainted and to talk about what we'll be doing over the weekend.

2:00pm - Opening ceremony: tumultuous kirtana and ceremonial sweeping of the road in front of the cart by the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

2:30pm - Rathayatra procession begins. The parade route takes us through Dublin City Centre, and past many important landmarks: The Liffey, O'Connell Street, the GPO, the Spire, Trinity College, The Garden of Remembrance etc.

5:30pm till late - Parade culminates at City Hall and cultural evening begins. There will be something for everyone here: traditional Indian and Western music, dance, drama speeches by some important guests, and of course a mouth-watering feast. A variety of stalls featuring everything from books to clothes to gopi-dots will be located around the hall.

Sunday August 15th:

10:30am - All youth meet at the Spire on O'Connell Street. (This is a very well known landmark in Dublin. Simply ask for directions, or look out for a huge shiny metal spire on the horizon!) From here we will travel by bus to the National Aquatic Center in Blanchardstown for some wild watersports and general fun and mayhem. Tickets are Euro 10 for under 16s and Euro 12 for over 16s, although we will get a group discount. Afterwards, we will travel back into town together.

4:00pm - Some more fun involving water in the form of the Viking Splash Tour. IMPORTANT: For this activity you MUST confirm that you wish to participate at least two weeks before the Reunion, preferably three or as early as possible. This is because in order to book our places we have to give an exact number. If you do not contact us using the details at the end of this invite at least two weeks before the reunion to confirm that you'll be there you will not be able to come on the Viking Splash Tour. Places cost Euro 15.95 for adults and Euro 8.95 for under 13s.

6:00pm - Scrumptious evening meal. (details to be confirmed) After we eat, everyone is more than welcome to stay on and hang out in town!

Since we are not able to provide accommodation in Dublin, this year everyone is required to organise their own - if you do not live in Dublin, you are advised to stay with friends or at a hostel or bed and breakfast.

To make things easier on everyone, please contact us at least two weeks in advance to confirm that you are coming.

Contact: Madhava - Mobile: 0035387 6280671 - Email:

Don't forget to visit for all the latest on this years reunion and for up to date rathayatra news.

If I am not available, phone Janmastami, who is organising the Rathayatra, on: 0035386 1715080.

Take care. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Alachua Gurukuli Reunion 04 pictures - 07/16/2004 ()
In the "Files" area of I've posted 3 group pictures from the Alachua Gurukuli Reunion 2004. Enjoy!
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ISKCON'S Two Million or OURS - 03/31/2004 ()
The most recent news concerning the gurukuli class action lawsuit states that a settlement offer has been made by ISKCON and is being considered at this time. It includes the creation of a 2 million dollar "Social Development Program" to benefit the rest of the gurukulis who did not sign on to the suit.
The only similar program in existence is Children of Krishna, and it has been much criticized for everything from the method of its creation, to the size of its expenses, to what it awards money out for. In all fairness though, we must admit that Children of Krishna was the first organization of its kind. It was a first for everyone involved with it, and also it was a surprise event without really any advance warning to prepare.
However, the situation with this new program is quite different. First, rather than being the first time we are doing something like this, we have our experience with Children of Krishna to look back on and learn from. Secondly, it is not a sudden surprise because we have a few months to work on it while the gurukulis on the lawsuit are thinking over the offer. So we should have at least a few months to prepare and really get ready to set this thing up right.
It is important to realize what a great opportunity this surprise event represents for us all. 2 million dollars is quite a large sum of money, far more than the approximately 100,000 that Children of Krishna began with. However, with such a large sum, the dangers of misuse and waste are also much greater. So we must act quickly and be ready to set things up so that it may most benefit the greatest number of gurukulis. This is the topic of this article. It is my own opinion on how everything should be set up, and set up so as to bring the greatest benefits to us all.
I think the first question has to be: How will we make the beginning decisions regarding this new program? If we look at Children of Krishna, we see this is one of the top things they have been criticized for. After the money was pledged, a meeting was quickly called the next day, or maybe the day after. From what I hear it was only attended by about 30 people. As to how the directors were selected, it's all a bit fuzzy. Maybe they were selected by Manu and then approved by the meeting, or perhaps they were just selected by Manu. I'm not really sure. But at that point, the most important decisions about Children of Krishna passed out of the control of gurukulis in general, and solely into the hands of the seven or so directors.
Having briefly covered the history as far as I know it, let's now take a look at how it could have been done differently. The question is: How can the most rock-solid legitimacy be achieved? This is easy. It can be achieved by obeying the combined will of all the gurukulis in the US. (Since the GBC meeting in question was a US meeting, and all the gurukulis who spoke at it were US residents, this seems like the group we should be looking at, rather than gurukulis from other countries also.)
Next: Is it possible to gather together all of the US gurukulis together to get this perfect legitimacy. In theory, yes it is. But in reality, it's basically impossible to gather every single one of us.
What are we going to do then? This is easy too: we just have to do the best we can. This means that we have a meeting at the time and place where it is most likely that the greatest number of us will be gathered.
This place, obviously, is a Gurukula Reunion. Of the three, the oldest is LA, and it still reliably pulls in the biggest crowd.
Here, then, at the LA Reunion is where the Children of Krishna meeting should have really taken place, and it is where the meeting dealing with this new program should also take place.
The next question is what time should it be held at. Any time before Saturday will not work because many people only arrive at the last minute. The reunion itself is extremely informal, has a lot of sporting activities, and is really where people first reconnect and talk to each other. So the meeting needs to be as soon as possible afterwords. The afternoon often includes the beach, and the evening is often taken up by parties or the like. Sunday is Ratha Yatra, and by the end of that everyone has sunstroke and is pretty much pooped out. This brings us to Monday. The afternoon seems to generally be reserved for some swimming activity or other, and the evening for a dinner out. So bearing in mind that the meeting should be held as soon as possible after the actual reunion event so that the most people possible are present, the time of our meeting is now clear. It must be on Monday morning. Not too early, not too late, and we should give ourselves enough time to carry out our business. 9am seems just perfect. So there it is: 9am on the Monday morning after LA reunion.
The final question is where the meeting should be held. No need for expensive rentals. LA temple should do just fine.
Actually, there's one more question: What shall we call this meeting? Just "The Meeting?" We can do better than that. Such meetings in the Vaishnava tradition are called Istaghostis. And since this Istaghosti should be quite a large gathering of gurukulis, we should have our name right at hand. It is "The Gurukuli Maha Istaghosti."
So the Gurukuli Maha Istaghosti is to be held in the LA temple room at 9am on the Monday morning after LA Reunion.
Someone had better let Svavas Prabhu know about it. I nominate Acharya: "You're the man for this job, Acharya."
That completes what I have to say about the material arrangements for the meeting. Now we have to move on to what should actually be discussed at the meeting.
The most important topic by far is how the 2 million should be spent. For what purposes and in what quantities should the money be distributed?
Children of Krishna gave out money for a great variety of purposes. The most money appears to have gone to giving educational grants. Next is therapy, followed by bus tour and reunion grants, and various others such as Bharat Natyam outfits, computers, and funeral expenses. Just for the record, I believe that all the money granted by Children of Krishna was granted for legitimate purposes. It is important to realize, though, that Children of Krishna had a pretty broad mission. It basically seemed to be to help out gurukulis for whatever seemed like a reasonable purpose.
Should this new program operate in the same way? It is my belief that it should help gurukulis out in whatever way will truly do them the most good, and also the most good for all gurukulis in general. And it is also my belief that one of the items mentioned in the list above will actually be of more benefit to the gurukulis than all the others. I expect most of you have guessed what that item is, and will agree. It is helping gurukulis to become educated and qualified in various occupations. First, they become able to materially support themselves, and then they can also take care of all the other items themselves, whether it's therapy, computers, or funeral expenses. Secondly, they can actually provide their services to other gurukulis. We can start having gurukuli doctors, gurukuli accountants, etc. Both of these seem like the most highly desirable goals to me.
It's worth mentioning that American society has come to place an increasing importance on formal qualifications. Once you get qualified, be it a community college certificate or higher degrees, people actually come looking for you. Without any qualification, it's becoming harder and harder to get anywhere.
But does this mean that helping gurukulis become qualified is the only thing we should spend money on? Well, one thing is for sure, any money that we do give out for other purposes is less money spent on education. And that means that we are achieving a little less than we possibly could. I think that if we had all of our educational support covered, and still some money left over, we could certainly spend that leftover money on other needs. But, even with 2 million dollars, we will be a long way from supporting everyone.
The next thing to nail down is exactly what education and occupational training we cover. Now actually it is impossible to cover every type of formal program out there in this article. But we can start with the basic ideas. First, we should cover all kinds of college degrees: Career Certificates and Associates Degrees from community colleges, and Bachelors, Masters, Professional, and Doctorate Degrees from universities. It is probably best to exclude the type of certificates offered by college extension programs since they help to develop a career rather than qualifying one at the beginning. They can also go on forever. One notable exception, however, would be the Teacher's Certificate or Credential, which we most certainly must include. This covers regular education.
Moving on to the training, I will try to use just a few examples of what we should cover. I would certainly include formal apprenticeship programs for plumbers and electricians, also massage school, and also getting a Commercial Driver's License for truck or bus driving. The most important thing is that the training should lead to some formal qualification. There are many other types of programs that would also qualify, but we should probably deal with these as they come up. This is enough about the types of programs we should cover for the present.
Now we need to figure out how much money we should give out to each person. We can start by looking at Children of Krishna and what they gave out. The maximum amount appears to have been about $2000. They appear to have given this out to each person just the once. I think it's fair to say that these $2000 grants were a very welcome help to those who received them. But those students would have had to find the great majority of their money for college from other sources. By the way, just for the record, I know that Children of Krishna generally had well under $100,000 on hand. So I think these $2000 grants were probably just about the perfect amount to be giving to people.
However, with the new program, there will be 2 million dollars at the start. We should be able to do much more than just help. We should actually be able to support our students through college.
What do we mean by support? Let's take a look at the real obstacle to doing college. Simply put, of course, it's money.But many make the mistake of thinking that you need money to pay for college tuition. But, on the contrary, once you take financial aid into account, state college normally pays for itself. Often it will even leave you with a few thousand dollars left over.
Private colleges are a different matter though. Rather than costing $5000 a year or so like state colleges, they are more like 20 or 30 thousand dollars a year. To be honest, this article is really more aimed toward people looking at state college, because if you can afford a private college, you can probably support yourself just fine.
So if the problem is not paying for tuition, just what is the problem? Quite simply it is the money to pay for the basics of life: rent, food, the bills. This is the problem, this is where people need support. And with 2 million dollars on hand, it is actually possible to grant gurukulis ongoing financial support to cover their most basic needs.
And how much money is required to cover these basics? Let's keep it simple. I figure about $400 a month for rent. If you're a student, you need to keep it around there. Then, I figure about $200 a month for food, and $200 a month for bills and everything else. So let us take this as our monthly support amount. $800 a month seems just right for simple living.
Next, we also have to establish how much school is required to receive $800 a month. Well, I was certainly thinking of full-time students. All that remains is to set how many units of study are full-time. Keeping it simple, I suggest we just go by the standard requirement to be considered a full-time student, which is 12 units of classes. So here is our formula: 12 units or more and you can receive $800 per month to help cover your expenses.
However, we should also build some flexibility into our system. For whatever reason, some may not be able to take 12 units or more, and instead will take less units. Surely we should also help to support these folks too. But, to be fair, they should receive less money. What I suggest, keeping it simple once again, is just prorating how much we give. So if they take 6 units, we give $400, etc. However, let's put a limit on how low you can go and still receive support. 3 units is one college level class, so let's make that the minimum to qualify as a serious student who can receive support.
In this article, I will mainly use college education as my example, since it is probably the most common type of standardized higher education. We would cover other types of programs too, but leave it up to the Board of Directors to work out whether they are full-time or not.
Our arrangements for an average student attending college in the US are complete. However, we also need to cover some other situations that are quite common. There are three I want to address here. They are single parents, summer and winter sessions, and semesters abroad.
Starting with single parents, I think our goal should really be to try to support them without requiring quite so much class time. When you are parenting, I think it's actually a real good time to take some classes, but it should be a reasonable amount. Bearing this in mind, I suggest we send them the $800 a month if they do just 6 units rather than 12. And, once again, let's prorate the amount if they do less units, and keep 3 units our minimum.
But I think we also need to find some way to send them a bit more money if there is some way to justify doing so. Personally, I find it hard to justify sending more than $800 if they are doing only 6 units. However, if they do more than 6 units, I can see it. I suggest we do it this way: if they take 7 units, we send $900, and if they take 8 units or more, we send $1000.
Finally, we can add one extra item. The arrangements above are for one child. Seems like we should try to do a bit more if they have more dependent children. I suggest that we send them an extra $100 per month, per child beyond the first, as long as they are taking at least 3 units. So there are our arrangements for single parents.
Clearly, with the single parent thing, we are assuming that if you are still with your partner you won't need this type of special arrangement. However, you could still receive money under our regular program.
In connection with this topic, we also have to establish at what age we no longer consider children to be children. Well, all primitive cultures that I have heard of consider one to be an adult at age 13. Since kids are pretty well able to take care of themselves by that age, I suggest we only authorize these single parent special arrangements for those who have children of age 12 or under.
Moving on to summer and winter sessions, the same classes are squeezed into a much shorter period, normally only 6 or 8 weeks. So instead of going strictly by the units, we should see how many hours of class time there are. So instead of 12 units being full-time, 12 hours of class time would be full-time. And everything else, such as prorating, etc., would be as I've already covered. So that covers summer and winter sessions.
Finishing off, we have semesters abroad. It's really quite common for students to spend a semester or a year abroad. The only thing is that the plane fare there and back is a large extra expense, and often it's more expensive living in foreign countries too. So what I suggest is that we include in our plan a one-time grant of $2000 for students heading abroad, whether it be for a semester or a year. They can only qualify for this once in their lifetime. This grant should help with plane fair and other extra costs. So this concludes what there is to say about special arrangements that would be good to include in our program.
To make sure of what I have laid out so far, we will also need some protections and accountability. I see three important points to spell out: verifying a person's student status, dealing with fraud, and dealing with dropped classes and failed grades.
First, we will need to verify that someone is a student taking some set amount of units, that they are a single parent, and that they are doing a semester abroad. These are the items we use to figure out how much money to send them. The only way to do this is to require supporting documentation. So a student would need to send us a copy or a fax of their class schedule which shows what classes they are taking and how many units they have. We would need to see one of these every month before sending them any money. For single parents, we would need birth certificates for their kids. For semesters abroad, we would also need some kind of documentation.
Moving onto fraud, let's just imagine that someone sends us a class schedule, we send them $800, and then they just drop all the classes. Actually, this is just a risk that goes with the territory. But we can do two things: we can ban them from ever receiving any more money, and we can report it on their credit. That covers fraud.
Lastly, with dropped classes and failed classes, I think it's fair to say that we really want to support our students in making progress toward their formal qualification. Since failed and dropped classes are basically useless, we should really get our money back for those units. Probably, the fairest way to do this is just to equally split up the amount owed among all the payments of the next semester. As far as making any other special arrangements with people, this can be left to the Board of Directors. This completes what I have to say about accountability.
Next, we have to be clear about which persons would qualify for these grants. The answer appears easy: the grants would only be for gurukulis. But actually we need to define exactly what a gurukuli is if we want to use the term. Even gurukulis get into disagreements about who is a kuli and who isn't. To make matters more complicated, we must have five or so different names describing us, all of which mean something slightly different. So let's nail it down right here, right now.
First of all, do we even want to use the term? Sometimes it seems like it's a bit of a forbidden word. It's like a gurukuli may not be something you want to be. But whether the latest term is "ISKCON Youth Veteran", or "Vaishnava Youth", I think we will always come back to that single word that perfectly describes our identity: "Gurukuli." So I suggest here that we formally adopt the word "Gurukuli" as a proper word, and the proper way to describe us, rather than a sort of slang word that people are uncomfortable using. What other word is there? Let's take a quick look at what is missing with the others.
"ISKCON Youth Veteran," with three different words is just a bit a mouthful. Also many people went to gurukulas besides New V, Dallas, or Vrindavan; so the whole veteran, survivor thing may not apply.
"Gurukula Alumni" is better, but there are actually many gurukulis whose parents were devotees, but they never went to a gurukula.
That brings us to "Second Generation," which I think might be the best of the bunch. But there are actually a few people who joined the Movement real young, went to a gurukula, but whose parents never joined. Also, what about our kids. Seems to me that the children of gurukulis should probably also qualify as gurukulis, and they would be the third generation.
Finally, we have "Vaishnava Youth," which has probably led to the most misunderstandings. Here, we have gurukulis being confused with the new bhakta types, which I think has led to some misunderstandings. Probably the main thing we have in common is enjoying a good kirtan. But if they actually talk to us and hear some of our stories, I think they tend to become a bit disturbed. This whole idea that associating with the gurukulis is so "enlivening" to new bhaktas may just be a bit overblown. (On this subject, Rupa, you might want to consider changing the name of the conference. That way, the new bhaktas won't think that it's for them. The stuff we discuss just seems to freak them out. Hey, I've got a good idea: how about "The Gurukuli Conference").
Now that we have covered what is wrong with all these other terms, let's see if we can define "gurukuli" in a satisfactory way that will work for everyone. First of all, we should all already know that gurukula means the house of the guru. So a gurukuli should have spent some time living in the guru's house. Our founding guru is Srila Prabhupada, and the movement that he built has often been referred to as his house. So as far as I'm concerned, anyone who grew up in ISKCON, or even better put, in the Hare Krishna Movement, whether they actually went to a gurukula or not, is a gurukuli. So this is what I propose we adopt as our rock-solid definition of "gurukuli"; let a gurukuli be "A person who has grown up in the Hare Krishna Movement." So we now know which people are eligible for these grants.
Once again, it is important to have some kind of verification. Probably what is easiest is to require the initiated names of both parents, or alternatively, two gurukulis' signatures vouching that one is a gurukuli.
One other point needs to be covered, which is age. Since all of our grants are for post-secondary education, it makes sense to make the age of qualification 16 years of age. This is generally the age when people can test out or drop out of high school, and get started on something else.
It's worth also mentioning that what we are setting up here is a very straightforward system to see if someone is eligible. There will be no one saying I will take this person, but not this other person. If someone matches what we've described, that's it; they get the grant. Since that is the case, we should also include directors of the new program. They may be trying to earn some formal qualification too. And since it's just a matter of properly qualifying, rather than them being able to make a decision in their own favor, it's perfectly safe to also support their studies.
The name is really something that should be left to the Gurukuli Maha Istaghosti to decide. But I need to use something in the meantime. In the piece I quoted at the very beginning, they called it a "Social Development Program." So for the time being I will refer to it as the "Gurukuli Development Program" or just "GDP."
Well, it's a been a journey, and we are finally ready to say what the mission statement of the new program would be. "GDP's mission is to assist as many gurukulis as possible to become occupationally or educationally qualified. GDP achieves this by granting substantial and ongoing financial support to gurukulis engaged in post-secondary education or occupational training leading to formal qualifications."
After all we've covered, we now know exactly what we mean by "gurukuli," "substantial financial support," "formal qualifications," etc. Also by saying we want to help "as many gurukulis as possible," we open the door for other important and related activities. The best examples would be investing some of the money in the stock market, and also fund raising.
With this mission statement, GDP would clearly qualify as a charitable non-profit. So we will need to select a President and a Board of Directors. However, there is something very important that we should do with GDP that was done with neither Gurukula Alumni Inc. or Children of Krishna Inc.
There is a choice we can make when incorporating; quite an important choice. That is whether to make the organization a member organization or not a member organization. If GDP is a member organization, that means that the top authority is the meeting of the members. They decide who will be president and who will be directors. They also have the job of approving everything I have written about so far: all of the policies of the organization. The president and directors still have important responsibilities. They must run the day to day affairs of the organization, and must also deal with any unforeseen circumstances that come up that have not been covered in the by-laws. The by-laws, by the way, just means all of the rules I have been describing for how the organization runs.
Why should we be a member organization? I think we would all agree that if a full gathering of gurukulis got together and decided that Children of Krishna should do this or that, we would expect them to do as the meeting decided. However, you may be sure of this: Children of Krishna would definitely not have to do as the meeting said. In the end it's up to the Board of Directors. And that, fellow kulis, is the simple truth of the matter.
Now, if Children of Krishna was a member organization, the situation would be quite different. They would be legally bound to obey the orders of the meeting. Furthermore, if the president or directors did not obey, the meeting has the power to remove them from office, and to elect new officers.
However, there is the small problem of how to define who is a member, and to set when and where the all important membership meeting will take place. Fortunately, we have already done our legwork to answer these questions. We know that our members will be gurukulis, and we know what we mean by that. And we know that the best time and place to have a membership meeting is at 9am on the Monday after the LA Reunion in the LA temple room. So here are the details about our annual membership meeting. Our membership consists of all the gurukulis gathered as I have described.
You may well ask, "Can we really do it like that?" The answer, quite simply, is "Yes. We can."
The siddhanta of this is that we will be forming a gurukuli organization of a type that has never existed before. It will truly be answerable to the collective will of the gurukulis.
Let's just start out by saying that the big meeting definitely should stay out of day to day details of running the organization. How much is spent on office supplies, or the details of fund raising are the business of the Board of Directors.
The proper business of the meeting consists of three main items. The first is approving the basic policies, such as giving out $800 dollars, or how much to pay any staff. The second is electing or removing directors. The third is dealing with any exceptions to policy. For example, a gurukuli may do some non-traditional program and thinks the directors should have given them more, or something like that. In such a case, they could come and plead their case in front of the membership meeting. If it is approved there, it becomes law, and the directors must accept it.
This is the place to say how the decisions will be made by a large gathering of two or three hundred people. First, the candidates should be selected by nomination. That is, some gurukuli says I think this person would make a good president or director. That person can then accept or decline the nomination. Once we have our nominees, each one should say some words to the gathering about how they will carry out their responsibilities. After that, there should be a chance for people in the audience to ask some questions. Then the vote can take place. With a large group like this, we would just take votes by acclamation. That is, by voice vote. If it was close, then we would do an exact hand count.
I should also mention that the president should be elected first since it is the top position, and the other directors afterwords.
As already mentioned, the Board is responsible for the day to day running of affairs. They will be responsible for making sure that applicants really do qualify for support, sending out the money, doing fund raising, etc. One of their most important functions is dealing with unforeseen situations. For example, some non-college program may show up, and they would have to decide how much to grant in support to the program.
The directors should also bring a full report of all their activities to the membership meeting. How much has been given away, amount of fund raising accomplished, etc. How else can the membership make their decisions?
There are a couple of other points about the directors. I already mentioned that they should also be able to receive financial support if they qualify.
Next, they must be gurukulis. I know Children of Krishna had some older devotee directors, but I think we have plenty of mature gurukulis at this point who can fill the shoes of directors.
Next, there is no payment for carrying out the director's duties. However, if they fill one of the staff positions I will cover a bit later, they can receive payment for that.
Also, we need to say how many directors there will be. Children of Krishna had 7, but much less money. So I suggest we have a few more directors, and make it 9.
Finally, it is absolutely required that they attend the annual membership meeting to make a report and to answer questions. This is also the place to resign or be replaced.
This is another important area for which Children of Krishna got a lot of flak. To my knowledge, they had one paid position. It was kind of a combination of President and do-everything office manager. The only thing is, is this really a full-time job? But I guess the reasoning was that someone does need to be paid, and so we have to pay them a reasonable salary. And I guess that's how we ended up with a 20 or 25,000 dollar salary going to the president.
The main thing that seems clear to me is that it is a part-time job. For an office manager for our larger 2 million dollar corporation, I would only really feel comfortable paying about $10,000 a year. And I would expect some definite advertised hours, so that people know when they can call.
Of course, people will say "How can anyone live on $10,000 a year?" And, basically, the answer is that we are looking for the right person. That right person either can live on $10,000 a year, or is kind of set up already, but will appreciate an extra $10,000.
That's the most important paid position. But there are a few others too. The first is maintaining a full-service website. I can see paying a retainer of $1000 a year for this important service. Lastly, the books and taxes will need to be done, which I see as another $1000.
That completes our paid positions. Total salaries would be $12,000 per year. We should also keep it simple, and pay these people as independent contractors. That means they can work out their own taxes. This completes what I have to say about the policies and purpose of the organization.
This part is especially for you folks. You have a serious decision ahead of you now, and it must be your own decision. What I have tried to do here is give some idea of how the two million might be used. Hopefully, it meets with your approval.
Now comes the serious part. If you do approve the settlement offer, it is absolutely imperative that the 2 million is controlled by gurukulis rather than ISKCON. It is in your hands to ensure that this comes to be. This is what you must do.
First, inform all the others that you know on the lawsuit about this article, and tell them to read it. Secondly, you must give specific instructions to your lawyers. They have to hold onto the money until we are ready to receive it. They have special accounts called "Client Trust Accounts" that are for just this very purpose.
However we will not be ready to collect the money until after the big meeting, which will be on August 3rd. The money can then be given to the directors of the new organization. But we don't know who the Istaghosti will elect at this point. And we do need to name someone right now.
So this is the special arrangement we are going to make. The money will need to be passed to a group of extremely trustworthy gurukulis, who will then pass it on to the directors once they have been elected and incorporated the organization. These are 9 well known gurukulis who I believe are suitable for this trust. They are Draupadi Zeppetello, Devon Wheeler (Dharmaraj), Christopher Walker (Chaitanya-Mangala), Lawrence Brady (Bahulasva), Leowyn Kamhout (Lila), Aniruddha Sherbow, Gauravani Buchwald, Shakuntala Zackeim, and Kaitlin McComb (Krsna Devata). (If any of you nine are reading this, and I have gotten the spelling wrong on any of your names, or even gotten your last name completely wrong, you must do a post on or the VY list to let the lawsuit gurukulis know. Unless, that is, you can let them know directly).
This is what the lawyers have to do. They can only release the money under these conditions. 1. It must be August 3rd 2004 or after. 2. They can only pay it into a jointly held account with at least five of the above named people on it. 3. If the money is not claimed within one calender year according to these arrangements, then it should be disposed of according to the collective will of the surviving gurukulis that were on the lawsuit. (Folks, this is just a safety clause. If we need it, something has gone quite wrong, like five of the above people dying before the reunion. You lawsuit gurukulis are our safeguards.)
That is our plan folks. You are the ones who can bring all that I have written about into being. It is now in your hands.
Now the work that you have done with the VY list and is bearing fruit at a very important time. It is a very valuable service you have rendered to us all. There is now one important task for you. I have put this on, and you have to post it on VY. Well done.
Thanks for reading, fellow gurukulis. For the moment my identity must remain unknown. But I assure you of this. I am a gurukuli. And I will see you all and reveal my identity at the Gurukuli Maha Istaghosti. Until then, just call me Istaghosti.
Expires: 08/03/2004

Modified: 03/31/2004
- 04/08/2004 (Niscaitanya (Sweden/Mayapur))
Expires: 08/01/2004

Modified: 09/21/2004
Australian Reunion - 06/30/2004 (Nitya Nadia Bihari)
Dearest Friends

"Thank you for your letter and all the best on your program for the youth.
I'll be of some service to your program when I come, for sure".

Your servant,
Indradyumna Swami
Expires: 07/31/2004

Modified: 10/05/2004
URGENT: Please Pray For Jahnavi (CKI) - 06/28/2004 (Gaura Vani)
Dear Devotees and Friends,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This letter is to request your prayers for a dear Vaishnavi, gurukuli, and special friend of Krishna youth.

Jahnavi dasi, Jennifer Haggard, a gurukuli and former Director of Children of Krishna, is in critical condition in the hospital in Gainesville, Florida.

Jahnavi, 32, a lifelong diabetic, went into the hospital on Friday, June 25. On Sunday, her doctors operated and removed two large tumors from her abdomen. Preliminary tests show the tumors are not malignant. However, other organs are severely inflamed, she has pneumonia, and she is breathing with a
respirator. She is under heavy medication to prevent infection. The next few days of recovery are critical, and her condition is life threatening.

We ask all the devotees to please pray for Lord Krishna to give her strength, to protect her, and to help her fully recover.

The devotees familiar with Children of Krishna know that Jahnavi worked tirelessly for Krishna youth before, during, and after her 5 years as Director of CKI. She has been an outspoken advocate of the youth, and gave much of her energy to help rebuild relationships between our devotee generations.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Your servant,

Anuttama dasa
ISKCON Communications
Children of Krishna
Expires: 07/29/2004

Modified: 06/28/2004
Mayapur Installation DVD for sale - 05/27/2004 ()
A new DVD about the Mayapur Installation has been made...Part 1 of many to come....because how can you just edit over a hundred hours of footage into one video?? NOT POSSIBLE...
So Part 1 is $12...loads of the festival details you never
Expires: 06/27/2004

Modified: 05/27/2004
Srila Prabhupada Festival - 05/21/2004 (Kishor)
The Srila Prabhupada Festival is in its thirteenth year and will be held on May 29th & 30th, 2004 in New Dvaraka.
Expires: 05/31/2004

Modified: 05/21/2004
Hare Krishna Temples File Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan - 02/29/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Media Release

Hare Krishna Temples File Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan

For Immediate Release
Date: February 27, 2004
Contact: David Liberman
Phone: 310 418-6464 or 310 277-9288

Los Angeles---Eleven temples and organizations adhering to the teachings and beliefs of the Krishna Consciousness religion, ISKCON or the Hare Krishna movement, filed a Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan today in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court which will oversee the distribution of financial compensation to over 500 tort claimants.

The Chapter 11 cases, originally filed in 2002, were in response to a lawsuit alleging child abuse in Hare Krishna boarding schools located principally in the U.S. and India during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The Krishna reorganization plan provides for up to $15 million to be provided to ISKCON creditors, the majority of whom are former ISKCON students.

The Reorganization Plan is unique in two ways: First, it provides compensation for over 400 youth who never joined the suit against ISKCON temples, and second, a significant portion of the Plan will be funded by voluntary contributions and settlement funds from individuals, independent temples and other organizations—and not just by the Debtor organizations who filed for bankruptcy protection.

“This Plan is unusual and far-reaching,” said David Liberman, ISKCON attorney. “We are providing assistance for any Krishna youth who may have been abused and who filed a claim with us—whether or not they sued—and we are increasing the available funds with voluntary contributions from independent temples around the world that want to help our youth.”

Krishna Temples File Chapter 11, page 2

Krishna temples in Los Angeles, San Diego and West Virginia are among the organizations that filed for Chapter 11 protection. The filing resulted from a lawsuit, originally Federal Court, on behalf of ninety former ISKCON students. That case was dismissed from Federal Court in September, 2001, but a similar case was filed in Texas State Court soon afterwards.

The reorganization plan includes $2 million in startup capital for a nonprofit “Social Development Program,” a youth support organization which will offer free membership to all present and former ISKCON students. That organization will deliver support and assistance, including educational opportunities, social development assistance, career development opportunities, and financial grants to Krishna youth.

“Abuse of even a single child is a tragedy,” said Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON spokesperson. “ISKCON is a relatively small community of temples, but we are trying to do all we can to help our children. Our goal is to assist every young person who may have been abused,” he said.

The Reorganization Plan provides a detailed legal and financial roadmap as to the classification of various claims, the size of the fund, third party contributions, and other matters. The Claimants must yet approve the Plan, and an independent judicial determination assessing the legality, adequacy and fairness of the Plan will be made by the Bankruptcy Court within the next few months.

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), a Vaishnava, or monotheistic tradition within Hindu culture, was brought to the west in 1965 by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, a respected scholar and religious leader. ISKCON teaches bhakti-yoga, or devotion to God, through simple living, vegetarianism and the chanting of God’s names.
Expires: 05/31/2004

Modified: 02/29/2004
Camp Govardhana Summer Youth Camp - 04/10/2004 (Kapila M)
Welcome to Camp Govardhana!
Camp Govardhana is nestled in the beautiful valley known as Saranagati, located about 4 hours Northeast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Saranagati hosts a community of about 25 families, who live peacefully in the solitude of the mountains, forests, and lakes. Camp Govardhana is designed to share with people of all ages this relaxing, enjoyable and wholesome lifestyle. It is operated by the youth of Saranagati, who invite you to experience the thrills and comforts of natural living.
Check out these Retreats for Summer 2004!

Rathayatra Festival Retreat
Every year Saranagati holds a blissful Rathayatra festival, highlighted by a lakeside Rath-cart procession carrying Lord Jagannath, Baladeva, and Lady Subhadra. Festivities include kirtans, bhajans, dramas, feast, bonfires, and more. Now you can be hosted by Camp Govardhana, with meals and accommodation.
Ages: All Cost: $30 Cdn $23 US per day
Dates: July 3-4
Krishna Balarama Camps
These 7-day retreats are designed to give the experience of being a care-free cowherd boy or girl playing in the forests of Vrndavan. A healthy mix of activities focus on personal fitness, performing arts, sportsmanship, craft skills, spirituality, team-work, and character building. All this is facilitated by full accommodation, wholesome vegetarian meals, and a dedicated staff of local residents.
Ages: 10-15 Cost:: $275 Cdn $210 US
Dates: July 4-11, July 18-25
Brajabasi Weekends
Are you ready for an action-packed adventure? This team-oriented weekend is sure to be a break from the norm. Take a horse ride along the Gold Rush Trail, sweat bullets playing paintball, overcome the toughest tasks the Wilderness Challenge Course can offer, explore caves and cliffs, and compete in team sports. After relax with a swim and a bonfire with marshmallows and bhajans. Full accommodation and delicious meals provided.
Ages: 16-30 Cost: $150 Cdn $120 US
Dates: July 30– Aug 1, Aug 6-8
Jhulana-yatra Retreat
Join us for this educational Vaisnava seminar retreat, which will be dedicated to increasing the frequency and intensity of the nine processes of devotional service. Workshops will be offered by the senior residents of the community, and will focus on practical improvement in one’s practice of bhakti-yoga. Each evening will facilitate increased absorption in the names and pastimes of the Supreme Lord through bhajans, drama, and more. See website for more details. Meals and accommodation included.
Ages: 16+ Cost: $150 Cdn $120 US
Dates: August 26-29
Custom Retreats
If you have a group of at least 6 people, you can design your own retreat at Camp Govardhana. You choose the activities, the length, and the dates. Simply contact Camp Govardhana to discuss your ideal retreat.
At Camp Govardhana, there is everything for anyone.
- 1 day, overnight, weekend, 4 day, and 7 day retreats.
- Individuals or large groups
- Educational, recreational, and spiritual

Camp Govardhana Staff
Directors: Kartamasa Delaney and Radha Kunda Fournier
Counsellors: Govinda and Bhava Clayton
Cooking: Girija Fournier and Govinda Clayton
Accommodation: Kulashakar Prabhu; Saranagati Temple
First Aid: Govinda Clayton and Daniel Szezepaniak
Volunteers: the residents of Saranagati community

Site opening soon:
Current Details:

Or Contact us at:
Camp Govardhana
Po Box 675 Ashcroft, BC V0k 1A0
Phone: 250-457-7171 (leave message)

Aerobics, Animal Care, Archery, Arts and Crafts, Basketball, Blacksmithing, Campfires, Camping, Canoeing, Challenge Course, Cooking, Dance, Desert putt-putt, Devotional Music, Drama , First Aid Safety, Gardening, Hayrides, Hiking, Hockey, Horseback riding, Misc. Games, Mountain biking, Nature Lore, Orienteering, Paintball, Picnics, Ping pong, Scripture study, Soccer, Sweat lodge, Swimming, Volleyball, Water-sports, Woodsmanship, Woodworking, Worship, Yoga, 4x4 Exploring

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Re: 2M stuff - 04/02/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
I'm not going to turn this into a discussion forum here. Discussions on VY if you are there please. If you have a well thought out position piece I'll consider putting it here but no guarantees.

Expires: 05/03/2004

Modified: 04/02/2004 - 03/31/2004 (Madhava UK)
Just a quick note to let you know that the website is up!
July 3rd - 11th 2004, Glastonbury England, the TLC EXPERIENCE-Pathway to Empowerment. Let us be a part of Raising the Vibration.
Find out more at
(Limited tickets available so please e-mail to book soon for this free event.)
Yours in the service of love and affection
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Modified: 03/31/2004
New Features - 03/02/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
With some prodding I've added a couple of new features.

  • Search by age range.
  • prev/next/random when viewing profiles
  • birthdays now have the age in parens
  • preview your profile before saving it

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Modified: 03/03/2004
TLC Experience - 02/07/2004 (Madhava UK)
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the most powerful, beautiful healing event ever held on British soil. A few months ago, I woke up with a very strong feeling to take action and make a stand for my own healing process and the healing process of all my brothers and sisters i.e. all of you reading this now.

Like many of my brother and sisters I experienced so many kinds of abuse physically, sexually, mentally, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. I have been through so many dark times when I have felt so alone, whether or not I was having support from others or not, it made no difference to the dark space I was in. I left gurukula at the age of 16 and had been completely in the gurukula system since the age of four. My inner healing journey is on going and this TLC project is part of my healing process and of your healing process if it appeals to you.

For some years now I have been going to various outdoor festivals and camps and gatherings and have seen and experienced how wonderful it is to share the same space with so many others of the same kind of consciousness and have seen how empowered people become through the various workshops and activities which take place. I feel after observing various camps and gatherings I would be able to take the honey sweetness from every camp and put together a magical gathering which provides a space which caters for every individuals need. The following are some of the dynamic features which will be taking place at the TLC experience:

A, dance workshops of all kinds to suit everyone even for those who never thought they were a dancer. Dance is a powerful means of expressing oneself, it also can be a powerful way to release blocked energy and it is a wonderful way to connect with oneself and others.

B, there will be drama workshops and powerful dramas will be acted out and there will be opportunity for everyone to get involved in drama therapy which will be held by now older gurukulies. I have really noticed how talented gurukulies are and I encourage everyone to bring their unique talents to enhance the dynamic energy already present.

C, there will be powerful workshops facilitated by very experienced therapists. This will provide a space for getting in touch with your feelings, work through blockages and release baggage on many levels. Whilst this can be quite serious and intense there will be many forms of healing i.e. massage, reflexology, shiatsu, yoga, tai chi and many more wonderful treatments to support each and everyone during the TLC Experience.

D, through the medium of music we hope to really reach into people’s souls and bring about energy movement and expression. I once heard a man say that music to him was proof of the existence of God and I really do believe that from my own experience both listening to music and playing music I believe it goes far deeper than many other things in this world. Please bring your musical talents and instruments, although we will be outdoors and in a field we will have solar powered equipment to facilitate electrical requirements. There will be African drum workshops and drums available, this will give for some a first opportunity to learn African rhythms and very experienced African drumming experts who are also old gurukulies will hold these workshops.

This gathering is being held exclusively for kulies many of which are now adults and parents. The gathering will have a children’s area and many activities for children of all ages. At the camps and gatherings held here in England the children’s area is always charged with energy due to the creative workshops available for children. My wife is very expert in working with children and earlier this year very successfully ran the children’s area at the first ever Krsna Camp. Quite often we find the children of all ages really thrive on the outdoor setting of the camps they are so much more naturally connected to nature and they seem to glow and find their own ways of expressing themselves. So please do enquire for more info on what will be available for children at the TLC experience. This is the first in a series of letters, which will go out on email others will follow as more pieces to the puzzle come together. This is really a letter to let you know about the event, which will be held next summer, but we are yet to work out actual dates hopefully some time in July.

This is quite a futuristic event and I believe it has the potential to have quite a profound effect on all those who attend. We will be able to take the experience home with us in our hearts.
The TLC experience is being held exclusively for gurukulies and their immediate family and it is being held free of charge. I am working on raising funds from outside sources so please start putting money aside for your travel and come enjoy and check out the TLC experience and see England at its most glorious time of year. There are so many far out events taking place in England throughout the summer and if you have the time there will be beautiful places to see i.e. Glastonbury, Stonehenge and lots more. For more info contact myself Madhava on or phone England 01684 560 209.

PS. We are raising the vibration and are not the future leaders of ISCKON temples we are here to do far greater service to this planet. I was always told we were the future leaders of ISCKON and that that was the reason we were having such intense upbringings however the very people who told us this were in many cases the abusers and it would seem that their only purpose was to completely disempower us. I feel that for a while they succeeded in their futile task and now is the time to realize our real power and make a difference to our planet by making a difference to ourselves and those close to us.

Let us be a part of Raising the Vibration.
With love Mads and Guna-mala
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Network upgrade complete - 01/08/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
The ISP switch and network upgrade has completed succesfully. It may take a while for DNS to update around the world.
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Modified: 01/08/2004
Scheduled downtime (2004-01-08) - 01/05/2004 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
I'm switching ISPs for my DSL which hosts and unfortunately. Unfortunately this means there will be probably a half-day of downtime somewhere around the 8th of January.

This change will give us about 3x the bandwidth that we have today...
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Kulis going to Mayapur in Spring 2004 - 11/24/2003 (Gaura Vani)
If you are going to Mayapur in the spring, please drop a line to
I am trying to get a list so we can coordinate ourselves in the Dhama. Many thanks.
Expires: 12/25/2003

Modified: 11/24/2003
ISKCON Chapter 11 Update - November 2003 - 11/23/2003 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
ISKCON Chapter 11 Update - November 2003
by Gupta das (Joseph Fedorowsky)

Since August 15, 2003, the cutoff date for filing a claim in the Chapter 11 cases, the focus has been on claims processing, debtor asset assessment, formulation of a Reorganization Plan and insurance litigation.

After accounting for duplicate filings, over 500 Gurukuli claimants have been identified in the California and West Virginia bankruptcy reorganization cases. All of those claims are now being sorted and a database is being developed to efficiently handle the massive amount of information which must be evaluated.

Meanwhile, a far reaching and financially complex assessment of the debtors' assets for reorganization purposes is taking place. This financial assessment, which must be completed by the specialized accounting firms involved before a Reorganization Plan can be finalized, is almost done. As can well be imagined, a Reorganization Plan which describes how disbursements will be made must account for and balance many complex variables.

It is anticipated that a Reorganization Plan will be readied for filing by the end of the year, although that could change if the financial assessment takes a bit longer than expected. However, a great deal of progress on the Reorganization Plan has been made and many of the non-financial Plan components have already been drafted.

Concurrently, complex insurance litigation is taking place in U.S. District Court, the results of which will directly impact the Reorganization Plan. The hope here is that a number of insurance policies will increase the total amount of the victims fund. This insurance litigation is in an early phase so firm conclusions cannot yet be drawn. Meanwhile, formal discovery to gather additional information from the claimants will begin soon.

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy process is somewhat flexible, and the timeline for the case continues to be adjusted in response to the claims, asset and litigation picture. However, considering the informational, legal and financial complexities involved, steady progress is being made. Once the Plan of Reorganization is filed another update will be circulated. Thank you for your patience.

Gupta das
Joseph Fedorowsky

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Modified: 11/23/2003 mail and web is back - 11/23/2003 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker) personal websites and email are once again available. Unfortunately, all accounts along with mail and web files have been lost. (This will not happen again!).

If you want like to re-instate your account or would like to create a new one, please click on the Services link and request one.

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Modified: 11/23/2003 down... - 11/07/2003 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
We are working to resolve the problem. Please be patient.

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New Beauty Salon 4 Gopis - 10/07/2003 ()
Incredible how devoties are expanding! now with the new Beauty salon call Lakshmi not just a place where you can get a makeup; it's also a place where you can inquire about Krishna. The owners of this beautyfull stablishment are present members of KC a gurukuli with a great idea. Hairstyles Well-groomed hair is beautiful and sexy. It can signify youth, health, and vitality. Many women don't feel right unless they feel that their hair looks good. If their hair looks good they feel great. Beauty is one thin we all look for! why? beauty comes from the all migthy Krsna! we are atract to Govinda!!!

Expires: 11/06/2003

Modified: 10/07/2003
Family and Youth Conference in LA - 09/04/2003 (Gaura Vani)
“Spiritual Transformations for Healing Generations”
Los Angeles, CA

Friday September 19, 2003
Demigods & Demons: Hare Krsna Kids & Unmet Expectations 7:15 – 9:30 pm
A special screening of the acclaimed youth production “Burnt Laddu” filmed live in New
Vrndavana, May 2003. After the film, join a frank conversation with writer/producer
Madi Brinkman and Director Gaura Buchwald about the making of the film, addressing
its emotional impact and unmet expectations of growing up as a Hare Krsna Kid.

Saturday September 20, 2003
Cultivating Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Resiliency in ISKCON Communitites
By Cintamani dasi (Courtney Parks, Ph.D., Psychology) 10:00 – 11:30 am
This interactive workshop will explore the concept of resiliency – the ability to cope with and be strengthened by the adversities of life – and it’s applications to fortifying ourselves, our youth, and our communities.
Third Culture Krishna Kids 11:45 – 1:15 pm
A workshop presented by Norma M. McCaig, Interculturalist, about the fascinating
reality of growing up in multiple cultures; The strengths, and challenges encountered
while straddling worlds and practical tools to help with social/cultural transitions.
Fire & Ice: The Challenges & Rewards of Interfaith & Bicultural Marriages
Panel Discussion 2:45 – 4:15 pm
If I Were Running ISKCON…Making Krsna Hip!
Youth Panel – Gauravani, Shakuntala, Kisor and others 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Sunday September 21, 2003
Domestic Abuse: Breaking the Silence on the Road to Recovery
Panel Discussion – Radha dasi, Chitralekha, Jagannath das 10:00 – 11:30 pm
Taking the Grhastra Ashram to the Next Level
By Krishnanandini dasi 11:45 – 1:15 pm
Conclusion: Moving Forward 1:15 – 1:45 pm
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Gurukuli Claims Deadline Extended - 07/07/2003 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Gurukuli Claims Deadline Extended
by Gupta das

July 7, 2003, Los Angeles, CA. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court entered an Order today which extended the Gurukuli claims deadline in the ISKCON Chapter 11 cases to August 15, 2003. All Gurukulis now have additional time to file a claim for compensation. Claim forms must be RECEIVED (not just mailed) by both the California court and West Virginia court on or before August 15, 2003. Claims received after August 15, 2003, will be disallowed.

For FedEx delivery of the claim forms, use "Clerk of the Court" as the name of the recipient. FedEx also requires a telephone number. For the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in California use (818) 587-2900. For the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in West Virginia use (304) 233-1655. Note that there is a minor correction to the preprinted address on the West Virginia claims form. The street name is spelled Chapline (with an "e"), NOT Chaplin. While this minor printing error should not create a problem for mail delivery, it could cause a delay for FedEx delivery.

To protect claimants' privacy, claim forms are automatically filed by the Clerk of the Court "under seal." This means that all of the information provided will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be available to the public.

For more information and to download claim forms go to To read about how to file a claim go to "ISKCON Chapter 11 Claims Deadline." To read about the privacy of a claim go to "Court Rules Gurukuli Claims Are Confidential."

With regards,

Gupta dasa
Joseph Fedorowsky

Expires: 08/30/2003

Modified: 07/07/2003
Krishna Temples Seek Claimants in Chapter 11 Reorganization - 05/01/2003 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Date:April 29, 2003
Contact:David Liberman
ISKCON General Counsel
(310) 277-9288
Sandy Frey
Bankruptcy Counsel
(310) 277-7400
Anuttama Dasa
ISKCON Communications
(301) 299-9707

Los Angeles, California—Eleven temples of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), are publishing legal notice on April 30th in international newspapers, magazines and websites in an effort to contact any parties having claims against them, including any students who may have been abused in Krishna boarding schools in the 1970's and 1980's. The publication is part of a Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan to be submitted to Federal Bankruptcy Courts in West Virginia and California, on behalf of the eleven ISKCON corporations, which originally filed for Chapter 11 protection in March 2002. In June 2000, 91 plaintiffs in Dallas, Texas, filed a $400 million lawsuit against the temples and several individuals. The suit was dismissed by U.S. Federal Court in September 2001 but was again filed in Texas State Court in October 2001. The temples claim that the damages sought by the plaintiffs are greater than the collective assets of the temples and individuals named in the suit, and would destroy their religious communities. "The suit threatens to close places of worship and punish innocent families that had nothing to do with these allegations," said Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON spokesperson. "Through Chapter 11, we hope to balance the legitimate needs of any of our young people that may have been abused, while protecting the rights of our members and families to maintain a place of worship," Dasa said. In addition to protecting the temples during the reorganization process, one of the primary purposes of the Chapter 11 is to ascertain the extent of the claims against the temples, including abuse claims, and to provide a procedure for processing them. An unusual feature of the reorganization plan is to provide compensation for youth that may have been abused but who chose to not sue. The Chapter 11 plan that the temples will submit to the court will provide for payments to any young person who may have suffered abuse -- whether or not they are part of the Texas suit. “We are working on reorganization plans that will provide meaningful compensation for anyone found to have a valid claim,” said David Liberman, ISKCON’s general counsel. “The judge will determine the capacity of these temples to pay based on the Court's analysis of their assets, and not on the whims of an inflamed or biased jury. We believe this is the fairest solution.” Sanford L. Frey, ISKCON bankruptcy counsel, added, “Another unusual goal of the Chapter 11 is to provide an orderly, cost-effective method of ascertaining legitimate claims so that more proceeds are provided to legitimate claimants, rather than for legal fees resulting from time-consuming litigation.” In 1990, the ISKCON Governing Body Commission established ecclesiastical policies mandating abuse prevention training and the reporting of allegations of abuse to government authorities. In 1996, an independent organization, Children of Krishna, was formed to provide grants for counseling and education for Krishna youth. In 1998, a professionally staffed Child Protection Office was established to investigate allegations of abuse, provide grants for youth who may have been abused, and to assure the ongoing protection of Krishna children. ISKCON, or the Hare Krishna movement, is part of the ancient Vaishnava, or monotheistic religious tradition within Hindu culture. The Krishna tradition was brought to the west in 1965 by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who founded the first ISKCON temple in New York City.

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Modified: 07/07/2003
Festival Bus Tour - Summer 2003 - 04/16/2003 (Manu)

Vaishnava Youth Festival Bus Tour 2003 - Schedule & Fees

Manu and Jaya Radhe of ISKCON Youth Ministry are now accepting applications from devotee youth ages 16 and up to attend the annual Harinama Sankirtana Bus Tour traveling to Rathayatras and temples across North America. The tour is now in its ninth year. This is the first year that we have a luxury tour bus with air conditioning, luggage bays, full service bathroom, etc. Sign up now to reserve your spot! Go to

From June 26th through August 23rd, between 35-45 youth from around the world will travel alongside Festival of India, helping to set up and stage cultural performances including the drama "The Advent of Lord Jagannatha," bhajans, kirtanas, harinamas... plus camp at National Parks and go whitewater rafting along the way. At Ratha-yatra festivals, we will help with set-up and take-down.

Tour Schedule & Fees

This year for the first time, we'll have a real tour bus with air conditioning, luggage bays, bathroom facilities. We will have a bunk bed system that can be assembled at night for overnight traveling. We will visit 21 temples and most of the Ratha-yatra festivals in North America.

Participants are encouraged to come for the entire tour, which is only US $850 total for 57 days - two months. This includes all expenses, accommodation, camping, adventure activities, three meals a day. If you cannot come on the entire tour, then we encourage you to come for either the first or second half, East Coast Tour, or West Coast Tour, at only US $500. Detroit Rathayatra (July 26-27) is our halfway point. If you need to cut the tour short because you need to get back in time to start school, we encourage you to fly out of San Francisco after San Francisco Rathayatra (fly on August 11th). We will credit you $15 per day for the 12 days of the tour you would miss in that situation. (If none of these options work for you, talk to us. Maybe we can accommodate your travel schedule. Email

If you would like to come, please fill out and email us the Application Form at immediately. Once your application has been approved, you'll need to fill out the Registration Form and send in your deposit. First come, first served. Spots are filling up every day. Apply soon.

Tour Schedule

June 25th Be in Alachua, Florida, a day before the tour. Book flights to arrive on this day at either Jacksonville (JAX) or Orlando (MCO) airports, before 6 PM. Pickup from these airports will be at 7:00 PM. For additional information, see "Airport pick-up and drop-off" below.)
June 26, Depart New Raman Reti (Alachua), 4:00 AM.
June 28-29, Chicago Rathayatra
July 1-2, Gita Nagari
July 3-5, Washington DC Ratha-yatra
July 6-7, New York (sunday program & sight seeing)
July 8-9, Hartford & Boston temples
July 11-13, Montreal Ratha-yatra
July 14-16, Camping on Lake Ontario (Canada)
July 17-20, Toronto Ratha-yatra
July 21, Niagara Falls
July 22-24, New Vrindavan
July 26-27, Detroit Ratha-yatra - Halfway Point of the Tour
July 29, Dallas temple
July 30, Grand Canyon National Park
July 31, Los Angeles Ratha-yatra setup/Venice Beach
July 31-Aug 1, Laguna Beach temple (evening - next midday)
Aug. 1, Finish Los Angeles Ratha-yatra setup in the afternoon. Perform play at Los Angeles temple in the evening. Aug. 2, Los Angeles International Gurukula Reunion, evening Harinama at Santa Monica promenade with 500+ devotees and gurukulis from around the world.
Aug. 4, San Diego temple
Aug. 5, Ojai hot springs, then evening program at Mayesvara Prabhu's preaching center
Aug. 6, Whitewater Rafting on the Kings River
Aug. 7, Kings Canyon & Giant Sequoia National Park
Aug. 8-10, San Francisco Ratha-yatra
Aug. 12, Vancouver temple
Aug. 13-14, Sharanagati Farm
Aug. 15-17, Vancouver Ratha-yatra
Aug. 18-19, Yellowstone National Park
Aug. 20, Denver temple (Janmastami)
Aug. 22, Prabhupada Village, NC
Aug. 23, New Raman Reti temple, Alachua
Aug. 25, Book your flights to leave on this day (see notes below).

Disclaimer: While we will make every effort to meet the above travel schedule, all dates are tentative and subject to change without notice. If you are booking airplane tickets, leave yourself a couple of days of buffer time especially after the end of the tour. The starting date is firm. The end date of the tour is firm. However, just in case we get delayed by a day due to circumstances beyond our control on the way back, please give yourself a couple of days of buffer time to book your return flights home.

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off: If you arrive on June 25th at either Jacksonville (JAX) or Orlando (MCO) airports, we will arrange for a one-time, late evening pickup (around 7:00 PM). If you schedule your departing flight from the above airports after 11:00 AM or later on August 25th, we will arrange for an early morning drop-off to both airports (arriving at each airport by around 9:00 AM.) Leave yourself two yours of time for international flights to complete baggage check and security. If you schedule your flights on any other days, we will help you find someone you can pay $50 to pick you up or drop you off at the airports. (It takes about 5 hours out of someone's day, plus gasoline, to either pick you up or drop you off.)

For those coming on half of the tour, we will arrange one airport pickup from Detroit airport at 7:00 PM on July 25th. For those leaving the tour at this halfway point, we will schedule one airport drop-off at 9:00 AM on July 28th. If you book your flights on any other days, we can help you find someone to pick you up or drop you off for $30. (It will take someone three hours out of their day, plus gasoline, to pick you up or drop you off.)

To apply to come on the bus tour, either as a youth or chaperone or bus driver, or to give a donation towards the tour, please contact Manu or Jaya Radhe care of ISKCON Youth Ministry, PO Box 283, Alachua, FL 32616, USA. Phone: 386-462-0481 (work) or 386-418-3839 (home), Email: Web:

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Irish Vaisnava Youth Reunion 2003 - 06/14/2003 ()

The 2nd Irish Annual Vaisnava Youth Reunion is taking place on the Bank Holiday weekend of August 2nd, 3rd and 4th this year.

The venue is the magnificent Govindadvipa Island on the beautiful lakelands of Upper Lough Erne. The island hosts an historic old mansion renovated to modern standards, home to Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Govinda.

This years gathering is going to be bigger than ever. We already have more than 60 people on the guest list from all over the world, plus we're throwing out an open invitation to gurukulis everywhere. If you've never been to Ireland before this is the perfect chance to visit. Contact myself or Madhava and we'll do everything we can to help you with your stay.

If you were at last years reunion you won't need any convincing! We're praying for more of the same scorching weather we were blessed with last time.

This year is a camping event with all the usual fun.. just on a much bigger scale : music, talks, water sports, films, campfires, stories, swimming and of course the very best Prasadam.. Irish devotees are famous for it! Also Sunday is the Irish Vaisnava Sports Day, so there'll be lots of sporting action for everyone whether you like bungee running, chess or soccer - to name but a few.

For all the necessary information and photos of last year check out the Reunion website :

And don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions. We look forward to seeing you there!


mobile : 0035386 1715080


mobile : 0035387 6280671
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travelling in europe - 04/04/2003 (Krsna Chandra)
LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TRAVEL WITH!!! i am travelling around europe a bit this summer, low budget, probably staying in temples and sight seeing as much as limited funds allow. anyone want to come? (does anyone read this? i never did before today....)
anyway, if you are interested, email me.
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Burnt Ladhu -- a play by Madi Brinkmann has arrived in the US - 04/14/2003 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
Burnt Ladhu has finally arrived stateside after a resounding reception to the premier at England's Bhaktivedanta Manor. On May 9th Avatar Studios will present Madi Brinkmann's controversial play on life after gurukula for New Vrindavan's 2nd Annual Festival of Inspiration. The cast includes some of the most talented first and second-generation devotees from across the globe.

This musical theater production depicts the fictionalized struggle of a gurukuli named, Ladhu, who is caught between the spiritual and material worlds. Burnt Ladhu examines some of the painful stereotypes found in the Hare Krishna movement today, and illuminates the commonalities that are shared by all members of the society.

Though the primary focus of Burnt Ladhu are the struggles faced by children of devotees, the powerful message and deep social issues have a wide application within our society and are carefully presented in a way that brings the viewer to understand and realize the need for strong community and authentic loving exchanges amongst Vaishnavas.

Undoubtedly one of the most gifted young writers in the Hare Krishna movement, Madi drew from his own life as a gurukuli and the lives of his peers to create this play which is both emotionally stirring and painfully comedic. Burnt Ladhu crafts dialogue and song into an inspirational and cathartic experience and serves to helps heal our society and serves to remind us that we are all members of a young movement still going though its growing pains.

For more information on the May 9th show in New Vrindavan or the May 15th show in Alachua Florida please contact (301) 421 1775 or email:
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New Features - 02/17/2003 (Rupa Madhurya Schomaker)
I've added a couple of small new features to the site.
  1. Large images will now be automatically resized and converted to JPEG. This should help those people on slow modem or international connections.
  2. Profile search feature works again. Search for a name or email to easily find a specific profile.
Let me know if you run into any problems with these changes!
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Mandala Publishing Sales Positions - 02/06/2003 (Govinda-carana-priya)
Hello, I've been working for Mandala Publishing for the past year and a half but have decided to move back to Canada, so my position in sales has come open. They are looking to replace me, and also hire one more. Mandala is located near San Francisco and has a small, but growing devotee community. The work environment is casual, but some-what professional, and very open-minded. They have posted the position locally, but are looking for someone with a lot of knowledge of Vedic culture - thats why we are advertising to gurukulis. Here is the add:
(2) In-House Sales Representatives, Book Publishing

Mandala Publishing, ( ) specializes in high quality art and philosophy books and consumer products focused on ancient Indian cultures and religions. As a nationally acclaimed publisher and winner of the prestigious Ben Franklin and GOLD INK Award 2002, Mandala is known world-wide for high quality content and stunning presentation in the "mind, body, spirit" genre.

We are currently seeking (2) full-time In-House Sales Reps who will be responsible for promoting our exceptional line of art books, gift books, music, art and incense. Our productions are of the highest quality in terms of content, artistic standards and overall design – they do, in fact, sell themselves. The goal will be to develop and/or maintain sales relationships with a variety of small to mid-sized businesses, including independent booksellers, wholesalers, museums, yoga studios, retreat and spiritual centers, as well as direct consumers across the country.

Job Duties:
Outbound calls (existing accounts & cold calls)
Maintain leads/track communication in database (Goldmine software)
Conduct follow up calls retain and grow existing accounts
Generate and update sales/client files, providing ongoing customer service to clients
Development of strong relationships with store buyers to increase sales
Process orders/communicate with accounting and fulfillment depts.
Provide high quality customer service, with a view for developing long term relationships
Participate in weekly revenue/marketing meetings
You will be consistently provided with support and resources – including call lists – in order to achieve success

Criteria for Position:
Meeting Monthly Quotas
35-45 Calls per day
Satisfied customers

Phone sales experience
High level of confidence and professionalism in conducting sales calls
Ability to build trust and confidence quickly
Capacity and interest in meeting lead generation objectives/goals
Ethical, honest and professional. Integrity is essential, enthusiasm is encouraged!
Highly organized and self-motivated
Must be computer literate (QuickBooks, Goldmine)
Trade Show & Festival experience preferred
Experience with Hindu/Vedic literature & philosophy is a plus but not mandatory

Flexibility and a sense of humor will work well in the Mandala workplace

What We Offer
As a rapidly growing small press, we offer a dynamic opportunity with plenty of growth challenges. Our growing staff includes several highly skilled, creative and energetic people, and our environment is pleasant and professional. Additionally, Mandala is a member of a group of companies through which there is extended support and opportunity. Our key sister company and printing vendor, Palace Press International, is a 20-year old industry leader in the high end overseas printing market. We work closely together to develop all of Mandala’s works.

$10/hour plus commission (higher rates offered for opening new accounts)
Bonuses are offered for exceeding monthly quotas

Reverse commute

If interested, please submit your resume to

Include your resume in the body of the email and attach it as a Word document. Please put Sales Position in the subject line of your email.

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chill out in mumbai { india , juhu } - 01/05/2003 ()
hare krishna to all the kulis ,
The mumbai kulis welcome all for the 25th silver
jubliee celebretions . the festival is from 14th jan
till the 19th of jan . hare krishna ...
Nityananda !!!
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Life Skills Seminar, Alachua - 07/16/2002 (Prajyumna)
Life Skills Seminar
Personal Transformation Course
Alachua Krsna Community Center
August 23-25, 2002
A three-day intensive course

ü Obtain practical skills necessary for more meaningful relationships
ü Learn how to overcome roadblocks to effective communication
ü Use empathic listening
ü Study problem solving strategies
ü Feel empowered to take responsibility, and make/ keep commitments
ü Access your natural knowing capacity for making clear and appropriate decisions
ü Gain insights into your own personality and the way you run your life

Facilitator: David B. Wolf (Dhira Govinda Dasa), Ph.D., MSW

Participant Testimonials

This course is the best thing I did for my devotional life since I took initiation. If everyone in the movement took this course, it would be a different movement.
-- Gopal das
Dhira Govinda Prabhu’s practical two-day seminar on Life Skills was both educational and enjoyable for Canadian ISKCON Leaders as well as future leaders who attended. They all requested a sequel.
-- Bhakti Marga Swami
Before coming, I had every mental excuse available not to go, but I’m so glad I came. It exceeded my expectations in all ways. There was a good mix of lecture, brain stimulating activities, and group interactions..Not only did you present knowledge on specific skills, but you also gave knowledge that improves and empowers our overall state of consciousness. I would definitely recommend this course to others. It was structured and presented better than any of my college courses.
-- Kartamasa dasa
. . . it was inspiring and interesting how you put it within a Krsna Conscious framework. I have a view that your course should be an integrated part within the training and teaching of our leaders, preachers, managers, etc.
-- Smita Krsna Maharaja
Attending it was a highlight of my Indian pilgrimage; Vishakha and I found ourselves repeatedly discussing its merits.
-- Yamuna Devi Dasi
Immediately I was able to correct the blocks I was putting in the way of my communicating with others.
-- Ananda Rupa dasi
The course was very lively and engaging: every moment was useful, packed with information and interesting ideas and exercises. This was definitely the best counseling course I’ve taken (I had previously taken a one-year certificate course in England and other shorter seminars).
-- Jagatam dasi

Tuition :$65 includes Prasadam and course material
Information and registration please contact Malini devi dasi (386) 418-0882
Expires: 08/29/2002

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Summer Bus Tour 2002 is here... - 05/07/2002 (Manu)
Our ISKCON Youth Ministry summer adventure tour is coming up: July 26th - August 18th.

It's three weeks and a day this year, covers the entire USA, and quite ambitious. We're heading from Florida to Los Angeles, to Yosemite National Park, to San Francisco, and back again, and stopping at most temples in between. So taking the southern route out, we'd visit New Orleans, Dallas, Carlsbad Caverns, Tucson, The Grand Canyon, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles (for Rathayatra), camp in Yosemite National Park, then to San Francisco (for Rathayatra), then the northern route back via Elko (visit some Goldmines!), Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City, Murari Sevaka, Whitewater Rafting near Chatanooga, Atlanta, and of course our home town temple, Alachua, Florida. All that with 30 youth and a lot of fun, sun, kirtan, devotional songs around the campfire, harinam...

As for extra adventure, we'll visit Carlsbad Caverns, hike down the Grand Canyon, spend four days camping in Yosemite National Park (look at to whet your appetite), and scream our heads off whitewater rafting in the Appalachian mountains north of Chatanooga.

We'll have an on-board all-youth theater troupe which will perform "The Advent of Lord Jagannath" at most of the temples we visit, as well as on stage at Los Angeles and San Francisco Rathayatras. Anyone into acting? Main parts will be given out a week ahead of time... so come early if you can.

Fill out the Bus Tour Application and return it to us ASAP by email or fax.

You can also email directly to apply today, or write to:

ISKCON Youth Ministry
P.O. Box 283
Alachua, FL 32616

We have a limit of 30 people total so when we're booked we're booked. With little advertising, we already have over half of the bus filled up, so we expect this to be a full flight. Hear from you soon.

** The temple/city listings above are tentative and may be modified if we need to adjust our route or driving schedule. We're also fundraising for a bigger better bus, and looking for two additional bus drivers to take turns driving this summer. Any leads or ideas? Tell your friends and family.
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UK Reunion 11th-16th July - 06/01/2002 ()
U.K Reunion 2002

Summer is just around the corner, and the madness is coming. When the sun shines in the summer months, it is time for friends across the globe to spend obscene amounts of money and meet for what has become quite the tradition; the gurukuli reunions. This year, the place to be will, without a doubt, be the U.K. reunion, and the romp around Europe that will follow. For those of you that are regulars at the reunions over in the states, I am sure you are well aware of the outragous group of kuli\'s, affectionately known as the \'Brit Crew\'. Well this years UK reunion is masterminded by this same crew, and with the creative minds of people like Deva, Nila,Bala and Nitai, it will definatly be one you wont want to miss.

The reunion is officially slated to start on the 11th of July, lasting for roughly 5 days, and will be based in the fantastic country setting of Bhaktivedanta Manor. We will be setting up camp on the 60 acres of the Manor property, the place where many of your hosts grew up and spent their younger years. Why is that important? Well if you know the crew, then you know we all have many outragous stories to tell, and what better place to tell them all than in the very place that they happened? The reunion itself will be an outragous weekend of feasting (the most important always comes first), plays and a musical, games around the campfire, bhajanas and kirtanas (maybe even a morning program or two for the brave!), a whirlwind sight seeing tour of London, swimming, chillin in the park, volley ball, soccer (Football: England vs. The world) and much much more.

The costs for the U.K reunion should be mimimal, and should cater to even the smallest of pockets. Although undecided at this time, we will be making a trip to either Chessington theme park, or to the ancient Warwick Castle. Each of those should cost around £15 each, but neither are manditory. My best advice would be to allow another £20 for travel and snack expenses when we go into London and for a night of Bowling.

Believe it or not, the weather is usually nice and warm in england during the summer, however it does rain in England every now and then, so come prepared for that. Idea\'s on what to bring? Well use your common sense, and bring the essentials. Although it is warm during the day, it does get a little cold at night, so you should definatly bring a warm sleeping bag andor blanket. Tents would be nice, but there should be some set up for those who did not bring their own. Live nearby and have a spare one? Bring that too, cause I am sure we will need it. Depending on the weatherm things could get a little muddy, so keep that in mind when you pack shoes etc. Erm, what else? Plenty of shorts, a suchi kit, pillow if desired, a hat, sun cream, and football cleats if you are thinkin to join in the football games.

For more precise information about the plans for the UK part of the reunion click on the Details link under Reunion 2002.

Europe Travel Plans 2002

After the reunion at the Manor there is an unofficial trip being planned to tour through France and Spain. Within those countries we are looking to visist the beaches of Biarittz, the beautiful town of San Sebastian and the glamorous and beautiful city of Barcelona. This trip through Europe will start on the 16th or the 17th of July and will go through till the end of July. There is a big group of Kulis who want to meet this plan and travel through Europe but its not an official plan for which any one person is responsible. We are doing it as a group and therefore will work together to help each other out but there is no official transportation and everybody will be responsible for themselves.

Please all try your best to come and dont talk to me again if you dont for you shall not be forgiven anyways.

for more info contact me @ or log onto
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Alachua Gurukuli Reunion - 05/10/2002 (Saradiya)
Hey everyone. Sorry I didn't get this information out earlier. Here is an idea of what's going on for this year's reunion.

The reunion is from June 14-17 and it is at Ginnie Springs once again. There will be lots of new stuff going on, so I suggest that this is one reunion you don't miss. There is no reunion fee, but you have to pay to get into the springs. There is a discount with the park if you pay for overnight camping and day-usage at once. For camping, the fee is $14, which is good for 2 days. If you would like to pay by day, the fee is $8.

We will be at the springs from Friday- Sunday. Bring your own tent and whatever else you may need. On Sunday, the kuli's are sponsoring and cooking the Sunday feast and there will also be an ecstatic kirtan led by a kuli. On Monday, we are possibly going to take a trip down the Ichetucknee River and everyone is elcome to come.

And please try to keep the fun safe and clean, you know what I mean.

That said, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

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NY Ratha Yatra - June 8-9 2002 - 04/10/2002 (Pragnesh (Caitanyananda Das))
Haribolo to all devotees, gurukulis, youths etc..

You are all cordially invited and requested to attend New York Ratha-Yatra this year: Saturday June 8 2002.. most of you come every year... and you know this is the best time to be in the city...

as always pl. contact the temple or ur buddies in NY for more info... and please come to give us NY youth ur association!
Expires: 06/09/2002

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Rathayatra in San diego Ca - 04/16/2002 ()
Hello everyone! here is great invitation for everyone, we are celebreating the day of Earth, here in San diego ca on the Balboa park...and we also are celebreating the most important event on the eart, the biggest rathayatra in the universe.
Place: balboa park
Time:10;00 am
Day:sunday 21 of april.
bring kartalas & mrndangas lots of drums,
dress for impress Please come and join us and let's worship the lord of the univers, Lord JAGANNATHA!!!!! KI JAY!
Expires: 05/17/2002

Modified: 04/16/2002
Chapel Hill Rathayatra! - 04/08/2002 ()

Hope to see you all there!
Expires: 05/09/2002

Modified: 04/08/2002
Pray for Mother Malati - 02/28/2002 (Radha Madhava dasa)
Hare Krishna,

I don't know if it's appropriate, but I'de like to request everyone to please pray for Mother Malati, the first mother in ISKCON. She's in the devotee hospital in Bombay with tuburkulosis.

Please pray to Lord Nityananda, Lord Nrsimhadeva, and Srila Prabhupada that she'll be all right.

Thank you very much.
Expires: 03/31/2002

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Introducing The Hare Krishna Foundation - 02/16/2002 ()

The Hare Krishna Foundation Press Release

GAINESVILLE, Florida -- We're certain you'll agree that with the ongoing
expansion of the Hare Krishna movement, it can be quite difficult to stay in
touch with the worldwide devotee community. Isn't it about time for a change?
In this day and age devotees need a stronger communication infrastructure, an
international exchange that is accessible around the clock on every day of the

If you are ready for a change, The Hare Krishna Foundation has spawned an
innovative project utilizing online communication technology to reunite Srila
Prabhupada's spiritual family, assist his preaching mission, and offer
financial assistance to devotees and projects.

A non-profit organization spearheaded by second-generation devotees, The Hare
Krishna Foundation is already creating a buzz of excitement amongst the
International community of devotees. Besides providing many online information
services, the Foundation also offers a unique online project support system
through which you can submit and monitor donations. You can track where your
donations are spent and how they benefit others. Additionally, each project
must be fully accredited by the Foundation before acceptance as a candidate for
contributions, thus establishing trust between the donor, Foundation and
project manager.

The Hare Krishna Foundation currently provides email, web hosting, and
consulting services. In the very near future you'll be able to access news,
chat rooms and forums, live internet broadcasts of lectures and festivals world
wide, educational media for students, web services, travel guides, and much
more. All of this is available to you for free by accessing the Hare Krishna
Network portal currently being developed by the Foundation. There will even be
a section for children with online books and Krishna conscious games! Register
today at to view the project status.

As you can see, your involvement is critical to the long-term success of this
venture. This second generation led effort is very meaningful because it
extends a special opportunity for devotees to cooperate and so as to propel the
Krishna conscious society into the new millennium. By registering and joining
the Foundation's database of supporters today, you will be showing your love
and support for Srila Prabhupada's continuing mission.

The current configuration is a consolidation of previous systems such as
ISKCON.NET, The Complete Picture (ISKCON.ORG), and the recent partnership
between the Hare Krishna Foundation and the PAMHO.NET conferencing system - all
running on professional hardware.

But just because we sport high tech tools doesn't mean we forget our Number One
Resource: you and all your friends and family! We value your enthusiasm,
skills, monetary support, and recommendations!

With your registration you will have access to The Hare Krishna Foundation
member area, where you can monitor the status of your contributions and/or
participate with comments and feedback. Log on today to and
see what we can offer you!

Thank you for your time and Hare Krishna!

The Hare Krishna Foundation, Inc.
1109 NW 23rd Avenue, Suite A
Gainesville, FL 32609
United States
PAMHO: "(The Hare Krishna) Foundation" -
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ISKCON Bankrupcy - 02/08/2002 (Radha Madhava dasa)
Hare Krsna folks, I've been hearing various people wondering about the ISKCON Bankrupcy news and so decided to post it here for all of ya'll to get firsthand. Since I work right here next door to ISKCON Communications I figured it's my duty to keep us 'kulis in the know about this kinda stuff. So here it is...



Date: February 6, 2002
Contact: Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Communications International, (301) 299-9707
David Liberman, Attorney, (310) 277-9288
Sandy Frey, Bankruptcy Counsel, (310) 277-7400

Washington, D.C.At least a dozen temples, related entities and individuals affiliated with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), better known as the Hare Krishna Movement, will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection later this month.
The Chapter 11 bankruptcy focuses on reorganization rather than liquidation of religious assets. It is being filed to deal with claimants including a $400 million dollar lawsuit against Krishna temples. That suit, first filed in Federal Court in June 2000, alleges children were abused at the religious societys boarding schools in the 1970s and 1980s. The Krishnas prevailed when the suit was dismissed in September 2001, but a similar $400 million suit was later filed in Texas State Court.
The lawsuit, ISKCON leaders say, seeks far more money than the financial value of all the Krishna temples in North America. In essence, the suit threatens to shut down an entire religion.
Rather than wasting millions of dollars to fight this suit, Chapter 11 reorganization will help ISKCON communities to establish a substantial, yet reasonable, fund to help any young person who may have been abused, said Anuttama Dasa, ISKCON Director of Communications. We want first and foremost to heal our communities and our young people,  Dasa said.
Through the reorganization, Krishnas hope to assure that all victims of past abuseincluding youth who may have chosen not to join the suitare compensated according to the severity of their grievance.
Chapter 11 protection will also assure that innocent families and congregations do not have their places of worship sold out from under them,  said Dasa. We believe that innocent people should not be punished for the deeds of individual deviants who acted in total violation of our religious principles and teachings.
The New York Times reported in 1999 that the Krishnas were unusually candid in their efforts to address past abuse. In 1990, ISKCON established policies mandating abuse prevention training and the reporting of any allegations of abuse to government authorities. In 1996, an independent Children of Krishna organization was formed to provide grants for education and training for Krishna youth. In 1998, a professionally staffed Child Protection Office was established to investigate allegations of past abuse, provide grants for Krishna youth who may have been abused, and to assure the ongoing protection of Krishna children.
Chapter 11 is a further effort to address past problems by creating an orderly and efficient procedure for dealing with and maximizing return to claimants, said Sandy Frey, Bankruptcy Counsel.
The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is part of the ancient Vaishnava tradition, a monotheistic faith within Hindu culture. ISKCON was founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who first brought the Krishna tradition from India to the west in 1965. # # #
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World Tour? - 02/06/2002 ()
Who would be interested in a world tour? I want to get an idea of the numbers. Email me.

Expires: 03/09/2002

Modified: 02/06/2002
USA Youth Winter Bus Tour - 11/14/2001 (Manu)
Krishna Youth Harinama Sankirtana Winter Bus Tour

Organized by ISKCON Youth Ministry Dec. 29th  Jan 6th (eight days) to South Florida, Everglades, the Keys, etc.

Cost: $175 per person. $250 after December 28th. Call today! See for more details.

We encourage all serious youth to join us for eight days of Krishna-centered adventure in Southern Florida, the Everglades, and the Keys. You should be willing to follow the four regulative principles (specifically no intoxication, no illicit sexual activities of any kind), voluntarily abide by a nightly curfew set by the tour guides, and follow the tour guides instructions. Minimum age limit is 15 (some exceptions made. Call.) A positive service attitude is helpful. The tour pays for itself and does not include compensation for tour guides who work hard to make the tour enjoyable for all. Help out whenever you can.

Description: We will board ISKCON Garuda  the youth ministry school bus  after Mangala Arati on Saturday morning, December 29h. The morning program will continue on the bus, in the presence of their Lordships, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, the tours traveling Deities. There will be time to catch up on sleep throughout the day as the bus heads down to our first stop, a beautiful campsite in the Everglades. We will spend two days exploring the Everglades, canoeing, visiting the various guided nature trails, as well as having kirtana and prasada around the campfire in the morning and evenings. (Most days we will prepare three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some days a late brunch will be served instead of breakfast and lunch. Well need helpers to help prepare the meals, and wash up afterwards. ;-)
      Monday evening, December 31st, well join the Miami temple for Orange Bowl Parade Harinama amidst 225,000 spectators Tuesday, we head down to the Florida Keys, where well camp on a scenic site in between the Atlantic and Gulf oceans. In case it gets windy at night, bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag. (We will provide group tents for gentlemen and ladies, respectively.)
      Wednesday through Friday we will explore the 50 miles of Florida Keys, have Harinamas, swim at Americas most beautiful beach (Bahia Honda beach, where the water is warm year-round), snorkel amidst coral reefs with wet suits, pet baby sharks at Key West Seaquarium, and have a lot of camping fun and campfire bhajans. Bring your instruments and song books.
      Saturday we head north towards Tampa, with scenic stops along the way. After camping at a beautiful state park nearby, we spend Sunday at Tampas most popular tourist attraction, Bush Gardens, calling out Nrsimhadeva! at the top of our lungs from the worlds fastest rollercoasters, take arial trams through their Serengeti plains animal safari, and enjoy other great features of this Adventure Thrill Park. We return to New Raman Reti temple by 9 PM that evening. Sound like fun? Sign up today. Limited spaces. No trailing cars. Call now. Don't delay.

To Register:

Call Manu or Jaya Radhe at: (386) 418-3839, (386) 462-0481 (work, mornings), (386) 462-5248 (work, late afternoons).

You can also email

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Tragic Interruption - 11/17/2001 ()
Majestic twins towering above.
Arrayed with wisps of cotton rafts
Drifting on the firmament.
Appearing as if heaven-sent.
Airborne self-destruction
Tragic interruption.
With the blink of an eye.
Thousands will die.
Bodies mashed and burned and hurled.
‘Tis the nature of this world.

--Radhika Ramana
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poem - 11/13/2001 ()
It’s come to this so sad
They said, the great warriors,
Chant hare krishna & be happy!, while others said other things,
Not quite in the right spirit, odd
But true so sad

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Bus Tour Pictures - 09/03/2001 (Manu)
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If you have a feature request, let me know as well!
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Bus Tour Update - 04/30/2001 (Manu)
See the USA in our Chevrolet (School Bus)

For the first time ever, the Vaisnava Youth Bus Tour has sold out two months before it even started. We are fully booked and have more people waiting in line to ride for half-price on the luggage racks atop the bus ;=) If anyone knows of a second bus or a 15-seater van that someone could loan us for three weeks, give me a call. Ys, Manu dasa (904) 462-5248 or (904) 418-3839 Email:
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