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Name India Giuliano, a Tribute to Prthu Garet
AKA Indie
Birth 05/26/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationWas in Thailand, now I am finally back home.Did I mention I love florida wheather?!!!
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Hey Its me INDIE
 Type  Who
PrithuA great soul
SistersAnanda 18 Sesa 29 Tiffany (sis-in-law) 23
BroDevin 28
BhajanYou could call him my brother from another mother
NrsimhaA good friend who is always there when i just need to talk
Arjuna/ShawnMy hommie
UshaA new friend, shes very cool
ArielMy homeboy
VrindiA crazy dude
GiriMy homeboy
BrajaHomeboy,did you call me indga?!
SaciGirl, hows Japan?
ParentsVrnda and Jaganntha
MayOne of the tightest girls I know
ToriGimmie a light?!
Lil AppleLove ya girly
Big AppleI love you too
KirtanHey Boy!
MukWhats up?
AnuA very cool laid back chick
To all of my otherfriends I love you guys!!!!
Hey every body its just me india. you should know me ,if not you will.

Life's Sturggle By India Juliana For Prthu Garet

Everyone has to sturrgle through differenet circumstances in there life. Alot will have troble, others will fly by just fine. Some get lucky and some don't. It's just one big fight, one giant challange,one unforgettble laugh, one heart breaking cry, the ones you love,lost. And theres you. One small inseqe in a sea of millions. Don't you just feel small? Can't you see yourself a million miles above? Just a small dot, like a small town on a huge map. But Prthu change all of these things for me. Because he was the one unforgetble laugh, the one heart breaking cry, the one I love, a dear, dear friend to me, lost. But I believe that Prthu went back to Godhead and is just looking down apon me, smiling, saying "You will get through this,believe in KRSNA, and chant the Holly Name!" Prthu you are there in my heart, but always in my soul!

I will miss you always
In the depth of my days

You were such a good guy
I will try not to cry

You listen and understood me
That day at the rec under that tree

I will remeber your laugh
And the way you made me forget the past

You help me with my faults
And we would laugh because we were called a cault

You drove all the way to New York
With my family of dorks

But we had so much fun
Speeding down the highway as if we were on the run

You are Such a good soul
One day we will all have to pay the same toll

By India Giuliano

My Beloved

How I miss you my beloved
Stuck in time sturming my thumbs
Trying to guess when will you come
How I miss you my beloved
The sweet half to my dark soul
The calming thought makes time roll
How I miss you my beloved
Why did we have to part
Only to make lifes flavor tart
How I miss you my beloved
Your sweet smile makes me warm
The feeling in my soul starts a storm
How I miss you my beloved
All the good times we had
Only now to make me sad
How I miss you my beloved
There will be a time when were togather again
But till then you will always be my beloved friend

By India Giuliano

Because I can

Poatry is a way to express
I do it at my very best
I write what I see and feel
Keeping it in motion as if it were a turing wheel
I relize fun can only last so long
Knowladge is something the needs to be forever strong
Don't forget about the past
But think of the future because it won't last
Keep your relationships in intake
Try and think before you act
I know it is not so easy
But if you try life maybe a bit more brezze
Listen to me acting like the old wise man
I don't care though why because I can

By India Giuliano

In My Eyes

In the depth of my eyes
You can see on surprise

You can see and hear
All my inclosed fear

From start to finsh
It all seems so kiddish

But people have troble
Spearating through all the rubble

Realatity is hard to separate
From the fast strides of life at any rate

Sometimes I cry
Through my bewildered eyes

I try to see each moment of life as the last
But then when I try to graspe it, it just past

By India Giuliano

As You Grow On

As you grow on lonely
You soon realize you are the only

Most of life is on your own
God's one big loan

To learn the ultimate lesson
And there is no resting

Seeing through my eyes
It all seem like one big design

Its a sacry thought
To think what we've been taught

We should have learned
To foget being yearned

Because it only you
Fighting to stay true

Have faith in what you believe
Because it makes you feel better with so much relieved

By India Giuliano
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since when does a profile turn into a book - 02/17/2006 (Ananda Manjari / Avalon)  
Damn indie bo bindie the big fat gindie (also indie indie 2 by 4 couldn't get through the bathroom door) okay everyone who doesn't know who I am may think I am being very rude against the way india looks......i am not...and if I were, I'd have a right, I her big sister, and like no matter how old she gets, I will always tease her. It's my birth right.........

Anyway, damn india........write left me over here on the other side of the world.....the least you could do is write.....damn hommie, when you were with me you were the man hommie.

(I feel very poetic today, can't you tell by my last line)

I love you dude, update me..........and great you are doing school work.


indra :D - 01/24/2006 (kallaॐ♥ N' indra♥ॐ)  
hey india!!
it was really fun hanging out with you in tampa...hope qe can do something together again!
i luv ya
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