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Name Sean O'Neil \ (AUS)
AKA VedaBase Network webservant
Birth 10/13/1978 (40 yrs old)
Gender Male
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ICQ: 527342
AIM: VedaBaseNet
The Actors Conservatory
VedaBase Network
LocationChateau de Lantheuil, France
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Please forgive me.
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GuruHis Divine Grace Bhakti Bhrnga Govinda Swami
FriendsTraveling may make you wise,
but at what cost?
Sri Caitanya Caritamrta
Teachings of Lord Caitanya
Nectar of Devotion
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more coming soon ;-)
My poetry

Latest News:

Been in Panama for 9 months. I miss Panama now and all the people I've met there miss me. They are very warm and emotional people. Traveled to Malaysia and all over Europe a lot. Been to India for the Ratha Yatra, got to climb the rathas and hug the deities. Now staying in Chateau de Lantheuil in France.

Published my invention called VEST, got many patents all over the world.

Lived in Brisbane, in a beautiful house, lost some friends, made some friends. Life is good.

Haven't had time to work on my web site, should hopefully update it soon. Eleven books are up now. Four more to go.


Hopefully will finish all the unfinished poems. Haven't written anything in a while. Here's the latest addition:

Please stay!

He said "Please, stay" three times, three times
He said "Please, stay, don't go" --
Three times she said "No way! No way..."
It was a long ago.

It was so long ago that she
Forgot the love she had
And now too blind to even see
That she's completely mad

She tries to live without Him.
Surrounded by lies
She tries to live a happy dream,
But in the end she dies.

She has completely lost her mind,
She doesn't realise
That it is Him she tries to find,
Without Him she dies.

Another life, another try
To substitute the real
Eternal life she left behind
With this insane ordeal.

She knows the story very well --
The story of True Love.
Without it her life is hell
And nothing is enough.

She's been through this so many times:
The birth, the search, the light...
But every single time she dies
No matter what she tried.

Without Him she can't exist,
And that's the final score --
Without Him a moment feels
Like a decade or more.

He's the most powerful of all,
And He belonged to her,
But now she can't even recall
What she is dying for...

And even though she would prefer
A slow and painful death,
He recreates the world for her
With every single breath.

Sean O'Neil, (10.2004)
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Creation Date: 10/31/2002
Last Updated: 11/24/2006
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