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Name Daruka
Birth 12/04/1980 (38 yrs old)
Gender Male
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I travel and enjoy it very much.
Sometimes its hard, of course, no doubt,
Sometimes you wanna scream and shout,
But most of time it's very pleasant to the soul
To see the forests, fields, stars or the ocean...

What could be better than to sit in front of fire
And think... and gaze upon the one you love...
And whole of nature, that you have around
With elven singing joins both your hearts.

And you forget all others... Who? And where?
They could exist before, and maybe therafter..
But now it's just you and her forever!
Sitting on meadow, in a bloom of flowers.

What do you need in life the most?
Excitement? Maybe basic pleasures?
Some people wanna make it high in world...
Some like enjoing daily leisures...

But all we really want is love.
That's why i'm here, writing this,
And you are reading...
So let's not wait no more and join both our hearts
And let the mother Earth be happy, singing.

And what is life? And how fast it runs?
Why do we need to do things we don't want?
Too many questions... Like a beat of drums...
Can never answer... so forget and live
As if will never be tomorrow...

by me in brief momentum of enlightenment...
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Creation Date: 01/03/2003
Last Updated: 10/14/2003
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