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Name Pradip Marek (Aust)
AKA prads / deep / deepman
Birth 05/02/1983 (35 yrs old)
Gender Male
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Other ContactsMSN:
ICQ: 36931996
Location1 Mc'Allan Ave, Seaton, SA, 5023
P.O Box 1096, Mt Barker, SA, 5251 Australia
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the prads
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FatherDasavatar das
SistersAnita, Nadia, Rani
Teachers & FriendsMaha Vishnu, Vedasara
where isTiru, Bhuvi, Tribhuvanatha
Mayapur FriendsIndrajit, Sude, Uttam, Harish, Ananda Titha, Gunda, Harinam,
Adelaide FriendsJambo, Lila, Chakarini, Putya, Tilakini, Maturesh
International FriendBudhi Yoga, Rahul, Chaits, Rasacharya, Visambara, Japa, Maytraya
friends&acquaintanceShyam, Param, Gauravani, Amrita, Govinda M, Lila, Bhagavat, Hari Bhakti
22 April 2006

Hello Guys, Just wanted to update my profile because I got my hair colored for the first time. so I am a show off. I work 5 days a week, warehouse manager for Computer wholesalor. Enjoy my weekends with friends, playing poker, board games, going out, adventuring of here and there. And still attend the temple regularly and eat lots of prasadam. At the moment Lalita Mataji the Principal of the Mayapur day school is here for those who know her and care. If any of you guys Remmember Harinam and Dipali from Mayapur, Harinam is doing great in Adeliade, and Dipali is just about to have another baby. Congradulations to them :-) over and out alpha1 signing off.

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Last Updated: 06/30/2008
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