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Name Sasha
AKA sushi
Birth 06/21/1986 (33 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contacts
Locationupt mtl, represent, lol
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NY crewya`ll know who you are, Sachi, Devi, Srngara, Mangal,
can`t wait to see you guys again
PariGirl we gonna dance at rathayatra
Nandahow could samantha forget her paper boy, lol.
There`s just one word for you: HILARIOUS
BasabTo the most innocent devotee here, my polar opposite
(u know what i`m talking about)
ManuManu you`re the bomb, that`s all I can say
NarasinghaYes your royal pimpsolency, how could I forget you
ManjariYou are loads of fun to be around,
I can still see us chillin together years from now
SatyaSatya mataji, oh satya mataji. Always remember the good times we spent together
Haribol ya`ll,
You have got 2 come to mtl to chill with me and my MoFo`s, I mean we got some serious cuisine (courtesy of the so hilarious it`ll make ya delirious Manu and Nanda cooking show). Every saturday, or almost, we get together and just chill. We have a good vibe goin on here, everybody`s tight, I can`t say that for much other places. Oh well I hate writtin long so this is it for now.

P.S.: sorry if i`ve forgotten anybody. Don`t take it personal.

Haribol, hope to see you at rath
Hit Count: 1317
Creation Date: 03/20/2003
Last Updated: 03/20/2003
Profile ID: 1721

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