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Name Aniruddha
AKA Ani, Aniyu, Andy, Anini(ninini), Arnee
Birth 04/27/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other ContactsMSN:
LocationVancouver Canada
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ahh those comfy eurostar trains
 Type  Who
FatherAkrura Das
MotherCandramukhi Devi Dasi
BrotherDamodar Das aka Haridas
Siksa GurusH.H Gopal Krsna Goswami, H.H Bhakti Charu Swami, and all the rest !
Fav. DeitiesRadha Shyam Sundar, Radha Madhava, and of course, Radha Madan Mohan
In Memory ofH.H Sridhar Swami, the jolliest sannyasi you ever came across...
PassionSinging in praise of lord Sri Hari!!!
Mexico Tour '07beach! =(
EuroTrip '08*sigh* back..
Back from Europe, festivals over, time for school again. yay. (hanging myself on the ceiling fan..)

shout out to england crew, belgium crew, italians, polish festival, and our own north american bus tour!

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heyy! - 08/29/2008 (Jalangi <3)  
heyy ani, hows it going ??
yep - 02/15/2008 (R'desh cooooooolies :))  
yep there r kulis in Radhadesh! unimaginable!
u must know what i m talking about...
we missed each other... came on the wrong year!
pray 4 us ;-)
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Last Updated: 08/28/2008
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