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Name Jaggy Priya (A-town)
AKA jaggy, jp
Birth 10/07/1988 (30 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts
LocationA-Town (Alachua)
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 Type  Who
MomKoti Chandra
DadGovinda Priya
BrothersKrsna Priya and Goura Priya
Home BoysQuitty, Govi, Mathura(square head),Abhay, Subal,Nitya......the list goes on
Home Girlswaaay to many to write....... ; )
anyone elsei guess u r cool to........=-0
Wow it has been like 6 months since ive got on this site so i decided i might as well update it ummm yea.... Im goin on the bus tour!! but besides that same stuff diferent day...well I got nothin else to say so if ur bored drop me a line or add me on msn and we can have a nice little chat. haha ne ways....

Jaggy P.
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makin u feel special:P - 07/27/2006 (Vrishni)  
JAGGY! i only got to kno u this year... ur coool mannnggg ... i thought u were a snobb b4 haha. ill see you next year my friend, hopfully.

take care, hariiiibol...

did i make you feel special??? :P
woah - 03/25/2006 (vraja)  
i havn't seen you in 5 years, but my friends tried to get me to dance with you at the dance in 4th grade, kinda sorry i didn't now. my name was vrajalila. blonde hair. mail me my profile is vraja
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