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Name A-Town Charity
AKA Charanamrta, Cherry Ferry, Caridad
Birth 04/04/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Female
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daddyMaha Buddhi
lil brothermahadev, love you!
Brothers from CaliMarkendaya, and shyamasundara (half bros on my dads side)
sister from CaliSraddha (also on my dads side)
brother on moms sideMukunda also known as Joe (married and lives in Colorado)
Sis on moms sideRasamrta also known as Amy (lives in Georgia)
My love goes out toall my close friends... and not so close friends ; )
♥MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!♥
Hey, I was born in New V, West Virginia. As soon as i was like 2 months old I moved to Florida so i have never seen snow before. I grew up in orlando and then moved here to Alachua, FL like 4 or 5 years ago. I love oms ॐ !

I would love to just travel everywhere and spred krsnas name. I love to talk about krsna.

Right now im just going to school, working, and saving up for next summer. I will be turning 18 before then and will be traveling to mexico, India, and maybe go on half of the bus tour.
Hope everyone is having fun on the holidays and staying out of trouble!

Also, don't ask me where or how i got my music and back ground. My friend just did it for me.

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Everyone should check out my myspace if you have it:
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My Sunglasses - 08/05/2006 (Narayan Astra)  
Lol you are wearin my shades!
ello! - 05/02/2006 ()  
ur hair looks adorable i love it!
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