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Name Bhismadeva
AKA beesh, beeshi,sheema
Birth 07/05/1985 (33 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other ContactsFrom New Vrndavana
LocationLaguna Beach, Cali
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malini me and yudhi in mexico
 Type  Who
MotherManindra Dasi
FatherTranakarta Das
sister-n-lawAti Sundari
NephewKuvera rip i love you
NephewLittle Cutie Manu
Obeisances unto:Their Lordships, Sri Panca-tattva, Sri Radha-madhava (Mayapur Dham)
More Obeisances:Sri Krishna-Balaram (Vrndavan Dham), Radha-vrndavan Chandra (NewV),
More Obeisances:Sri Sri Radha-gopinatha (Bombay, Radhanatha Swami ki Jaya!!!)
Fav. Place: Mayapur Dham
Hobbies:Prasadam!!! Kirtan!!! Chllen w/ my bro's!!!
Friends:Every one :D
SyamiThe most bomb sister in law. Love u lots
MaliniMy diite love u lots
Radhanath SwamiAspiring for. Please give me your mercy.
Yo if anyone likes KC rap hit me up. My younger bro , Tulasi and I, are making all kinds of music. If anyone has lerics or beats or any ideas you would like to share please do. The results are already amazing. I've herd lots of KC rap/music, its all amazing. Drop me a line if your inspired.

If your on the bus tour, tell Manu to make sure you guys come through Laguna Beach, so we have a chance to serve all the wonderful Vaisnava youth.

Hey every one. Things are going very well. Can't wait to go back to India. Now just staying busy, with work and now school. Trying to establish my self in a world thats falling apart. All I know is Krsna is always there as much as we ask for him. All you kulis are special peolpe, I hope you all find your place in this world.

Any way, just wanted to say what's up. You're all my friends. If I may make one small humble request from all you. Please never forget were we come from. We are the most fortunate to have known Krsna from birth. We took birth in this way for a reason, so lets try to figure it out, and serve Prabhupada because with out him we are nothing. We would not even be here if it were'nt for his mercy. We all have to do our thing to find out who we are, but some where down the line in this life we have to surrender. So we don't have to do it over and over and over and over again. We are the future of Prabhupadas movement, lets not forget that.

Every one should try to come to the LA ratha!!!
Drop me a line.

Take care, peace out.

When I turned my back and refused to look around,
What I thought was forward was actually down.

A smile on my face that was actually a frown.

Going down the same road twice & thrice again. Trying to enjoy.....Why? It's always an end.

But their's always the thing you know was there.
Tapping your shoulder pulling your hair.

It's hard to stop easy to go.
Like a river with a constant flow.

Listen to the voice you've always heard.

It's not in your head, but in your heart.
Awake from that dream and give it a new start.


trinad api su-nicena taror avi sahisnuna
amanina manadena kirtaniyah sada harih

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