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Name Namamrta das (Kathamrita)
AKA Katham, Kath, Nama, Katu..
Birth 01/17/1979 (40 yrs old)
Gender Male
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LocationSavannah GA USA
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burning in the material fire of existence
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GuruRadhanath Swami
Mother Jyotirmayi
WifeSyamasundari Devi
Brother / SisiterKalyana (mon frero) / Cara
Balaram, Laxmi Narayan
my sisters Madhavi and Jayalaxmi, and my 4 little brothers
Saraswati from Detroit
Krisnaa and Radhakunda
I went to gurukula in France, College in New York and now live in Savannah GA working as a pilot.
Always looking for association, so if you happen to pass through Savannah please come over and join us in worshiping the Lord!
Hare Krsna
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Material existence - 12/02/2008 (Mr.Simon G.)  

Any material thing can burn. The fire consumes everything. What we consider like the light of life, the sun is actually the fire wich consumes our lives very slowly. This is the way any material things go. They consume themselves in many ways until they return to the basic dust that composes everything. So yes the fire is aslo a material element. But we cannot catch it in our hands so, we should better say :"Burning in the fire of material existence". We all do, each one has a way to burn slowly or quickly in this world... The ways we chose and the influences we were born with, the influcences we have been attracted by during our lives makes us all different kind of people. But there are definilty things that one person or another would never understand without to live certain experiences. Life is too short to live every kinds of experiences that's why people can share it and exchange their points of view on life. Many ways are possible, many choices we have to do but what i do think personnally is when something is truely in ur heart whatever happens to you you cant lose the right way... Farewell, people...

dude! - 04/29/2008 (Jaya Kesava Das)  
That is Such a coooool picture!
How are you guys doing?
Hope to see you all around the festivals or something
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