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Name Dauji
AKA Dodgy, DJ, Dau
Birth 09/04/1984 (34 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts+447849399719
LocationHimalayan Way, West Watford
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on top of the vesuvio volcano in naples italy with my bro
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MumJagannath Isvari
Step DadVisvambhara
Little BrodaGauranga Krpa
RaversNimai, Yadu, Yamuna, Niku, Kardzy, James, Pushpa,
Lovin toCharlie my woman
More Love toRadhe, Darms, Bims, Bindi, Bala, Devananda, PJ and Gauranga, Kap, Lali, KM,
andGita, Vrin, Jagza, Druv, Yadhuuu!
DJ here. Dam time goes quick, 22 this year. Vrindavan Gurukul 93-00, manor gurukul before that. into music and generally havin fun. doin a degree in computer and network technology. cant wait to get some time and money to travel the world and come see all my old friends and meet new kulis. hope everyones doin good. love to all.

peace and courage, belief and direction

come to england and head for a proper party
london style. ;;;

ps. watch this space.

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