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Name Sanatani
AKA Sana, Tani, Sanu,Sooonnaaaa....
Birth 11/09/1982 (35 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contacts
Locationin my heart...
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 Type  Who
ParentsMayapurchandra and Lakshmi mayi
lil brotherSanat Kumar
Bhadra n Chaitanyami mancate da morire , siete le sorelline che non oh mai avuto
Bombay girlsyou gave me strenght,hope and immense love that i will never forget
FriendsI wish you all the best...keep on sharing the love that you have
Sujata Apamy Guru who is each day bringing me closer to perfection
I am worthless if I wasnt dancing for You..

O lord of the universe......

Gurukulis!!! help me realize my dream....

performed in Ratha Yatras till present day -

Jagannath Puri,India -various times from 1992to2003
Salem,Tamil Nadu,India- 1995
London,UK- 2004
Viareggio,Italy-2004 to 2007
Barcellona,Spain- 2005
Den Haag,Holand- 2008

Ratha Yatras left.....the whole world!!!

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dance - 07/05/2008 (Bhakti lata)  
seeing that your goal in life is to perform at rathayatras around the world, i have no doubt that you'll one day make it on the bus tour... although I was praying for you to make it this year (I'm on the BT committee). also, i saw a performance with Ani and Vishnu Tattva - blend of Bharatnatyam and Orissi - and many in the audience were weeping at the end, including myself. I wrote a blog about an orissi dance class I took, check it out: I look forward to seeing you dance one day.
bus tour - 07/04/2008 (Bhakti lata)  
hey sanatani, did you make it for the bus tour? I can barely fathom a bus tour where you and anapayani are both dancing and directing the others.
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