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Name Lila Kamala
AKA lila, "Arundhati's lil sis"
Birth 11/23/1982 (35 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contactsi'm in WV now
No Picture
 Type  Who
bro 2Puri Das Gere
sis 2Arundhati Tsacrios
sis 3Rosa Florinda Tsacrios
sis 4Nika Viola Tsacrios
step. DDr. Nick
sis1Gondari Gere Miller
bro1Bhema karma
MomAmbudar Tsacrios
FatherChakrah Saint- Denis
hey everyone! i just came to find some recipies on line and low and behold a cute lil web community is formed. lol. Naw. I guess i should tell u about whats goin on in my life. I grew up in New V. my whole life in our lil "mouse House" on te hill. But now I'm attending Waynesburg College, play b-ball there and study as an Ath. Training major. I have many plans of what I want to do when I'm done with that. I'm starting massage therapy school at the beginning of next year. I also want to get involved in the peace core a couple years after school so if anyone has info on that please look me up.
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Creation Date: 06/25/2003
Last Updated: 06/25/2003
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