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Name Matthew Sri Madhusudana Pettersson
AKA Madhu
Birth 05/26/1985 (33 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts
LocationHeussweg 40
20255 Hamburg
23KB, Kulimela 2008 119.jpg, image/jpeg

Me in my new room in the City of Hamburg
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FatherVaidyanath das
MotherNityasiddha devi dasi
BrotherSri Damodara
SisterBrahma Muhurta devi dasi
Hare Krishna,

Finally, I have always known that 2008 was going to be the year, where one will earn the fruit that was seeded in 2007. My studies are done, I am done working in Copenhagen. After 1.5 dreadful materialistic years, I finally have time for myself. Right now I am basically sitting home making up my mind about the next step. For now and until december I will be here in Hamburg. But Lord knows, that this is only a transition period for a next project.

Vrindavan, Vrindavan. I have so much wanted to go to Vrindavan and finally, I will board the plane in October and visit the wholy dham for 3 weeks. Can't wait, have waited for four years and now finally my time has come.

So I hope to see as many kulis as possible in Vrindavana. I will be around.

Chant and be happy

Yours Madhusudana

Ps. Thank you all for a fantastic Kulimela in Radhadesh. Again it has been a very emotional and inspring experience. Thank you all for your wonderful contribution, see you next year in LA! ;)
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Creation Date: 08/20/2003
Last Updated: 09/12/2008
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