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Name Kisore dasi
AKA kish, kichori
Birth 06/18/1986 (33 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contacts
LocationHilo, Hawaii ( Big Island)
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HobbiesDancing in kirtan and chanting bhajans. I love to associate with devotees!
FriendsKind devotees in New Vrndavan Ki Jaya!!!
Some humble devotees in Santa Cruz Haribol!
MotherStritama Dasi
sisSundari, Taravali, Kumari (my twin), Bhakti
FatherMichael Hartnett
Hare Krsna!
I Love Krsna. WOuldn't a world of Krsna Consious people be wonderful. I wish everyone could be a devotee but you just know that by looking out into the world that not everyone will take to Lord Caitanya's mission.
I am aslo an inspiring disciple of HH Raddanath Swami so any disciples out there I would love to converse.
I have also had the association of Narayan Maharaj's disciples who are very sweet and chant beautiful bhajans that I will be forever attracted to.
Another thing... I love how on the ITV productions the first thing that appears on the screen is a message "PLEASE BE KRSNA CONSIOUS" I love it!!
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Creation Date: 08/28/2003
Last Updated: 02/20/2004
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